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Save $100 on the DROID RAZR MAXX in Upcoming Verizon Deal?

Planning on picking up a DROID RAZR MAXX soon? Verizon may be hosting a sale that would save customers $100 on the device when they sign up for a new two year plan and data package. As of right now, the phone costs a whopping $300, so the extra $100 off would be a pretty sweet deal. We don’t have any word on when this sale is to take place exactly, but it could be right around corner.

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  • raiderhader

    My wife who is a verizon customer just bought the Maxx for $199 no deal or sale. it is the current price.

  • phoneman67

    I like the maxxbut wish it had better camera and bigger screen.

  • inboy81

    Cell phone company 🙂 can I pay you $30 dollars to stay with you and be your prisoner for 2 more years? Cell phone company take my $30 “upgrade punishment” so I can give you $2,000 or more the next 2 years. Maybe if Im lucky I will get a droid that has alot of bugs and not thought out completely. Cell phone company I want to pay you so you can mirco manage me. Please cell phone company take my “upgrade punishment” fee… lets be like the rest but not the best.

  • crowyer

    Im glad I got mine biy one get one for 199 through Verizon!

    • crowyer

      Oops buy :p

  • C-Law

    Ok so the Max is the better of the two razrs, so why the hell is it only offered in one color. Motorola is a bunch of @$$holes

  • teh_Jughead

    I’m not surprised. We’re a Govt account and the prices are now RAZR MAXX = $149, Bionic = Free.

  • macawmatt

    We got screwed by the timings of Verizon marketing department for our RAZR Maxxs. First they offered BOGO on the MAXXs two weeks before the original DX owners were eligible to renew, and then now this. Happy with the phone though, liked to of waited for the HD version but the thing is a phone, there is a limit to what I NEED my phone to do.

  • it’s been $199 on amazon…

  • radiohead14

    any updates on the Razr HD? would love to see that one with the big battery and in the blue finish

  • shugaman

    so when is the Razr Double Maxx 5g HD2 3D LTE Advanced coming out….

    • It comes out just in time for you to complain that the Razr Maxx isn’t competitive anymore AND that it’s too soon to replace it at the same time.
      Go get you a calendar and an idiotic blog commenter analyst, and figure out when those periods will overlap and the launch date should be somewhere close to that.

    • LiterofCola

      Jump off a bridge

    • Chuck

      LOL. Im not laughing with you, Im laughing at you. Clown.

      Everyone please downvote this turd of a human

      • Anon

        I’m not laughing with you, or at you –but your comment stoops to the OP’s level.

  • Sjschwar

    I’m willing to spend another hundred bucks to keep my unlimited plan when i bought my phone through verizon

  • gastripod

    FWIW, I just bought that phone two days ago for my wife through Amazon. I got it for $229. The setup process was smooth and I didn’t have issues through the entire process. She loves the phone. I prefer my Nexus, but mostly because Motorola has it set up with every possible widget loaded.

    • GNex Owner

      Same here. Got my wife the MAXX through Amazon a few weeks ago for the same price. Techincally, with Verizon’s new $30 upgrade fee, it comes out to the same price if Verizion discounts the phone by $100.

      • Gman

        I would think that once Vzw drops the Maxx price Amazon would drop it even lower?

  • jay mulhollen

    THis really isnt that big of a deal when http://www.Wirefly.com and http://www.Amazonwireless.com already sell the RAZR MAXX for $199. Verizon is always late on the deals.

    • Guestttttttttttttt

      Hmm, the price jumps to $229 once I input my zip code. Costco has it for $289 with an included dock and accessories.

      • Anon

        You do know Verizon has an automatic $30 charge for phone upgrades, correct?

        That’s probably why the price jumps.

        • Guestttttttttttttt

          Well, that’s why I wouldn’t buy through Amazon. I’m almost positive Costco doesn’t have the upgrade charge. Isn’t an upgrade charge only if you order from a third party other than Costco? I’ve never been charged for an upgrade in a VZW store.

          • MrToTo83

            No the upgrade charge is now for everyone. And goes on the next bill.

  • angryturd

    It’s relly more like $70 off cuz of the $30 upgrade fee. Booo! That is a sweet phone though. I bet the radios and 3g hand offs work flawlessly too *cough* *nexus* *cough*

  • People need to chill! The Razr came out in November… its almost June. The Maxx is the same thing as the regular razor except with a larger battery. Chill! Color variations don’t count

    • paul_cus

      I was thinking that too. Color doesn’t change the phone, just another option.

