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Backup Tool Application Released for Android Open Kang Project Line of ROM’s

Users of the Android Open Kang Project ROM can install an application from the Play Store that will backup almost every single AOKP setting you could imagine, making flashing and restoring ROMs as easy as 1,2,3. Users will need to be on the Milestone 5 build or newer in order for it to work, but Roman is looking to make more earlier builds supported. The application is two bucks, but you’re directly supporting the developer, so show some love if you happen to run AOKP on any of your devices.

Play Link

Cheers Badz!

  • jbon

    0 issues but you dont have flash. worthless. all the tweaks in the world cant replace flask player. yes i know why it doesnt but get it working and i will donate 20.

  • SeanBello

    isn’t it safer to not restore system settings when going to a new ROM?

    • shanklin07

      Only if you are flashing a different ROM from a different dev. With AOKP you don’t really need to wipe if your updating say from build 35 to build 36 unless it is a different version of Android or if the dev. says it is necessary. AOKP settings are the same from build to build with the exception of them adding new settings in which case you could still back up the profile but it won’t include the new settings untill you back that up. It’s pretty fool proof at this point.

  • AndrewScottRox

    Is this to be used specifically for AOKP whereas Titanium Backup is for any rom?

    • Tim242

      This backs up System/ROM settings. Titanium backs up apps.

      • shanklin07

        Actually Titanium backs up System/Rom settings also. This is just a very specific profile of settings you get from AOKP. Pretty sure you could just use Titanium if you knew what settings you needed to backup.

        • Tim242

          Probably so. But, this makes it effortless. Plus, glad to support the effort : )

          • shanklin07

            For sure. I use AOKP on my phone and Tablet and it really is great to see a Dev. so active. We are spoiled with all the updates we get lol. It only seems overdue that I give back a little something. Community is great.

          • Tim242

            Yeah, some complain about lack of updates…we get “too many.”. I could never be excited over an OTA again. With CWM Touch, Titanium, and now this…we are definitely spoiled : )

  • Nklenchik

    Actually Liquid had this first :p

  • Smooth918

    Thanks for the FYI, got it and Luv It!

  • Tim242

    Just bought it! Worth every penny! This will make flashing even easier. This and Titanium are a flasher’s dream : ) I <3 AOKP

  • Derek Gelinas

    Before anyone starts a flame war: Yes, this functionality is baked into Liquid rom already, and yes, you can backup this data manually. The dev has already said he may give it away for free at some point, and no one is making you use it. It’s a great way to support the devs of one of the best roms going right now. Hell, I’d have bought it just for the hilarious icon.

    • KreeTerry

      how can you back them up manually? never thought about doing that lol

  • KLy

    AOKP is the best ROM ever!!!

  • Don’t work none with Patient Zero unfortunately.

  • Kizipotamus

    I’m really loving AOKP these days. It’s the new Cyanogen.

    • Kizipotamus

      Haha I get downvotes for that?!

    • Tim242

      Exactly! Cyanogen is behind. AOKP FTW!

      • derekross

        CyanogenMod doesn’t release ROMs unless they are completely stable.

        • Tim242

          AOKP has been completely stable for a long time. It has tons of features. You are obviously not an AOKP user. Enjoy your wait on slowanogen.

          • derekross

            Ran it for a few weeks actually when M5 came out. I was getting random reboots and lockups while taking pictures. That’s not stable. As you said its an amazingly feature packed ROM and I’m sure it will continue to get better as time progresses.

            I miss CNA 🙁 best ROM there was. Never had one problem with that. So far haven’t had any problems with CM9 the past week I’ve been on it.

          • Tim242

            You must not be using the Nexus. Zero issues on the Nexus.

          • SeanBello

            Or he flashed raw dog without wiping

          • Lol @CNA

      • “Without sounded like a jackass: our code goes through a much more stringent review.”
        “You have to keep in mind this is a different implementation, and ours will be simpler by design and choice. We have a vision of what CM9 should be, and with respect to the work AOKP has done and contributed to the community, CM9 will not be an overabundance of settings and toggles.”

        Two quotes from a CM dev. I also thing the way they implement the Nav bar and lockscreen customization is a lot better then any other rom. Feels like its part of the rom not just a paste on top type thing.

        • Tim242

          That sounds like excuses. CM9 feels like stock, compared to AOKP. More toggles and settings = more customization. That’s why I flash custom ROMs.

          • CM is not really behind. They just make sure there code is perfect before it gets accepting in gerrit. They also support more devices. AOKP started on the Galaxy Nexus so they didn’t have to get ICS working first. Like the nav bar was submitted to gerrit in march and was just approved last week. Notice how many bugs gets fixed in every AOKP release? Cleaner code equals less bugs and if there is any they are easier to debug.

          • Tim242

            5.0 will be out before CM gets their act together. I’ve had my Nexus for almost 6 months. There have been no stable builds of CM9. There have been 5 on AOKP. I have tried CM9 a few times…it hardly has any features. AOKP is loaded. Navbar customization has been there for a while.

  • Art Holguin

    perfect for the crack flasher 🙂 money well spent

  • DerpyHooves

    Did he turn the White Pony into a unicorn?

    • yesh

    • Not just a unicorn. A pink unicorn! On the loading screen anyways. I’ll have to download this as soon as I update to milestone 5. I’m still on build 33 right now.

      • sc4fpse

        Hate that thing so much.

        • Tim242

          You can disable it in settings.

  • A dream just came true

  • CheeseMcGee

    Nice, this should save me at least 15 minutes every week… totally worth $2!

  • sofunnytom


  • teng247

    Team AOKP FTW!!!