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Starting April 22 Verizon Will Charge $30 Upgrade Fee When Existing Customers Buy New Phones at a Discounted Rate

Well, we got rid of that ridiculous $2 monthly fee that Verizon wanted to charge you for paying your bill online, but they have decided to kick off an “upgrade fee” in its place. Starting April 22, you will have to pay a $30 “upgrade fee” when purchasing a new phone at a discounted rate on contract. So when you pay $199 for that shiny new white DROID RAZR, but lock in for 2 years, you will also pay an additional $30.

Here is the reasoning behind this move:

On April 22, Verizon Wireless is implementing a $30 upgrade fee for existing customers purchasing new mobile equipment at a discounted price with a two-year contract. This fee will help us continue to provide customers with the level of service and support they have come to expect which includes Wireless Workshops, online educational tools, and consultations with experts who provide advice and guidance on devices that are more sophisticated than ever.

From what we can tell, Sprint and AT&T each charge $36 as an upgrade fee to their customers.

We have full details about the fee here.

Via:  Verizon

  • SolipsisticPsychologist

    Wow, I benefit from none of the reasons listed for them tacking on even more money. Not that I would for one second believe these to be valid, honest reasons for draining even more money than they already currently do though. But the getting help from Verizon “experts”, is easily the most hilarious part of their statement. The sales people in the store are as knowledgeable as a toddler, and they treat you akin to the sleazy feeling you get when talking to a used car salesman. They don’t do their homework and purely care about commission only. I know, I just had to go through quite an ordeal, and out of the three places I visited, every associate that “helped” me, told me lies about the phones and one even tried to sell me a home phone when I clearly stated I only needed a cell phone for work. Commission isn’t a motivator as much as it is a corruptor.

    And if you want to easily spot the shills in these comments, it will easy, anyone who thinks this is anything other than pure greed and is complete crap, well say hello to a Verizon plant or someone that has something to gain from this. I would also say that if you disagree with this, you should absolutely so buying anything from Verizon after they implement this. If they had done this before I just got my new phone, well I would have gone back to a dumb phone in a heartbeat. You may say, well it’s just $30. But where the f**k does it end? You let them slide with overcharging us another $30 this time, it makes it that much easier to tack on another $10, $20, or even another $30 after this one, a month from now, six months from now. And you know they won’t quit. The people who come up with these new quick cash grabs, have no real sense of money and what it means to the average person. These policy makers are millionaires or even billionaires, this is just a stat on a financial report to them. But that extra $30 they swindle can mean a whole lot more to you and I. True, smartphones are a luxury, and not a true need in life. But that doesn’t mean you have to get bent over and take it up the butt, every time one of these bastards wants to go on vacation. I mean just look at the reasons for the charge given, and ask yourself if it makes sense or if you’ve even remotely benefited from that garbage? I know I haven’t in the slightest.

    Well, you all saw what happened when they tried to swindle $2 from us for something stupid. I sincerely hope people won’t sit back and remain docile like automatons, when we’re talking about an $30 on top of the bloated, already insane price you pay for the discounted phone. That is unless anyone still can possibly believe it costs Verizon $600 to buy these smartphones, and they sure are cutting you a deal at that discounted price. Yeah, I would guess they pay under $60 per phone, and that is probably guessing too high. This is just pure greed once again, and I hope everyone will flock to every board and Verizon website on the net, and let them know we won’t take these greed tactics.

  • Shockerfred

    So if this “upgrade” fee doesn’t apply to new customers, I should let all 4 lines on my family plan expire, end my contract, become a “new” customer, thereby saving myself $120 in “upgrade” fees? Not to mention the incentives that “new” customers get on phone pricing…

    • Phoneman67

      But you will lose your  cell number unless you port to other carrier.  And if you have unlimited data as i do you will lose that to.

  • willej

    Wow my friends its not just about a fees to teach about phones but it a fee to help improve Verizons Network, Vzw continue to provide us with the most reliable service that is available. Vzw has the largest 4g network available and they still are gradually improving their network so they need all the revenue, to provide you with excel service. Think about like this vzw is the Mercedes or Cadillac of the cell phone business, we don’t complain when we have the best. Appreciate because the other companies already have the fees and they have been having them for years

    • SolipsisticPsychologist

      See my point about easily being able to spot the shills. As exampled in the post above.

  • what if I buy it through amazon? can someone plz answer me? I need to know asap 

  • Lane Wollenweber

    Sign the petition against this fee. It worked for that BS $2 online payment fee the verizon ended up not implementing.

    Join the fight against this ‘upgrade’ fee here:


    or here:


    or here:


    Better yet, sign all three

  • Billy McGee

    Can this be used as a way to get out of our contract with Verizon without ETF fees? I live in an area that SHOULD get great coverage according to Verizon yet we have the worst service, and I cannot even establish a 4G signal on my Galaxy Nexus for over 2 minutes. We have been having nothing but problems with them lately and they can’t seem to fix it. They also won’t let us out of the contract without a $350 charge on both lines. 

  • As much as VZ are price gouging scumbags how many of you are actually going to leave the network…..none?

  • This is dumb. I already pay a higher price as an existing customer to upgrade my phone. New customers usually get a better price on a phone. That happened to me when I upgraded to the Galaxy Nexus. Maybe I’ll have to switch over to a different carrier first if I want to upgrade. Then we’ll see if I come back to VZ.

  • Djsquid10

    Well why not go to best buy and buy your new phone?

  • Artalbec

    well this will just be another reason to stick with a low cost smartphone provider. If location service is stable why pay these ridculus prices and fees. Metro, and Boost take care of my needs.

  • “We’re discounting this $199 phone to $50 since you’re renewing with us… now $30 please.”

    I’m not sure if it’s a marketing success or failure to not just reduce the phone discounts to accomplish the same ends but it seems silly to me.

  • djembeman

    Dude! Really?!?!?? I thought they wanted us to buy a new phone every two years. How can they charge an upgrade fee when you are supposed to get an upgrade discount! This is about stupidest thing I’ve heard of. I wonder if people will even blink an eye when this happens to them at the store. Most won’t! And that’s how crap like this will work for them.

  • QtDL

    Does this fee only apply to purchases made at VZW corporate stores or all stores/websites that sell VZW phones?

  • Wyatte3

    They have been charging a $20 fee to upgrade after 1 year and they give you a $20 discount when upgrading after 18 months on contract.  Which situation does the fee effect? 

  • Counsel Dew

    I’ve never been charged a fee before… Robbery since the discount price is ‘in’ the monthly fee for them to recoup the price.

  • Here’s an idea verizon, instead of giving us “Wireless Workshops, online educational tools, and consultations with experts who provide advice and guidance” that we didn’t as for you educate your own tech support instead because as is they are completely useless for anything more than doing a factory reset.

  • Really seems like it should be illegal to put $199 on the sticker and really mean $229. Every subsidized $199 will necessarily have the $30 fee, and so they could have just updated the sticker.

    I guess this way they get $30 from retailers for every subsidized phone they sell too. Amazon Wireless selling a $0.01 phone that Verizon is selling for $99? Well, not really, because you’ll have to pay $30.01 through Amazon Wireless too. 

  • Guest Email

    Would be nice if we could opt out of the “smart phones for dummies” options of workshops, tools and consultations, and avoid the fee…

  • feztheforeigner

    What complete BS to try and nickel and dime us to death some more! Google does all of this free and better! If I would like to use your services I will gladly pay you with the pigs that started falling out of the double-rainbow filled sky!



  • Dabruise

    Googles slogan is “dont be evil”.  verizon’s should be ” Be Evil”


    I am willing to bet if you are doing your up grade and they bring that up…all you have to say is,”I’m not.paying a $30 fee, I will switch companies”. If delivered well you’ll get out of it.


