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Foursquare and Flipboard Receive Updates, Minor Improvements Added

If you happen to have the Flipboard apk installed on your device (it is still not available through the Play Store) then you can update it to the newest version through the app. Included in the update is a few behind-the-scenes improvements, which means less battery drain and memory strain. For Foursquare users, we haven’t found the official changelog yet, but will update the post as soon as it is made available. If you have yet to try Flipboard, we have included the apk download link below.

Foursquare | Flipboard 

Cheers Klutch K!

  • Pulse = Content dense, but not the prettiest. It’s where I go to when I want a dashboard experience and go directly to interesting content.

    Flipboard = Pretty with its one anima-gimmick (that has a strangely psychological soothing feeling to it). It’s a linear magazine-like experience once you’ve chosen your topic/blog/feed. I think it also handles the reformatting of content better.
    If Pulse adopted some window transition animations I’m sure all the iOS blogs would just loooove it and say it’s a major update, even though nothing really changed. (Hint to Pulse developers)
    That being said, I like and use both of them.

  • Raven

    So, I installed this version of Flipboard on my old Droid 2 with a 3.7″ screen and I got this odd message:
    “The screen size of this device is larger than recommended for this version of Flipboard. Not all pages will display correctly. Your results may vary.”

    Are other people getting this?

  • Minus the flip animated transition, I think Currents is more efficient in terms of navigation and viewing. I use both though but I found myself doing more on Currents.

  • Anyone else having an issue connecting to Foursquare? I get an endless “Processing” whenever i use the Facebook or Email methods. Website works fine

    • OMG. I have the same problem. I emailed foursquare but that didn’t help at all. We need to figure this out!

      • Emailed them a few days ago also, no reply so far. Getting rather annoying now.

  • Despite the hype and good reviews I had never enjoyed Pulse or any of the other news readers. However Fliboard is amazing. Stories load fast, seems to refresh quickly and it is all very smooth and user friendly. Very impressive app, can’t wait for it to come out of beta.

  • WilliamKu

    flipboard still doesn’t cache feeds for offline reading right?