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First Look: Asus Transformer Infinity Tablet

Here is the first look at Asus’ newest member to the Transformer line of tablets – the Transformer Infinity. To many tablet enthusiasts, this will be the absolute peak of what an Android tablet can be at this time. With a Tegra 3 clocked at 1.6GHz (benchmarking at 1.9Ghz), a display that rivals the iPad at 1920×1200 resolution, and a superior build quality that resembles the Transformer Prime’s, Asus is looking to further themselves from all other competitors. 

What many will notice is that the Infinity incorporates a plastic-like top on the back of the slate, which will provide for better GPS functionality. Asus is not looking for a repeat of Dongle-gate. Whether you’re a tablet fan or not, there is no doubt that Asus has made a true super-slate here.

Overall Hands-On:


Benchmarks and iPad Comparison:


Via: Ritchie’s Room

  • Towelie420

    only has 1gb of ram… Needs 2gb . . . . . . Oh well, guess I’ll wait for the next best thing…

  • MichaelCrackMonkey

    OK So what’s the deal with the embedded videos marked private. I’d really like to see the bench marks and full info on this tablet. I’m in the mood to finally buy a tablet and I’d like to find a good Ipad killer in Android.

    • the “other” internet user

      i believe the reason its mark private because ASUS told them to. “too early to show” i guess. But i was able to watch the video before it was marked “Private”.

      1st video: just shows the outer looks of the tablet & keyboard dock

      2nd video: (benchmark) it beat the “new” ipad just about everything else (not blowing it out of the water but its incredibly faster than the “new” ipad) but the ipad just beat it in graphics buy about 1 or 2 fps when they did the graphic benchmark (personally i won’t notice the different in fps unless it was 10 or more+)

      • tw1n2nak3s

        OOORRR…what if Apple didnt like the bench mark a$$ whooping and sent a gag order to ritchie…i wouldn’t be surprised…=]

        i actually think 6.25.12 will be the release date or at least a big announcement from asus. why else would they privatize the videos till then?

  • gk08

    Trying to watch the YouTube videos but they are marked private…

  • Allen Byrd

    My next gadget. For sure. Absolute sure.

  • The higher res on the ipad is totally worthless…nothing is shown over 1080p so that’s all you need on any screen. Ipad can’t do IMAX yet lol (although if Android started I’m sure Apple would claim some sort of patent)…and the aspect ratio means the transformer has a larger viewing box for videos

  • This vs the new 1080p Acer…I’d go with this. Can’t wait for the end of the month/early next month

  • socalrailroader

    The Acer Iconia Tab A700 will be out later this month, with the same specs, the 32 GB version is available for preorder for $449.99. So far, Amazon, Newegg and Acer’s online store are taking preorders.

  • I think this may be my first tablet. We will have to see about the Google Nexus Asus Tablet..but I think this will beat that.

  • Luke

    A honest question. Why exactly are we arguing over resolution as to which one is potentially better. Its common fact that once you hit 1080p regardless of how much higher you take it its virtually pointless. Anyone with any education in media will tell you its practically impossible to distinguish the different be it on a tv or a tablet. So apple hit it first big deal. Now that we have achieved it theres virtually no where to go in terms on display resolution. I suppose I’ll never understand this apple vs droid and droid vs apple fan boy war. I guess I’m to old to lower myself to childish bickering.

  • holy crap… returning my tf300 tomorrow. thank got BB changed their policy to 30 days on tablets.. the chassis on the 300 is very poor quality

  • Hunter Knepshield

    Is there any inkling of a release date yet?

  • Love it! Well… except for that plastic band at the top. Kinda ruins the effect. May have to just get a Zenbook instead of this bad boy.

    • Either way, Asus is really stepping it up!!

  • Adolphian

    Does the transformer prime dock work on the infinity? they look similar.

  • drrrff

    OH GOD THE INGENUITY THE REBELLIOUSNESS it looks exactly like the one that is out

  • leroybrute

    I have the asus tf300t. Is it just mine or is anyone else getting 129900 on browsermark, and 1880 on geekbench 2? Both beat the Ipad and geekbench was better than the infinity by 200 points.

