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Official MIUI Launcher Lands on Play Store, It’s Makeover Time for Your Device

The MIUI team released their official launcher onto the Play Store for 2.3+ and 4.0+ devices. If you are unfamiliar with MIUI, what the team is well known for is making Android look like a completely new OS with flavors taken from all over the place. To some, the lack of a dedicated app drawer reminds them of iOS, but MIUI is much more than an iOS clone. 

With this launcher you are able to choose from countless themes, classy wallpapers, and awesome icon packs that are sure to turn your snoozefest device into one you would be happy to show off to friends and family. Included with the launcher is also the MIUI Locker which is a separate lockscreen app that is quite sexy. It’s always a good time to spruce up your homescreens.

Play Link (4.0+) | Play Link (2.3+)

Via: Droid Dog

  • The Dude

    MIUI is easily the best rom ever. Most functional, lightest and fastest, and the best looking. Its funny how other rom’s have to flash files to change things like the status bar, icons etc, yet MIUI’s theme engine is light years ahead.

    People like to complain about the app drawer, having never used MIUI. Why would I want an app drawer when I can organize apps on my home screens, its the same same amount of scrolling anyway.

  • easy1jay

    Ouch, no love without the app drawer.

    I’ve been using MIUI for the last year. What I’ve done is limit myself to two screens and categorized all my apps to five different folders, Apps, Games, Media, Tools, and MIUI (where I’ve placed any excess apps that are only used passively). I’ve never liked digging through an draw full of a hundred apps however. With a few frequently used apps and widgets placed on the screens as well.

    That’s the beauty of Android however, to each, truly their own.

  • Tyler

    Didn’t even last a day … back to stock homescreen.

  • kstrickland05

    Loaded MIUI onto my Droid 1 right before upgrading to GNEX. I liked it because it was completely different but did miss the app drawer.

  • Tlove816tt

    It’s sad to see everyone hating on MIUI. I’m actually rooted with MIUI on my D2 R2D2. I must admit, the lack of app drawer is a turn off, but the simple solution is to use another launcher like Go Launcher or Launcher Pro. I know the discussion is for the launcher itself but the launcher doesn’t do MIUI any justice. To understand why anyone would defend it, you’d have to root and rom with MIUI~

  • Mike Hale

    OMG… seriously droid life.. “much more than an IOS clone” THAT WAS THEIR GOAL WHEN MIUI STARTED!!!!! TO LOOK LIKE IOS!!!

  • evltwn

    It’s okay, still need to work out some bugs. Uninstalled.

  • shehippie

    Its a nice launcher, but I’m loving Holo at the moment.

  • Looks awesome! But I need an app Drawer.

    Recently bought an iPhone 4s off eBay to see if it could convert me.. honestly, it was fun(I was jailbroken), but after about 4 days I just couldn’t do it anymore. Screen is small, jailbreaking and themes lag it down quite a bit, when I restored it and put the leaked iOS 6 beta on it it wasn’t even a good upgrade over iOS 5, and the lack of 4G, no dedicated back or menu button, and no app drawer absolutely killed me.

    The phone was really smooth I give it that. And it does still have a bit better app support for people who like to game on their phones. But I rarely do because on Android I’m more into tweeking apps and stuff, so it didn’t meet my needs. Customization just wasn’t there..


    Not really liking it as much as i thought i would.. i like their skinned apps but those aren’t included.. its a little slow on the gnex.. and i wouldn’t mind it taking all of my apps and putting them on pages if they were in some kind of order.. i don’t want to have to look through like 12 pages.. literally.. and find an app.. thats stupid.. at least alphabetize it or something..

  • ckeegan

    I can see this being useful if someone wanted the custom rom feel, or the ability to de-blur, de-wiz or whatever their phone, but I can’t really say I see the value on the Galaxy Nexus. I mean, theme-switching is great, but 90% of the themes aren’t even in English.


      looks fun to try though..compare it to stock, since iv’e never really rooted or romed.. it’d be nice to see what this one offers compared to launcher pro or adw which i have used before.. Gona try it on my nexus..

      • ckeegan

        I had it on my phone just about all day. I couldn’t take it anymore so I just uninstalled it. Like stock ICS way more.

  • anyone know any good themes correctly sized for the Gnex? It runs plenty smooth on AOKP B38, just sucks that none of the downloadable themes support the XHDPI screen resolution

  • tried it, but the forced inclusion of miuilocker made me ditch it. I don’t use a lock screen and miuilocker overrides the system settings no matter which launcher you use

  • droid209

    i tried, but couldn’t find the scrolling dock option…uninstalled

    ran really slow on gnex..back to apex launcher

  • trixnkix637

    Why not download Appdrawer from the Play Store? It’s a customizable app drawer. Just use the icon after installing with the Miui Launcher and voila!

