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Draw Something Updated, Picture Comments, Undo Last Move, and Notifications Added

One of the world’s newest and most highly successful games, Draw Something, has received an update on Android. As requested since its humble beginnings, there is now the ability to comment with the other player and share the laughs at how awful awesome you are at drawing. Along with that, you can also delete your last pen stroke with the single tap of a button and there are now finally push notifications! Everyone still enjoying this game?

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  • Bodhiballer

    I rage-deleted this game a few weeks ago, it had turned into a chore.  

  • boss.

  • CodeToJoy

    Nope… I’ve moved on – Drawception on the web is my drawing game of choice these days. 🙂

  • Tim Buchanan

    Meh…I’m over Draw Something.  It was really fun for like a week, then…meh.

  • realfoxm

    This game is played out already. Uninstalled last week.

  • Diablo81588

    SUBSTANTIAL improvement. No more force closes and lagging. Notifications are nice as well. Maybe the Zynga buyout wasn’t so bad afterall.

  • m0stwant3d1

    NEEEEEDS MORE WORDS!!!!!! I seem to get alot of repeats!

    • John

      Full version has more words

  • BrianWenger

    It seems like the update made it a lot faster and zippier. That alone is pretty noteworthy.

  • come, zynga bought you out…can’t you hurry up with improvements?

    – competitive aspect instead of number of streaks 
    – increase the number of streaks past 99
    – less repetitive words so that they aren’t as easy to guess
    – undo
    – notifications
    – …and more

    • guest

      How do you save the picture?  i can’t find a save option?

      • i’m not sure if the app itself has that option built in, but if your device is running Ice Cream Sandwich, you can hold the volume down button + the power button simultaneously to take a screenshot.

  • notifications are a must!

    • LeDerp

      there are notifications now…at least on my gnex i got some

  • csg203

    Doesn’t look like Carrot to me.

  • No notifications still??? WTH

    • LeDerp

      there are notifications now…at least on my gnex i got some 

    • Nico

      To get notifications, just tap your menu key and and toggle ‘notify’ to on.

  • I like “Sketch It” better. You  play with a group and can chat as you play. No waiting three days for your friend to remember to play. lol

  • grimmsie

    You can skip watching them draw their picture and just see the final drawing … the skip button is in the upper left hand corner.  I rarely watch the picture being drawn.

    • What? Where? I can skip watching them try to guess my drawing, but I don’t have a Skip button for their drawing. All I have is a Pass button to give up. I have to sit through the whole thing if I can’t figure out what it is right away…

      • grimmsie

        opps my bad .. you are right .. you do have to watch them solve yours :S

        • Keitsmnr

          No, there is a skip button

          • Where?!?! Skip while the opponent is drawing? Lies!!! 🙂

  • grimmsie

    I love this game only problem is i cannot figure out how to resign.  I have this jerk that is drawing disgusting pictures and not playing the game.  Anyone know how to resign a game.

    • Screenshots or it never happened. 

      • grimmsie

        Oh i have the screen shot of the last one

    • Michael Forte

      Swipe over their game and it will have an option to delete. Took me a while to figure out.

    • El Big CHRIS

      If you slide left or right on the person’s picture it will prompt the red delete button. And ta da! Oh and screenshots!

      • grimmsie

        OMG .. thank you thank you thank you 😀

      • Mike

         I was wondering the same thing last weekend, I had to google it.

        • John

          Same had to Google

      • Draw guyguy

        I get how to delete with swipe….but I still can’t figure out the screen cap, any help?

    • Ree

      swipe across the game in the list of current games to the left and the play button will turn into a red delete button and u can delete the game

  • Until they put in a fast forward feature and get rid of all the animations and transition windows that take FOREVER, I refuse to play this game. My friends have OCD and take like 10 minutes with their drawings. I can’t stand watching them draw/erase/draw/erase/draw erase. AAAAAARRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH let me fast forward this motherfudging thing!!!!!! 

  • Franklin

    the wife plays this almost non-stop

    • nwd1911

      Same here, if only those coins could represent some actual value…

  • Ndpeterson1

    are some of the crash problems fixed now?

  • tbaybe

    yay for comments!!! 

  • r0lct

    The lack of notifications is why I don’t play this as much as Words.  Games aren’t my phones primary use so if I don’t see a reminder I quickly forget about it.

    • That’s why you have to have friends that are constantly on your butt to make your move on Draw Something lol

    • Agreed 100%! Android notifications are not THAT hard to implement. Easier than a comment system!

    • Mustang5Oh

      Hitting settings shows an option to turn on/off “Notify” not sure if it works though as I haven’t got any new words since the update.

      • LeDerp

        i got notifications for it 5 mins ago 

        {name of person} has drawn soemthing for you

        there are notifications now…at least on my gnex i got some 

      • Violet

        yeah i got notification too now on my galaxy note… no more c0nstantly checking or neglecting my friends drawing anymore ^^

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