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Do This Now: Google Music May Be Allowing More Deauthorizations Even If You Ran Out (Updated)

If you are out of deauthorizations in Google Music this morning, check again. We are hearing from a handful of users that Google may have opened it back up for the time being. Previously, users were only allowed to deauthorize 4 devices per year, but at this moment, it appears as if you can jump in and deauthorize as many as you’d like.

Update:  By the way, Google released this statement yesterday after this all went down:

Yesterday we made a change to our device policy for music on Google Play.  Any user can associate up to 10 devices to his or her account.  Once you have connected 10 devices, you may add a new device only by deauthorizing an existing one from your account, and you may do this up to four times per year.

We limit the number of times you can swap out new devices at the request of some of our music partners in an effort to limit abuse. We understand this has caused some issues for users who often deauthorize and reauthorize the same device, and we are currently re-implementing the solution in a way that works for our users and music partners.

We apologize for any inconvenience and will update this page as new changes are made.

Let us know how it goes!

Cheers Will!

  • Kidd_Funkadelic
  • Alex Hutchins

    I have been de-authorizing many devices for months now… Every new ROM would put another device on there and I would have to go de-authorize it. At least 15 in the last 7 months.

  • Dom Suppa

    just did it right before reading this! way to go google! this is why I love you.

  • Mohawk3

    Thanks. Just got rid of like 5 duplicate Nexus authorizations

  • xman350

    So how do I deauthorize? Looking on the Google Play website, there is only an option to hide devices.

    • AntiNorm

      Open Google Music, click the Settings icon in the upper-right-hand corner of the screen, click ‘Music settings’, and you’ll see a list of devices you can deauthorize.

    • It’s on the music site (https://play.google.com/music/), go to Music Settings then you’ll see a section called Manage My Devices.

  • yes I de-authorized all current to start fresh

  • Ben Leonard

    i have never had a problem deactivating. I even had 3 of my friends phones on my list and they got new phones. I don’t know, maybe google missed me but i have deactivated even from just switching roms.

  • I’ve flashed every rom in the world on my Nexus & it showed my last authorized device as March 8th. I’ve been restoring Google Music with ROM Toolbox Pro.

  • Wireless Fool

    Just worked for me, I had a ton of duplicates and I’m getting a new phone soon. I would have been pissed if I reached my limit!

  • thank god.. i was all out of authorizations and deauths.. couldnt listen to any music.. at least google heard our crys!

  • I didn’t even realize that this was an issue until I logged in and saw about 8 devices. I only have a PC, My Nexus and my old OG Droid. The rest were duplicates of the same devices from reinstalls.

  • I’ve never had any limitation problems with de-authorization. Every time I have updated or loaded a different ROM on my tablet or phone, it comes up as a separate device in Play Music. I think I de-authorized 11 “devices” one month.

  • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

    I just deleted 5 devices w/out a glitch. Worked fine.Thanks for the heads up.

  • Matt Gondek

    5 Characters: I <3 DL

  • roo5ter

    De-authed 5 devices…… nice. DL mob FTW.

  • Havoc70

    Google ROCKS, what else can you say. Deauthorized 6 of mine, all from switching ROMS

  • just removed 5 that i no longer have…thanks!

  • Art Holguin

    nice this didn’t work for me earlier and its not working had 6 authorized 4 being my gnex I was now able to clear them out.

  • ASDF

    Thank You so much DL!! I was thinking how bad this was going to be in the near future. I now have my nexus as my only device. I formatted windows over the weekend so I don’t have a PC on it currently.

  • Sean Bello

    where can you see how many devices you have authorized? if it’s in Settings/Google Play Account, then it looks like you don’t have to worry about this issue with AOKP because I only have my one account

    • will bartlett

      you do have to worry, thats what authorizes what devices google music plays on. settings cog>music settings. it shows what devices you have authorized. you can only have 10.

    • Sean Bello

      edit: nevermind, there were a lot there. there has to be a setting in the rom somewhere that has some type of ID. a workaround might be restoring the app data for music when you do a Titanium restore after flashing.

  • FC

    Didn’t work before. Works now. Thank you for the info.

  • Charles Clout

    Done. Good catch Will!

    • will bartlett

      im glad i noticed that lol

      • Charles Clout

        A million upranks to you kind sir.

        I only had 4 activations left. This gives me more breathing space. Thanks again!

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  • MrSteve920

    Great Scott! It worked!!! Now Google, do us all a favor and just leave it this way forever.

  • Either they need to figure out a better way to keep track of my phone that doesn’t reset every time I flash a rom, or I’ll have no choice but to leave Google Music.

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    I can confirm that it worked!

  • No problems deactivated all 10

  • I hit the limit right after your first article. I just went back in and was able to remove the other duplicates. Thanks for the update. 😀

  • I just de-authed 9+ devices fine no issues

  • NemaCystX

    I deactivated 8 devices, no problem

  • Andrew


  • Mike Kilar

    I was able to remove all 6 devices linked to my account. Told my brother and he was able to remove all 10 on his account too.

  • RampageDeluxe

    Working here.

  • Works. Just deauth all I could just in case…lol

  • sc0rch3d

    interesting that their support page wanted you to talk to someone rather than send an email….i didn’t call but i bet those agents got railed…

    • Paradisimo

      I called and the recording said they couldn’t answer in a reasonable amount of time so I could either call back or keep waiting. I waited about 10 minutes and then got bored. Apparently there were a few people calling in.

  • Mike Bailey

    Worked for me.

  • SuperTongue

    Just tried it with a couple of outdated devices that I no longer use, seems to work!

  • Greg Morgan

    Yep, I tried this monring, didn’t work. Now I was able to. Think they had a change of heart?