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Jazz: Trump’s Journey, the Perfect Mix of Soundtrack and Gameplay

Take a step back in time and relive the birth of jazz music. In Jazz: Trump’s Journey, you play as a young man named Trump, whose dream is to become a famous jazz musician in the early 1920’s. The game’s story line is somewhat based on Louis Armstrong’s actual life, which adds a sort of unique character to it. It is a fantastic platformer, with controls that are extremely well designed and visuals that put any in its class to shame. It’s a really fun, yet challenging game. 

Initial download from Google Play is free, but once you pass the second level, the game kindly asks that you purchase the additional 11 levels for just $0.99. A fantastic price for this exceptional title.

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  • michael arazan

    surprised they get away with using trump’s name in a game since he has had it copyrighted for over 20 years or so

  • Champion1229

    Would love to try this game! On another note, I need suggestions of apps and games to review on my new blog AdvancedApps.blogspot.com!

  • EvanTheGamer

    I’ll have to check this game out later today. Seems pretty fun!

    Also, I wonder when the highly addicting and popular game “Jetpack Joyride” will be making its way to the world of Android. Hopefully soon; although Halfbrick hasn’t said anything about it in months.

  • anezarati

    does the $25 credit with the N7 work for IAP?

    • EvanTheGamer

      EDIT: YEP! You can use your $25 credit to buy items.

      I’ll check right now…

      • anezarati

        awesome, ill have to check it out

  • xray

    The best game i have played on android and i have been on android since the g1 this game gets extremely hard but it never looses the fun well worth 99c

  • ddevito

    Give me some John Coltrane any day of the week and I’m one happy camper.


    Wow, the first 10 seconds brought back my childhood memories of Super Mario All-Stars.

  • David Rosen

    probably the best mobile platformer i’ve played. really fun.