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Gameloft and Marvel Release The Amazing Spiderman to Google Play

Hey, all you Spidey fans, Marvel and Gameloft have teamed up to bring The Amazing Spiderman to Android devices everywhere. The game looks to have fantastic graphics and exciting gameplay. You can sling your webs and free fly around the city and beat up all the baddies you can get your webs on. 

On the down side, the game carries with it a $7 price tag, but for hardcore Spidey fans that shouldn’t deter you. If you plan to pick it up, tell us what you think of the game down below.

Play Link ($6.99)


Cheers Christopher!

  • I will wait for it to be $.99. When is the next holiday or event?

  • Leeeroy

    Why does it look like there is a milky fog over the whole game? Terrible.

  • and good luck getting the huge app on your phone.

  • blood

    A little off topic but… have our phones passed the psp in graphics? Or are we not there yet?

  • SolipsisticPsychologist

    Anything Gameloft = sh!t, and most of the time a blatant ripoff of an existing game. Plus their customer service is bar none the worst to deal with on the planet, and that’s if you are lucky enough to actually speak to one of their incompetent morons they call employees. I would rather pay a new B.S. Verizon fee than give LameLoft more money. I heard LameLoft has a new game coming out called “Spec Ops: The Circle”.

    • EvanTheGamer

      I think I’d rather pay $5 for a low quality game than to have to sign up with a freaking so-called BS “Share Everything” plan. Wouldn’t you? If you don’t, then I think you’re not thinking straight.

  • Mapekz

    Damn, I highly doubt my Galaxy Nexus or Xoom can run this. Looks like a console game. Well done.

    • SolipsisticPsychologist

      Nice ruse LameLoft employee.

      • Mapekz

        Lol, I’m just saying this game looks a lot better than the traditional 2D drag-your-finger-across games that mobile gaming has offered for the last few years (Cut the Rope, Where’s My Water?, Angry Birds, etc). I hope the game plays well despite the lack of controller.

        • kidtronic

          Wait, you were serious. Which console do you think this looks like? Dreamcast?

        • gcforreal

          you do realize that games such as shadow gun..gta 3..max payne and even nba jam for that matter exist. just saying that the level of graphics in this game(and even better) is nothing new to high end mobile gaming

    • Tommy Thompson

      You must be referring to the last 10 seconds, which is the console game.

      • eee

        holy crap, the console version looks astronomically better!

      • Mapekz

        I mean throughout. I simply said console game, which doesn’t rule out PS2-level graphics. I may be pulling a Louis C.K. reference out here, but it’s hard to be a harsh critic to these mobile games given the fact that our handheld smartphones today are much more powerful than any full sized desktop released 10 years ago. The fact that they can pump out the same graphics as such large consoles such as the PS2 and original Xbox is absolutely astounding. The main issue is the interface since we don’t have controllers so I hope they get the controls right or the game is a complete flop.

        • Tommy Thompson

          Well if you are comparing it to a system that was released over 10 years ago, why stop there?! It blows the ATARI out of the water!