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Switfkey 3 Beta Updated, Some Bugs Fixed and UI Gets Enhanced (Updated)

Update: We didn’t realize that SwiftKey Tweeted this new beta out to the public the other day. It doesn’t look like this is a private VIP thing any longer. Download it here.

A new version of the Swiftkey 3 Beta has been pushed out to VIP users today. In the newest build, there are lots of bug fixes, improved UI, and some various other additions for all you testers. There was one in particular that made Kellex and myself completely stop using the Beta, which was the “What’s New dialog popping up all the time” bug. Totally annoying. Here’s the full changelog:

Since the last version we have:

  • Improved the UI: there is now a dedicated comma key, and the <123> key is now in the bottom-left corner. And of course you still have the larger spacebar.
  • Refined the Smart Punctuation pop-up.
  • Reintroduced the Long-press duration setting.
  • Improved Smart Space functionality.
  • Further reduced lag on some devices.
  • Fixed a number of bugs, including the missing decimal point in the numpad and the “What’s New” dialog popping up all the time.

Have any of you given it a go yet? It’s pretty solid so far.

Cheers AJ!

  • nachochips

    when using this on a rezound, google pages in firefox (search, maps site) randomly back space or delete last word typed in a field when spacebar is hit.

  • xxdesmus

    I’m a huge fan — best Android keyboard option I’ve found so far.

  • Phil Nickelson

    Can’t disable gestures in the beta which is a little frustrating, sometimes when I am typing and I hit a letter on the right then left quickly, it thinks I swiped my finger and it deletes my word. Tad annoying but I’m sure when they release the official update they will fix that.

  • John

    Ya know. I could probably stick with stock keyboard if there was an easy way to delete/highlight previously typed world. Like in new Swype (can hit swype button to highlight prev word) Swiftkey (can swipe right to left to delete previously typed word) etc..

  • Mobilezfun

    Good to hear the new version of ShiftKey

  • Lakerzz

    I’m stuck on Smart Keyboard Pro. To me its the best keyboard hands down. Although I don’t use the text prediction very much, so maybe thats why.

  • I would use it, used it all the time on my old DROID 2, couldn’t find one better, but I get a nasty bug whenever I use a keyboard that isn’t the stock ICS keyboard on my Gnex D:

  • feztheforeigner

    He should have used SwiftKey new auto correct to fix that

  • Lovehate

    I hope that they change disqus I can’t tell who replyed, and it’s hard to tell where one ends and other begins

    • Liderc

      thank you, new version is confusing as hell.

  • MrEnglish

    Using exclusively on my gnex now. Fast, smooth, accurate, and good looking.

  • Wolf

    41 Comments and no one noticed that the title is spelled wrong? “Switfkey”

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  • Azn_Android

    Am I the only one who doesn’t worship Swiftkey? I mean… I’ve tried to like it and all but I can’t get myself to use it as my permanent keyboard of choice.. I used the iOS keyboard for 4 years and then switched to android with the Gnex and fell in love with the stock ICS keyboard because of it’s amazing accuracy and somewhat similarity to the iOS keyboard. It’s something familiar if you understand what I mean. I just find swiftkey too drastically different and a bit clunky.. maybe it’s just me..

    • wickets

      I agree that the ics keyboard is the most underrated keyboard out there, but swiftkey is getting there with its accuracy

      • Scott Merrihew

        i used to love swiftkey on my tbolt but once i went to the nexus it was stock keyboard all the way. i tried swiftkey for a few minutes because i missed the swipe to erase feature but i couldnt get over the keyboard thing always being in the notification bar

        • wickets

          luv the notification….if i can’t spell a word…drop the notification screen, switch from swiftkey to stock, find right way to spell word, change back!

        • lamenting

          the “keyboard always being in the notification bar” thing is a bug.. and wasn’t fixed in this new beta, nor was the “What’s New” always popping up fixed. Hoping they get on that.

          I have a G-Nex as well and while I love the stock keyboard, nothing beats the word prediction with SwiftKey. It’s scarily accurate at predicting.

        • balthuszar

          keyboard thing always being in the notification bar?

      • Azn_Android

        Yeah maybe but I use a lot of emoticons/other symbols when typing and the way swiftkey arranges those symbols is just very alien and annoying to me so I think I will just stick with the stock keyboard.

    • Liderc

      I tried it as well and I thought it was awful. Stock keyboard is great and it has awesome autocorrect. Not to mention the voice to text is unbelievable, I mean seriously. I’ll be talking and it will pick up everything I say, even if it’s not a real word like “gonna” or “commin’ ect… It’s pretty incredible.

