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Yo Verizon, What’s With This Ongoing Wi-Fi Toggle Notification on the Galaxy S3 and Incredible 4G?


I spent my first full day with the Incredible 4G LTE yesterday after putting it off over the holiday, and noticed something a bit frustrating almost immediately. See that screenshot above on the left? The “Ongoing” message to turn WiFi on. As an “Ongoing” notification, it never goes away. I’m not kidding about this either. If you take a look at the “Advanced Wi-Fi” shot to its right, you can see that there isn’t an option to remove this. So no matter what you are doing on your phone or where you are, which could mean you are 400 miles away from the nearest WiFi router, you will have that WiFi icon with a slash through it telling you to turn WiFi on. The only way to get that obnoxious little icon to go away, is to connect to a WiFi network. 

To make matters worse, this doesn’t seem to be isolated to the new Incredible. Samsung Galaxy S3 owners who received shipments from Verizon this week are reporting the exact same thing. From what we have heard, Big Red actually went as far as to remove the WiFi toggle in the notification bar that Samsung’s TouchWiz has become known for, and replaced it with this ongoing notification, that again, cannot be removed.

It’s probably safe to assume that this move is to get people to use WiFi more. If they are constantly reminding you to turn on WiFi, you probably will turn it on. Then you’ll use WiFi and not their network, which might be a smart idea for those of you stuck on those tiered or ridiculously overpriced shared data plans. I can’t help but admit that I find this ultra-obnoxious, though. I understand that this is a good way to remind novice users, but give the advanced population the ability to turn it off if we don’t like it.

If anyway finds a way to turn this off, please pass it along.

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  • Why are phone manufacturers allowing carriers to determine what should and shouldn’t be on their phones? When will there be an end to this nonsense and a true separation of carriers and manufacturers? People expect carriers to provide great mobile service, and manufacturers to provide great equipments, and costs in both scopes to be kept low. When these two mix up each other’s scopes, we end up with mediocre service on mediocre equipments, paying a higher price to fund all the useless development that goes into customizing phones to carrier requirements…

  • J2

    This works on Non Rooted phones also.

    “To remove the annoying wifi popup that comes up everytime you use an
    app that constantly requests a data stream, dial *#6335623#
    (star-pound-6-3-3-5-6-2-3-pound) and a menu will popup. Hit Disable
    WifiOffLoading. Now all annoying alerts/notifications are gone.”

  • glvangorp

    Step 1. Root your phone.
    Step 2. Download SQLite Editor and go into the secure table in the settings.db (database) in the “settings storage” app.
    Step 3: Edit the wifi_networks_available_notification_on record’s value field from 1 (true) to 0 (false).
    Step 4: Restart your phone.

    Now to remove the annoying wifi popup that comes up everytime you use an app that constantly requests a data stream, dial *#6335623# (star-pound-6-3-3-5-6-2-3-pound) and a menu will popup. Hit Disable WifiOffLoading. Now all annoying alerts/notifications are gone.


  • nahum

    25 gb used In one month. Im getting my moneys worth.. haha

  • SolipsisticPsychologist

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    I see that article title only being a matter of time for it to appear on this site. Especially considering constantly seeing the use of tardbonics, in almost every article posted. It’s also only a matter of time before our country erodes our national language, into something resembling the future dystopia setting in the horror movie (slowly coming true no less) “Idiocracy”.

    • Nptz43

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      • Nptz43

        Dos wurdz supoz to be way too*

  • paulie d

    Also happens on my bionic with ics leak its most likely a ice cream sandwich thing

  • feztheforeigner

    My Galaxy S3 has the notification there regardless. It tells me when it’s off AND when it’s on. Permanently…

  • ezpotato

    another kinda nuisance thing i’ve noticed is the keyboard. I came from mostly Moto devices, and the predictive text and auto-correct on this is terrible. i played with the settings (or lack of) and just cant get it to be comfortable. i’m having to correct almost everything. I just downloaded swiftkey, and it’s a sh!t times better. is this how all samsung keyboards have been? my nexus didnt have it this bad, but i figured that’s a stock android keyboard.

    thank god for having a choice of keyboards, but to me this was a terrible out-of-box experience on the gs3. anyone else or just me?

