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The Limb.al is Both USB Cable and Smartphone Stand, Available on KickStarter For a Few More Days


You may be looking at the greatest microUSB cable ever invented (at least on video). It’s called the Limb.al and is the latest KickStarter project to build up a ton of buzz across the web. As you can see from the image above, this bad boy is bendable yet sturdy, so that it can hold your device in almost any position. Using the Limb.al, your phone can float upright, face upside down, sideways, or even standing on your desk as a smartphone stand. And think, if you had a car USB charger, you could plug this in and have a car mount instantly. Who would have thought that a microUSB cable could be so much fun?

This KickStarter project is set to be funded in 14 days, so if you want a Limb.al, you better act fairly fast. A cable for an Android phone will run you $17.  

Via: KickStarter

Cheers kevlar!

  • my gnex micro port is already kinda sketch and im only a half a year into the contract… pass…

  • jow

    I love the guy in the video. “You think the port is not strong enough, huh? Well you’re just an idiot,aren’t you.”

  • Very surprised at all the hate on this from the droid community. I think its great and I cant wait to get mines. I see what most are saying about it not being able to support it but I think it will be ok. A lot of the newer phones are so much lighter now a days. Sure the EVO 4g was a heavy guy. but cmon… galaxy S2s, nexus and the razr? look how light they are now. I think it will be fine

  • Jesus Flores

    Just put money down for a couple of these. I plan to combine with some Sugru to help secure/support the phone and ease the stress on the USB port.

  • shizane

    No way I am hanging my phone off the side of my computer by the charging port. This idea is great…. the engineering behind this is terrible. That is the weakest part of the phone…..

  • Uh, supposedly ships in September….nah, I’m not waiting that long for it lol

  • I put some money down on this project and I hope that the product does work as intended. I’ve read through the comments here about the micro-usb port being strained and I’m hoping that doesn’t occur through use of this, if it does end up shipping.

  • My charger cable was too loose to support the gnex from the get go, same with my X, wifes focus, and this is with other chargers too, how this is gonna properly support a phone for any time is beyond me, then add in trying to use it in the car? one bump and something is snapping, sorry, I would rather see this with some kind of low profile clamp that is adjustable/spring loaded to allow the phone to float a bit, but still be held securely without using the connector as the support.

  • SeanBello

    I just got in on this too….great post! Excited to get it.

  • Levi Wilcox

    Really all they need to add to this is a rubber clip on the end with micro usb. If engineered well, it could work with a variety of phones and support most of the weight.

    • CivilDroid

      I agree. Some type of universal grip or case that would take the strain off of the port would make this thing pretty sweet.

  • kevlar

    Ive never had an issue with any input, it has always been the cable itself going bad on the connector. I have owned over 30 phones in my life, so I feel confident this wont break my charger port. (knocking on wood though) I for one have bought this. I will report back in Sept when they are shipped.

  • Why wouldn’t I just use by computer to do all that while I am using it. I don’t need my phone to do what the computer in front of me will do.

  • Seems to be some concern for the stability of the port and I could definitely understand that. I think if the port is in the up/down position, there won’t be too much of a problem. They could even widen the plug a little bit by putting some kind of rubber on both sides to prevent ‘teetering’.

  • moelsen8

    how would a cable support a phone hanging off the side of a computer monitor… or hanging anywhere?

    • balthuszar

      it’s not really a cable per se…it’s a bendy, so it’s a bit more sturdy than a regular cable

  • Diablo81588

    Well one thing is for sure, the Nexus will be instantly ruined after using one of these… I have yet to find a working Nexus in a Verizon store due to the microUSB port broken.

    • hkklife

      Probably intentional that the sales goons keep the GNex from being operational. My local VZW has 2 GNex on display. One of them works but is basically unusable because of the stupid anti-theft thing attached to the screen. The other is wrapped in a pink gel case and has had a dead battery (or worse) for about 2 months now. Yet they have numerous iPhones, RAZRs and MAXXs charged up, working perfectly, and displayed prominently. Go figure.

    • steve

      the nexus in my verizon store at which im looking at the gnex right now works completely fine with charger in tact!

      • Diablo81588

        Your one of the few then. I’ve been to four different Verizon locations in my area and not one had a working nexus.

  • cheezer88

    Do this to a micro hdmi and I’ll be all over it

    • Droosh

      Maybe there is an MHL adapter that can work in-line with this?

  • J.B.

    Looks cool but I would be afraid to damage the micro-usb port on my galaxy nexus over time. Probably wouldn’t but…

  • whosinaname

    I agree, seems that it will cause damage to usb ports. I’ll pass

  • ChuckDz3

    After you add a case plus its own natural phone weight, this looks like a nightmare for the microusb connection on the phone. With the constant wear and damage that goes into plugging and unplugging your phone this looks to be even more frightening for the lifespan of the microusb connection.

    Count me in if this utilizes the pin connection we are starting to see on phones. That’s where the phone accessory industry needs to shift.

    • Why doesn’t someone with a background in engineering make a kickstarter for a Pogo cardock? It would be a gold mine of mad people and Samsung will weep.

      • ChuckDz3

        This guy seems to be starting that idea for the DIYers. Hope this is ok to post here.

        • Levi Wilcox

          Thanks for the link! I already bought the 15$ DIY kit. I wish DL would run a story on this.

      • moelsen8

        seriously, wtf

        edit: whoa, samsung has pogo docks back in stock on their website now (still outrageous price). anyone else notice this?

        • This has been around for a few months. Everyone wants the Pogo Car Dock.

          • moelsen8

            i know that, but actually, this page was removed shortly after it went up the first time. i haven’t been able to access it since around the time all the sites did their reviews in feb.

  • This is a horrible horrible idea. I hope they plan to at least offer refunds to all the people whose phones get ruined by supporting them from the charging port.

    Even when used properly, a microUSB port just doens’t have a lot of support. Now add a 5″ lever arm to that connection, plus the force of using the touchscreen? Goodbye ability to charge phone!

    I hope somebody brings this to their attention before they get much further with this…

    • They seem to really think that ports will hold up. For their sake, I hope they do heh.

    • I definitely see what you’re saying. Might need to include an accessory for each phone to cradle it correctly; however I don’t think it will be a problem for ALL phones. For example, being that the usb port for the Galaxy Nexus is directy in the middle on the bottom of the phone, it can be held up in portrait mode with little to no strain on the port itself.

    • EvanTheGamer

      I would think they’d research the hell out of this enough to know that the microusb port would be able to hold the weight. I mean, come on…the phone ain’t THAT heavy.