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Hulu Plus Seems to Work Just Fine on the Galaxy Nexus Now After Updating to 4.0.4

After the latest update to the Galaxy Nexus, readers are sending in countless emails to tell us that Hulu Plus is actually working on their devices. Do note, rooted users still have been left in the cold. Do we have any new 4.0.4 users here that have also noticed this new compatibility with Hulu Plus? If it’s now working for you, enjoy it.

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  • Anthony Armando

    “Do note, rooted users still have been left in the cold.”

    i am running the leaked update, am rooted and have no problems playing video.

    • What ROM are you running? I am on AOKP b38 on my VXW GNex and I am getting an DRM error.

      • Anthony Armando

        not running a rom. it is the stock 4.0.4 update leaked by google a few weeks ago; the same update that VZW started rolling out.

  • FknTwizted

    no hulu for me aokp v38

  • Got a DRM error on my Galaxy Nexus running LiquidSmooth 1.35, can ‘browse anyways’ but can’t play…

  • Colin Zack

    Getting a DRM error on mine. Running Gummy rom 1.2.

  • Hothfox

    I’m on 4.0.4 Bugless Beast (Peter Alfonso’s ROM), and it works for me.

  • What softkeys are those? So sexy.

  • Erica C

    I’m on the new 4.0.4 update via Big Red. I’m also rooted, just not using a custom ROM, and yes Hulu + works perfectly for me!

  • NemaCystX

    Not working on AOKP B37 – Says DRM is missing. So this is likely now DRM and device locked like Netflix. I love how Hulu Plus is so fragmented…. :/

  • WiredWalnut

    It was made available sometime last week. I was able to download it when I was on 4.0.2 stock.

  • yarrellray

    Yes I loving this Hulu plus. More content is always great in my book..

  • ddevito

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  • ddevito

    Love Memento

  • I’ve had 4.0.4 for awhile and Hulu wasn’t available. They just released an update that made it available.

  • C-Law

    Just use voodoo ota root keeper to hide root

    • FknTwizted

      where do you accomplish that in the app?

    • Still giving me a DRM error on AOKP B38. What ROM are you using with sucess?