  • nymaestro

    Here is what I found:

    “The Wi-Fi struggles to connect or stay connected due to complaints on forums. There have been suggestions on how to fix this though from one particular user on AndroidForums. The user who goes by the name of cary328is has suggested the following which they claim “was learned from XDA developers:

    1. Go to your phone dialer

    2. Dial *#0011#

    3. When you see the “ServiceMode” screen, press the left menu button

    4. Select “WiFi”

    5. See that “Wifi Power Save Mode” button that is “ON” – well turn it “OFF”

    6. Exit this menu, turn off your Wifi and turn it back on. If you already entered all your wifi credentials, forget your network info (remove it) and re-enter it again.”

  • Actually, once you connect to a Wifi network, it is replaced by “connected to [network name]. So just as annoying

  • Sobr0801

    Switching my Rezound to Cricket anyways, F you Verizon.

  • Christopher Fullenkamp

    The notification went away on its own on my galaxy s3. Wish they would have just leftvthe WiFi toggle instead if the notification.

  • rockstar323

    This is the same company that said a few years back that smartphones didn’t need wifi because their network was massive and fast.

    I remember how bummed I was when I found out the Tour didn’t have wifi.

  • Jwhap

    Just curious. With the sbeam function on the s3, could this be the issue, since wifi direct is always on??? I have a nexus, just thought this may help!

  • ddevito

    Verizon and Bloatware get a gas face

  • ddevito


  • Beka27

    I have unlimited for two years. My goal is never (EVER!) to turn wifi on unless absolutely necessary (like for a download). I’m going to take full advantage of my 4g.

  • Verizon Wireless – America’s Largest Wireless Carrier, serving 108.7 million customers with no lube. You’re welcome.

  • yarrellray

    Oh yes Verizon does everything so great. They always think about what’s best for it’s customers. Thank god I kicked Verizon to the curb for Tmobile I could never get reception at home which was an Lte market. I was never able to get a consistent 4G Lte signal even in Manhattan New York. All my device did was switch from LTE to 3G to 1X all day long which killed my battery. Say so long CDMA VERIZON GALAXY NEXUS enter Tmobile and my Galaxy S3 great reception great speeds and a wonderful network they appreciate what there customers want. Verizon loves tinkering with things they should just leave alone in the first place. Verizon sucks rotten eggs and so does it’s customers who don’t take the time to look for better service. Just because something cost more doesn’t mean it’s better. Verizon is the biggest joke in the carrier game with it’s overpriced overrated network.

    • pj

      Im glad you’re so happy with the switch, but here in rural Ohio, vzw is almost the only choice. Out in bfe where I live, Att has maybe one bar and barely edge network, tmo is not available, sprint is about the same as att. But, Vzw has full bars, rock solid 3g connection, and a very usable Lte network. If you lived here, you would realize how much better and more stable their network is compared to the competition. Now I’m not saying that applies everywhere, but even after traveling a little it is way too obvious who has invested in infrastructure build out and who so obviously didn’t do anything but fleece their customers

    • Lax77

      Try traveling most anywhere west of the Mississippi and you might change your story… In most of the northern rockies it’s Big Red or tin cans and string. Enjoy your Tmobile, just don’t plan any vacations to the mountains.

  • fauxshizzl

    This is their solution to removing the data usage widget.

  • TheWenger

    Here’s what I don’t get.
    If a lot of people use the network at once, it gets slow. The act of using data doesn’t cost VZW any extra money at that immediate instant. They pay to build out the network and achieve nationwide coverage, but if I use a bunch of data, the only thing that would happen is the network in that area might get a fraction of a fraction of a bit slower.
    Am I missing something?

    • Go Hawkeyes

      Yes, they still have to pay for the electricity and labor to maintain the network.

  • Nick Hanson

    my phone is on it’s way, but this seriously makes me want to use it until my contract is up (7/15) and get the att version instead. I may end up doing that.

    • Trueblue711

      If you’re on Verizon, you should probably have a lot bigger reasons to want to switch than an annoying icon, lol.

  • corkis84

    So let me get this straight verizon. You place an ongoing notification to remind me to turn on my wifi and then remove the toggle allowing me to quickly turn on my wifi. That makes sense!

    • sgtguthrie

      EXACTLY! This is why we root!! My wife is really going to be annoyed by this with her s3 coming Monday :-


      • corkis84

        Bootloader is locked. You may be able to root but no custom ROMs.