  • Butters619

    Every time I see the $300 price tag on Verizon phones I laugh and cry a little.

  • joe buck

    its clear that the maxx is the best phone out right now

    • Butters619

      Not sure if serious….

      • very serious and I have a gnex

    • c4v3man

      …on Verizon.

      Figured you hit “Post as joe buck” by accident.

      Verizon needs to catch up with the times and announce a 720p, 4.5″+ S4 or quad powered smartphone ASAP.

  • This discount is only being made to make way for the Droid Fighter/RAZR HD

    • Aardvark99

      One can hope this is the reason

    • michael arazan

      So technically it is a $70 discount with the new $30 sir charge for buying a new subsidized phone right?

      • truce2099

        But what about the $50 discount that get when you upgrade (before you tack on the $30 upgrade fee)? Will that be included (i.e. $100 off + $50 discount = $150 off), because if it is, that would be AWESOME!!!

  • Mrpicolas


    • Michael_NM

      Hey Dr. Root! Nice to see you’re still around. 🙂

  • I thought the razr had on screen buttons?!?!!

    • Nope, physical for the Razr & Maxx, since it had GB at launch.

      • dragon

        Just a play on the fact razr advertisement on screen buttons lol


    To each their own opinion, but I love my RAZR MAXX. Everyone doesn’t have to love the Galaxy Nexus.

    • LiterofCola

      There you go….. and so it begins.

      • John

        Ya that didn’t take long. Rest of the comments will go to sh it from here

        • paul_cus

          Haha, so true.

    • MooleyBooleyTroll

      Heck does the Nexus have to do with this article?

    • mustbepbs

      So what you’re saying is, you love the Galaxy Nexus?

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    • MrToTo83

      Or just do what I do and have both

  • Lord_Demmington

    Gotta get rid of the Razr Maxx to make room for the Razr Maxx HD!

    • FortitudineVincimus

      You mean gotta get rid of the Razr Maxx to make room for the Orange Razr Maxx!

      • If an orange Razr Maxx is released, I will seriously consider dumping my Thunderbolt for it.

        • FortitudineVincimus

          bwaa haha lol

    • Jon

      Totally. What’s up with Motorola though. Do they want to piss everyone off? First Razr, then a few months later the Razr Maxx wich was pretty much an FU to everyone who just got the Razr, and now they are coming out with a Razr Maxx HD!!! They should have just launched with a Razr Maxx HD to begin with and would have blown everyone away.

      • Lord_Demmington

        And don’t forget about the release of the First Razr pissing off those who got the Bionic only a month before.

        • Jon

          so true…I totally forgot about that!

      • Detonation

        Well at least its been almost 5 months since the Maxx came out, versus the 2 months between the normal Razr and the Maxx.

        • paul_cus

          I can see people’s problem with the RAZR to RAZR MAXX window, but not with the RAZR MAXX to Fighter window. I think Motorola realized pretty quickly that the bigger battery was the way to go, thus pissing off alot of RAZR owners who jumped in early.

          • LiterofCola

            As a Razr own, I’m not pissed about the release of the Maxx.

          • paul_cus

            Me neither, I like the thinner profile of the original one I have. But I know there were some people out there that were upset when the MAXX dropped.

  • ASDF

    It’s getting really annoying that VZW is pushing the razor like crazy

    • Indeed. I went into a verizon store yesterday and it was obvious it was being pushed, telling me how ‘nobody wanted a galaxy nexus’ and whatnot. The Razr maxx is a fine phone and one of two phones i’m remotely interested in that vzw has right now, but i didnt like being misled by staff.

      • Kyle Fullmer

        In all actuality they are probably telling you the truth. How many people outside of the modding community would do better with a Nexus vs a Maxx? Anyone without some tech knowledge (read:most people) don’t need an unlocked device as much as they need a phone that has everything crammed into it (read:bloat).

        My mom still doesn’t know there is a market to get apps on.

      • Anon

        While I think the staff probbably was pushy, one of my issues with Samsung is the lack of quality accessories.

        Part of my choice to get a Droid Bionic was due to the availability of a good extended battery, the standard dock (my Bionic is my alarm clock), and a car dock, all OEM, and Moto is known for building quality accessories. It’s clear from one of the recent articles here that HTC is finally taking accessories seriously; I hope Samsung does as well, and for reasonable prices.

  • lol

    honestly, no one cares about the razr anymore

    • LiterofCola

      Yeah, I’m sure that’s accurate…..

    • Diablo81588

      You must be right. Its only the hottest selling device on Verizon right now..