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Starting April 22 Verizon Will Charge $30 Upgrade Fee When Existing Customers Buy New Phones at a Discounted Rate


Well, we got rid of that ridiculous $2 monthly fee that Verizon wanted to charge you for paying your bill online, but they have decided to kick off an “upgrade fee” in its place. Starting April 22, you will have to pay a $30 “upgrade fee” when purchasing a new phone at a discounted rate on contract. So when you pay $199 for that shiny new white DROID RAZR, but lock in for 2 years, you will also pay an additional $30.

Here is the reasoning behind this move:

On April 22, Verizon Wireless is implementing a $30 upgrade fee for existing customers purchasing new mobile equipment at a discounted price with a two-year contract. This fee will help us continue to provide customers with the level of service and support they have come to expect which includes Wireless Workshops, online educational tools, and consultations with experts who provide advice and guidance on devices that are more sophisticated than ever.

From what we can tell, Sprint and AT&T each charge $36 as an upgrade fee to their customers.

We have full details about the fee here.

Via:  Verizon

  • SolipsisticPsychologist

    Wow, I benefit from none of the reasons listed for them tacking on even more money. Not that I would for one second believe these to be valid, honest reasons for draining even more money than they already currently do though. But the getting help from Verizon “experts”, is easily the most hilarious part of their statement. The sales people in the store are as knowledgeable as a toddler, and they treat you akin to the sleazy feeling you get when talking to a used car salesman. They don’t do their homework and purely care about commission only. I know, I just had to go through quite an ordeal, and out of the three places I visited, every associate that “helped” me, told me lies about the phones and one even tried to sell me a home phone when I clearly stated I only needed a cell phone for work. Commission isn’t a motivator as much as it is a corruptor.

    And if you want to easily spot the shills in these comments, it will easy, anyone who thinks this is anything other than pure greed and is complete crap, well say hello to a Verizon plant or someone that has something to gain from this. I would also say that if you disagree with this, you should absolutely so buying anything from Verizon after they implement this. If they had done this before I just got my new phone, well I would have gone back to a dumb phone in a heartbeat. You may say, well it’s just $30. But where the f**k does it end? You let them slide with overcharging us another $30 this time, it makes it that much easier to tack on another $10, $20, or even another $30 after this one, a month from now, six months from now. And you know they won’t quit. The people who come up with these new quick cash grabs, have no real sense of money and what it means to the average person. These policy makers are millionaires or even billionaires, this is just a stat on a financial report to them. But that extra $30 they swindle can mean a whole lot more to you and I. True, smartphones are a luxury, and not a true need in life. But that doesn’t mean you have to get bent over and take it up the butt, every time one of these bastards wants to go on vacation. I mean just look at the reasons for the charge given, and ask yourself if it makes sense or if you’ve even remotely benefited from that garbage? I know I haven’t in the slightest.

    Well, you all saw what happened when they tried to swindle $2 from us for something stupid. I sincerely hope people won’t sit back and remain docile like automatons, when we’re talking about an $30 on top of the bloated, already insane price you pay for the discounted phone. That is unless anyone still can possibly believe it costs Verizon $600 to buy these smartphones, and they sure are cutting you a deal at that discounted price. Yeah, I would guess they pay under $60 per phone, and that is probably guessing too high. This is just pure greed once again, and I hope everyone will flock to every board and Verizon website on the net, and let them know we won’t take these greed tactics.

  • Shockerfred

    So if this “upgrade” fee doesn’t apply to new customers, I should let all 4 lines on my family plan expire, end my contract, become a “new” customer, thereby saving myself $120 in “upgrade” fees? Not to mention the incentives that “new” customers get on phone pricing…

    • Phoneman67

      But you will lose your  cell number unless you port to other carrier.  And if you have unlimited data as i do you will lose that to.

  • willej

    Wow my friends its not just about a fees to teach about phones but it a fee to help improve Verizons Network, Vzw continue to provide us with the most reliable service that is available. Vzw has the largest 4g network available and they still are gradually improving their network so they need all the revenue, to provide you with excel service. Think about like this vzw is the Mercedes or Cadillac of the cell phone business, we don’t complain when we have the best. Appreciate because the other companies already have the fees and they have been having them for years

    • SolipsisticPsychologist

      See my point about easily being able to spot the shills. As exampled in the post above.

  • what if I buy it through amazon? can someone plz answer me? I need to know asap 

  • Lane Wollenweber

    Sign the petition against this fee. It worked for that BS $2 online payment fee the verizon ended up not implementing.

    Join the fight against this ‘upgrade’ fee here:


    or here:


    or here:


    Better yet, sign all three

  • Billy McGee

    Can this be used as a way to get out of our contract with Verizon without ETF fees? I live in an area that SHOULD get great coverage according to Verizon yet we have the worst service, and I cannot even establish a 4G signal on my Galaxy Nexus for over 2 minutes. We have been having nothing but problems with them lately and they can’t seem to fix it. They also won’t let us out of the contract without a $350 charge on both lines. 

  • As much as VZ are price gouging scumbags how many of you are actually going to leave the network…..none?

  • This is dumb. I already pay a higher price as an existing customer to upgrade my phone. New customers usually get a better price on a phone. That happened to me when I upgraded to the Galaxy Nexus. Maybe I’ll have to switch over to a different carrier first if I want to upgrade. Then we’ll see if I come back to VZ.

  • Djsquid10

    Well why not go to best buy and buy your new phone?

  • Artalbec

    well this will just be another reason to stick with a low cost smartphone provider. If location service is stable why pay these ridculus prices and fees. Metro, and Boost take care of my needs.

  • “We’re discounting this $199 phone to $50 since you’re renewing with us… now $30 please.”