        • sgtguthrie

          Maybe on the HTC pos, but not on a Samsung device! They don’t lock bootloaders at all 😉

          As for no roms on a locked bootloader, where there’s a will, there’s a way! Look at every moto device since the dx! I don’t know if there would be the will to find a way on the Inc 4G though…

          • corkis84

            You are probably right about a developers will power, but currently the verizon s3 is not accepting another kernel to be flashed like the other carries have been allowing. XDA developers are confirming it.

          • sgtguthrie

            Oh… That sucks! Give it a couple weeks 🙂

        • will bartlett

          if you cant have a custom rom on a locked bootloader…how do motorola phones have roms?

  • TheWenger

    You would think they want people to use too much data. That way they can charge overages.

    • PC_Tool

      Because angry customers never leave….??

      • Josh Flowers

        in fact, i would be interested to know the customer # before the Tiered Data vs Post Implementation of Tiered Data.

  • Nazzi_Muhammad

    It’s not on the Maxx. Yay! Enjoy that annoying piece of schiznit boys and girls.

    • Hunter N.

      You just wait for a software upgrade… MWahahahaha

      • Nazzi_Muhammad

        Have the latest software…MWahahahaha

  • Immolate

    Minor annoyance. Keep it in perspective. If you’re enough of a phone geek to read this site regularly, you can make it go away with a ROM soon enough. If you’re not enough of a phone geek to root and ROM, welcome to the world of carrier/manufacturer whim. Get used to it cause it ain’t no better on IOS or Windows. Or better yet, show some testicular fortitude and learn how. Just sayin’.

    • Trueblue711

      I don’t feel the need to switch to an entire unofficial ROM just because of one minor annoyance. It’s an annoying problem and should be looked into.

  • Tcali

    They are trying to encourage offloading mobile network data traffic off their network & onto local WiFi networks. In other words; They want you to pay to use their network & not use their network at the same time. To my knowledge, MetroPCS is does this as well.

  • Jelly bean 😀

  • Root. The answer is almost always root. This is a PRIME reason why we root.

  • Its like that on the Rezound ICS builds as well. Luckily, the DEVs have figured a way to remove it.

  • So the wifi, gps, brightness, etc, toggles on the GS3 are removed and replaced by this crap? Someone confirm this. I’m upgrading to the Nexus if this is true.

    • Also can one of those lucky people who received their GS3 early post a screen shot so its clear what I can expect? thanks

    • Im trying to figure this out too? anyone know this answer?

      • I saw a review on the Verizon GS3. The toggles are intact, but the wifi button is absent. The rest (bluetooth, gps, etc.) are still there. And the ongoing wifi toggle was present…

  • EC8CH



  • azndan4

    Damn Verizon! Idiots!

  • Matt Robinson

    This has been on the Samsung Stratosphere since launch in December. My sister complains all the time and it even annoys me when i want to go fiddle with her settings 😛

  • Pretty sure it was in (or some form) the HTC Bliss. Wife had it for awhile and it drove her up the wall. She needed up taking it back.

  • I don’t see the issue, some skins like Touch Wiz put the wifi shortcut in the pane anyway and Verizon probably wants to standardize it across all phones for their users in the name of consistency. I use StatusToggle myself to do the same thing on my Maxx. It’s convenient.

    edit: Sorry, was just thinking with things in perspective. Ahem…Verizon is the worst! This breaks my phone! Switch carriers now!

  • Jason Purp

    inb4 this is what the GNex update does

  • Michael_NM

    Dear Upset VZW Customer,
    We’ve added the icon to help you understand you can’t use our brand new LTE network the way you used to. We’ve spent a lot of money building our LTE network, and the time has come for you to pony up too. So, unless you’ve still got an unlimited data plan, this notification is meant to help you. In order to remove that notification, we recommend you either buy an iPhon’t or switch carriers. Ultimately, we know more about what you want than you do.
    PS: We’ve noticed you haven’t used VZ Navigator lately. Please start enjoying this exclusive VZW service today.

    • Sven Enterlein


    • Champion1229

      Who would use VZ Navigator?! Especially when its a PAID subscription and Google Maps is FREE!!!

      • Stingray

        That was sarcasm bud….

      • Philip A. Kaiser

        You sir, are not the champion of sarcasm. Lol

        • Champion1229

          I got the sarcasm I was just making a point!

          • feztheforeigner

            Not a point worth pointing out when someone else just did….

    • except every time u use the internet on the iphon’t it pops up asking to connect to wifi… its the little things, just as annoying. otherwise, well played.

