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Verizon Offers $40 Credit to Monthly Bill for New 4G LTE Device Buyers Through Amazon

Verizon is teaming up with Amazon Wireless to offer new customers a nice $40 credit to their monthly bill when they purchase a new 4G LTE capable device. When signing up for a new two year agreement and required data package, the $40 will be credited to your account within three months of purchase. Fine print reads as below:

Receive a $40 credit on your monthly bill from Verizon with purchase of a 4G phone. Offer is valid between midnight PDT May 21, 2012, through 11:59 p.m. PDT May 24, 2012. New 4G smartphone activations and upgrades are eligible, including existing customers with 4G smartphones. This offer is sponsored by Verizon and is valid in the United States. The credit will appear on your bill and may take three billing cycles to appear. Standard early-cancellation fee and other up-front and monthly charges and fees may apply.

Feel free to spin this into a way that shows your frustration with Verizon and their decision to end unlimited data for longtime customers. Not that we encourage it, but we know it’s going to happen anyway.

Via: Amazon WirelessAndroid Police

  • I’m thinking about grabbing up a Droid Charge as pictured – thoughts? (i.e. why is that still being pictured?)

    –sent from my Samsung Galaxy Nexus

  • MIKE

    “Feel free to spin this into a way that shows your frustration with Verizon and their decision to end unlimited data for longtime customers. Not that we encourage it, but we know it’s going to happen anyway.”
    Hey Kleenex, this is a great way to alienate your readers. We’re the folks who actually have to pay for equipment and service – chances are, you’re probably getting them free from Verizon (for all the advertising you do for them).
    So, this was a “FAIL” and you’ve lost one long-time subscriber because of your insensitivity.

  • Rolo P

    Ha! What a joke…

  • Ummmm… what’s it saying about existing customer..?
    “including existing customers with 4G smartphones”
    Existing customers will also get this one time discount, no purchase necessary??

  • Same tactic they’ve been using since a gazillion years ago.
    Trying to clean out inventory before a major hardware release.

    On the unlimited front, there’s a lot more riding on it for VZW than just data.
    They’re not making money on Skype, Tango, third party voip, whatsapp…you’re not using your minutes if you on voip. Overage is the cash cow.

  • Dustin B.

    I’m looking to upgrade from the Droid X, would people here recommend the Razr Maxx or the Galaxy Nexus? I don’t want to wait for the Maxx HD due to the whole unlimited 4G thing going away and I have the 3G unlimited now and want to upgrade to 4G before I’d lose it. Any thoughts?

    • Scott

      My wife and I both upgraded recently and got a maxx each. Its been an excellent phone with no issues. We both had x’s before the maxx and haven’t looked back. I did my research and asked other owners of the other phones and made the right decision. The battery life all day is no joke, the phone is fast and I haven’t restarted it for weeks since I purchased it. I’ve heard a lot negative things concerning the nexus radio and the new blur skin is very familiar from what you had with the X.

  • GabeMcG

    I ordered a Galaxy Nexus from Amazon when the news broke about the grandfathered unlimited 4G going away… Just got delivered today (it’s waiting for me at home!)

    Anyway I was pretty bummed about not getting this $40 credit so I called Amazon. They said they couldn’t apply it to my order retroactively, but I asked if there was anything they could do to make me feel like I wasn’t completely missing out. The guy gave me a $30 Amazon credit… Score! Now when I call VZW to activate my new phone tonight I’m going to see if they can waive the $30 new line activation (or apply the $40 statement credit that Amazon wouldn’t)

    • michael

      Grandfathered unlimited can still be kept as long as you pay full retail for your next phone when the contract is up, non-subsidized, and you’ll be off contract, but that seems to be the only way to keep unlimited data, according to the verizon forums.

  • “$40 credit on your monthly bill” makes it sound like you’ll be seeing that credit EVERY MONTH, not just once.

  • You know, my frustration with the data plan changes is less about the change than the irrationality of the idea of “data plans”! As far as I can tell, bits is bits – the conveyance of bits from my phone or to my phone is not different for text or MMS or email or voice – they are all just bits. Why price/charge/meter one form of bits differently than another?