  • steve

    I don’t like having to hit voice button twice…pain in the ass. voice button should have one function, when you hit it, it listens period not hit then choose …

  • they tweeted the first beta weeks ago too. so its not been private for a while. so far i quite like it as an upgrade from X

  • nessthiss

    Note: The title of this post was not composed with Swiftkey

  • Adrian

    I like it. A lot. I really just don’t like that the popup for ?! etc does not stay up when pressed. I’m also having a hard time adjusting to the comma not being in the right place.

    • PSU_DI

      It’s designed so you press and slide, it completely eliminates an extra tap. This is one of the main reason I perfer using the beta that and the auto-spaces.

  • Guf

    Thx god number are back in the left corner !

  • That What’s New bug was incredibly annoying. Very glad they fixed it.

  • For some reason I thought it said Swype…

  • Knlegend1

    I had swiftkey but I didn’t really like it so I switched to thumb keyboard…

  • kixofmyg0t

    I love Swiftkey for phones, however the tablet version sucks compared to Thumb Keyboard4.

  • john

    does anyone know why this beta and the last version wont EVER download the language packs. im on 4.0.4 aokp on my g nexus. ive wiped data uninstalled reinstalled wiped the whole phone and still it always says theres an error downloading the pack. cant do it on wifi 3g or 4g

    • Tyrian

      im having the same issue

  • cizzlen

    I do not like this version of Swiftkey over 2.0 for some reason. I find it much harder to type now. I’ll be leaving this one alone 🙁

  • KellyInSanDiego

    When I press the @ key when adding an email address the @gmail.com is hidden below. It’d be awesome if we could customize those choices to @whatever.com. Anybody else seeing this?

    • Ron Perlman’s Jaw

      Same here. You’d think that they would at least put the gmail at the top since these are typically used with gmail accounts.

      Also, Disqus 2012 doesn’t work on my Droid X. What kind of crap is that?

  • xalcox

    After these fixes…it is ALMOST perfect. If they would just make their “voice input” work like the stock ICS keyboard…it would be perfect. The stock ICS types each word as you say it…and it really useful. GET ON THE FORUMS AND START ASKING FOR THIS!!!!

  • This is why I love DL. I love Swiftkey X, but am not a VIP (insert sadface). But I knew I could come here and find the apk from someone

    • dylan84


      Go there and click Create Account in the top right corner. Thats how you become a VIP.

      • You sir are a gentleman and a scholar…here I thought VIP was sure to cost money haha

  • RuDdOgG

    I tried out Beta 3 previously & that “What’s New” dialog was driving me nutz too, so I uninstalled it. loving Swiftkey X though. Maybe I’ll try beta again now that they fixed that bug.

  • Tim

    heres the download –


  • brando56894

    Link from XDA for phone:
    http://bit.ly/IFC2RK and for tablet:

  • JulianZHuang

    My unlimited 4G and swiftkey are the only things that preventing me to join the iclub.

  • jack nunez

    how do i update

    • brando56894

      Download the APK and install it.

    • KG

      Rename file from .zip to .apk and install it

  • brando56894

    The funny thing is I was actually looking to see if there was an updated beta last night, it’s like they read my mind or something.

  • I wish swype looked like that… really tired of how small and how ugly it looks on my One X

  • Adrien Hawthorne

    I love the newest beta. I can’t wait until Swiftkey X is updated to this.

  • I leik meh some shwiftkey.
    I didn’t think I would like it, but 3.0 is head and shoulders above 2.0, and has moved me off of stock. love dat spacebar.
    I wish we could use the volume keys to move the cursor though.

    • EC8CH

      I almost pissed myself when I discovered you could use the volume keys to move the cursor… so usefull!

      • feztheforeigner

        Which keyboard can you do that in?

        • EC8CH


          • feztheforeigner

            Stock ICS? It doesn’t do anything but change the volume on my GNEX…

          • EC8CH

            While typing something you can use the volume buttons to move the cursor. Helpful so going back to fix typos etc.

          • feztheforeigner

            Stock ICS 4.0.4 on my Galaxy Nexus does not do this. Not on mine anyways…

          • EC8CH

            Oops its an option in the stock keyboard for AOKP

          • feztheforeigner

            I thought that might be what it was. Oh well, I’ll been on AOKP soon enough.

          • shamu11

            theres a setting for it under the language setting

      • O.O how u do dis?

        • EC8CH

          With the stock keyboard… ics at least

          • lamenting

            with AOKP ROM only.

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      • feztheforeigner

        Who’s Randall?