    • But seriously… they do not treat the iPhone like this… I do not understand why the Google does not put a end to this.. there are more Android phones activated than iPhones… It just seems that Google is adverse to getting dirty… like Willard Mitt Romney… they both must understand that war is dirty…

      Hopefully the next Nexus phone has a simu release on all carriers and Goog has complete control over update (lte licensing could be a issue because the technology??? another issue that iPhone’s do not have..)

      • GR4474

        maybe because iphone is still 3g until the iphone 5 comes out. Might happen to it also.

    • JON


    • JON


    • Tariq Ziad

      WOW! Talk about great customer service. Looks like someone has an “Apple” stuck up their butt. You can add the VZ Navigator right up behind it!

  • Christopher Riner

    Maybe its htc’s answer to the razr maxx?

  • Man I’ve been searching and searching for a way to turn it off…in fact the phone even says there is a way to turn it off when you use an app that prefers WiFi over network. However, that option is gone so a part of the phone is telling you that it can be turned off but the way to do that has been removed. I can live with it for now…but I suspect they’ll remove it.

  • fartbubbler

    so when is the Droid Razr Maxx HD being released?

  • Us lucky Stratosphere owners were the first ones to enjoy this annoying little update. And yes, we found a way to disable it… but I can’t remember what it is now.

    Our only official ROM has it removed and the WIFI toggle re-added… to much appraise. I hated having that crap clutter up my notification bar.

  • Southrncomfortjm

    I could see this working if it only happened when you are around WiFi networks you’ve previously connected to, but not at all times of the day, even when you aren’t around WiFi. As it stands, this looks like a small leak in the flagship. Makes me like my GNEX even more, especially with JB 🙂

  • chaosrv

    This actually makes no sense if you’re Verizon – the “real” idea with the new plans is to charge more for less data so they can get you again on the back-end with overage charges. If I were Verizon it would be in my best interest NOT to have customers use wifi.
    Or perhaps this message is only showing up on the phones of unlimited users?

    • Southrncomfortjm

      I’m not sure Verizon likes overages as much as you think they do. Overages = lots of angry customers.

      • chaosrv

        Since when has Verizon cared about angry customers?

      • QQpayne

        Verizon associates dislike the angry customers, but the upper management is much less concerned. They instead train the employees to better deal with difficult customers while pocketing all of that extra cash.

    • Trueblue711

      Exactly my thinking. Verizon should WANT people to use as much data as possible. Their network can support it, so it’s not like AT&T and the ridiculous Wifi-only requirement for Facetime.

      As pissed as I would be, I would have to laugh if the Wifi notification only showed up on users with Unlimited plans.

  • Greyhame
    • That’s an interesting article. I guess you really have it tough there…

      • Greyhame

        It’s not even cool. I had no idea about the Palm Pre til I read that. It’s a shame they hold so much clout. That’s the ONE THING I applaud apple for… they stand up to the carriers and don’t allow them to alter their phones at all. With Google’s announcement of an army of Nexi coming before years end, I am hoping we are moving towards the direction of molding carriers into the dumb pipes we all want them to be.

        Where are you from?

        • Japan / Russia. I move between these countries since I’m a synchronist for the MOFA.

          Though I must point out that Japan also has a carrier compatibility problem (not to mention they basically use neither CDMA nor GSM for the most part). But the phones are tailored for the customer, even if sold under the carrier’s brand. Hell, just look at the abundance of smartphones that feature the old clamshell design with the classic cellphone numpad. Why? Because the customers prefer hardware numeric keys; it’s much faster to input Japanese with them. Softbank even tried to talk Apple into making a customised version of the iPhone with that numpad because there’s a demand for it.

          Russia, on the other hand, isn’t quite up to snuff compared to Europe (unmetered mobile data doesn’t exist, there’s internal roaming — as in, roaming within the carrier’s own network depending on which region of the country you are), but… finding a locked phone in Russia is a problem. Unless you’re going to get a really, really cheap Chinese device.

  • kaufkin

    Root – Rom – Done? – and yeah, for old times sake…. What Clock is that? 🙂

  • gimlet72

    Its only a matter of time until this is removed

    • Maybe so, but judging by how long it’s taken to push out OTA updates in the past, it could be a very long matter of time.

      • gimlet72

        I mean by the developer community.

  • Daniel Charlton

    Solution: root.

  • DanWazz

    Sounds horrible and annoying.

  • Is this going to show up on all VZW phones? If so, Nexus FTW!!!

