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Verizon: Updates to Add Global Capabilities to the RAZR, RAZR MAXX, Rezound and DROID 4 Coming This Summer

We first reported this news on Friday, but Verizon has confirmed today that the DROID RAZR, RAZR MAXX, HTC Rezound, and DROID 4 will all receive updates this summer to bring them global roaming capabilities. After the update is released, all 4 of these devices will have voice service in more than 220 countries and data in more than 205:

This summer, Verizon Wireless will be updating the following 4G LTE smartphones for global use.

HTC Rezound
DROID RAZR by Motorola
DROID 4 by Motorola

Customers will see a notification on their device when the software update is available for their device. After the software update, customers will be able to take their smartphone overseas and use voice service in more than 220 countries and receive data in more than 205 countries.

No time frame other than “summer” was given, but with Ice Cream Sandwich updates on the way to all of the devices listed, we wouldn’t be surprised if it was included with them. Plus, now that stores have been asked to print new display lists that reference these new global features, it can’t be long.

  • June

    I actually got a text message from VZW on June 15th which stated:

    Your phone will soon be upgraded to Android 4.0. At that time we will remove your Verizon Wireless Mobile IM app because it is not supported on Android 4.0. Please download a new instant messaging app to use IM on your phone.

    I have been checking for software updates and nothing yet! What a tease.

  • there are 196 countries, not 220. Am I missing something?

    • Hoffensteinwinklermanowarian

      Maybe they’re including all the countries that Sacha Baron Cohen makes up for his new movies lol!
      (I think my nickname would be great to cutback on the excess replies on youtube! Lmao!)

    • Nathan

      Just a quick check on Wikipedia I was able to find there are actually more then 220 – however some may not have cell service at all or may not allow to bring a cell phone in to the country.

  • Steven

    So, those cell phones can be used in foreign countries!!?!?!?

  • And what about ICS Verizon? When does that come out for Rezound?

    • michael

      I have a gnex and love ics, but this is ridiculous that no other phone on verizon has ICS yet and its like Verizon is just stalling on updates to every phone now that’s suppose to get 4.0 or is needing updates for it. Verizon needs to get their [email protected] together is the update department, this would be sad if it wasn’t soo pathetic.

      • June-July they are now saying by August. Should have been done a long time ago.

  • master94

    Knowing VZW, when they summer update they mean it wont be icecream sand which but a new form of Gingerbread or it will be delayed till next year.

  • Robert Lamb

    Love that the post is about the Razr, Maxx, and Rezound…yet the picture is of a G-Nex.

  • realfoxm

    By the image I thought there was some important gnexus news goin’ on. But there’s nothin’ to see here. Move along, thx.

    • Josh Groff

      Cool story bro, you definitely helped further the discussion…

      I assume this is why the Rezound and RAZR OTAs were delayed.

  • LiterofCola

    Nice, very nice.

  • Smoothy

    So what time next year can we expect to see these updates?

  • Howard Chu

    For the less patient among us, you can hack your razr/d4/bionic and enable the GSM radio already. Working great on my d4 here in Ireland now, with local SIM.

    • I’m moving to Japan, can I do that to my phone and then just get a local plan there? This global stuff is confusing.

  • This is what I effen hate about the effen corporations in my country, they all say coming soon in summer rather than giving us a mother effen date. eff them.

    • maratu

      Very eloquent.

  • bkosh84

    Why didn’t they do this from the beginning? Verizon makes no sense at all..

    • Because LTE hasn’t been totally rolled out to the rest of the world that’s why. Why would anyone roll out something if it’s not available. I think Portugal is the first and only country right now rolling out LTE 4G.

      • I stand corrected I thought this was a 4G LTE Global radio option not GSM. My mistake.

      • Sweden/Telio launched LTE a while ago.

      • nerdydesi

        LTE is in several countries like Canada and Japan. However, all are using different, incompatible bands. Its a roaming nightmare.

    • Dan Treacy

      I think you actually answered your own question!

  • 2 questions.
    1) Does that mean all Verizon LTE phone’s will have this capability I don’t know or see the difference from let’s say a Bionic to a RAZR.

    2) Will the Galaxy Nexus have this option as well even though it’s a Google Phone.