  • elmotactics

    Still prefer Go Launcher with the vertical continuous app scrolling, even on ICS.

  • Dingus

    i can get over the no app drawer, my app drawer is only one page anyone since i use folders, but i cant change the grid? 4X4 looks ridiculously funny on my galaxy note

  • Jason Blaies

    I can’t believe how you people won’t try it without a launcher… MIUI is SOOO customizable it made my DINC incredible until I got my Gnex… You can make folders for the drawer if you want. But the benefit is the Theme manager and the slick looking theme – You DO NOT have to make it look like an iPhone – Play with it for more than 5 minutes and THEN tell us how you feel.

    • fallsgable

      I just played with it for 15 minutes……then I picked up my phone, and tried MIUI….

    • I tried it. Very well done, but not for me.

  • Michael Johnson

    For those of you saying no way because of the missing app drawer, you could always try

    • Good call!

    • JeffDenver

      Wow…that is so sweet. I have no use for this, but it makes me feel warm and fuzzy to know it exists…it is such a simple idea. I wonder why no one made this sooner.

  • Michael Johnson
  • PC_Tool


    All the “no app drawer=not using it” comments just amuse the hell out of me. Thanks, guys.

    I gotta find that “not seeing the forest for the trees” pic one of these days…

    • For me it’s because I don’t like having all of the apps I may or may not use spread out on my screens. I definitely appreciate that there is a choice to use MIUI, and actually the launcher works great, but that is too frustrating for a DD. It really is an iOS knockoff, more or less.

      • PC_Tool

        Are we,a s a species just that unimaginative? …or is it an Android thing?

        It’s as simple as making your own app drawer. Create folder, put folder on the dock (or anywhere, really…why limit yourself to the dock?), throw apps into it…

        Bingo. No apps filling your home-screens and a completely customized app drawer (or drawers, even…why limit yourself?)

        This is what my comment was about. Android users, generally, pride themselves on alternatives and being open to new ideas and customizing *everything*…yet when faced with having to “roll their own” app drawer, suddenly…they can’t hack it? It’s too much? Really??

        I honestly cannot comprehend the disconnect here…

        • Firstly – being a jerk about it is not being imaginative.
          Secondly – using a different launcher that does the same thing as one you already use isn’t imaginative (you can do the same folder trick in Apex, for example, which I’ve been doing for some time now).
          I agree having the options out there is great, but just because someone doesn’t like it doesn’t mean they are unimaginative.

          • PC_Tool

            “Firstly – being a jerk about it is not being imaginative.”

            Where was I being a jerk about it?
            I was being completely serious. The number of posts in this topic alone equating to “no drawer, no dice” is absurd. To the point where it is obviously *not* just the lack of an app drawer that is spawning the flood.

            “a different launcher that does the same thing as one you already use”

            And seriously? If you think “the lack of an app drawer” is the only feature differentiating Apex and MIUI launcher, I guess there really isn’t anything more to say.
            I’ve long since given up the practice of administering medicine to the dead…

          • I can tell arguing is out of the question as clearly your side is the only correct argument there is.

          • PC_Tool

            Uh-huh. Cute.

          • Thanks!

  • Suralin

    Tried for 5 minutes. After going through the settings and attempted to organize my apps, I uninstalled and went back to ADW EX. The icons are certainly nice and the launcher was decent, but it just didn’t fit my preferences.


      right? i just couldn’t find any way to categorize apps like by alphabet etc.. didn’t want to organize 13+ pages so just quit it kept the nice wallpaper..

  • Brian

    I haven’t totally bought into alternative launchers. Does it run in parallel with stock launchers?


    I can’t believe all the bashing going on for one of the first great Roms on the OG Droid. It was one of the first with multiple themes within the Rom. It had multiple system settings in the notification pull down menu, awesome lockscreen features and ability to mix the themes together. I guess no app drawer means its complete trash from all of you who have gave so much to the Android community.

    • trixnkix637


    • So just because it was one of the first good Roms on the OG Droid people should like it? Not following your logic there. That’s awesome that it has done great things for Android, and I respect that (and I’m sure the same goes for many others who are putting it down due to the lack of app drawer), but that doesn’t mean I have to like and use it.
      I think MIUI is a very well made ROM, and the launcher is as well… I’ve tried them and they just aren’t for me.

      Edit: In addition, I’m betting that a good number of people here weren’t even into Android yet back when MIUI hit the OG Droid.

      • napes

        He’s not saying that people should like it. He’s saying that all these comments about “it’s useless” or “total trash” are unnecessary. If you actually organize your apps in folders the app drawer isn’t even necessary. But it’s all personal preference. It’s not trash because someone doesn’t like it.

        • That’s not what he said. He directly related MIUI’s importance for the Droid to the notion that people shouldn’t put it down.