    • sgtguthrie

      More like T-Mobile for the win!

  • ryan

    Picked up this phone for the Mrs last night and noticed it right away. Really f’ing annoying. Also did you see that with the built-in data usage monitor (not the vzw one) that you can’t shift the dates that it monitors data? You can change the amount of days, which by default was 5, but not the date it starts on. I can do that with my gnex JB.

  • Guest

    Verizon, we have the biggest, fastest LTE network! But don’t you use it, we’ll charge the crap out of you if you do.

    • Guest

      You’re right. This is ridiculous. I usually use wifi when I’m home, but I think I’m gonna stop using it unless it is absolutely necessary. It’s time that I get my money’s worth for these data prices.

      • Champion1229

        Verizon’s 4G LTE is faster than most home routers and internet connections so I see no problem with streaming Netflix HD and Pandora ALL MONTH just to make Verizon mad!

        • PC_Tool

          It doesn’t…at least, not visibly to the user.

          I routinely go over 8GB on my unlimited. Nary a peep from Verizon…

          • Champion1229

            It doesn’t make that much of a difference just surfing the internet and casual usage but when downloading an app or downloading the extra data for an app, etc. it makes a HUGE difference. And only 8gb?! My normal is about 10gb and from november-january I average around 40-60gb because me and my family goes hunting in georgia and all they have in the middle of the woods is 4g! Shocking, right!? lol

          • PC_Tool

            Die, disqus. Die. In a fire. Careening into a fuel tanker. While being eaten alive by fire ants. In a vat of lemon juice. And Tabasco sauce.

          • Philip A. Kaiser

            Download “Adownloader” and hit up eztv.it and pirate bay and you will see how fast gigs start rollin by. 😉

          • PC_Tool

            Me? I like keeping it legal, ya know?


            Not that I don’t occasionally envy the heck out of folks like you.

          • Champion1229

            Most torrents are legal, some companies even promote the use of torrents, its just when you try to watch the Avengers movie when it hasn’t been released on DVD is it illegal lol

          • PC_Tool

            “Most torrents are legal”

            I’d love to see the numbers behind *that* statement…

            I’m not saying legal torrents don’t exist, but “most”??? I find that suspect.

          • Champion1229

            In my book they’re legal as LONG as you DO NOT get caught! Which is actually really hard, you would have to be an idiot to get caught because on any torrent website if there is a fake (a company trying to get you to hit download so they can log your ip address and send you letters) other people have already downloaded it and wrote in the comments BEWARE this torrent is a fake or something like that. And almost all torrent clients now are encrypted and the companies tracking you have to be able to PROVE you downloaded the ENTIRE file AND viewed it!

          • PC_Tool

            “In my book they’re legal as LONG as you DO NOT get caught!”

            Slippery slopes… :p

          • It is legal to download software from torrents its just illegal to use the software keys that they give you.

            See most software you can just download online but from the source its slower. So as long as you dont try and use the keys or cracks then its ok

          • PC_Tool

            Not even going to get into distribution rights right now…

          • Champion1229

            And Actually any tv show, movie, etc that have aired on tv, even the ones that are on premium channels (HBO, Movies on Demand, Showtime, etc) are legal because once they are aired on public television they can be recorded and redistributed from anywhere (this is why DVRs are legal).

          • PC_Tool


            Not sure what country you live in, but as far as the US goes? Um…no.

            For personal viewing, if it aired, and you personally recorded it: Sure. They won’t go after you for that.

            For redistribution?? No. Uh-uh. Negative. Not allowed.

            Distribution, under US copyright, is limited to the copyright holder….regardless of how you acquired your “copy”.

            If you believed that this was legal in the US, you need to stop listening to whomever is giving you that information. They are woefully mistaken.

            (DVRs are legal because they are for personal viewing only, and even as such they are regulated and restricted. Look in the paperwork you get with the device and I am certain you will find all kinds of warnings regarding copying and distributing.)

          • Champion1229

            There are also many apps that will do this for you, I found tTorrent and I really like it because it has a built in search engine for torrents that you can specify what website (it has a list of popular torrent websites such as the Pirate Bay, Isohunt, etc).

          • Champion1229

            hahah lol Disqus is doing a VERY poor job of organizing this thread!

          • PC_Tool

            I read this thread with a song in my heart…

            …unfortunately, I think it’s the theme-song to “Jaws”. 😉

          • PC_Tool

            Damn…I thought I abused their unlimited… You, my friend, have given me quite the goal to aim for.