      I never pay fees like that, EVER. They always say,” I’ll see what I can do”. Then they come back acting like they pulled some strings & say look we can do it thus time. All the while in my head I’m like you do this every time

  • Azndan4

    Dick move Verizon.

  • El Mexicano

    At one location, I went to they wanted a $3 convenience fee in order to pay my bill in cash

    • QtDL

       Don’t they realize that when customers pay cash they are actually saving money by not having those credit card fees??

  • Meh

    Guess I can move on when my contract is up then – way to ‘keep loyal customers,’ you dogs..

  • Is this just if you buy directly from VZW?  Or does this fee apply to wireless.amazon.com as well?

    • ozo012

      $30 is added to your next bill.

  • richardsonadm

    $30!? Then unlock our bootloaders. I’d be willing to pay $30 for an unlocked bootloader. But not for a $300 phone.

    • SolipsisticPsychologist

      Yeah, two wrongs don’t make right ever. But in this case, I’m going to go against my principles, root my phone, and make sure I stick it to them every possible way I can. I honestly won’t probably, but it just gets so tiring when companies view you as nothing more than a cash cow, that they continually try to milk more and more money from, even to the point of drying up the cow, then just move on to the next oblivious cow.

  • If the fee is still there in the two years or so when I replace my GNex, I’ll pretend I didn’t know it existed and then proceed to fling the desk clerk through a display kiosk of Droid X 7’s.

    • jayman1576

      eloquently put sir +1

  • angermeans

    This is nothing different than ATT and Sprint do. It’s not cool, but it’s no different.

    • SolipsisticPsychologist

      Actually, the fact that Verizon didn’t formerly do this like the other pimps, does indeed make this different! Not to mention that the devils advocate, level playing field, you try to portray doesn’t even exist considering the other carriers don’t charge the same amount for top tier phones, with the addition of the $30. So I am not sure who you are trying to placate with this “oh well, everyone does something sleazy, so we should just sit back and take it”. It’s that kind of automation mentality that let’s companies get away with doing crap like this in the first place, because they know a large portion will just roll over and take it up the @ss, because complacency is always easier than speaking out against greed. But people used the tools available last time when they tried to charge a $2 “convenience” fee, and got it shot down. So I’m really hoping enough people will sign those petitions this time and start a justifiable uproar about this bogus charge.

      Maybe you have something to gain from this, because you keep defending Verizon in every other post.

  • “This fee will help us continue to provide customers with the level of service and support they have come to expect which includes Wireless Workshops, online educational tools, and consultations with experts…” Can I opt out of these services and keep my $30?

  • wpscompute

    So they give you a $50 discount when you upgrade and charge you $30 for the upgrade, why can’t they just say they are reducing the discount to $20?

    • Silveruberxeno

      No more upgrade discounts. That ended in March. Once outstanding credits are used, they’re done

  • This is the prob. with public companies.  They MUST improve every quarter else their stock is in the toilet and the executives can’t maintain or improve their wealth.  So we end up with bogus fees to bring the bottom line up.  This has Bank of America written all over it.
    How about adding services with value that we are eager to pay for Verizon?  Maybe we should all give Verizon reps. a call just to chat and waste their time like they want to waste our money?  Ask them lots and lots of stupid questions and act like we just don’t understand what they are talking about.  I for one register my devices online so having to pay $ for that privilege is BS.  I SPECIFICALLY did not go iPhone on AT&T back in the day because they had a BS activation fee.

    All I can say is…. LAME

  • Mashardy

    People should do with Verizon exactly what people did with Bank of America when they wanted to charge their own customers a $5 monthly fee for using check cards to withdraw money from their own accounts!!!

  • slide83

    Does this apply to online upgrades/activations also?

  • Higher_Ground

    Someone needs to put these jokers in their place.  They are becoming as bad as the gas stations and utility companies – the price will only go up, the question is how much..

  • hippo

    I’m cool with this ONLY if they knock down prices for android phones. Essentially, it would then just be a reduction in iphone subsidies, since apple won’t let them change the prices.

  • Stephen Morrison

    Being as fair as possible, the reps are nice people, but they are held to absolutely ridiculous standards. Verizon, how dare you call it a discount and then require a fee? It’s a complete wash and it really makes you look stupid. Thank your policies when your employees come back to you all types of stressed out cause customers will call to rip their heads off about the fee. As if there aren’t enough fees associated with someones bill. Go ahead and blame taxes and government, you could at least fight for your customers making them more loyal and your company more appealing to new customers. Providing this kind of quality to your customers will equate to a larger quantity of customers which in turn gives you more $$. Make your money that way rather than dicking us around with your fees. If this fee you are charging sticks around, I want to see some gigantic changes to the way your company handles our needs.

  • ddevito

    This one’s for all the folks who sweat Big Red’s balls – cheers!


  • Sqube

    In other words, that shiny $199 phone actually costs $229.

    You’re welcome, customers.

  • steve w

    whadda bunch of BS. o well. start another online petition? lol

  • wtfman

    looks like i’ll be holding onto my gnex until something WORTH it comes out. i really don’t wanna pay $30 in addition to a new phone with renewal comes up 🙁

    • SolipsisticPsychologist

      Yeah I just bought the Rezound, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to ever replace it now and buy another phone from Verizon. And if it stops working, I always have my Droid that I can just turn back on. Having the latest operating system and specs doesn’t mean that much to me, definitely not enough to pay these greedy bastards even more money. The only reason I bought the Rezound was because my DroidX got messed up and I had loaned my Droid out to my sister while she was in the process of getting a new phone. But now that she got a new one,I have my lovely Droid back, and can always rely on it when I need a backup.

  • JosephCabrera

    Instead of all these random petitions, we need a single droid life promoted one, where we can show our force. 

  • Ron Perlman’s Jaw

    Verizon has the potential to reap over $3 billion from this fee.
    Time to start buying phones off contract from other retailers.  If I shell out $500-$600 for a phone, then maybe I won’t be so quick to dump it for a new one.

  • Ahku Droid

    They have to pay for superfluous services like Backup Assistant when Google does that already.  I hope everyone calls and expresses their complaints.  First they take away our $50 new every 2, now they flip it at make us pay for the “convenience of upgrading” by $30?  I am not amused…

  • Ducat

    Well I might upgrade before the 22nd.I have to mull it over. After the 22nd I will take my business to AT&T,providing they have a better price. I get employer “volume discount” weigh ATT and VZ. I agree that those who use all those extra services should pay an a la carte price.

  • Scott

    What happens if you upgrade through Best Buy or Amazon?  Is this a way to get around the fee?

  • jdrch

    If my calculations are correct, a hilarious unintended consequence of this is upgrading might cost nearly the same as simply switching carriers. This might actually backfire on Verizon when upgrade time rolls around for a lot of people.

    • Ekd

      nope. The charge will show up on your VZ bill. BB or any other retailer is not the one collecting $30, instead it will show up on your bill – just like an activation fee!

      • jdrch

        I’m not sure I understand you. Regardless of which bill it shows up *on*, the *consumer* pays an activation fee or an upgrade fee, which are now essentially the same. The last time I checked activation fees were around $25

  • Will you have to pay this upgrade fee for getting a new phone and renewing your contract with a 3rd party (such as Amazon)?

