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Nexus 7 Cases Now “In Stock” Through Google Play Store, Get Them While You Can

Just yesterday, we were talking about the crazy high demand for official Nexus 7 cases and how silly kids were willing to pay upwards of $100 to get a hold of one. After selling out in minutes on the day that the N7 went live, the Google Play Store hasn’t had any in stock for weeks. Well, until now. If you rush on over, you can order them today!

While we haven’t had a chance to play with one ourselves, the listing says that it allows for simultaneous charging and head usage. It has a matte finish and will likely take advantage of the hidden magnet for auto-on and off screen fun. I stand corrected, it does not have magnet magic.

Play Link

Cheers Dan!

  • angie simpson

    Check out Portenzo. High quality case with lots of different options, including the sleep/wake feature.

    • JoshGroff

      Their Alano Series case looks awesome, but kind of hard to justify $130 (with the brown map-ish look) for a case when the tablet cost $250.

  • florious80

    That’s pretty crazy for a so-so cover. The early reviews turned me totally off, and I ended up ordering something else with magnets, for $10 free shipping.

    On a side note, am I the only one with eye strain problems with N7? I get a minor headache after using this for a few hours. Not sure what’s going on….

  • willie

    why can’t you use the $25 to buy it 🙁

    • la;skd

      I was so pissed….. how dumb is that? You can’t use the money GOOGLE gave you for it…..

  • for 32.57 with tax and shipping… No thanks.

  • Tyler Chappell

    Lol, I bet that guy that paid $105 for one on eBay really feels like an idiot now. I have yet to receive mine, which is pretty frustrating. I ordered it with my 16GB N7 on June 28th, and my N7 arrived monday.

  • Clifford Gadd

    Mine came my N7. I’ve noticed that sometimes it will cause a screen click when opened while the tablet is unlocked.


    I just picked up the tablet today at Staples. I never thought I would trade in the iPad, but this thing is slick. And the size seems just about perfect. I just might be passing the iPad down to the kids!!! Now to find a case…the one on the play store looks a mess to me.

    • JoshGroff

      Yay Staples!!! They saved me from waiting 3 weeks for my Game Stop pre-order. Now to shop for cases. >.>

    • cb2000a

      Amazon has some great cases.

      • ERIC REED

        Ordered one last night!!

  • Google never did notify me 🙁

    • Artune

      Same here that always happens though

  • zapote21

    Saw this late, but was able to buy 2

  • EvanTheGamer

    If it doesn’t have the option to stand up the Nexus 7(like many others), then no thanks, that’s a deal breaker.

    Like the one I currently own that’s really designed for the Galaxy Tab. haha. But it works, so why not right?

    • JoshGroff

      Dang, that is a legitimate case.

      • EvanTheGamer

        Yeah, definitely! I was searching high and low for a Nexus 7 case in-store, but could’t find one due to the fact that at the time the N7 was still extremely new, but I really needed a case for it(makes me nervous carrying it around in fear of dropping it…). I also bought a cheap piece of nothing designed for my N7 from Amazon.com, but it was taking a year and a day to arrive, so I said, “F it!” and went out to search for one.

        Then I found the case pictured above at Office Depot for $15. Originally designed for the 7″ Galaxy Tab. Took it home and tried it out. Great fit, haha. Then a few days later, the case I ordered from Amazon arrived and boy did it suck. Waste of $9. So I stuck with this one.

        I think the only Con with this case is that it doesn’t have the magnet for screen on/off. But I can probably fix that.

  • JustinRadice

    Damn I just order a smart case for my N7 from amazon……doesn’t have nexus branding but it does act as a kick stand.


  • EvanTheGamer

    Comment has been deleted by the user.

  • Where are the color cases?

    • Ryan Powell

      Verizon has to sign off on the different color options before they can be released by Google. :p

    • But seriously, where are they?

  • Ryan Powell

    I’m more tempted by the HARDcover by DODOcase – http://www.dodocase.com/products/hardcover-for-nexus-7

    Has the magnet built in and allows me to use the Nexus 7 without the case when I want with ease. Just a little cautious of the adhesive. Wondering how long it lasts before it always needs to be wet down.