            I can’t even imagine how I would go about reaching that other than streaming netflix with the sound off at work while listening to Pandora on it while streaming youtube channels while downloading linux distros over P2P…..


          • Champion1229

            Well why i’m in the woods hunting I ALWAYS have some kind of music streaming (the Google Music, Pandora, etc) and when I get back to camp I tether my Rezound to my Macbook Pro to check Weather, Facebook, Droid Life of course 🙂 and to download a few torrents (gotta have new music, and movies) and then its back to the woods. Once i’m done in the woods I come back to camp and tether my phone back up to my Macbook Pro to watch a few netflix movies and recheck the news. I also have to do some business work (emails, make/edit documents, and even send a few Final Cut Pro projects (thats where Verizon really cringes, 5+gb per project! Yikes lol

          • Sobr0801

            You my friend have a weird life.

        • Verizon’s 4G LTE is faster than most home routers and internet connections

          Did they finally let you use more than 100Mbps on their LTE network?

          That’s great news.

          • PC_Tool

            So…just being a jerk, or did you actually not get what he meant?

          • The latter. See my new response to him.

          • PC_Tool

            In that case, he was referring to the normal speeds achieved through Cable or DSL providers, not the top-end the router might be capable of. 🙂

          • I’m not talking about routers.

            My ISP provides 1Gbps unmetered for about $45/mo.

          • Champion1229

            Yes, I realize that most home routers, even basic can max out at around 300mb/s but HOW MANY PEOPLE PAY THE OUTRAGEOUS COST OF 300MB/S INTERNET!?!?!?!?!? On second though, what internet provider even offers that kind of speed, I saw a commercial for Verizon Fios the other day and I think their advertised speeds were only 70mb/s, my old HTC Thunderbolt use to get that before the network got busy. And that 300mb/s is if you are standing RIGHT beside the router and if the router is set to the proper channel and frequency with no interference!

          • 300Mbps is, converted to USD, about $22 per month if I recall my ISP’s plans right. I’m on 1Gbps unmetered, which is approximately $45/mo (I’m using today’s exchange rate).

            In more dense areas the prices are a bit high, I admit; KDDI’s 200Mbps line would cost you almost $35/mo.

          • PC_Tool

            Heh…yeah, but you’re not getting Verizon there, are you?

            Most Verizon users, if they are lucky, are paying ~$50 for 20Mbit speeds.

          • Verizon is in the USA; I don’t think they have any presence here. My current ISP at both my city apartment (1Gbps) and my family’s home (guaranteed 480Gbps with bursts up to 966Gbps for triple play with UHV) is NTT.

          • Champion1229

            You obviously don’t live in the states because where I live in Florida we have Bright House Networks which is a sub-comany of Road Runner, we have the bundled plan of Road Runner Lite and Cable Television (no HBO, Showtime or anything, just regular tv) we pay over $100 a month and our connection speeds are around 10mp/s up and less than .5mp/s up. Its really sad how america has become monopolized into big corporations that believe customers should pay more for less!

          • Champion1229

            *Cough Cough* VERIZON *cough cough*

          • PC_Tool

            That was kinda my point. The article is about Verizon….hence the use of speeds folks accessing Verizon’s network might achieve. I can understand how that might confuse others…

          • silver6054

            480 Gbps? Max here is 300Mbps so that’s over 1,500 times faster.

          • To be honest, 480Gbps isn’t something you can just get like a normal plan. It costs a ton, but my family can afford that.

            Other than that, 50Gbps lines will become standard for us quite soon once TV moves to the UHV standard.

          • As for my place of residence in the country I have to stay most of the time in due to work-related stuff (I’m a synchronist for the MOFA), I pay about $12 per month for 50Mbps guaranteed with up to 100Mbps possible. 99.9% of the time it’s 100Mbps.

        • Droosh

          I don’t mind using WiFi at home much since the latency is slightly lower and the batter consumption is better. Some free public spots, however, have WiFi slower than 3G!

        • GR4474

          let’s figure out how to route verizon’s network to my home computer. :p

        • user1

          Verizon doesn’t get mad they just jack up the price. They are not going to lose money. They have everyone by the balls and are not about to let go.

    • ferret

      I can’t bring myself to cancel my Verizon though because of that first half. I still get near perfect LTE on my tablet where my personal Tmobile phone and my work AT&T are spotty at best

    • Mat_t

      it’s pretty damn ironic considering the buildout of LTE makes things a lot *cheaper* for verizon.

