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Time Warner’s TWC TV App Receiving Update Tomorrow, Ability to Watch Live TV from Your Phone or Tablet Added

Users of the TWC TV application from Time Warner should be prompted for an update tomorrow around 10AM EST, adding support for viewing of 200+ live channels on Ice Cream Sandwich devices through your home network. Along with the added support for ICS, a few features are getting updated such as the search feature, added remote control ability for your Set-Top cable box, and some added options for the DVR Manager feature. Seems like a pretty decent update for Time Warner customers. As an additional reminder, the update won’t be live until tomorrow morning. So, if you download it now you will be prompted tomorrow as soon as it goes live.

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  • Wow… no love from TWC for rooted devices. Just installed the app and it said after logging in that “TWC does not support rooted devices.”

    Would like to use the app but not willing to unroot and go back to stock ICS on my Gnex. Any tips?

  • Spunker88

    Kind of useless since it wont let you watch when away from home. They have an online version that uses Silverlight and does the same thing. Better off getting a slingbox or a cheaper option would be to get a TV tuner card and make a streaming server. Looking into that one myself there must be something out there.

  • TomasHunter

    I am not sure how this counts as a decent update, of all Android devices, Ice Cream Sandwich is only on 3%. How many of those Android users actually have Time Warner cable? That’s just one issue, the other being the requirement to stay on your home network in order to stream live TV. Big Red and IgotGame have the right idea; Sling is where it’s at. I have a Sling Adapter connected to my DISH Hopper for live streaming and DVR access anywhere I can get 3g, 4g or WIFI. I have a coworker at DISH who cannot get service due to landlord restrictions, they had to go with Time Warner instead. The one thing they want the most is the ability to leave the house with live streaming. When will Time Warner open up for all Androids and when will they free their customers for streaming?

  • Big Red

    They are so behind on the times! I have done this for well over a year thanks to sling player app. Yeah you pay for a sling box, but who cares? I watch my dvr from anywhere! Phone, tablet, desktop, laptop….. If my buddies want see the big game, I hook my phone to there TV….

  • Jlmcc

    nope, I’m an directv man here, threw twc out several years ago

  • Richard Clark

    Now if HTC & Verizon would just release the ICS update for ThunderBolt, I’d be good to go.

  • WaltAssault

    This is almost useless if I have to be at home to use it. only way I see using it is for places in my home I don’t have cable hooked up and may be planting myself for a while to do some work, like basement or garage.

    • NotRelevent

      Or if you have a really crappy signal going in to your TV.

  • Noemailhere

    Funny, I have had this for awhile with my iPad

  • ivo shandor

    when are they going to support HBO GO on my 360. I wish there was a petition i could sign

  • No reason it wouldn’t you’ll need to flash an ICS rom.  I hate suggesting anyone go to XDA but that seems where much of the Tab action is. http://goo.gl/wEapv

  • IgotGAME



    That is all

  • Mike

    if a billion dollar company can’t keep control…it wont exist…

    why do you think there are limits on home internet? so an upstart can’t come out, let you choose channels a la carte over the internet and pay way less…

    comcast, time warner, etc…they all have a vested interest in keeping things how they are so they can maintain that almost 80% profit rate

    • Antonios1

      As do the greedy content companies. They’re the real puppetiers.

  • kfath1978

    So when is the Galaxy Tab 10.1 getting ICS????  

    • It already does if you’re willing to go without the camera.  If not, wait until May according to Samsung.  May =’s maybe.

      • kfath1978

        so will this app work if i root?  

  • Kisuk3

    The wait is finally over 🙂 Thanks for the heads up Tato

  • NAM37


  • Thank god I have TWC.

    • Mike

       God provides you with cable service?

  • This is cool but it would be cooler if you could do this while NOT being at home!

    • Robhimself79

      Absolutely. Anyone know if this has to be in your house or just wifi and if there is a way to circumvent the NFL blackout rules using this method?

      • kfath1978

        got to be in your house using TWC internet service.  as far as i know blackout rules will still apply to your area.

        • Noyfb

          So what’s the point? Only reason to use it at home is if you’re sitting outside or on the crapper would need to use your phone to watch then.

      • annon

        nope you can watch it anywhere. i watch it at work and in the car sometimes.

  • Hasnt this been available for iOS for awhile?

  • Dear FiOS…are you paying attention?

    • WAldenIV

      FiOS already has an app for everything but the live viewing.  I’m sure you need to be connected to your router at home for that anyway, so who cares?