    • Jwhap

      Looks interesting. I am hoping for a bit more solid case. I do some backpacking and The N7 is just light enough to carry books and movies with me! I have not really looked for any yet, however.

  • Why in the world would the official case NOT use the magnet? That’s just dumb.

    • It may be just an option for 3rd party case makers to take advantage of so Google/ASUS don’t personally get sued for making a smart cover like case.

    • Ryan Powell

      Asus doesn’t want to end up in court with Apple.

  • Carlos

    let’s see the unboxing.

      • Dain Laguna

        kinda disappointing….ryan’s link to the dodo case looks MUCH nicer…for not that much more. and aside from asus’ case, seems to be the only ‘made for the nexus’ case out there…not just a generic 7′ tablet case that being marketed as a nexus case simply because its the right size.

  • Andrew

    Obviously we should all buy 10 and then sell them for a hundred in a few weeks!

  • I can see Google putting out an updated case/cover in a few weeks with embedded magnets. Then it will be a mad-rush to get a “magnetted” cover. There will be loads of them on ebay for around $100: “NEXUS 7 2ND GEN CASE/COVER – WITH MAGNET – SLEEP/WAKE – IN HAND”

  • Kizipotamus

    I’d love to buy it if it had the magnet.

  • I have one, anyone want to buy it? I’ll charge what Google charges + free shipping, and you’ll get it way quicker.

    Wait a sec… can’t toss it till that Poetic cover I pre-ordered is shipped on August 20th because I’m OCD when it comes to covering my devices.

    • I preordered that case as well, I am hoping it turns out to be pretty nice. The inside of the cover looks like the material may be cheap, but for a $40 case (before savings) I have high hopes.

  • I got the “MoKo” cover on Amazon for $10.99 works like a charm

  • Ryan Powell

    The $10 shipping ruins it for me.

    • That’s what stopped me too. I would be fine with 5-7 day for $3.95 or something. I guess Google doesn’t sell enough stuff to get good shipping rates.

    • Radyoactive

      Same here. Came out to $31 and no magnet, no thank you.

    • Tyler Chappell

      I ordered mine with my N7, thus negating the extra shipping of the cover. Funny thing is though, since I already have my N7 in hand, and my cover has yet to even ship, it’s really like I ordered them separately and got free shipping on the cover anyway. Go figure.

  • Core

    i don’t know if i’m happy that if i was so quick on the trigger and bought one or if i feel like i just got completely hosed.

  • Hans Cholo

    Don’t waste your money unless you want a cover to match the look of the device. The actual cover that goes over the screen is cheap, flimsy, and there is nothing that keeps in actually shut. As someone else stated it also does not make use of the sleep function with a magnet. So basically it’s not worth your $20 + expensive shipping fees.

    • The look of the device is awesome… the case is flimsy and like you said, doesn’t even latch shut. I went with this one:


      • Anthony_Armando

        also pre-ordered that one. waiting for a $10 one to arrive tomorrow.

      • Mack

        How do you like it? Looking for a decent case but not sure if I want a cover.

        • It doesn’t come out until Aug 20th unfortunately. Part of me feels like I should have waited because there will be more choices by then, but this case looks like what I want.

      • JustinRadice

        I just ordered that 1 …….didn’t realize it wasnt shipping for a month……..lame

  • sway40

    Damn i just got it, i know not the best case in the world but its what im looking for. 32$ total is a rip though, my head is down in shame.

  • DougR Johnston

    $10 for shipping is rediculous

    • Michael_NM

      It’s also ridiculous. ;P

  • “It has a matte finish and will likely take advantage of the hidden magnet for auto-on and off screen fun.”

    Unless these are different than the first batch from Google, they do not have a hidden magnet. Source: I own one.

    • This is very sad. Updated the post.

    • Kangaroo Be Stoned

      How is the official case? Is it worth $31? I bought a simple $13 sleeve that works very well.

  • Jay Williams

    A buddy of mine has one, it does not
    take advantage of the hidden magnet for auto-on and off screen fun.