    • michael arazan

      Verizon- we have the best and biggest 4g network, please do not use or touch! We’ve spent billions on it and care more about it than you. If you’d like to use our network please sign this paper that gives us your soul.

  • Wow, that is irritating. This is why root is so necessary.

    • theword

      only on Verizon phones is it necessary

  • Dan

    damn verizon…..

  • triangle8

    I would think that they really only care about getting people on unlimited plans to use wifi since they make more money by getting you to use more of their data in a tiered and shared data plan. It would be extremely annoying if they only did this with users on unlimited plans.

  • Pandalero

    Over at xda, someone said it was a Sense 4.0 feature. But since it’s on the GS3 as well, must be a VZW thing. Ugh.

    See post #39: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1753105&page=4

  • what happens with WiFi turned on but not connected to anything?

    • Pandalero

      Unless you’re connected to a WiFi network, the notification and icon is there.

      • In that case, yeah, root and rom that sucka lol

        • Pandalero

          I plan to. CM10… I wants Jelly Beenz!

  • Looks like Verizon is in full CYA mode – “We warned you about all the data use every time you looked at your notifications. Still, though, thanks for switching to our Share Everything plan.”

  • I have pre-ordered a Verizon GS3 and if it has this wifi Ongoing notification all the time, I will be very (insert expletive here) angry.

    • Sorry to say it definitely has it. Looking at it on my just activated S3 as I type this…

      • Well, I will bury my head in the sand. Is the WiFi toggle still in the Notification drop-down page along with thetoggles for Bluetooth, GPS, Sound, Screen Rotation, etc?

  • cgalyon

    That’s a little annoying, but I can appreciate that they are encouraging users to rely more of WiFi than the 4G network (since there are now data caps for many users). If the transition from WiFi to 4G is seamless, then it’s not a bad idea to leave it on. However, hopefully we’ll see some mods from the dev community that enable us to remove it.

    • The idea makes sense at first, but they need to give you the ability to turn that off.

      • RedPandaAlex

        And this is why Verizon shouldn’t be allowed to mess with the software, because they have no sense at all of the end user and wind up making the experience annoying.

      • Jeremy

        And many of us kept unlimited. I’ll use the network all I want Verizon and you’ll like it!

  • My SG3 pre-order hasn’t shipped yet, this makes me want to cancel it.

  • Probably an excuse to say, “Well, your phone told you to switch to Wi-Fi” when people go over their data limits on these stupid new plans.

    • Patrick Sullivan

      As a former VZW employee, I almost guarantee this would be the response from many sales reps.

  • My girlfriend’s StraightTalk Samsung Galaxy Proclaim does this. Basically it just bugs the crap out of you so you don’t use the mobile network.

  • “The only way to get that obnoxious little icon to go away, is to connect to a WiFi network.”

    Or screw the stock firmware and install a ROM

    • David Hayden

      I’ve actually installed a ROM for my Rezound that causes the pop-up.

      • Let me update my post then:
        “Or screw the stock firmware and install a good stock Android ROM”

    • Guest

      Are there any *fully functional* Jelly Bean SGS3 ROMs out now?

    • corkis84

      It looks like verizon S3 has a locked Bootloader. No custom ROMs for a while at least.

    • Droosh

      There won’t be many good ROMs since the bootloader is signed and many good devs will prefer to spend their time with other devices where they don’t have to continually tweek the code to comply with the stock Kernel.

  • Guest

    Yeah, and every other application that comes stock with the SGS3 screams at you to connect to Wifi, or else you incur data charges. They really want to drive the point home that you should under no circumstances use their Cell network.

    • Well you can turn that off usually. See that screenie top right, you need to uncheck the box to notify you.

      • Guest

        Thanks Kellex, I’ll do that. I haven’t gotten around to all the options yet as I am still sitting here configuring the thing. Coming from CM7.2, this was something that really jumped out at me however – the non-stop pestering me about data and WiFi.

      • Steve Wojciechowski

        I had to do that for my buddy’s S3 (Sprint Variant). It looks like they changed how the wifi notification is accessed. It’s funny that you have to first turn “on” wifi and then uncheck the notify option.

  • If the overload commands it to be necessary, how dare you to dissent.

    • Josh Flowers

      It knew you were referencing it & made sure to hide it from the searches.