    • chris125

      with less pixels to push it will boost those scores.

  • ChuckDz3

    Dual boot with Win8. I’ll be alllll over tablets like this.

  • I would definitely drop my new iPad for this if they had more apps developed specifically for ICS. After my experience with the Motorola XOOM, I’ve switched to the iPad and actually prefer it over most of the android tablets out there. With ASUS however, they’re hitting all the sweet spots. In my opinion, ASUS could easily overtake Apple in the tablet market because of their aggressive pricing and unique products, but that’ll never happen until Google starts motivating developers to develop more apps for the 16:9 aspect ratio and ICS.

    I really want the Infinity to suceed, but it’s going to be even moree difficult now that Apple has a huge ecosystem and consumer base for the iPad. C’mon Google….

    -this is my opinion by the way, don’t take anything personally 🙂

    • fakegramita

      I had the same experience as you Ryan. But I tried the XOOM way back when it was released, so it was on honeycomb, not ICS. That and it was missing a lot of key apps that I used on a daily basis, like netflix. Still no Hulu+… So at that time, while I really wished it didn’t, the iPad just fit my usage better.
      But all I can say is, if the improvements on the tablet make it feel anywhere as nice as ICS on the phone, I will be giving this thing a shot on day one, hoping I love it like I was with the Xoom, and hopefully this time not being disappointed 🙂 I switched to the gnex from my iPhone and I don’t think I would ever go back. Android really feels polished to me now, enough that I don’t feel like it’s too hard for me to make the tradeoffs to get all of the ‘openness’ that I value with android devices that I felt before. The ‘app gap’ still hurts sometimes, but for the most part on the phone it’s not so bad. You do bring up a good point when it comes to native Tablet apps though… I want this thing so bad, I really hope that doesn’t end up being a deal breaker!

  • CraigsListSeller

    Bring it on! every time Asus releases a good tablet, I have made $ hand over fist since they can’t seem to figure out how to make enough

  • Kamesen

    USB port on the keyboard dock? Awesome. How functional is it though? This is a genuine question.

    Is it possible to attach an external CD/DVD-RW? Is it possible to install drivers and download pictures from a point & shoot camera? Does it recognize an HDD?

    Or is the only real use to attach a mouse? Thanks in advance-

    • I also would like answers to these questions.


      • Finire

        From my personal experience, the Asus Transformer Prime has a full USB port on the keyboard dock also. It holds full functionality for a mouse, keyboard, flash drive, external hard drive, game controller…. I don’t see it working for a CD/DVD-RW drive though because of the software involved to write the actual discs.

        • that’s pretty awesome. Thanks!

        • RoninX

          Do most Android games support the USB game controller? I’m thinking about Dead Space and Mass Effect Infiltrator, which would both be great games if they didn’t have godawful virtual joysticks.

    • Christian Bennett

      You can do this with a little work on most androids through USB host mode. I have personally used a USB otg cable to connect my Xoom to flash drives, memory cards (with adapter), and peripherals. Ntfs support is a big of a bigger, it should work, and there are mounting apps, but I could never get it to work with my 2tb drive. Edit: so yes, it should work, with 95% certainty.

  • Mordecaidrake

    Yup I’m getting it.

  • supermiah

    The ONLY reason I am looking forward to this is the price drop of the Transformer Prime. I will buy the Prime when it drops to closer to $350.

    • New_Guy

      You can get the TF300 right now for $385 on Amazon =). If you can ignore the plastic backing, you’ll love it!

      • supermiah

        Still not as smooth as the Prime. I have played with both and the Prime is just better.

        • Peemee

          I returned my Prime for the tf300. The WiFi issues were really as bad as have been reported. I am glad I did because the 300 is almost as great spec wise, but WiFi actually works. If you want to work offline, the Prime is better.

          • same here i got the t300 i love it

          • New_Guy

            I agree. The fact that the Prime is a little better isn’t saying much because the Prime is a beast. I’ve used the 300 a few times and it makes the hair stand up on my arms every time I use it. I’d rather have working WiFi and GPS for slightly (minutely) less performance.