  • PowersUSA

    So this is like the opposite of the now defunct new every two

  • Boss Man

    I get that $30 sucks but that’s still $6 cheaper than AT&T and Sprint. Why haven’t their customers complained about paying that fee? Oh ya, cuz they’re use to it. Do people seriously think that getting a Nexus for $300 is making any money for Verizon? Think about it. These phones cost at least $500 a piece. I hate this thing but as a business man, I absolutely get it. Believe it or not, phone carriers are not “non profit” companies. They are in it to make a buck. That’s the point of business. Most the people on this blog know how to set up their own devices but has anybody actually seen an in store workshop? I stopped by to pay my bill one time and the place was packed with people learning how to use their new Android devices. Just because this “service” doesn’t apply to the thousands of people on Droid Life doesn’t mean it doesn’t apply to the MILLIONS of other users on their network. You want to start a petition? How about petitioning cell phone manufacturers to lower their prices. I’m sure that will work. Then why don’t you petition your local tire store because they charge you labor to put on those shiny new tires you just bought. Then petition your repair man because he charged you for the parts as well as the labor to fix your dryer.  Think outside the box people and try seeing things from multiple angles. If you hate it, then switch to a different provider……..oh wait……….the other carriers charge about $40 to “activate” your new line of service as well as $6 more to upgrade it in the future. Seems like a good idea to me.

    • Max0442

      A CSR at Verizon once told me that they lose money even selling the phone at full retail. He tried to tell me that full retail was actually less than what the phone cost! If they need this fee then how have they been able to show record profits since the smartphone boom started? I’m not saying they shouldn’t make a profit, but for them its like its worth the risk for them to lose customers so they can increase their earnings. But at some point it should start to bite them, while they may get an extra $30 every 2 YEARS, if they lose multiple lines that are bringing them at minimum $100 A MONTH, how is that smart?
      What I also don’t get is how can a company like StraightTalk, which uses Verizon’s network, be able to have an unlimited plan (talk, text, web) for $45 a month. I understood how they could before because they didn’t have much more than BlackBerry clones for smartphones, but they have at least one android model now. So how can they offer that when Verizon can’t?
      Lastly, if their “experts” at these workshops are no better trained than the lionshare of their phone support staff, then they’re really screwing us. Out of every 20 times I call in, 1 of those reps will be knowledgeable. Most of the time I have to call in a second or third time to fix what the first and seconds reps screwed up. There coverage is great, the staff they have dealing with the customers is for the most part horrible.

      • dk81

        I totally agree with your view on these so called “experts”.  The best rep I’ve ever dealt with I would only consider to be barely adequate.  I’ve actually had a rep tell me “this phone is really expensive, you could probably get it for less on craigslist”.  WTF! It’s not your money stupid phone rep, I’ll spend it how I want and don’t assume 300 bucks is expensive to me, I make way more than you little phone sales person lol.  Yeah their pretty terrible and I’m not paying $30 for one idiot to teach a room full of idiots how to upload a photo to facebook.

    • dk81

      As a business man myself who does right by the customer your line of thinking and Verizon’s reasoning for the fee is absurd.  If you claim all these workshops are packed then charge the people going to them.  I don’t use any of these services at all, why should I have to pay for your grandpa to figure out how to use a smartphone.  This is like cell phone welfare. I completely understand Verizon needs to make a profit and they already are, their doing quite well without this fee.  Keep in mind Verizon is the most expensive service provider and already charges a premium for their services which I’m fine with because they sell a quality product.  This is just screwing the customer because they can and that’s it.  As for the price of the phone they make it back in the $150 bucks I send them for the next 24 months and most people are paying more than that, I’ve been with them a while.  As far as all those other services you talk about, it’s a terrible analogy.  Those are services you are actually using, again I’ll never need their workshop so I shouldn’t have to pay for it.

    • jayman1576

      I don’t buy the fact that new smartphones cost carriers $500. That’s B.S. If it were true then a laptop would cost 10x that amount just for the increased screen size alone. How is it then that Dell can sell a brand new laptop for $299? And they don’t even get repaid over 2 years through a service contract like carriers do. And if by chance the phones do cost that much, then maybe carriers should start demanding that manufacturers only release 1 or 2 phones a quarter instead of the 5,637 that they currently do.

    • SolipsisticPsychologist

      If you think they actually pay that $500 that they say they do……Wow, well hey, my brother is an African prince and he had to escape the country recently and wasn’t able to take his $145,782,412 in personal wealth with him. But kind sir, if you would be so kind as to help us out, by giving your bank account number, we transfer the Prince’s money into your account and for you help we allow you to keep 40% of money. You would be doing great service to we, and I can’t thank enough kind sir.

      Please email at the following address, so we get transaction start.
      [email protected]

  • Why don’t they just add $30 to the price of the phone?

  • Lgb400

    I notice amazon is usually lower priced….will there be a fee if amazon is used

  • Yahoo123


  • MattInPDX

    Um, aren’t all of those “services” supposed to be what their sales reps/customer service people provide as part of their salary?

  • Devilsephiroth

    A level of service, my ass!!!!

  • George 85

    All the more incentive to just buy your phones at retail value.

  • JulianZHuang

    what about buying and not upgrading? 

  • Harbo99

    Email sent to my VZW regional president. My wife and I have made 25+ calls to CS over the last 2 months because they could not get her a Rezound (they sent us 4) that anyone she was talking to could actually hear her on until they finally switched her to GNex.  That is the type of service and support WE have come to expect from VZW and now I am supposed to pay extra for it???

  • Dliuzzo110

    I can already see the hitler commercial. Cuz lets face it, who’s gonna give up lte?

  • Logan_jinx

    Because i dislike every other carrier that much, i will continue to stick with verizon unfortunately

    • SolipsisticPsychologist

      Yeah but you don’t have to leave a carrier to demand good service, and the right to not be ripped off at every chance they can think of something ridiculous. I mean seriously, i thought using the word “convenience”, when they attempted to tack on $2 every month, was a huge slap in the face to begin with. Not to mention taking away the $50 credit. But to say we want an additional $30 on top of the gigantic cost of the phone you’re buying, and it’s supposedly going to help fund classes that probably one person in the history of Version has taken. And then to add insult they actually say it will help fund the “expert” service we’ve come to expect!? Haha! I would say over 80% of the people who have dealt with issues with an in-store Verizon clerk, or one on the phone. Wouldn’t place the word “expert” within fourteen million miles of the actual quality of service they received.

  • GB79

    The need to let people who have no use for workshops, educational tools, and consultants opt out of the $30 charge. If I need help with anything I’m more likely to go online then to sign up for a workshop or contact Verizon for some education on using my phone.

  • SilverUberXeno

    It probably won’t apply online, or at authorized retailers. I used to work for VZW, and there were a lot of signs that they were looking to close down their corporate locations. Raising prices that only apply to them is a good way to “validate” the decision with the drop in business that will surely ensue.

    Truth is, though, if you don’t want to pay it, don’t. Verizon Wireless isn’t a charity. They offer a service– OFFER, not force. And it costs whatever they tell you it does.

  • I signed the petition as well http://www.change.org/petitions/verizon-wireless-discontinue-30-upgrade-fee#

  • One more nail Verizon? Way to go. I was already leaving anyways when my contract is up but now this just makes me have one more excuse when they ask why.

  • Havoc70

    I guess i wont be buying ANY phones from these Aholes, friggin VZ is already the MOST expensive service and they are making billions and still trying to screw over their customers, PHAQ Big Red

  • I guess I dont get it….. Why dont they just charge $30 more for the phone and not call this an extra fee? What am I missing here?

    So this means that the $30 loyalty credit I have left to use will cancel itself out with this new fee?

  • This is insane!!!! Big Red, wants to collect big paychecks from its customers, not like they already are!!!!!

  • J S

    It was bad enough that I got an email this morning saying my corporate discount was being cut from 10 to 5%.  Oh well.

