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GO Launcher EX Receives Update – New UIs in Home Editor and App Drawer

We know that not everyone is on Ice Cream Sandwich yet, so third party launchers like GO Launcher that were made for Gingerbread are still a big part of scene. GO Launcher in particular received a sizable update late last week that included a new UI for editing home screens, fancier design in the app drawer, and a bunch of other enhancements. We threw it on both the Galaxy Nexus and One X for a spin down memory lane and quickly remember why we were such big fans of this launcher before Android 4.0 came along. Now if only they had removed the legacy menu from the app, we may have thought about giving it a real shot on the One X. For now though, it looks like it will remain a Gingerbread launcher.

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Cheers Elwin!

  • Blueberry Muffin

    I rooted and installed Trebuchet.

    Best ICS Launcher.

  • socalrailroader

    We know that not everyone is on Ice Cream Sandwich yet”  

    That should be “We know that most people don’t have ICS yet” 😉

  • feztheforeigner

    Keep the “legacy” menu. I love it, just fix the horrid implementation by companies like HTC; Google figured it out with the Galaxy Nexus (for the most part).

  • Jon

    I stopped using Go Launcher when I suspected that it was somehow also putting ads in my notifications. Maybe it was Go Weather….not really sure, as I deleted a bunch of apps to make sure those ads in my notifications bar were gone. I use Go SMS and have never had it create ads.

    • Jason

      Download add ons detector. I discovered it was a go launcher theme that was causing ads in my notification bar. Uninstalled the problematic theme and everything was fine.

  • cizzlen

    GO Launcher was great to me but Apex is my new love. And no I haven’t forgot about Nova either!

  • NorCalGuy

    I am a nova prime user on my nexus but go launcher on my Xoom by far is the best launcher I have used especially with its built in widgets.

  • Alexander Garcia

    I’m still a big fan of Launcher Pro Plus. It’s just sooo fast and smooth! Go Launcher was nice for customizing but it’s so bloated with features that it bogged down my phone so much. LPP FTW!!!

    • Anon

       I still like it too, but I consider it deadware.  Fortunately, it runs quite stable on my Bionic, so I’ll continue to use it until the ICS update comes.

  • Tried for a day, reminds me of my MIUI OG DINC days. Not bad but I’ve moved on to liking my minimalistic Nova Launcher setup.

  • Legit on my DX…Love Go Launcher

  • Buy This

    Ya I remember how psyched I was for a rewrite but the app is pretty flawless (currently on Eclipse 2.2 on Bionic) I bought ADW for my Xoom but since ICS and AOKP, I have not used it at all. I am a diehard fan of LPP though it is so smooth and simple. I love the minimal skins for the LP widgets (I always use calendar and bookmarks) and it is the only thing keeping me from running Gummy on my bionic full time. The LPP widgets cause force closes on every build I have tried.

  • Daveandtirzah

    Apex launcher on my nexus

  • anyone else lose all of their setup/icons/settings when this updated? Real PITA to get it setup again the way I had it with custom icons and what not….

  • I got a gnex a few weeks ago and use Nova now but I kinda miss Go Launcher still.

  • Jason Frasier

    Sounds like it might be time for another “which launcher are you currently using?” poll question.

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      • feztheforeigner

        I said this in another article, but here we go again.

        Saying “hey ..” does NOT make your comment suddenly relevant.

    • feztheforeigner

      A fight between Apex, Nova, GO Launcher, ADW, and the rewrite of LauncherPro that must be coming out very soon!

  • Jason Frasier

    I dropped LauncherPro over a year ago, check out when it was last updated: May 17, 2011

  • brando56894

    I loved Go Launcher but now I’m all about Nova Launcher Prime.

    • Same here, but I switched to GO for now just for some icon packs… Probably will get back soon, specially if Nova implement icon theme support. 😀

      • michael arazan

        after repeated use, apex gets slow and laggy after a few hours of use on the gnex i have, then uninstall, anyone else have that issue? I’v tried it four times and get the same issue of being almost buggy

    • feztheforeigner

      Apex for me, but I can definitely fall in love with Nova at any time.

  • Tj

    Still use it on ICS. Folders in the app drawer are Godsent.

  • Jason Frasier

    I loaded ICS on my Skyrocket a few weeks back and switched from GO to Nova Launcher just last week.  

    • brando56894


  • Buy This

    Serious question: Does anyone besides me still use LauncherPro (plus)? 

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      YES. I was really behind Fredrico . . . then he stopped updating the App… then the Promised “Over-Haul from the ground up” never happend…. He just left us out in the damn cold.

      That being said… LPP is very fast and fluid.

    • WAldenIV

      I think most people jumped ship months ago.  Fede never finished the complete rewrite and moved onto other things (like a music player).

      Edit: LPP also started FC’ing big time for many people when they got GB.

      • John

        He got his $$ & got the *#$& out.

        Shady move imo. He could’ve easily said “life is crazy & no time for this anymore. sorry guys. thx for your business” 


        • WAldenIV

          Based on the number of installs for the paid version, he’s probably living like a king.  I can’t remember which country he was from, but he probably made more off LPP than many people do in five or six years.

          • John

            agreed. that’s why i was so shocked. any normal person would’ve kept the development for a steady income

    • T4rd

      I’m sure some people still do on old devices.  It worked the best on my old Droid until I upgraded to the Nexus in Dec.  I’m pretty sure it’s broken on ICS (think the dock or app drawer was messing up for me on my Nexus), so it’s pretty much been dropped and is obsolete now.  No telling if the dev will ever pick it up.  Last anyone heard from him was that he was doing a total re-write of the launcher, then he just dropped off the earth.

      • Jason Frasier

        i hope Frederico is ok, i just looked at his music app in the play store, it hasn’t been updated since last July.

    • I absolutely do. LauncherPro incorporates speed, simplicity and stability. Why does it need an update when it’s already perfect? 

      • WAldenIV

        It FCs like crazy on many phones once they get system updates.

    • Aardvark99

      I was using it (LPP) up until this weekend when I switched to AWDLauncher Ex

    • shehippie

      I just went back to it, I totally forgot how awesome it was/is!

  • belsonc

    I had been using Go Launcher for a long time, but made the switch recently to ssLauncher and prefer it…