    • djstinkdik

      Tf300 is $350 at best buy right now if you don’t mind 16gb.

  • chris125

    If this is more than $450 I don’t think it will sell well with the acer a700 with similar specs being released for $450

    • Travis Keany

      Just a hunch but I would expect a stronger dev following for the Asus. Also, that IPS display is worth something. Still, $500 is probably my limit for the Asus if they feel the need to charge a premium over the competition.

      • chris125

        yeah but most normal consumers see the similar specs and wonder why they should choose one of the other and usually choose the cheaper one.

  • Want. Please oh please give us a price under 500 bucks. I just can’t reason more than that for a tablet…

    • chris125

      You can get the same specs in the a700 for acer for $450

      • 1080p?

        • chris125

          yes 1080p. Google it.

          • wytworm

            no keyboard on acer?

          • chris125

            I am sure there will be 3rd party options, and the keyboard most likely will not come with the asus and will be an extra $150 or so like usual

          • wytworm

            …because it essentially doubles the battery life. Do these other keyboards do that for the Acer?

          • chris125

            Where did I say a keyboard was no good? All I stated was how much extra the Asus one would be. Cool your jets.

          • wytworm

            Cool your own jets. Do the 3rd party keyboards extend the battery life or not?

          • chris125

            Google it and find out or use the links one of the other people provided

          • wytworm

            I have poked around and didn’t see anything that did that apart from the Asus dock . That is why I was asking. I guess Asus is unique in this aspect. For some that may be a differentiator. Especially if the higher resolution puts more demand on the battery.

          • No keyboard dock accessory, no, but it has support for a standard keyboard via the USB port (or at least the A500 did, see no reason why they’d deny that basic support now), or companies like Logitech make bluetooth keyboards that are compatible with phones/tablets (not to mention are cheaper than the dock anyway) such as this one http://www.logitech.com/en-us/tablet-accessories/keyboards/tablet-keyboard-android for $70 instead of $150.

          • wytworm

            Hi Josh – Thanks for th elink. Looks interesting. I think a compelling aspect of the transformer dock is that it functions as an extra battery and actually recharges the tablet whil eit is docked. Is there anything similar to your knowledge out there from 3rd party? My concern is with the higher resolution, the battery life will be more challenged on these new tablets.

      • JoshHenry

        not the build quality or the freakishly good looks..

    • JoshHenry

      Im with you man!

  • I have money in the bank just waiting for this to go for sale or even preorder. I was only waiting for >=1080p to start considering a tablet, and I’m really glad that Asus’ will be the first to show, as I’ve been most impressed with their line. After all this time, I was really worried I’d have to drink the Apple cool-aide to get what I wanted out of a tablet (though I despise their anti competitive business practices, itunes and the elitist snob culture of their consumers). I’m still bummed that Apple appears to win out on graphics performance, though. 🙁

    • chris125

      actually second. Acer has a 1080p tablet up for preorder already the A700

  • Dave

    So STILL no word on when this is coming to the U.S.of A? I potentially got quite a large amount of cash to burn (that I’ve saved) on this bad boy!

    • palomosan

      Decisions, this or the Nexus Tablet.
      I really hope the Nexus Tablet has the same resolution, I doubt it but hey anyone could dream.

      • That would be a 7″ tablet with 323 ppi. Entirely possible, but doubtful in what is likely to be sub-$200. However, a 1280×800 7″ screen would be 215 ppi, which is respectable.

  • When they launched 1st transformer model, they just captured the android market, now I am sure they are going to capture it worldwide.

  • Icehunter

    Delicious. I can’t wait till this thing comes out. Any word/rumor on a release date Kellex?

    • NemaCystX

      I keep reading about a end of June release. About the same time frame as the original Transformer last year

      • epps720

        I would assume this would have to be true. Asus would be smart to so people don’t get tempted by the Nexus tablet getting announced at I/O

  • NemaCystX

    When? How Much? and Where can I throw my money at the cashier?

  • paladaxar

    Finally! Tablets with high resolution!