  • Ekd

    It’s all about the bottom line. This is a free market – if you don’t like it, switch to a local carrier. That’s what I’m doing. Last I checked, US Cellular (in our region at least) has the best coverage and just rolled out their LTE network, and has the best customer service!

    And, US Cell is running a promo now, in which they’ll pay $100 to anybody that switches over to them! Competition is a beauty!

  • lilschil

    My local VZW store tried to charge me the very same $30 last November when I upgraded. I refused to pay it and they took it off. I guess that must have been a trial test for this move. So not sure why they’re going live with it, if it wasn’t a successful beta.

  • THIS IS BBBSSSS !!!!! where do they get off doing this.. whos freakin idea is this… they should be fired.. 

  • I used to pay an extra $30 when upgrading if I opted for a 1 year contract, bring that back!  ($0 for a 2 yr. contract.)

  • Bionic

    I agree that this is stupid but I guess im in the minority?  I could care less about paying $30 especially when other carriers already do this.  It would take A LOT for me to ever think about leaving Verizon.  I’ve had way too many nightmare scenarios with other phones.

  • wikid_one

    So which must-have phone are they tying this price hike in with? “Hey, we’re getting ready to release the Incredible 4G… lets make them pay even more for it. It’s a no fail plan!”

  • mmmmmmmm

    Damn, that’s ridiculous VW just want to get rich I repair my phone I do not need no damn technician

  • Jon

    i don’t want ANY of those reasons you gave for charging me $30.

  • Josh Groff

    You know what’s funny, if one takes an upgrade every 18 months, they actually save $6 from what they were paying with $2/month. Alternatively, if you take a 2 yr upgrade, it’s $12 saved. Are droid-life users really that daft?

    • MarkyMark

      you’re assuming we want to pay either…. speaking of daft….

      • Josh Groff

         I was under the impression we didn’t have a choice either way, so lowering the cost is at least a step in the right direction.

  • Guest

    Guess I won’t be upgrading this summer when I have three upgrades coming. They can suck it.

  • Kyle Fullmer

    Instead of getting Verizon to stop the monthly money grab we should try to get other carriers to get better service.  I would much rather switch carriers than start a petition every month.

  • DanWazz

    “consultations with experts who provide advice and guidance on devices that are more sophisticated than ever.” made me lol. I know more about phones than those “experts.” It must be expensive to train someone to tell people to do a factory reset on their device.

  • Michael Forte

    Wtf? Oh we’ll let you upgrade your phone but you must pay us $30 first. How does that make sense? Unlimited data for us grandfathered in will be the last thing to go, hopefully I can upgrade one more time and keep it.

    • dk81

      If they get rid of unlimited data I’m gone. Its the only reason I’m still with them. This 30 fee is bull and I’ll never pay it.

    • frankandsimple

      what’s even worse is their explanation. ”
      This fee will help us continue to provide customers with the level of service and support they have come to expect”

      I can’t roll my eyes high enough. 

    • hkklife

      I predict they will start trimming the grandfathered unlimited users around than Q4 of this year…..or spring/summer next year at the absolute latest. They generally like to make these lame changes in late spring or summer. Witness 1yr contracts going away exactly a year ago and the move to tiered data plans last July.

  • bakdroid

    Verizon and its customers….

  • dk81

    OK we shouldn’t have to do this but u can get around it by acting outraged and threatening to cancel and I’m sure this is the first fee they will be able to waive. Just call and ask for their saves department.Yes they actually have a department to offer u something so u don’t leave.

  • Kat Tehranchi

    Here’s something to chew on. $18.3 billion earnings in 4Q of 2011 for Verizon. Up dramatically from same Q in 2010. 


  • Perhaps they should start charging for the workshops.

  • frankandsimple

    Time to seriously consider going to the small providers. Truth be told.. they got us hooked with their mega sized phones that we don’t really need and for which we pay an arm and a leg considering the cost over the contract period. 

    I’m just gonna buy a decent smartphone from craigslist that I can use with T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network and go on a month-to-month sim card basis instead of letting these greedy companies screw me over. 

    I miss the days when men competed on the one thing being the smallest… their mobile phones.

  • Tyler Cameron
  • Robert Toudouze

    Are they planning to charge this if we buy OFF CONTRACT?

  • 11knives

    Glad I bought my G Nex last week!

  • Verizon if you want to, I don’t know, keep your customers and stay #1 then Don’t. Just Don’t. But in the mean time 
    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…………. _.·´

  • KRS_Won

    Sooo, I guess I will be buying off contract once my MAXX is up for renewal?

    • Bionic

      How does that make any sense?  $30 vs. paying full retail for a new phone?  psssh

  • You know, I JUST switched to Verizon from T-Mo after their customer service and features you get for the money have been in decline during the past year, probably because of the AT&T buyout rumor.  I’ll be spending about $60 more for just about the same services I was getting with T-Mo (and better coverage, of course).  I always assumed Verizon could “afford” to charge more because they were better than the other carriers in terms of customer care, coverage, and services they offer.  It’s unsettling that they’re trying to sneak more fees in.  I really hope I don’t end up regretting this choice if they keep on adding fees.

  • VZW already hits people up with a $35 new account/line activation fee. Now this. Unless VZW plans to make the phones cost $30 LESS. Then that $299 phone (without taxes) will be $329! Nice work VZW. “We never stop ripping you off”!

    • S_T_R

       It absolutely does NOT “take a lot of resources to open or create new service”, but that’s besides the point. The $35/30 fees don’t go into a special pot just for “improving service”. It goes into an account called “SERVICE REVENUE”, which is the same account your monthly bill goes to. When you increase revenue without increasing costs, which is what this is, the increased revenue turns into GROSS PROFIT. Activation, upgrade, whatever fees are pure profit for the carriers.

      -signed STR and everyone else that has taken an accounting course.

  • I just created a petition, let’s get signatures and stop this right now! 

  • br_hermon

    Ok, so I agree with everyone, this is crap. Fees for services we don’t need. But here’s the important question… what are we going to do about it? We rose hell last time and got them to change their tune, how about this time around? If nothing changes, doesn’t this make Amazon or Wirefly that much more attractive?

    • S_T_R

      What’s needed is a truth in advertising law/FTC mandate that forces the carriers to include unavoidable fees in the cost of the phone. They should not be able to advertise a $100 phone that costs $130 to buy and use. No one would object if they just included all costs and profits in the up-front price. What pisses people off is the bait and switch.

  • Phoneman67

    I’m glad my contract is up so i can leave!!!!!

    • Bionic

      Have fun on those other piece of shitt carriers

  • Jnmigr

    Verizon copy AT&T again, why they insist on copying crap company. FCC should let this slide, but get involved on the monthly charge of both company. I have a 19% discount and is still higher then my triple play cable bill.

  • FYI T-Mobile’s is $18…

  • SD_Scott

    I’m fairly certain they charged me this when I upgraded to the Nexus…

    • Tyler Cameron

      If they charged you when you upgraded to the Nexus, you did it wrong. (either by going to an authorized outlet or something else of that sort instead of corp store)

  • Jason Frasier

    I am so glad I left them when I did.  but the sad part is none of the other cell phone providers are much better.  it’s like choosing between the lesser of several evils.

    • djembeman

      The choice is always between a douche and a turd!

  • So, I have a $50 upgrade credit, then get charged $30 to upgrade??????? Thanks VZW for the 20 spot. So much for throwing your faithful customers a bone.

  • BulletTooth_Tony

    Whoever works in, and manages, their marketing and PR departments all need to be fired. Here’s an easy way to generate the same funds during upgrades… don’t subsidize the phone as much. In fact, that’s such a fool-proof way to do it, that they could raise the price 50 dollars without the drama! ….morons

  • Let’s start a petition to end this.  MoveOn. Org or SignOn. Org  Because if the fee is $30, that is pretty much the discount you get right?