    • sc4fpse

      1.) I thought the Bionic was discovered to have the global radios in it along with the others. Assuming that is correct, I’m surprised to see it omitted from the list of devices to be updated.
      2.) No. It does not have global radios in it. It cannot be updated to be a world phone.

      • WickedToby741

        The Bionic does have global radios as well, but you shouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see it omitted. This is just one more feature Verizon can tout for the Razr over the Bionic. The Bionic may simply get global capabilities later when it gets ICS, but I’m not holding my breath.

        • MyStroPro

          I thought the Bionic was, for all intensive purposes, the wrote off child before the Razr that Moto and VZW kicked to the curb.

          • Apostrafee

            Intents and? Sorry had to 😉

          • MyStroPro

            Yea… auto-correct is a biatch sometimes… lol

          • Grammar Friend

            Just an FYI – it should be “all intents and purposes”.

          • hkklife

            Every 3-4 months, VZW and Moto introduce a new red-headed stepchild. The Droid Pro was probably the first, followed by the X2, then the D3, then the Bionic.

            I will say that in many ways the Bionic is a superior piece of hardware to the RAZRs. Its a more comfortable formfactor and the removable battery is still crucial for power users. It may very well be the final Moto VZW device with expandable storage and a removable battery.

            The Bionic remains only one solid OS update away from greatness: it could have a faster-performing camera like the RAZR but it doesn’t because Moto won’t update the software (same camera module). The Bionic could have Smart Actions support but it doesn’t because Moto Wants to artificially keep more differentiation between those two devices. The Bionic could have GB 2.3.6 right now but it’s still stuck on 2.3.4, even with the latest 905 leak. The Bionic could be receiving ICS in Q2 right on schedule with the RAZRs, but it’s being delayed in hopes that even a small handful of users are nuts enough to pay full price for a Maxx.

          • MyStroPro

            Double posting Disqus is annoying……

          • MyStroPro

            You know, I’ll say this about the “form factor” argument for any device – It just seems like there are always people unhappy about device design. My personal opinion – If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. I like the Razr’s design; while others don’t. Neither of us is really right though; its merely personal preference. I wouldn’t want a device larger in width though, because it wouldn’t fit my hand well. I can do all my basic tasks with a single hand minus Swype-ing; and none are the difficult.

            With the other points, I really have no idea. I’ve never touched or used a Bionic, simply because the Razr came out when I was due for an upgrade. That said, I also knew the Razr was the “flagship” device Moto was rolling out at the time. I had no reason to look at different devices from Moto (I did evaluate other flagships though).

            The battery argument really doesn’t apply to me. I’ve always got a cable to charge any micro-USB device around (in the car, office, and home). I’ve never been out and wished for more battery except in areas of low reception; which chews through any battery. I never had a need to carry an extra battery on my person for my phone either. My camera on the other hand, yes, but not my phone (this is due to recording HD video).

            I would love to run a clean, easy to understand version of Smart Actions still though, but I am running a 4.0.4 Rom (AxioM KANG) which removes Social Location. You can install Smart Actions on a Bionic I do believe. There was an article here about it before. I know there are alternatives but none seem to have the easy interface Smart Actions has.

          • sinofueramos

            You mean intents and purposes

  • stevesharkman

    well the phone was supposed to get ics in “early 2012”. i would expect this announced upgrade to happen in “early 2013”.

    • LiterofCola

      Technically, it is early 2012.

      • WickedToby741

        Summer is not early for 2012.

      • MyStroPro

        Mid-May is early 2012? It’s mid-2012 isn’t it? It’s also the end of the second quarter of 2012? How do you get early?

        • mustbepbs

          Thank you. I feel like people are making excuses for the lack of updates. There is no way that the end of May/beginning of June is “early 2012”. @LiterofCola:disqus you’re on crack, buddy.

          • LiterofCola

            Naaaaah, not on the pipe. And not really trying to make excuses either. Yeah it’s closer to mid year than early, but not by much really. I don’t know about other peeps who have been waiting for ICS, but as a newcomer, even I knew I wouldn’t have dropped sooner than about six months out. Hell, that’s what everyone was speculating back in November.