  • mcdonsco

    I sooo wish asus would recognize folks like me that only want something in 8-9″ size….grrr…

  • Looks like a redemption rom shirt

  • Javis Sullivan

    And god said…”Let there be Jizz.”

  • mmoreimi

    Don’t forget about the Padfone though… I have high hopes.

  • This would be mine if VZW did not force me to use my Father Day gift to upgrade my phone.
    Oh well…It’s still going to be there later. It’ll be outdated, cheaper, and probably not as sexy, but it’ll be there…Dam you VZW!

  • Sqube

    So… when can I give them my money?

  • Sirx

    I’m licking the monitor repeatedly–why can’t I taste this thing yet :’-(

    • New_Guy

      Smear your screen with an Ice Cream Sandwich and you’ll get the effect =).

      • Done ^ tastes pretty good

        • New_Guy

          You’re welcome =)

    • Allen Byrd

      So… You eat your $600 tablets?

  • Cam

    So sexy. I really wish I could justify spending what I know this will likely cost.

    • JoshGroff

      I think I’ll stick to my Xoom LTE for awhile, I like having the option to pop in a SIM and go prepaid if I need data and know I won’t be around WiFi.

      • OreoMan

        Enjoy that Xoom LTE VZW overpriced thing! I just teather my TF300 to my GNex.

        • JoshGroff

          I paid 260 off contract on eBay, pretty hard to beat at that price range. Came practically new in box. Plus, cellular data costs more per tier than tablet data, so no thnx.

          • Javis Sullivan

            Doesn’t matter. Unlimited Data on my GSIII

          • JoshGroff

            Obviously for those who have the option of unlimited, that is the best option.

      • RedPandaAlex

        I’m hoping my Xoom lasts until padfone-like tablet dock accessories become common.

    • hkklife

      Well, we know that the Acer Iconia A700 that was announced this morning will have 32Gb storage, a slower-clocked Tegra3 and a 1080p screen and will be $450. I’d assume Asus will price this one at least at $499, probably higher.

      • JoshGroff

        Looks at 7″ screen… This is our $249 tablet announced lats year (assuming this due to lack of anything mentioning it being the $199 Nexus tab.)

      • $599 to start, last I checked.

        • Tyler Chappell

          Same, hopefully that has changed in the past few months to be more competitive with the A700.

  • Lol…… Dongle-gate

  • xformulax

    a display that rivals the ipad? you mean the old ipad? i dont get it…

    • Agreed. That statement is a little confusing. Here’s a comparison of iPad and Prime displays:
      Maybe the claim is that 1920×1200 is a lot better than a lot of other tablets, and so it’s a lot closer to the 3rd generation iPad than anyone else… So it’s in the ballpark.

      • xformulax

        i guess techinically a rival is someone or something in competition… so really any tablet screen is a rival to the ipad, only none of them come close.

        that being said, 1920×1200 is plenty for a display this size and i may very well try some wheeling and dealing to unload my ipad 3 for this setup instead of snagging an ultrabook and keeping the ipad.

    • I’d assume he means it’s the pinnacle of Android tablet resolution, as the new iPad is the pinnacle of iOS tablet resolution. I don’t think anyone would deny that this doesn’t rival the new iPad in terms of raw resolution numbers.

    • Levi Wilcox

      Basically ASUS released the specs of this new tablet long ago. Then Apple added a couple rows of pixels and called their new ipad “revolutionary”.

      • xformulax

        a couple rows? there is almost a million more pixels on a slightly smaller screen, great ppi. I’m an android guy but IMO the ipad 3 is the best consumer lcd display on the market, on any device.

        • Levi Wilcox

          Where the hell do you get “a million more pixels” out of 128×336 of extra resolution? The ipad is obviously the best display when you ONLY look at it in terms of resolution, but even then, it’s really not all that much higher res than this ASUS tablet. Then you can start to take things like battery consumption and brightness into the comparison and all of a sudden the ipad is far from the “best” display.

          • xformulax

            what is your highest level of completed education? personally i’m a high school dropout.