  • bigdav1178

    All the more incentive for me to move my service to Sprint. Just keep pissing me off Verizon…

    • Bionic

      Sure, but if you like LTE Sprint is not going to have a sizeable network until 2015 or so, they are taking forever, even longer than ATT 

  • So…..it’s gonna be less of a discounted rate? I guess they’re having issues paying that 7 figure salary of the CEO. 

  • Jonathan Ofalla

    Should it be the other way around?  I mean the customer is staying loyal to the carrier by signing up another contract and they get hit with a $30 fee in return?  Doesn’t make sense.

  • EC8CH

    So old people who are getting smartphones but are too clueless to use them are costing us all $30?

    Stick to playing Wii at the retirement home Grandma!

  • T4rd

    That’s cool. I get me phones from Amazon Wireless or other E-Tailers now anyways for considerably less and with better customer service.

    • Josh Groff

      I paid 30 for my Bionic directly from VZW with coupons, but I typically buy off contract.

    • Robert Toudouze

      You will still be charged the fee.

      • T4rd

         Don’t see how..?  Where does it specify that?

  • Negativerxn

    What happened to these guys?  I remember a time when I thought they were the least of the rip-off artists known as cellphone providers.  They’ve become pretty shady in the past couple years, right?

  • yoyoche

    Discount then add charge. Not to smart. If you want more money then cut the discount price. Way to make people unhappy Verizon.

  • So they are trying to entice people to switch carriers every 2 years? It’s a no brainer for solo plans but they have family planers by the balls.

  • Posted a few tweet to black man and P3 hoping they will RT

  • Jonbo298

    We’re paying for people’s lack of knowledge because the sales rep shoved them into getting a smartphone. It’s almost like us being forced to pay for Welfare.

    • GotSka81

      That’s exactly what it is.  Those who are incapable of deciding “hey, I probably won’t be able to figure this phone out” before they purchase it should be responsible to cover their own stupid asses.  Instead, it’s more profitable to make EVERYONE pay.

  • moozicmon

    Two words: Best Buy

    • moozicmon

      Or one word: Amazon

    • I don’t think it matters where you actually buy the phone, if you upgrade they’ll charge you the fee.

      • Josh Groff

         Amazon usually charges you a boat load more than $30 over new customer pricing.

  • Robert Toudouze

    So now we will pay $299 + $30 AND be locked into a CONTRACT for 2 years?  That is $330 discounted.  Screw that.  I Paid $600 for my Nexus without a contract.  We need to start paying for out phones off contract again.  Then you will see the ridiculous prices start dropping.  No other tech items holds it “value” like a smart phone.  That is all because of the “subsidy”.  Bull crap.  It should be pointed out that other carriers that charge this fee don’t generally charge $300 for their smart phones.

    • GotSka81

      Good point, indeed.

    • Josh Groff

      I only take the upgrade because there is no benefit of not doing so, unlike T-mobile.

      • Exactly. You save money being in the contract vs. not being in the contract. Your ETF is just the discounted price off the phone’s full retail, and it’s pro-rated each month.

  • MarkyMark

    I guess this is ok, if you’re cool with being a dick!

  • I guess they don’t make enough money from us.

  • Jimvit1

    I don’t use any of those services they list as the reason they are going to hit us for the new charge. So I should get a 30 dollar discount. Fair is fair right.

  • It’s time to TROLL VZW!

  • Desert102

    People, literally ever other carrier has this.  Infact they charge more for their upgrade fees.  I was actually wondering why they werent doing this already when the other carriers are.  

    • MarkyMark

      Mom always said: “if everyone else jumped off a cliff would you?”

      ….doesn’t make it right man

    • GotSka81

      Yes, this is (almost) true.  However, VZW is already charging more than other carriers for their phones.  Find me a phone that cost $300 at launch with specs similar to the Razr or the GNex.

  • Is this only at a Verizon store? Or will it show up on my bill even ifI I upgrade from Best Buy or Amazon?  I am so sick of companies giving new customers with no payment history perks.  Thank god for number porting.  As each of my contracts come due I am porting out of Verizon this is the final straw.  I do the same thing to Dish Network I call and complain every time there is a deal for new subscribers until i get a rep that can authorize and give it to me for the same price.  5 years never missing a payment and what do i get out of it? NOTHING.

  • Littleperry04

    republic wireless is looking better and better everyday!

    • Signed up for their beta. Excited to try the service.

  • enigmaco

    Get rid of the classes and experts then, anyone can figure out these phones, and by now there are friends and families you can ask. Seems like these big corporations screw people for their loyalty, instead of being thankful they do this. Who’s ready to light the torches and carry the pitchforks.?

    • hkklife

      Get rid of the classes or at least charge for them. Charge a basic “genius” type fee to reprogram peoples’ voicemail and set up email, NOT punish loyal users reupping for 2 more years.

      Get rid of the retarded “sign in door Nazi greeter” as well as 1/2 of the sales staff. I do not mean to sound cruel but every Verizon corporate store I’ve been in in the last 2 years seems to be way over-staffed. Make VZW stores a showroom-type of bill pay centers with a skeleton crew of staff. They basically need to take a hint from how Apple stores are operated and how BN is trying to remake themselves.

      • enigmaco

         Your not kidding, and 90% of the issues they tell you to call customer care anyways.  There is no need for that many people to be in that store, and for the customer to pick up the slack for that is a freakin joke.  I wonder if verizon has sold its soul to the devil yet? (We already know they sold it to the government, but the other devil)

  • dhirensavalia

    The largest cell phone provider in the country wouldn’t need to charge the extra $30 dollars.

  • Dane Butters

    Screw it, I’m just going to start buying my phones off contract and not deal with VZW’s warranty service, contracts, or BS fees.

    • mustbepbs

      It’ll save you lots in the long run, it’s just a hell of a one time cost.

  • I couldn’t tell you one time I called VZW and came away knowing more than I did before the call.  Matter of fact, the frustration I got from them is what got me into learning more about tinkering with my phone (back in the OG days) by myself.  So, I guess in a roundabout was I owe Big Red a thanks for helping me get into the rooted community

  • Tyler Cameron

    can we get a change.org petition on this? When we did it for the online billing charge, they caved in, why are we just sitting here letting Verizon get away with a BS upgrade fee? it costs them NOTHING to take a SIM card from your old phone into your new phone. NOTHING. 

  • Parkman15

    Verizon is getting way to greedy, they are turning into ATT. Ahhhhhh

  • Jake

    Verizon Rep’s Expert Advice and Guidance: “Be sure to put this advanced task killer on your phone as soon as you get home!!!!”

    • moelsen8

      hahaha i still remember them setting one up for me on my ogd.  that’s funny.  wonder if they still do that.

      • Jake

        They do. Just last month I overheard a rep very kindly explaining the benefits of task killers to a new customer. Google and phone manufacturers should be suing VZ for this stuff… it has to be a detriment to sales when a customer comes in wondering which phone to get and then gets told that Android phones require so much upkeep to function properly. I always have to stick my fist in my mouth to keep from going over and correcting the rep.

      • hkklife

        They tried to install it on a coworker’s Droid3 bought a few months ago. The sales rep also said that Moto Blur’s built-in Task Manager did not “free up enough memory to multitask” so they installed ATK on her phone (which I promptly removed the next day).

        On a related note, I was in a VZW corporate store yesterday and it was a real shitshow. IPads and iPhones everywhere. Only 2 GNex demo units available. One was non-functional and had a pink silicone case on it. The other had a non-functional camera and clearly some major screen problem because it was barely illuminated, even at full brightness. Only one Rezound on display. And they are STILL pushing the OG Galaxy Tab for $229 on contract!!

