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Kindle Fire Updated to 6.3.1, Adds Requested Features and Privacy Options

The Kindle Fire has receiving a pretty big update in the form of 6.3.1 and for those worried about their privacy settings they are welcome changes. The biggest change is the ability to outright not use Amazon’s Silk Browser feature that lets pages load faster by letting Amazon do the heavy lifting beforehand. If you don’t want anyone in your browsing history then this is great for you. Amazon also added in content filters for libraries that might not be family oriented.

A Reading View has been added for the browser so if you want to focus on the words without all the distractions you can now do so and a few other tweaks have been put into the movie rental system and a few other applications as well. If you want to update your Fire manually hit the source link below, and they’ll have instructions waiting for you.

Via: PDFDevices

Cheers Wendy!

  • Jooosh

    Warcaster… Im not a huge fire fan either BUT. it counts for 54% of android tabet sales

  • warcaster

    Why does the Android community care about Kindle Fire anymore? It served its purpose. Now you have alternatives like the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 which comes with ICS and better specs.

    Plus, if some Android fans here have a Kindle, I suspect they already switched to a custom ROM, so they wouldn’t care about this sort of news.

    Anyway, I suggest you and other blogs stop hyping up the Kindle fire. We know it and they know it that we only did it because it was a cheap alternative that we could root. But now it’s not needed anymore, so let’s focus back on Android tablets in this range.

  • Kevo

    After reading this website for the last year or so I learned a lot and decided to buy the kindle @139 last week and root for the first time. Now have AOKP 5.1 on it and loving it. Thanks droid-life and a big thanks to all of you in the comments section for posting links and information.

  • DaveTea

    I received one of the $139 refurbs last week, really enjoying it with AOKP. The stock ROM was pretty decent for its intended purpose but running ICS on the KF really opens up the device. Even though I dont think I will ever go back to the default KF ROM its nice to see that Amazon is putting out updates often.

    • AnotherAndroidKid

      This is the only thing I would do as well. I have a workmate with a nook tablet that is just using it as a nook and is rather limited. I don’t understand.

      My issue is I’m waiting on the google nexus tablet or the asus 370 7″. Either one will be for my wife but i want to get her a full featured one to do anything she comes up with. I agree rom’ing the fire would do that, but at this point i want to see the others before i decide.

      • DaveTea

        If they have the KF for $139 again its pretty hard to pass up for the price but if I was going to spend $200+ I would certainly wait and see what Google does. My wife has enjoyed the KF with AOKP so much that I am considering buying another for her to keep but with the Google offering coming soon I feel like it might be a bad move.

    • john

      I had my fire for 10 minutes last week before starting the process to get AOKP 5 on there.. I only turned the fire on to transfer over the ROM files.

      Fire + ICS @ 1.2GHz = a nice little tablet. Runs ICS pretty smoothly, and only shows slowdown when you have a homepage of icons (mixed with widgets and icons doesn’t slow down, or heavy widget.. just all icons I’ve found).

      • DaveTea

        What launchers have you tried? It seems that with Nova screen touches sometimes go unnoticed, no such issues with Trebuchet though.

        Have you had any charging issues with AOKP? Sometimes mine does not start to charge if the cable is connected while the screen is off.

      • magic9418

        LOL, I did the same thing; powered on to root and put on AOKP M5

  • wickets

    Google should take note on how to maintain a product…maybe team goog can hit up amazon for lessons

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  • PyroHoltz