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AOKP Jelly Bean Preview Build Released for Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus

For everyone that has been waiting on the Android Open Kang Project team to release a build for the Galaxy Nexus that incorporated Jelly Bean, you can download a “preview build” that was released just a coupe of days ago. It has all of the Android 4.1.1 goodness you have been dying for, along with some added AOKP goodies.

From what I’ve found so far, they have only just begun to add all of the fancy customizations. For now, you can have toggles in the pull down menu, clock and battery mods, and of course, those awesome AOKP custom wallpapers. 

For those interested in flashing, make sure you are rooted and running a custom recovery. Download each of the files linked below and place them on your phone’s storage. Reboot into recovery, then wipe your data/cache. Once done cleaning, install the preview build, then the Gapps. Reboot and enjoy.

AOKP Toro Preview Build | Gapps

Via: Google+

Cheers Interstellarmind, Mike, and Bryce!

  • What will be the dessert names when they get to Q or Z? Anybody know? Maybe I’ll create one…

  • This ROM looks great. I’m signing on with AT&T so that i can get their 4G LTE speeds (i’m in the Atlanta area), but i’m wondering when Jelly Bean will be released OTA… I expect my Nexus to arrive within a couple of days; i’m overflowing with anticipation! This phone looks ideal for my career as a graphic designer. Keep it up, Google!

    • BarbaraSmith111

      Funny, I’m a graphics designer in Austin, TX, and signed up for AT&T for the same reason, the 4G LTE. Can’t wait for Jelly Bean, either.

  • styroteqe

    Yeah this works awesome on my Verizon Toro. Camera Enhancements too! AnTuTu numbers are slightly lower overall, but the numbers for I/O and GPU are higher. Hooray for project butter!!

  • ABerry5

    is it weird I’m anticipating this more than I anticipated picking up my galaxy nexus.. CHRISTMAS IN JULY IS A REALITY.. can’t wait

  • There’s now a Preview 4 🙂 lol keep up! 😉

  • guli981


    • SeanBello


  • OMG, those icons suck. Orange app tray? Big blocky blue phone? We’re trying to get away from Touchwiz!

    • Tyler Chappell

      Yeah, if I wanted ugly square icons, I would buy an iPhone. =

  • NothingsShocking

    Of course I am the only Galaxy Nexus owner who can’t boot into Jelly Bean. 12 hours later and I still can’t past that Google X. Wiping cache doesn’t do a thing

    • Bsody

      I had the same problem awhile back, ended up having to flash the same JB rom directly over the current to fix the problem. Backups wouldnt load, and as you said, wiping did nothing. Not sure if it will work, but worth a try.

  • Quick Questions: I have flashed the Peter Alfonso BB JB Rom. I haven’t really known what to backup, so I have done nandroid backups, a Rom Manager ROM backup, and Titanium app back ups.
    1. Can anyone tell me if I’m doing too many backups? If so, what should I stick with?
    2. Is there someway to make a backup so that if I try another ROM, I just restore a single backup and have everything back to how I have it now?

    • SeanBello

      1) there’s no such thing as “too many backups”.
      1a) nandroid backups and rom mgr backups are essentially the same thing, so you could eliminate one of those.
      1b) you could add SMS Backup & Restore to that list (unless you use TiBu to B&R using xml)
      2) you already are. that’s what nandroid/ROM Mgr does exactly. it’s an exact copy of your current state.

      • i used the nexus root toolkit 1.5.2 to make my backup when i just flashed to vicious 4.1.1 (my first unlock/root/flash). everything carried over, except i lost my email accounts and nova launcher settings. is that par for the course, or did i do something wrong?

        note that i didn’t “create nandroid backup w/temp CWM,” instead i backed up system apps + data.

        should i have done the nandroid?

        • SeanBello

          yes, def should’ve done the nandroid. nova launcher isn’t a system app, so you’d lose that data unless you backed it up within Nova Launcher settings. always do a “backup current rom” in ROM Manager before flashing anything new just in case. the newest versions of cwm make this process way quicker than it ever was.

      • Thanks a lot. I love this place. Yall know everything there is to know.

    • Bsody

      Nandroid is a must when flashing a new rom in case anything goes wrong. I have also been using Rom Toolbox Pro’s App backup that lets you back up and restore your apps+data. Makes flashing a new rom so much easier than it use to be.

  • saint_stephen

    Currently running the 7/19 build of Bugless Beast and loving it, but have always heard great things about AOKP… Will have to look more closely at it once the non-preview build is released.

    • SeanBello

      AOKP is much better (I was a ride or die BB user before). best part about it is that you don’t have to flash daily or bi-daily with fixes.

      • Bsody

        Hows the stability? Im on JellyBelly 3.8 now, but have had random shutdown issues with other roms. Ive been waiting for a solid AOKP…

        • SeanBello

          I’d switch in your case because there aren’t those issues, but as far as AOKP quality goes, I’d consider these alpha builds. For a more stable situation right now, you’d probably be better off with the latest Bugless Beast until AOKP is out of preview.