        This is just further proof that the entire carrier, exclusivity, and subsidy model is horriby broken and can no longer be sustained. More so than anything else, I will continue to curse Jobs and Apple for not using their clout, cash, and the game-changing iPhone to rewrite the entire wireless phone business model. The iPhone 5 should hit all carriers at launch, completely unsubsidized and for sub-iPad prices, with ala-carte voice and data plans substantially cheaper than what we pay now.

  • TJEgan

    Looks like I’m switching when my contract is up, but the question is: to who? They all seem terrible to me..

    • Josh Groff

      Buy a T-mobile phone on Swappa and go with one of their non-contract $50 a month things. They’re the only carrier that charges you less (to my knowledge) for bringing in your own phone.

      • frankandsimple

        amazing..we both said pretty much the exact same thing. 

  • I can just see a committee formed at Verizon that looks for ways to generate additional income from existing services. Someone probably got a bonus for this suggestion.

    • Morpheus282

      They have a special room dedicated to finding new and more creative ways to screw the customer.

    • bigguy

      Yeah, I hope they have a committee (board of directors/management) to generate additional income from existing services. That is the whole idea of running a business.

  • mustbepbs

    Hey Verizon,

    F*** YOU!

    -Love, me.

  • What a load of garbage.

  • Johnm5839

    This is a money hungry company. They want your money but give you nothing 
    but grief in return.

  • they charged 30$ activation fee also ??

    • Tyler Cameron

      Verizon only charges $30 activation fees when you’re a new customer.

  • Mark Wilk

    Verizon doesn’t care about existing customers. Period. They suckered you in with their network and now you are screwed because everyone you know uses Verizon making it too hard to switch and the alternatives aren’t any better. This is why awesome deals usually only pertain to new customers and not existing. Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile, pick your poison.

    Side note: It’s reasons like this I have no problem installing apps like FoxFi for tethering. If they are going to squeeze every dime out of me, I’m going to squeeze every GB out of my data plan.

    • Tyler Cameron

      That is one of the biggest reasons I absolutely refuse to turn on WiFi on my Nexus. I have 4G everywhere, I don’t feel like draining my battery or constantly toggling WiFi on/off all day searching for a connection, I have unlimited data and I’m inclined to use my flow of data however I please so long as I’m not pirating anything and I get no less than 8 hours per charge without ever turning LTE off.

      • Damn straight.

      • John

        I can understand your willingness to stick it to em by using 4G all the time.

        But just an FYI, WiFi uses less battery than 3G, and much less than 4G LTE.   So if battery life is a concert at all, use WiFi where possible.

    • PC_Tool

      Let me see if I understand this…

      “They suckered you in with their network”

      Best network.

      “everyone you know uses Verizon”

      Most popular.

      “alternatives aren’t any better.”

      Still cheaper than the rest.

      Sounds more like an advertisement for them than a complaint to me..

  • i’ve seen these workshops. only 1 or 2 people attend. i have to pay extra for numbnuts who can’t work a phone and can easily watch youtube videos on “how to’s”? go to hell verizon. go to hell i said.  good day

  • Y2K

    This is bullshit………if so they need to make it optional for those that need it, Im technically savy enough to understand how to operate my own devices as I always have. If they mandate this, no more upgrades for me!!!!

  • zUFC

    A-holes…..plain and simple.

  • so they are basically getting rid of your “loyalty” discount of $30 by charging a $30 fee to upgrade. lamesauce

  • Boblank84

    Does this carry over if you upgrade through a third party like amazon wireless?

  • zepfloyd

    Hey VZ,
    ´¯¯`·¸ ………./’/…/…./……./¨¯ ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’) ……………………..’…../ ……….”…………. _.·´ ……………………..( …………………………

    • belsonc

      Um, one more time?

      • …………………./´¯/)
        ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
        ……….”…………. _.·´
        …………………………There you go.

        • belsonc

           Ah, see, there we go – looks normal now.

    • Nexuss

      Seems like they are doing the same to use as well. Time to pull out the big foam finger

      • Nexuss


    • Joe

      my thoughts exactly

    • Verizon

      Hey Customers,
      ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
      ……….”…………. _.·´
      We Win

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  • AndrewScottRox

    Doesn’t this kind of defeat the purpose of getting a discount? 

  • As someone who works for them, this is absolute crap. I just read this in my program this morning and couldn’t believe it. Let’s do the same thing we did for the $2 fee and complain till they decide it’s not worth it.

    • Josh Groff

       $2/month for 18 months vs $30, they at least dropped the total cost $6. Assuming one always takes early upgrades.

      • JJ69Chev

        the early upgrade is gone, my wife has had he phone for 21 months, and its acting up talked to VZW in store and on phone, said best the can do is 30 days early..

        • Josh Groff

           Wow, lame. :/

      • FortitudineVincimus

        Dropped the cost $6? For who? You?

        I had no fee coming as I don’t pay on line.. so there is no $6 f**** savings, there is now a $30 fee.

  • OreoMan

    But I don’t use those services.  My family and friends all come to me for smartphone help.  Maybe I should be charging Verizon for doing their job when they misinform my family and friends!!

    • Josh Groff

       I have to charge T-mobile, I provide tech support for my family’s overpriced crap phones. (parents both have My Touch 3G’s, sister has a Wildfire…)

      They should have consulted me before buying new phones.

    • MattM1974

       I was thinking the same thing. I certainly don’t need those services. What a joke.

    • Jake

      If only. It should be like selling back electricity to the power company.

    • I think, more importantly, that it’s BS they are charging for services that should be complimentary. I never asked for “Wireless Workshops, online educational tools, and consultations with ‘experts'”.  

      • John Hall

        This all has to do with the iPhone. The iPhone makes people who have no business owning a smartphone want one. Then, subsequently, they need help to make use of this technology they don’t need in the first place. In order to make sure iPhone sales continue, Verizon capitulates.


      • QPHALO

        Especially because most of them don’t know what to do to fix a phone other than a battery pull.

    • angermeans

      It’s not Verizon’s fault your friends and family don’t know how to use Google to find a quick answer to their quetion(s). I understand being upsetbut Verizon offers more than enough solutions for people to learn their phones. Concerning misinformation, there’s no excuse for that. I don’t know the situation, or what was told to your friends and family that turned out incorrect, but as a smart consumer folks should spend time learning their product and the wireless services they use. Like I said there are endless amounts of support on the web and Verizon provides a lot of them as well. There really is no reason that someone this day in age shouldn’t be informed about their phone. Yes, I do think they could do a little better job like providing a direct link for customers to download the online user guide so they don’t have to search it out (hell, most don’t even know that there online user guides). All Im saying is that implying that Verizon should pay you (or anyone else for that matter) to help their customers is a joke (and yes I know you are kidding). What I mean is the person with the problem has the answer right in their hands and most do nothing to help that. Most want to complain when their android phone lags or restarts when more than likely they have never cleared the cache and have a million apps that they run from all different places. Most want to call and complain when they exceed their minutes when Verizon offers plenty of options to check their minutes at in less than 15 seconds. Most just want to complian and take no responsibility for their device that thy pay good money for. I hope you don’t feel like I am calling you out more just ranting about how people feel that wireless companies need to babysit their customers. No other industry has this problem. When you use to much electricity you dont call them to complain. If you buy a 2011 truck you don’t call and complain when the newer 2012 truck comes out in just a few months of release.

