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Jawbone Jambox Update Rolls Out, Adds Android App Compatibility

Oh, what a world we live in where even our speakers are now receiving firmware updates. If you happen to own a Jawbone Jambox, a new 2.2 update is available straight from the Jawbone website. The update adds compatibility for the Jambox Companion app which helps you sync your Android phone and your speaker.

Once synced, you can receive notification alerts through Bluetooth on upcoming appointments, battery levels, and other features. It’s a nifty update and it’s kind of cool knowing that after you buy a product such as this that the company doesn’t leave you high and dry.

If you want to go ahead and update, you can do so here.

Via: The Verge

  • “Here lies Balin, son of Fundin, Lord of Moria…
    He is dead then – it’s as I feared…”

  • panicswhenubered

    That jambox is either dusty or did they did a terrible job painting and picking out plastic textures for it. The buttons on top remind me of a Nintendo controller that someone spray painted silver or a crappy 1980’s firebird with gray primer sprayed over all the rust spots.

  • spdracr

    Jensen makes one that sells for 50 bucks and sounds really good. Much cheaper than the jambox.

    • michael arazan

      thank you, cause 200-300 for these speakers are out of my budget.

  • sarahadam989899

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  • Tim242

    I sell these at my Sprint store. I just bought one for myself. I love it!

  • Bob Martin

    My toaster just recieved an update today also. I plugged the cord into a special adapter which connected to the usb port on my laptop and updated it. Now my toaster can be turned on from an android app on my phone. What great technology.

    • michael arazan

      does it make cylon toast? Because it may rebel against you.

  • justincase_2008

    Sweet! Got one of these for free when I got my gfs One X.

  • Does this mean the Big Jambox is updated as well?

    • I think the big one already comes running this new firmware. I could be mistaken.

      • epps720

        You’re right the Big Jambox comes preloaded w/the firmware

  • cmonnats

    anyone own one of these? I have been looking at buying some sort of small speaker thing for my dorm room. Anyone know how good the quality of sound is?

    • Brian Krygowski

      I got one and love it. The sound quality is amazing for such a small device. The bass will vibrate it right off the desk if you turn it up too loud.

      • cmonnats

        Do you have the big one, or this one? I’m torn between the two right now hah trying to get a steal off of eBay right now. Good to know that someone other than bose can make a high end portable sound box!

        • epps720

          I have this Jambox and it sounds amazing for the sound but a little upset that they came out with the Big Jambox, contemplating an upgrade.

          FYI, if you want a deal…if you have a corporate discount through Verizon you get 25% off accessories. Both Jamboxes qualify for this discount so for the Big Jambox that sells for $299 everywhere you can get it for $225 through Verizon.

          • cmonnats

            Seriously? Nice. Could I get your email and we could discuss this further perhaps?

          • Anonymous

            Big Jambox does not qualify for discount since they priced it as a sale item at $299.97. The $X.97 indicates it is a sale item; therefore, excluded from the corp discount on accessories. I checked online and in store…

    • Tim242

      It is great! I sell then at Sprint, and own one myself.

    • justincase_2008

      Yeah its great battery lasts for about a week with bluetooth and even loanger when using the aux cable.

      • cmonnats

        A week of battery is stinkin rediculously awesome!

  • Bet it secretly runs Froyo now. 😉