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Holo Locker Brings More Jelly Bean Goodness to Your Devices

If you are one of the countless Android owners whose device has yet to be updated to Jelly Bean (some of you may never see it), you can still get a taste of JB with the help of Holo Locker. With this custom lockscreen, you can have exactly what the official Jelly Bean users have along with some extra features. With additional controls to toggle status bar, enable/disable vibrations, and Home key locker, this has even more features than the official locker.

Once downloaded to your device, simply select “enable” and you’re good to go.

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  • Anthony Ferriello

    Finally drag and drop folders on the galaxy s3, how is that not a feature!

  • Works pretty slick, but I am unwilling to give up the functionality of Widget Locker. It also doesn’t seem to play nice with Status Bar on my D4. Hopefully WL will come up with a JB theme.

    Thanks to this article though I discovered Holo Launcher. I’m going to give it a chance to see if it can unseat ADW…at least until Moto/VZW get ICS to the D4.

  • steven ross

    Why does everytime i install a replacement lockscreen, my bluetooth controls only work when i unlock the phone?

  • enables notification pull down from lock screen, YES!

  • adam

    am i the only one who has the lock screen disabled?

  • Seth Schorr

    It doesn’t offer Google Music Player on lockscreen.

    • lagavulin16

      Deal breaker

    • Droosh

      Can’t drag up for Google Now either.

  • Prisla M.A.

    oh, jelly is so amazing!
    the bad thing is it will take much updates for all devices


    No unlock pattern capability?


      Never mind, just enable it through the stock unlocker…

  • Awesome! Thx

  • “(some of you may never see it)” …Tim that was harsh!

    • Moeyknight

      The truth can hurt.

  • SomeDooD123

    Amazing! Running on my VZW S3 very well.

  • enable vibrator lulz

    • Jampos


  • AOSP FTW 😀

  • Downloaded on my Maxx. Works awesome!

  • peeps

    I dislike the fact that ICS on Razr Maxx put a wall up on turning the GPS on/off. Tasker no longer is capable. Anyone know a workaround?