      Now after all this if there is still a problem one can call Verizon customer care (open 24hrs a day) to get help. I’ve been happy with Verizon. When I call someone picks up within a couple min. There is a reason that verizon has won so many JD power awards. Sure there are some bad reps that dont know what they are doing and that is the reason you shouldn’t take someone else word for something especially when you have the answer to any question in your front pocket. Some just need to take responsibility or they need to go back to a feature phone.

      • Elliot

        Thank you Verizon PR department

        • angermeans

          And thats better than whining about a change that every company in America has been doing for years? Verizon PR Department? Really? Did you think of that one all by yourself? All I’m saying is the whining that goes on whenever a change is made in the wireless world (which as we all know it full of giant revenue per unit, raising prices, and greed) does no one any good. On top of that people actually make the comment that they should be paid for helping their friends and family? If you don’t like it than your free to go to another provider, but Verizon is not much more than lowly Sprint or T-Mobile not to mention the difference between price is very little if one doesn’t need unlimited talk (which I for one haven’t needed in a decade). For people to want out of their contract because Verizon makes a change to the way they now do upgrades (which by the way never effected them as this policy just changed today) is ridiculous. Especially when the only reason a contract is signed is to subsidize the high cost of equipment. Why should you be let out of a contract for that? All I said was that people need to take responsibility and take a little time to educate themselves on the contract they are signing so they stop the belly aching every time a new change comes our way. 

          To the person above why would Verizon lower their prices just because you purchased a phone at full price that the OEM set not Verizon? Verizon makes their money off of the monthly plans that people pay not the equipment. Does one really have to explain that? Another thing is that Verizon’s pricing is competitive especially considering they have bar none the best coverage in both 3G and now 4G LTE coverage. The experience you get it hands down better than any other provider in America. If you want to call me Verizon PR (even though that is not even close to the point I am trying to make) then so be it, but the grumbling, wanting out of a contract that has in no way impacted you, the same change that every provider has been charging for years (ATT just raised theirs), complaining of the cost, and acting like your owed something on top of that is what I wrote to comment for. 

      • Elliot

        Not sure why my comment was deleted…  Thanks for the reply from the Verizon PR department.

      • tvjrc603

        really, guy?  

        look, we all know that car companies release new models every year – that’s how the system works.  if phone manufactures worked the same way, we would have no problem with it.  the problem is that companies like motorola release multiple devices with minimal, if any, changes in between, only months apart.  generally a car company has only one vehicle in a given class, right?  well, this would be like if ford released already had 4 different variations of a mid-size truck, and then they released a new one that was supposed to be “game changing” (bionic), then a few months later, released a much better built, nicer version of what the truck actually should have been (razr), then a month or so later, releases the exact same truck again, but with free 4 wheel drive (razr maxx.)  people would be pissed, and rightfully so.

        and now, verizon, which is already charging most of us outrageous amounts of money each month, wants to charge us, again, for a system most of us don’t use, just for the right to be locked into one of these crappy phones a few months before a better version comes out.

        so please, take your ridiculous, unabashed verizon servicing elsewhere…nobody here wants to hear it.

        • angermeans

          Hey I 100% agree with you and that is why I DONT buy Motorola and wont buy Motorola again. That is the nature of the beast and unfortunately what Android has become. It is a spec pissing contest that has greedy OEM companies releasing dozens of phones a year all with small updates and no intention of updating these phones in the future even if they happen to be plagued with bugs (Motorola is the worst). You took one thing I said and ran with it. My only point was that yes the industry is greedy and yes I am not happy about potentially paying $30 just to upgrade my phone, but ATT and Sprint have been doing it for years and complaining about Verizon customer service, wanting out of your 2 yr contract (that was not impacted by this charge in the slightest), and complaining about prices that they have agreed to when they bought their shiny new device is just about absurd dont you think? 

  • SpikedRed

     So basically, Verizon wants $30 every time someone buys a new phone at a
    discounted rate for the equivalent of saying, “Hello, IT. Yeah, HAVE

  • Greg Morgan

    “This fee will help us continue to provide customers with the level of service and support they have come to expect which includes Wireless Workshops, online educational tools, and consultations with experts who provide advice and guidance on devices that are more sophisticated than ever.” I’m pretty sure most of their clients know more then their reps do, so shouldn’t they be paying us $30?

    • Josh Groff

      Their reps know less than my friend that doesn’t even have a smartphone

      (to be fair he is a business/tech major in college and has access to a galaxy tab, but still.)

  • Jhickman78

    does anyone meaning any or the customers on Verizon use the 
     Wireless Workshops, online educational tools, and consultations  I never have just sounds like another way to squeeze mo money from customers I call shenanigans!!! 

    • “I’m gonna pistol whip the next person who says the word ‘shenanigans’!!”

      • Pmagent2013

        Super troopers to the rescue!

        • TrojanManXLT

          Meow they are in trouble…

  • I guess record profits are not enough to keep Big Red from nickel and dimeing us to death at every turn….if there was a better network out there, I would be gone….along with my five other lines…

    • BroRob

      How do you think they got those record profits? By being generous??

  • Grimlyte

    LOL. Awesome. What next?

  • This fee will help us continue to provide customers with the level of service and support they have come to expect which includes Wireless Workshops, online educational tools, and consultations ”

    Can I charge them for every customer I “helped” or gave advise to regarding their phone?  What if I don’t use those services?  

  • Alonso

    Dear Verizon,

    F**K YOU!!!!

  • WTF?!

  • Biobroly

    So what about the people who don’t use those stupid waste of time workshops? I don’t feel I should be inclined to pay for something I have never and will never use.

  • Knlegend1

    its already bad enough that existing costumers get no love when new products come out but now they want us to pay more? i really dont care but can i get a discount on a new device how about some verizon

  • Rawheat200

    What locking us in for two years isn’t enough anymore…this is bullsh!t!!

  • Spikedred

    So basically, Verizon wants $30 every time someone buys a new phone at a discounted rate for the equivalent of saying, “Hello, IT. Yeah, HAVE YOU TRIED TURNING IT OFF AND ON AGAIN?!” Yeah, 

    • Steve S

      OR they say, well are you sure your phone has been updated to the newest software?

      • EC8CH

        No, because my carrier drags their feet and makes me wait for months before pushing out updates.

        • Joel Huls

          they drag their feet because when they push it out early (Fascinate) it F’s up the phone.

          • PC_Tool


            My wife is still on Froyo on her Fascinate.  She refuses to upgrade after what it did to my son’s phone (who is now running AOKP on it).

      • Then you say I’m not sure my phone has been upgraded b/c you like to delay upgrades.

    • Negativerxn

      That’s a good show.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      Or how about.. “yes, we know it is 2012, but do you have another phone you can use so we can troubleshoot this one? No? Sorry, we cannot help you then. Call back when you do. Bye”

  • chris125

    They have always had upgrade fees damn people don’t get your panties in a bunch.

    •  Proof?

      • chris125

        Read your contract or look on their sote

    • sdcoiner76

      I have never been charged an upgrade fee. Nor has my wife and we have been using Verizion since the mid 90s.

    • Tyler Cameron

      I’ve been charged an activation fee. Once. and that was when I signed up. That’s expected. When I bought a SIM-free Thunderbolt, I went to a Verizon store and they gave & activated a SIM for me to use my Thunderbolt. When I upgraded to a Rezound, I simply swapped the SIM from my Thunderbolt to my Rezound. Then a week later I came back to them to exchange it for a Nexus and was charged a re-stocking fee, but was not charged for a micro-SIM activation.
      Verizon has never charged for upgrading, man. You’re delusional.

      • chris125

        Actually they have and do and you reven said you got charged. Most of the times rep can and will over ride it but the fee is still there. You’re the delusional one

    • dk81

      Your an idiot.