          • mustbepbs

            What?? It’s May 21st, man. It IS mid 2012. You are on the pipe, my friend.

  • Kellex, Where did you get a White GNEX VZW battery cover?? Is there something i missed??

  • Rotkaeqpchen

    Thats good news for me here in Germany. Might consider buying one, if the update is stable and gets a good GSM signal. 🙂

  • sc0rch3d

    Why do you have a GNex article pic for Droid/HTC phones? unless…..GNex is getting too? 🙂

    • storm35x

      No kellex just doesnt use any other phones for article displays. it can be a moto thread and the Gnex is still the display

  • AnotherAndroidKid

    looking forward to this. I have the vz GNex, but wife’s Rezound will get a work out if this happens. Even give me a reason to get her that huge 2700ma extended battery.

  • N8shon

    Nice. I’m very happy about this.

  • MyStroPro

    Question from someone who has never used a global device “globally”:

    Would these require a new SIM to work on a global partners network? Does the bill for that get attached to your contract if it isn’t a prepaid plan?

    I’m planning a possibly 3 week excursion into Europe next year with some European friends, and just wondered since I own a Razr.

    • AnotherAndroidKid

      Require? Not likely. VZW would charge you a metric butt ton for service though.

      Most of us are hoping we can buy a local sim and swap and just use that to connect, removing VZW from the equation until returning home and putting back in the VZ sim.

      • Just saw this on Android Central:

        Or, and this is the really good news — Verizon tells us the phones already are SIM unlocked, so you should be able to use a prepaid SIM once you’re in-country.

        So, you should be good to go.

      • MyStroPro

        Maybe require wasn’t the correct word – I think you responded anyway though.

        My point was if I was to use the phone in Europe, I would need a European SIM card correct? In other words, my VZW 4G LTE sim card will not work on European cell networks because Verizon has no CDMA/LTE footprint there correct? Hence, if I wanted to not be charged “a metric butt ton” I’d need a new local SIM card to avoid roaming charges and so on.

        • mustbepbs

          It’ll work, you’ll just be charged a ridiculous amount of money for it. “Global” means that you can use GSM networks. If you have a SIM card to use when you’re in Europe, it’ll work and you’ll take Verizon out of the equation, just leaving you, your phone, and your European SIM provider.

          • MyStroPro

            Thanks dude. Interesting to keep in mind next year.

          • MyStroPro

            Thanks dude. Interesting to keep in mind next year.

          • …provided they don’t SIM lock the device like they did with the D2G.

          • cbkcc1

            what do you mean sim lock? i have used mony foreign sims in my D2G. just called them and got the unlock codes.

          • That’s all great as long as you’re a VZW customer.

            I’m not. And there are no other good QWERTY sliders that work with GSM.

          • cbkcc1

            sadly i don’t know of any carrier that will sell you a sim unlocked device. that would defeat their business model.
            only thing i can think of is taking it to a cell shop or buy an unlocked one.

          • Sadly, you can buy SIM unlocked devices everywhere around Europe and most of Asia. And carriers here are not really allowed to lock devices.

            Even more sadly, I use a SIM unlocked D2G which I got from eBay, and if we’re lucky and DROID4 has the same radio firmware as the Bionic, it will be unlocked.

            The Bionic already runs of GSM (if you’re on a custom ROM) and doesn’t have a SIM lock. DROID4 also can be hacked, and people got it to register on GSM, but voice quality is horrible.

            With Verizon it’s impossible to tell whether it will be locked or not, yet still there’s some hope.

          • cbkcc1

            yes, the carriers in the US have the gov’t on lock.
            i have pondered the D4, i have had the D1 and currently the D2G. i am considering going w/o a keyboard with the MAXX, we will see.
            my guess is that they will still have it locked, but there is always hope.

    • According to Android Central, the phones already are SIM unlocked, so you can get a SIM from anywhere and use it. I don’t know if the LTE SIM that is there will handle GSM, but you can check the rates for the country you are visiting here:

      You will probably be able to roam on other networks. It will be interesting to see what bands are available, and if any of the other LTE bands are there.

    • nerdydesi

      I would highly recommended getting a pre-paid sim in your destination country. The problem is that you will have a new number for others to remember,

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