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More Photos Taken With the DROID RAZR HD Appear on Picasa

A series of photos from a Motorola employee has surfaced on Picasa within the last few days, leaving us to believe that the rumored DROID RAZR HD is still out there being prepped for a launch on Verizon. According to the EXIF data, we could still be looking at a possible 13MP shooter on the back (which is what comes equipped in its Chinese counterparts) with a  f2.4 aperture. Besides these new camera shots, we have posted images of the upcoming RAZR HD here if you haven’t seen them yet. We continue to hear from sources that a late summer launch is intended, but with Verizon ending unlimited data for good before this phone comes out, are you still planning to get it?

Cheers Stephan!

  • meatsock

    Let me ask you this; If you get the galaxy on pre-order, then discover you don’t like it (HD comes out shortly thereafter) and the unlimited data plan is now gone, could you swap the phone for the HD without losing the unlimited plan?

  • stubbX

    This is why I like HTC, always have quality lens and sensors. Motorola on the other hand…

  • Gary Patrowicz

    mid summer release for phone and ics update mid january well after evey one els is on jellybean MOTO SUX oh and release of their next great device will be 3 weeks later

  • We now know the real reason for the delay in this phone as well as the G3. Where we know it is coming most will have no clue until they go into the store to buy a new phone and get hit with the new pricing.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    From all we tentatively know about this phone – kevlar, 3300 battery, 13mp cam, thin, etc. – it is the phone I “want” BUT I am on the SGS3 preorder to get on the 4G and keep my unlimited data. I cant hold out.

  • Hocky

    It says ‘a series of photos’ so where are the others?

  • I’ll keep my unlocked bootloader. Thanks.

  • cooksta32676

    If you have wifi and a life, and don’t think your phone is a Vizio, unlimited data isn’t all that necessary, just a thought.

  • wickets

    definitely getting one

  • paul_cus

    I’m tired of seeing pictures taken with the camera, show us the front of the phone already, anonymous Motorola employee.

  • Why is the trunk open? Are they getting rid of a body?

    • that body was the Verizon employee that wanted to honor unlimited data plans. To the bottom of the sea says Verizon.

  • bgeek1

    It would take a heck of a camera to get past the bootloader issue.

  • Diablo81588

    This is obviously compressed. Nowhere near 13mp..

  • 13 megapixels of unadulterated Motorola optical garbage.

  • If this has an unlockable bootloader, I’d be ALL over this.

  • I used my upgrades to get GSIII pre-orders. Once I get the phones, I’ll pop em up on E-bay sell for as much as I can, continue using my DX and DX2 then apply the e-bay money from the sale of GSIII’s to ofset my non-subsidized price. All while still keeping my Unlimited Data Plan.

    • Johnny B

      I was thinking about doing something similar to this, but I am not sure if I can. I have four lines on my account, only one with data and the other three are feature phones. I used the upgrade from one to purchase the nexus last year, so there are still two lines that are upgrade eligible (not the smartphone line which will be as well in august). Can I use/transfer the other lines upgrades to my smartphone one as I did before? Or can I not deactivate the nexus without incurring a fee?

      • Yes you can transfer a basic phone upgrade to your smartphone

        • Johnny B

          Even though the current smartphone is on contract? My smartphone line is on contract through August, and the line which I previously used the upgrade for the nexus is under contract two years from when I got the nexus. So my question is, can I obtain a galaxy s3 at upgrade price through the feature phone line, without having to make any of the feature lines into a smartphone line? thanks for the response!

    • That’s exactly what I plan on doing.

    • michael arazan

      You should buy the iphones then at subsidized, people pay out the wazoo for them on ebay, and you’ll get more than what you paid for it with subsidized. I’ve read about others doing that.

    • Andy

      It is inevitable that you will lose it.

  • al52025

    wow my nexus takes better looking pictures then this.wtf

  • Ubi2447

    The colors are a lot more natural than I thought they would be. No zany poppy reds or blues. It might be slightly warm but there is a lot of cool in this photo. Either way… Looking good. I’m excited to see more on this handset as it comes out.

  • shdowman

    IF I stick with Verizon long term, I will be buying my phones straight out. So, no, to answer your question.

  • Knlegend1

    No I wish I could but looks like I’m stuck with OG Droid Razr “coined” lol. Btw that’s a crappy noisey picture due to Motorola’s crappy software. They really should spend a lot of time on making their camera’s better or make a deal with Cannon or Nikkon’s software into their phones.