          • Bsody

            Ill try it then when I get off work. Since I use my phone as my alarm clock, having it randomly shut down during the night is not really an option.

          • SeanBello

            no kidding lol. yeah, the good thing about BB right now is that stock for the most part, so when he does a new build you only have to wipe dalvik instead of start fresh because AOKP is adding new functionality with each build

  • Worth wiping stock JB for this or wait till it’s a little more fleshed out?

    • SeanBello

      wait, unless you like being a guinea pig

  • austin konja

    Someone is working on a preview for the vzw, amazing what they can do with a locked bootloader.

    • will bartlett

      umm…the gnex does not have a locked bootloader…idk where you came up with that

      • Actually, the Nexus has a locked bootloader, but it’s easily unlocked.

        • will bartlett

          ok. well he is talking about how it is completely locked down, which it isnt.

  • ksat

    Is it wrong that I’m still running stock 4.0.4? I still have hope…but I’m sure I’ll be waiting a while. Just don’t want to wipe and reconfig now. Though this is looking more tempting every day!

    • Bsody

      I have two backups that I keep switching between. AOKP 4.0.4 and JellyBelly 3.8. I’ll give this a couple more days before officially jumping ship from ICS.

  • DroidTh3ory’s ANTIMYTH B2 is slick as well.

  • jeelybeeeaanann

    somebody pleassee tell me how to get those icons!

    • Those are Tersus and they’ll be on the market soon, coming from @kovdev.

  • Can you dirty flash onto am existing jelly bean rom?

    • T4rd

      Never dirty flash.. I don’t care what they say. With Titanium Backup, it’s too easy to restore your phone anyways.

      • check out an app called app2zip! It’s better than Titanium Backup if you don’t have the premium version of Titanium.

        • T4rd

          I bought a premium key for Titanium a couple years ago before it was even available on the Android Market at that time. Best app purchase I’ve ever made. I couldn’t imagine a better tool for ROM flashers even today.

  • teng247

    upgraded from Milestone 6 via dirty flash and only wiping cache and dalvik and everything is smooth as butter

  • MikeCiggy


  • Clint O

    I got jellyBell up and smooth and now Roman gets out the JB AOKP..time to nandroid and start all over again lol

  • Really

    because wallpapers are a rom selling point?

  • fallsgable

    It looks like this uses Chrome as well!!
    I HAD BB Running, but got rid of it, because Pete has Chrome as browser….I LIKE the Android Stock browser…..any assistance on ROM withOUT Chrome, and uses STOCK Android Browser???


    • dcvolcom909

      I am running VIcious Jelly Bean V3 and I have had no issues with it and they have stock browser. I completely agree… until Chrome come with the quick controls I cannot use it, especially after being spoiled with the new animated quick controls.

      • i’m on the same setup and i can no longer find the “save for offline reading” option. is this a problem you’re running into, or am i drunk?

    • KleenDroid

      Guys you realize all you have to do is install the “androidbrowser.apk”. Just stick it in the apps folder with root explorer and set permissions. One minute process…

    • This ROM has Android browser and Chrome. Not sure if the Chrome came with GAPPS or from my Market Backup but I have both with preview build 3. Got to have my Flash from the default browser. (Of course getting Adobe to play is the tricky part.)

  • SeanBello

    preview 1 was a little too wonky for me, went back to BB until they at least get the performance controls in ROM mgr running. I can’t wait for this to be out of preview

  • Why are the screen shots showing ancient radios?

  • rohicks

    Can’t wait till this is released as a milestone. Looking forward to it.

  • Guest

    Is there an official forum for this rom?

  • Awesome stuff. Love the dev community. For now tho I’ll stick with Jellybro CM10. Once they all have finalized their stuff, I’ll take a look at the individual features and decide where to remain.

  • alphanu22
  • justinmcox

    what do you do about the camera app going from Milestone 6 to the jelly bean preview build? i tried it over the weekend and my camera and gallery wouldn’t work right but I installed gapps jelly bean with the preview build. can anyone help me how to get my camera going?


      maybe you should ask in the thread for the rom release and not on a new site. But if you cant tell the difference maybe you should go get a Iphone

      • La2da

        Spoken like a rude, dick-less loser.

      • Bsody

        Really? He asked a legitimate question to a group of people who generally know what they are talking about, especially when compared to other tech blogs, and you treat him like he’s riding the short bus. Do us all a favor and pick up an iPhone and rid yourself from the rest of us.

    • Did you do a clean or dirty flash? Did you run the latest gapps? I know on other JB roms very few people ever said they had any issues with camera and usually it was due to not flashing or simply needing to reboot once.

  • does 4g toggle work yet? im sure this is similar to jellybro cm10 alpha builds but if thats working i might try it.

    • geedee82

      Yep 🙂

  • machete

    Machete doesn’t flash Preview Builds….