          • ERIC REED

            Napes was correct. You don’t have to like it, but calling it trash and useless seems a little harsh. How about instead of bashing it, just go with “it was not for me”? Maybe a little Android history for some would go along on this site!!

  • Bionic

    Is it free? If its free maybe I will give it a try using “home switcher”. But im a person who loves Go Launcher so i dont see this breaking me of that.

  • CopierITGuy

    I’ll give this a whirl. I’m not too keen on insulting my Android device by making it cross-dress/dress-up in iOS clothes, but I do love having the opportunity to piss off my iFriends by showing them that I can make mine look like theirs, but fat chance that they can replicate the sheer awesomeness of mine! Man, I love kicking iOS’s butt! Thanks, MIUI!

    • sindeslroyer

      Put all of the apps in a folder, place it on dock and theme away. Now you have a phone that can look like anything but still keep the feel of an Android. 😀

  • mikesuds

    Where can I get just that wallpaper??

  • Detonation

    Isn’t there an app drawer app you can install? When I had MIUI on my DX I remember getting that app. I would think by now something like that could be developed that would basically mimic the usual launcher app drawer, just not have a launcher behind it.

  • Diablo81588

    Wannabe iOS with widget support. No thanks.

  • AlexKCMO

    I’ve never been a fan of MIUI.

    To some, the lack of a dedicated app drawer reminds them of iOS, but MIUI is much more than an iOS clone.
    My wife’s cousin showed me his EVO. He was so proud of modding it all by himself and putting MIUI on it. He said to me “Yeah, I didn’t like Android so I made it look and feel like the iPhone.” I took a look at it and laughed when I saw it was MIUI.

    It looks great, but they really need to give an app-drawer option, and a menu theme that isn’t so iOS-ish. Never uninstalled a ROM so quickly as I did MIUI for my DX.

    • moelsen8

      yeah i spent about 5 minutes with it before restoring gummy a little while back. it looks nice and polished… just ain’t my thing.

  • AB

    miui, no app drawer = love

    • What is the benefit of not having the option to open your app drawer?

  • JosephMoreno

    I really like this, because I loved the launcher on MIUI but the apps on it just didn’t fit right with me.

  • never uninstalled an app so quickly

  • Terumi

    I love this, the only downside is it doesn’t theme Sense apps :/

  • Holy crap, no app drawer, which means icons puked all over my homescreens like iOS. Freaking useless.

    • LionStone

      True that Mr. Truelove, it doesn’t do it for me either, bleh.

    • sindeslroyer

      No it doesn’t just put all the apps in one folder and place it on the dock, instant app drawer and no limits to the customization of your phone

  • Kyle

    Whenever I try out custom lockscreens it messes up my lock pin. I feel like I have to run with a pin at all times, so this is a deal breaker for me. Is there a way to make custom lock screens work with lock pins?

    • NYAvsFan

      I’ve had no issues with widget locker whatsoever. But I’ve messed with the settings. Also using the GNEX. When I had a DX it had major problems. So guess it depends on the phone.

  • Holy crap, no app drawer. Just icons puked all over my homescreens like iOS, freaking useless.

    • sindeslroyer

      It is not that hard to just make an app drawer… -_-

  • Incompatible with Droid Bionic :/

  • fvqu

    Really wish it didn’t have that menu button.


    I remember the OG Droid days when MIUI was released, it was a game changer on that phone!!

  • tu3218

    This is why I love android. The customization is endless, even for those not rooted. I would be bored to death it i had to use an iphone.

  • Quick addendum to the article: the Play link is for the 4.0 (ICS) version ONLY. Go to this link for the 2.3 version:

    • shehippie

      Thank you =)

  • John

    Meh.. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • No app drawer = no love

  • Cowboydroid

    Reeealllly needs an app drawer. That’s the only thing I don’t like about MIUI. I don’t want to swipe through two dozen screens to get to an app.

    • fvqu

      That is why we have folders.

      • Cowboydroid

        I don’t want to make two dozen folders, either.

        • You can just make 1 folder called apps and put everything in there.

          • Cowboydroid

            That sounds less than elegant…

          • Richard Garrison

            It sounds like an app drawer

          • picaso86

            it sounds like a lot of work….

          • AC

            I wouldn’t say it’s any less “elegant” than swiping through two dozen screens in the app drawer to get to an app. Alternatively, you can just use the search function to find an app.

    • No app drawer? Not even an option to turn it on/off? No thanks. Won’t even waste my time downloading.

    • Josh Flowers

      Alt Drawer, from XDA
      i hated folders, Alt Drawer was the only solution.

    • sindeslroyer

      You could just make an app drawer for it…. I know it doesn’t work for everybody but I always only have widgets on the screen. What I would do is group all of the apps into one folder and just place it on the dock. Boom, app drawer made in less time than it takes to root a Nexus.

  • Sadly not compatible with the Droid Razr Maxx. 🙁