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AppDrawer Gives You More Customization, Incase You Didn’t Have Enough Already

If your homescreen or more specifically, your app drawer is feeling a bit stale, then AppDrawer is looking to spruce things up for you. It can work with multiple launcher applications such as ADW Launcher, LauncherPro, Apex Launcher and Nova Launcher being some of the bigger names. The replacement app drawer lets you choose what layout you want, whether it be a list like is found in Windows Phone 7 or the scrolling app page found in Android before Ice Cream Sandwich’s release.

You can choose the background color and even the font that you want underneath your applications and the list just goes on. If you’re looking for that little extra tweak to make your phone just how you want it, check out this app drawer replacement.

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  • azndan4

    It needs folders in the app drawer

    • Allen Byrd

      No, it needs folders inside folders inside the app drawer.

  • RoadsterHD1

    Love this app. Just what LPP needed. Updates and added features are going to be good.

  • Matthew Merrick

    ….this is just a re-branded AltDrawer. all the same bugs, same exact menus and settings. only difference is the down arrow instead the home button.

    The dev says he’s crediting the original XDA dev, but his only other apps are music download apps…. i really don’t know if he’s just trying to get some publicity by ripping off AltDrawer or if he’s adopted the project…. i hope its the latter, the startup lag makes it unusable as my default drawer…..

    • James Riley

      XUSO is given credit for AltDrawer in the app description on Google Play. It’s actually refreshing to see a dev jumpstarting a project that was abandoned over a year ago and making it available to more than just the XDA community.

  • xFenixKnightx

    Let’s say I buy the SG3 (If Verizon doesn’t jack it up like they did the fascinate) but I want the stock ICS icons. Is there a way to actually do that without adding a Launcher? Im actually liking the new TW but hate Samsungs icons for texts email and phone etc.

    • That’s dependent on the launcher that Samsung includes, though it likely won’t allow for that kind of functionality.

      • xFenixKnightx

        That’d be amazing if you could change them. But yeah I doubt it. Also, anyone seen how the folders look and work on the SG3? I’ve seen over 20 vids and not one show a folder. Not even Sammy themselves. Hoping its like stock ICS’s.

  • an then I though I was the only guy with the allrecepies app installed

  • I don’t like the big giant arrow treating me like a child who doesn’t know what a list is.

    • EC8CH

      Big Giant Arrow also tells you to eat your vegetables.

      • Which reminds me, I still haven’t eaten lunch and it’s almost 5.

    • James Riley

      It seems that the big giant arrow is actually the back button.

    • Tim242

      then go to settings and disable it : )

  • EC8CH

    Yo Dawg, we heard you like customizing, so we put customizing inside your customizing so you can be customized while your customized!

    • still not enough customization

      • EC8CH

        Need to go deeper?


        • I would also like to add some customization to my Customizeception

          • EC8CH

            Run a Custom Rom (customizeception level 1)
            Run a Custom Theme (customizeception level 2)
            Run a Custom Launcher (customizeception level 3)
            Run this app (customizeception level 4)
            Use a custom Icon Pack (customizeception level 5)
            Use a Leonardo DiCaprio wallpaper.

          • El Big CHRIS


          • that might work

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