    • Machete1

      Machete does leave useless stupid comments though

  • Core

    what icon pack is that ?

  • Gnex

    For now I think I will stick with the CM10 Jellybro. Works great, very stable.

  • Spencer Ward


  • Jex

    On Preview Build 3 the navbar glow isn’t working for me which is kind of annoying. Another little bug people have is the notification page scrolls behind the navbar so you can’t pull it back up with swiping.

    • PC_Tool

      Not missing the glow at all. Didn’t even notice it was gone.

      Have yet to see the notification issue here. (Toro)

  • r0lct

    I’m enjoying BuglessBeast, once they hit final I’ll probably be back.


      is that the only run drive thus far and how is it working out?

      • r0lct

        BB is stable and buttery smooth. Best thing to run if you don’t need/want the laundry list rom customization built in. Which to be honest other than notification toggles the rest of the AOKP tweaks I use are all superficial.

        • Scott

          I’m running the latest nightly of BB and keep having home screen redraw issues. I haven’t had this problem since my OG Droid. Thinking about going back to AOKP 40, just because it’s annoying.

          • Dinofan01

            I would probably do a clean wipe. I’m on the newest BB build and I’ve never run into that problem… ever.

        • saint_stephen

          Agreed. Currently running the 7/19 Bugless build and loving it. When a full AOKP build is released I’ll consider running it if it is as smooth as this one.

        • CyberPete

          Actually, the 1 non-superficial thing AOKP gives is separation of ring and notification volumes. I cannot believe that Google has not yet fixed this huge flaw!

          • r0lct

            I agree. I’m sure there are some other meaningful mods that people use as well, I just haven’t needed them yet.
            Themes are also nice, I actually bought ruby elegance one from the store, but it’s not something I can’t live without for a while.

  • PC_Tool

    Running Testbuild3. Been rocking it since it hit twitter.

    Nav-bar mods, “MIUI” battery bar…it’s all there. Rock solid and fast as hell too.

    (Be sure to set animations/transitions to .5x)


    As of right now I am on vicious 4.1 .1 but I might look into this rom is well.

    • John

      Same. I’ll wait for a few more things to get worked out before jumping back over to AOKP. Vicious is working great so far

      • SKAVENG3R

        I am on the stocK ROM kernel, what one are you on??I put a nice ice & black theme on it but the black keyboard just set it off! I tried the blue lock screen, WAY TO BLUE,LOL.

        • John

          Stock rom/kernel w/ the linked theme in the o.p. over at rootzwiki. it adds a nice dark sprucing up sort of look to the stock os.

          • SKAVENG3R

            Nice, did you check out the custom softkeys on xda? I went with the roboto font. Lastly, the G-NEX rocks.

            Question…have you noticed the add a word to the custom dictionary doesn’t work

          • John

            Nope. I haven’t flashed those … yet. Nope I haven’t tired it. I use SwitchkeyXv3 so it’s rarely needed anymore

        • what do you use for the themes? i just flashed vicious 4.1.1 yesterday (my first rom – i’m one of those silly people who was waiting on verizon OTAs) and would like to check out these “themes” you guys are speaking of

  • Scott Willenborg


    • Assman


  • Nice. Can’t wait to give this a try tonight.

  • I tried to install thus from bug less beast and once I tried to reboot it went straight to recovery. Tried iT two different times

    • Erneci

      Are you using CWM Touch Recovery? I had the same problem. I installed the CWM without touch and it booted fine.

      • Bsody

        CWM non-touch is decent after they finally got rid of the slot machine selection feature…

        • geedee82

          Ha, I’ve been saying the same thing.

      • i was using cwm touch. went into rom manager and realized there was an update. once i did that i flashed CM10 (just in case it was actually aokp and not my recovery) and it booted and works. SO i guess it was just a messed up recovery. once aokp releases a milestone build or a non preview build ill probably be going back. Also, i apologize for the awful typing on my original post. dont know what happened there :p

  • Unofficially “official” thread, posted by myself:

    Also, the build linked…is two versions old.

    • Updated, thanks for the heads up!

      • Your update is still old. Old update is old.
        Lol, sorry Tim. Love you <3

        • You know what would fix that?

          Updating your OP with Update #1 or #2! Hard to tell which is which.

          All fixed. Thanks! 🙂

          • Winning

            how nice tim

          • If you couldn’t tell I was joking, then whatever lol

          • Not to drag this out any further… but to drag this out further… build 4 is up. Kit’s link is best.

          • There will be soooo many new builds up. Not updating anymore 🙂 Will post a new one when there’s an RC or a milestone or something big. <3

    • HeartStrong07

      Thanks … Running Jelly Belly Now … Might Give It A Whirl!

  • htowngtr

    wut wut… baseband EK05??

  • John

    Isn’t there a preview 3?

  • Guest

    FYI, they’re up to preview build 3.

  • muffnman

    Nav bar mods are also live in preview build 3.