    • PABNJ

      It really is not totally the software, it is the crappy lens they use. You can see the image is way too soft, and has no clarity.

      • Liderc

        Agree. Apparently they think bumping it up to 13mp will fix all their problems.

        It didn’t.

        • QQpayne

          They use the megapixel number to sell phones. Camera companies have been doing it since the beginning of digital, they have trained the population to think that more megapixels will mean a better picture every time. It is simply not true, there are to many other factors that affect it.

  • Too bad preorders aren’t available right now on this. Guess I need to adjust my mind to full retail from here on out!

  • MegaWatz

    Look at the EXIF data. 508kb and 2048×1152. That’s not 13mp. That’s about 2mp, which is probably its front-facing camera.

    • Trueblue711

      Good point. I was going to say that I was not impressed with the picture quality for a supposed 13mp camera, but if it’s the front camera, that would be fine.

    • Could have been re-sized…

  • And people wonder why we Android users get dinged for crappy photos on Instagram. 🙂

    • Google

      haha, that photo looks like crap. Look at the lack of clarity in the background. not impressed at all.

      • Just to clarify, I was being tongue-in-cheek with my comment.

  • And people wonder why Android users get dinged about crappy photos on Instagram. 🙂

  • diego13

    I want to but at full retail price man that’s gonna b a whole paycheck lol

    • do like me and start saving up now for it. by the time it comes out, hopefully you’ll have already saved a good amount towards it.

      • Alexander Garcia

        LOL I started savin up for it already last week =)

        • michael arazan

          or just wit 3-4 months more after its release when the next razr phone comes out and the price drops

  • Letz_Shake

    Getting a new phone after June 28th is just a finger in the butthole before Verizon bends you over and gives it to you raw dog.

    • normmcgarry

      I don’t think this could be phrased any better.

  • YourFriend

    I kind of wish this phone had something different than the S4. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great processor, but it seems like all the super phones are getting in the States. Other than that, I literally can’t wait any longer, I still have the original Droid and I need an upgrade now.

    • Jay

      I know right? Qualcomm basically has a damn monopoly on the smartphone market right now…

      • They have the only current-gen processor that is compatible with US LTE frequencies. It sucks, but there it is.

    • Apostrafee

      I agree, I am personally waiting to see what the OMAP 5 will bring to the table

      • Adam Brandt

        I agree, I am sick of the S4, it feels like a “place holder” chip while waiting for a15 and next gen GPU’s and quad core’s that work with LTE

    • You still have an OG? That thing is like 3 years old!

      • FortitudineVincimus

        I have it. Use it daily. It is fuc**** painful man, painful.

      • SKG

        im still rocking the OG droid as well..you gotta admit.. that while its old as hell, that thing is a beast ! .. especially helps when dropped multiple times and no damage occurs ! 🙂

  • I hope it pre-orders before the new Verizon plans go into effect. I feel like I am being played with regarding the complexity of timing my upgrade.

    • hkklife

      How appropriate that the car in that picture is a Saab 9-5. A dead car company depicted in a pic taken by a DOA handset from a half-dead smartphone manufacturer. Once again, I will reiterate that the RAZR HD’s late arrival to the party is going to make it this year’s Bionic. By the time the RAZR HD really gets to stretch its legs, all of the eligible VZW upgraders will have bought GS3s and rumors will likely be swirling by Aug/Sept-ish of the “next” Nexus.

      • There’s still the option of getting the S3 on contract last minute, eBaying it, and then keeping the $ until the phone I really want comes out… Which is something along the lines of a Galaxy Note. It would probably be an even better idea to get an iPhone 4S and eBay it instead. Bet Verizon would like that one so much since they have to pay more for them…

        • hkklife

          That’s a good point and a strategy I seriously thought about doing that myself…and I may still do it and stick with my Bionic if the ICS update is impressive and the GS3 has disappointing radios or battery life. But for the time being, I am planning to go ahead and have decided to roll with the GS3, despite having been about 95% exclusively Motorola since the AMPS MicroTAC days.

          I really hope Moto’s not going for megapixel hoopla but I’m afraid their history of rotten camera modules and optics is going to continue, though at least it’ll be a solid improvement over their current offerings.

  • Me