    I’m not sure if it’s a marketing success or failure to not just reduce the phone discounts to accomplish the same ends but it seems silly to me.

  • djembeman

    Dude! Really?!?!?? I thought they wanted us to buy a new phone every two years. How can they charge an upgrade fee when you are supposed to get an upgrade discount! This is about stupidest thing I’ve heard of. I wonder if people will even blink an eye when this happens to them at the store. Most won’t! And that’s how crap like this will work for them.

  • QtDL

    Does this fee only apply to purchases made at VZW corporate stores or all stores/websites that sell VZW phones?

  • Wyatte3

    They have been charging a $20 fee to upgrade after 1 year and they give you a $20 discount when upgrading after 18 months on contract.  Which situation does the fee effect? 

  • Counsel Dew

    I’ve never been charged a fee before… Robbery since the discount price is ‘in’ the monthly fee for them to recoup the price.

  • Here’s an idea verizon, instead of giving us “Wireless Workshops, online educational tools, and consultations with experts who provide advice and guidance” that we didn’t as for you educate your own tech support instead because as is they are completely useless for anything more than doing a factory reset.

  • Really seems like it should be illegal to put $199 on the sticker and really mean $229. Every subsidized $199 will necessarily have the $30 fee, and so they could have just updated the sticker.

    I guess this way they get $30 from retailers for every subsidized phone they sell too. Amazon Wireless selling a $0.01 phone that Verizon is selling for $99? Well, not really, because you’ll have to pay $30.01 through Amazon Wireless too. 

  • Guest Email

    Would be nice if we could opt out of the “smart phones for dummies” options of workshops, tools and consultations, and avoid the fee…

  • feztheforeigner

    What complete BS to try and nickel and dime us to death some more! Google does all of this free and better! If I would like to use your services I will gladly pay you with the pigs that started falling out of the double-rainbow filled sky!



  • Dabruise

    Googles slogan is “dont be evil”.  verizon’s should be ” Be Evil”


    I am willing to bet if you are doing your up grade and they bring that up…all you have to say is,”I’m not.paying a $30 fee, I will switch companies”. If delivered well you’ll get out of it.


      I never pay fees like that, EVER. They always say,” I’ll see what I can do”. Then they come back acting like they pulled some strings & say look we can do it thus time. All the while in my head I’m like you do this every time

  • Azndan4

    Dick move Verizon.

  • El Mexicano

    At one location, I went to they wanted a $3 convenience fee in order to pay my bill in cash

    • QtDL

       Don’t they realize that when customers pay cash they are actually saving money by not having those credit card fees??

  • Meh

    Guess I can move on when my contract is up then – way to ‘keep loyal customers,’ you dogs..

  • Is this just if you buy directly from VZW?  Or does this fee apply to wireless.amazon.com as well?

    • ozo012

      $30 is added to your next bill.

  • richardsonadm

    $30!? Then unlock our bootloaders. I’d be willing to pay $30 for an unlocked bootloader. But not for a $300 phone.

    • SolipsisticPsychologist

      Yeah, two wrongs don’t make right ever. But in this case, I’m going to go against my principles, root my phone, and make sure I stick it to them every possible way I can. I honestly won’t probably, but it just gets so tiring when companies view you as nothing more than a cash cow, that they continually try to milk more and more money from, even to the point of drying up the cow, then just move on to the next oblivious cow.

  • If the fee is still there in the two years or so when I replace my GNex, I’ll pretend I didn’t know it existed and then proceed to fling the desk clerk through a display kiosk of Droid X 7’s.

    • jayman1576

      eloquently put sir +1

  • angermeans

    This is nothing different than ATT and Sprint do. It’s not cool, but it’s no different.

    • SolipsisticPsychologist

      Actually, the fact that Verizon didn’t formerly do this like the other pimps, does indeed make this different! Not to mention that the devils advocate, level playing field, you try to portray doesn’t even exist considering the other carriers don’t charge the same amount for top tier phones, with the addition of the $30. So I am not sure who you are trying to placate with this “oh well, everyone does something sleazy, so we should just sit back and take it”. It’s that kind of automation mentality that let’s companies get away with doing crap like this in the first place, because they know a large portion will just roll over and take it up the @ss, because complacency is always easier than speaking out against greed. But people used the tools available last time when they tried to charge a $2 “convenience” fee, and got it shot down. So I’m really hoping enough people will sign those petitions this time and start a justifiable uproar about this bogus charge.

      Maybe you have something to gain from this, because you keep defending Verizon in every other post.

  • “This fee will help us continue to provide customers with the level of service and support they have come to expect which includes Wireless Workshops, online educational tools, and consultations with experts…” Can I opt out of these services and keep my $30?

  • wpscompute

    So they give you a $50 discount when you upgrade and charge you $30 for the upgrade, why can’t they just say they are reducing the discount to $20?

    • Silveruberxeno

      No more upgrade discounts. That ended in March. Once outstanding credits are used, they’re done

  • This is the prob. with public companies.  They MUST improve every quarter else their stock is in the toilet and the executives can’t maintain or improve their wealth.  So we end up with bogus fees to bring the bottom line up.  This has Bank of America written all over it.
    How about adding services with value that we are eager to pay for Verizon?  Maybe we should all give Verizon reps. a call just to chat and waste their time like they want to waste our money?  Ask them lots and lots of stupid questions and act like we just don’t understand what they are talking about.  I for one register my devices online so having to pay $ for that privilege is BS.  I SPECIFICALLY did not go iPhone on AT&T back in the day because they had a BS activation fee.

    All I can say is…. LAME

  • Mashardy

    People should do with Verizon exactly what people did with Bank of America when they wanted to charge their own customers a $5 monthly fee for using check cards to withdraw money from their own accounts!!!