  • garbagedick

    Charge a fee to use the workshops, don’t charge everyone since 90% of us wont use them anyways

  • Rakoskjc

    what if you buy it at bestbuy? maybe they should fire some of the useless employess that work there instead of porking us. 

  • So, instead of a $50 credit for “new every 2” you pay an upgrade fee. 

    And here I thought they cared about their current customers…

    • Tyler Cameron

      New Every Two was killed last year. Existing customers who had a remaining New Every Two discount may use it one last time, but it only applies to corporate stores and Verizon online store.

      • I think he means going forward.

      • JSK

        Indirects can still use them too.

      • Matthew

        And premium retailers, you won’t get the discounts at like Radio Shack or Best Buy though.

    • Josh Groff

       They could care less until you’re at another store ready to port your number. Then they’re willing to make it all better. 😉

      • FortitudineVincimus

        “couldn’t care less” the phrase is “couldn’t care less”

        If it was “They could care less” that means they could care less than they do but the goal is to say they care so little they “couldn’t care less” than they do now.

        Get it?

        • tehserver

          Thank you for knowing and understanding the caring continuum.

          • shdowman

             It’s English M.F.. Do you speak it??

        • tvjrc603

          so, it would be, “i couldn’t possibly care a single shred less than i already do about your pedantic grammar corrections?”  


          • Robsbot

            Indeed, shallow and pedantic.

            Just like Lois’ meat loaf.

          • tvjrc603

            Indeed, good sir.

  • greed greed greed.  it isn’t enough they’re already the most expensive carrier around, they just have to keep finding new ways ti milk us for every last cent.  nice move in this economy.

  • Honestly Who has been to a workshop?!?!

    • EC8CH

      Name’s Norm Abrams…

      The New Yankee Workshop son!

    • Joel Huls

      old people

      • EC8CH


  • realfoxm

    If we weren’t happy with the $2 convenience fee, do they really think this will fly?

  • dannyheer

    seriously?? man they are thirsty

  • NO

  • Aadraws

    “Thank you for being a loyal customer, so we’re going to charge you more.”

  • Skant153

    so i’m guessing there will be some major phone release on the 26th

    • Heh good thinking.

      • b00sted

         prob the white gnex that my wife has me waiting to get for her -_-

        • Skant153

          or the droid fighter which is rumored to be coming out then.. get DL can we get any more info on that? what are the odds its going to change names to the RAZR2 at launch?

          • FortitudineVincimus

            Nope, sorry, it is a green RAZR.. thats the big new launch

        • hkklife

          White GNex, 16Gb GNex, Incredible 4G, maybe the Droid Fighter.

          Remember last summer when there was a huge rush to lock in a grandfathered unlimited plan? Yet they had no worthwhile phones to offer…the Inc2 , DX2, Thunderbolt and Droid Charge were the cream of the crop for someone wanting to upgrade before unlimited data went away for good. Then, within weeks of going to tiered data plans, we had the Droid 3, Bionic etc.

  • That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of. Just discount it less and avoid pissing off thousands of people

    • mustbepbs

      So raising phone prices is better than a fee? How does that make sense? They’re both bad!

      • Berkeley

        Clearly not but discounting less is much less likely to upset people. 

        • mustbepbs

          Not me. $300 is enough for a f***ing cell phone, pretty sure people aren’t going to be happy with $330.

  • Sara Rosensteel

    So… I get charged MORE for being a loyal customer? Makes no sense, VZW, no sense at all.

    • 4n1m4L

      obviously they think they can continue to operate without repeat customers.

      • PC_Tool

         Where ya gonna go?

        No, really.  They’ve got you by the balls, sport.  They all do it.  It’s astounding they haven’t been sued into the ground for price-fixing and collusion yet.

        • dk81

          Where ya gonna go?

          exactly, their all pretty much the same at the end of the day and verizon has the best network, no where to go to and they know it

    • LiterofCola

      I agree, it is BS.  But if I’m not mistaken I think AT&T does this as well.  Not that it justifies it at all, but it doesn’t look like big red is the only one pulling this crap

    • Josh Groff

      Could always threaten to switch unless they waive the fee. Carriers get pretty ancy when you’re in another store ready to port your number(or at least say you are.)

      • If you are not grandfathered into the unlimited plan, you have nothing to lose to port your number to Google Voice, then cancel your contract and subscribe to a new plan.

      • Joel Huls

        Well you could do that, but if you switch you will have to pay their activation fees anyways.

        • brandie renae

           when I signed up with Tmobile, I didn’t have to pay an activation fee.

    • Loyalty…NOT!

      Was thinking the same damn thing!  Loyalty doesn’t get you no where anymore!  I have an upgrade on one of my 5 lines coming up.  Maybe, I should start pushing these phones off to another service…. or we try to convince (lol) those that are after upgrades to hold off.  Maybe the manufacturers will put up a stink once phone sales go down.

    • brandie renae

       Which is why I dropped them 3 years ago.

  • Asuriyan

    Now if they hired some experts and started providing real advice, this move might actually be justified.

    When I was on ATT my academic affiliation protected me from nonsense like this. If that doesn’t hold true I might be looking at new carriers in a few months.

  • I”ll be leaning on Droid Life even more to point out the right phones to purchase in the future. 

  • chudilo

    There already is a $30 Activation fee.

    • cucabueno

      That’s for new customers. That can usually be waved if the new line and phone are activated by a third party seller like Diamond Wireless. Now I’m wondering if they’ll pay for the $30 for all renewing contracts as well…

  • Rob

    Only difference (unless it’s changed) is that Sprint allowed the primary line to upgrade without a fee whereas any other phones would require the fee.

    I just assumed Verizon already charged this.

  • Benjamin Landwehr

    Yeah, because Verizons services are usually just so much help. This is stupid.

  • ModestMuse

    “This fee will … provide … Wireless Workshops, online educational tools, and consultations with experts.”

    If we don’t need, and are not interested in any of that crap, can we opt out of the fee??

    • RadicalPie

      How many people actually go to that stuff?

      • Just about everyone who isn’t a teenage or a tech enthusiast. Old and stupid people still exist, and they always will.

        • GotSka81

          Then charge those people, not everyone.  If they really just wanted to continue to provide those services, then they would be available to those who want them at a cost rather than blanketing a fee across all customers.  Yes, Stupid and old people will always exist.  That’s why it should continue to be expensive to be stupid…and lets me honest, how many old folks do you know with a smartphone vs how many you know who have had the same dependable flip phone for 12 years?

          • That’s just it. This fee really doesn’t go to those services exclusively. It’s a line of bull to just charge more to everyone.

          • EC8CH

            “On April 22, Verizon Wireless is implementing a $30 upgrade fee for existing customers purchasing new mobile equipment at a discounted price with a two-year contract. This fee will help us…

            Make more money….

            Cause we like money….

            Now give us more of your money.”

      • Josh Groff

        I’m going to go to all of them just to make it worth it. I’d like to see a VZW rep stumble through telling me how to run my Bionic with ICS.

  • Mike

    hello pre paid!

  • Good thing I’m sticking with the Nexus for a while…

  • dcyamaha

    nickel and dime us to death.

    how about just up the montly price to around $31.50. This back door approach to our wallets is what drives people insane.

  • So let’s start a shitstorm and get them to stop this.

    Get posting people, someone get this on Reddit.

  • Raloc

    Why wouldn’t they just raise the upgrade price of the phones themselves??? This just seems like a sleezey thing to do

    • pball_inuyasha

       probably because people would notice that extra amount more than some random 30$ charge on the 3ft long receipt you get when buying phones.

  • MudRacer

    This is nonsense. I dont need their training material.