            2048×1536=3,145,728 pixels
            1920×1200=2,304,000 pixels

          • Levi Wilcox

            I failed preschool. When you look at the tablets in terms of pixel density it’s only like 40 more ppi. Hardly enough to put it in a class of it’s own.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            Could you just admit that you have no clue as to what you’re talking about? Because it sure seems that you have no clue.

          • phantom6294

            It’s not quite, 1 million, but almost: (2048×1536) – (1920 x 1200) = 841,728.

          • Bloemhof

            2048*1536 – 1920*1200 = 841 728 more pixels, or about 25% more DPI.

            It’s kind of wasted on a tablet, though. Just a case of looking good on the spec sheet.

      • TheKaz1969

        Worse. They call it “resolutionary”.

      • Apple had probably started development at the same time or earlier than ASUS. The difference is that the new iPad was announced March because it was *ready* in March. ASUS unveiled the Infinity in February… and it’s still not really here yet.

        However much you might like Android, you have to credit Apple for walking its walk. You can’t claim to be the first on the market if it’s just a nice trade show demo.

    • It’s of the latest IPad. The second video adds some clarification.

    • The new ipad is 2048×1536, the old ipad is 1024×768 so it’s neither. I guess it’s closer to the ipad3 or “ipad”.

      • lol, closer? it is virtually the same as iPad3 >( On these small screens and without the benefit of actual screen realestate (things are same size, just the pixels are smaller where as on a computer you actually get more screen ‘real estate’) nobody can really tell a difference, the screen is small the pixels are super small… it’s a total wash and saying otherwise (not you) is iSheepism at it’s finest

    • Levi Wilcox

      126×336 is is enough to put the ipad in it’s own class over the Infinity? I think not.

    • bob

      the old ipad had 1200×800 resolution, this has 1920×1200 resolution, the new ipad has 2048×1536 resolution. More than the asus, but not by much (only around 40ppi). Morever, asus have the edge on screen brightness, whilst the glass is super tough gorilla glass 2, so less chance of scratching. Add in the much better 16:9 screen ratio, and you have a winner with asus.

      • ipad 1 and 2 is 1024×768

      • ERIFNOMI

        16:10 ratio, which I prefer.

        • WAldenIV

          It’s great if you love letter boxed videos.

          • ERIFNOMI

            16:10 is a good compromise. A lot of videos, particularly movies, are wider than 16:9 so you’ll have letterboxes anyway.

      • Jarred Sutherland

        You’re claiming that Asus have a superior screen for a product that has yet to be mass produced. So really, you have no idea what the screens will be like. Can we please stop the “I know what I am talking about” when you really don’t?

        • d

          The technology isn’t new

    • It’s not called the iPad 3. It’s the “iPad” – Don’t blame me, blame Apple 😉

      • iWebDroidBerry7

        Blame Apple for naming their product, after their product?

        • TheKaz1969

          Blame Apple for confusing people.. I still here people who have them calling it the iPad 3

          • xformulax

            well i know it isnt the ipad 3, but it is the ipad 3rd generation, so instead of calling it the ipad 3rd generation i call it the ipad 3 for sake of clarity.

          • TheKaz1969

            that sounds better than “the new iPad”

          • iWebDroidBerry7

            So this years Macbook should have been named Macbook Pro 7? That sounds stupid. It’s the third generation iPad, if you can understand that simple concept then you may just be an idiot.

          • xformulax

            on one hand i agree with you, and on the other while discussing the macbook, or trying to sell one, calling it a pro 7 or MBP7 would be much easier than trying to explain what features/specs a “mid-2010 refresh” model has, or a “late 2011”

          • TheKaz1969

            uhmm.. I understand it. I think a lot of people understand it. I was referring to people who get confused and call it an iPad 3 because they are confused.. what I am saying is a very simple concept… you should be able to follow it…

        • mustbepbs

          It’s like Sega making Sonic The Hedgehog for Sega Genesis..and then in 2006 making Sonic The Hedgehog again on a few platforms. It’s just stupid. Name it something different.

    • Droidzilla

      The New iPad has a higher pixel density, but the TPad Infinity has better screen tech (SIPS+ vs. IPS). I’ll take the tech since I won’t notice the greater pixel density as the TFI is plenty high enough.