  • fallsgable

    I do not see the shared plan as a big deal here….but this is just MY specific situation (I cannot imagine that I am That much of an outlier…I bet I am in more of the majority)
    My wife and I are currently share our account…I have the $30 unlimited , and when she upgraded to 4G, she got the 4GB for $30 deal….between us we are paying $60 a month for data….
    Granted mine is unlimited, but I am NOT a HEAVY data user, and I would be hard pressed to push 2GB a month..my wife as well….
    When the shared data plans hit, I’d bet we could get in on a shared plan for $50 a month, have all the data we are used to….and end up SAVING $10 a month!

    Time will tell!!

    • WCDave

      You’re absolutely right, and although people here are frustrated (myself included) it’s likely that for the majority of users, it won’t have a significant impact on their monthly bill. However, take my situation: 2 lines on the account. I use my phone to tether since we have no good internet at home. Therefore, I can use upwards of 15-20GB a month (depending) and sometimes the other line adds on another 5GB. So for us, I’m pretty sure the family share plans are going to cost us a LOT more!

      • And think, had you paid for tethering your phone (especially since you are using it as your home internet), like Verizon pretty clearly says you have to do, you probably wouldn’t be forced into paying “a LOT more.”

        • WCDave

          I guess that remains to be seen when they publish the tiers this summer. My other line has the 4G unlimited hotspot feature which we use anyway.

  • Chuckers

    Lolz at the Samsung Charge, what a failboat.

  • Curious Orange

    Wow, a $40 credit! That’ll offset the $30 charge for giving them your business with $10 left over, once you receive it three billing cycles from now! It’s like you lending them $30 and getting paid back with $10 interest! What a great company!

    • stick to metropcs brah.

    • Mike

      A 33% ROI after 3 months doesn’t sound so bad to me.

  • So I got two lines to upgrade will there be an option to keep our unlimited plans since family share data isn’t available just yet & I already have unlimited data cause I don’t wanna go tiered.

    • the wording of your post isn’t entirely clear but nothing has changed YET. So if you wan to upgrade now, you can keep unlimited.

      • hkklife

        That’s my huge dilemma here too. I am sitting on 2 eligible lines now. Should I go ahead and take the plunge and upgrade at least one of em? I have a Bionic now and I am fond of Moto build quality, battery life, radios, and expandable storage but I was really wanting a larger 720p screen and a better camera.
        What makes the most sense for an upgrade? RAZR MAXX or GNex or Rezound? None seem to be an enormous upgrade over my Bionic, to be perfectly honest and each devicve has its pros and cons.
        Or should I wait until June and miraculously hope the Droid RAZR HD shows up before the family shared crap kicks in?
        I’d really line to get one last subsidized new handset and extend my grandfathered data for another 2years but there’s simply nothing but old high-end and new midrange phones on VZW at the moment.

    • yes, you can keep your unlimited plan with this

  • Any chance the Incredible 4G appears on Thursday before this deal is up!?

  • Wait my upgrade is in a month…. I won’t get to keep unlimited? What?What?

    • Droidzilla

      Only if you purchase an unlocked phone, according to Verizon. You can get a GNex from Google for $399 (can’t seem to find the link; sorry).

      • Not unlocked. Un-subsidized. You can still buy a full price phone from them and swap SIM cards. Just signing a new contract to get an upgrade price will force you into a shared plan.

        • Droidzilla

          That’s right; I’ve never purchased either, so I still get the terms mixed.

  • Gadgetskopf

    WireFly is offering this deal as well.

    • scoobymystery69

      Which is why I don’t get vzw had to act like they are really throwing a deal….

  • BigJim

    That’s just a 1 time $40 credit right?

    • mustbepbs

      That’s what I’m trying to figure out. The wording is all weird. I think that’s what it means based on “The credit will appear on your bill and may take three billing cycles to appear.”

      • it just means it might not be there next month or the month after. depends how fast they process. Kinda like the infamous 6-12 weeks

    • Correct, for up to 5 newly activated lines

    • ^ This ^