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Not a Fan of Verizon’s New Upgrade Fee? There are Already a Handful of Petitions for That

Ahhh yes, petitions. Company A changes a policy or initiates a new fee – Consumer A, B, C, and D all start new petitions to try to stop it. Not that there is a problem with that, but it happens like clockwork each and every time. As is the case with Verizon’s new $30 upgrade fee that almost all of you are not fans of. Within minutes of the first reports of this fee, our inbox was hit up with a handful of petitions from Change.org with one purpose, to get it stopped. Hey, it helped with the $2 service charge, why not with this? OK, let’s be honest – since every other carrier already does this, it would be hard to win this battle, but that shouldn’t stop you from voicing your opinions.

Maybe we can get these petitioners to come together under one roof? [Full details about the $30 fee.]

Petitions:  Here | Here | Here

  • Rogershm

    I personally will do without a phone before I allow this abuse to take place.  I have lived most of my life without a cell phone and will be just fine without one.  Actually the thought of not paying over $200.00 a month for phones that are actually just for conveince sounds great.  All I need is one to charge up for 911 service.  Seriously, that is all we really need.  Our society has us believing that we cannot live without cell phones.  Actually, we cannot live with these companies that unfairly nickle and dime us.  It is our turn to be in control and boycott this charge. 

  • Brdwalls

    how is a free phone free with a $30 “upgrade” fee?

  • Kathleen_johnson

    I switched from AT&T to Verizon because they told me if I didn’t like the phone, I HAD to return to the store where I bought which would not have been possible. The upgrade fee is a far better reason to try another carrier. Costco will refund the activation fee if you change to any other carrier.

  • NoVZ

    Verizon is milking the crap out of all of us!  They make a ton of money and claim they need more.  I am going to AT&T

  • unsatisfied

    i got a replacement phone directly from verizon and was missing the back to the phone… now i have to pay for a new phone because they sent the wrong back and will not send a new one… verizon wants to keep customers but wants the customer to pay for everything… not looking like i will be a returning customer… dont need any extras with the way the economy is going…i wont be able to live let alone have “extras”… life sucks any more!

  • A5effect

    Verizon is the only carrier currently not doing this. We should be thankful they took this long to initiate this. Usually they would be the first to lead on things like this.

  • DesiD92

    I think we shouldn’t have to pay this considering the number of data drops Verizon has experienced this year, as well as the before mentioned fact that Verizon’s phone are more expensive than its competitors.

  • Equestrian_colt

     Hey Smellyfeet I suppose you work for verizon defending this B.S. If you put it all out they are charging every person $65- over $100 for air. Air is freee. They are already ripping the public off. They just want more money so all employees can live in mansions and drive Porsche’s. The money they are already ripping off just cover the higher management. The employees are bitching they want more so they have to come up with some ridiculous B.S  to take more from the people. Hell dumbass have you ever really looked at the actual cost to make a phone try about $5.00 thats and they sale them for $600 plus. the people have a right to be pissed when they are attempting to bend us over again.

    • Noemailhere

      You probably should know what you are talking about before making such statements.  Most of your statement here is just so funny.  And to boot, you have the gall to call someone else a dumbass…..haha.

  • KingZul

    Does this also apply to when you’re upgrading via Best Buy and other retailers or just through Verizon directly (in-store, online, etc)?


  • LOL
  • smellyfeet

    everyone charges an upgrade fee.  stop whining.  you people need to get laid.

    • LOL

       You are getting laid by verizon, bending over and taking it from behind.  They continue to take away from us, charge us more.  You like dishing out more money for wasteful things that you will never use?

    • Rogershm

      Then you wont mind paying any amount they impose on you then, right?  Whining?  I think not!  The economy is soooo bad and people cannot afford these nickle and diming schemes.  Verizon will have to learn the hard way with me.  I will not be renewing any phones. 

  • Equestrian_colt

    My biggest issue is these phone company’s are pulling in billions of dollars of absolutely free money. All we are paying for and they are charging us for is air. Last time I checked air is free. 

  • cj

    Everyone needs to stop crying…people have no clue about the cell phone business…how about we have no contracts and every phone will cost between $430-$730…would that be better?

    • LOL

       They recoup the money to pay for the phone in a few months of service and then have you on ball and chain for another 1 1/2 years of nearly $80-100 payments, so they are making mad money off you.  Delusional people who will bend over and take it are same as the sheep who let the govt take away their rights.

    • Yes.

  • LOL

    Also you people need to NOT buy phones without changable batteries.  The companies are doing this out of greed.

    • iamme

      you can easily change the battery of a droid razr or iPhone look it up

      • LOL

        They are doing this to screw the avg customer who doesnt know diddly squat about phones and to ruin resale values.

  • haha verizons FB is getting Hammered

    • LOL

       Keep it up for months.  They hate it when people complain on social media sites, hit their tweeter too if they have one.

  • Havoc70

    Verizon already charges up the wazuu more than any provider out there so who gives a rats (_)_) if their Upgrade cost is lower?  

  • Serpico

    Can we get just one petition going – join forces? Does everything Android have to be fragmented (smirk)?


    …. but I would like to see a single united petition.

  • Jvmikol

    This is horible of Verizon. They are trying every which way to charge more. They are insulting to customers. We should all goto a regional carrier like Rebal wirless.

  • Tip: If you already have a limited-data plan, let it run its full term, then port your number over to Google Voice (ending your contract with Verizon, but keeping your number). Then port it back to Verizon when you start a new limited-data plan.

    No upgrade. No upgrade fee.

    • 2 problems, for one you get an upgrade at 20 months and the contract doesn’t end until 4 months later.  So, you’d have to wait 4 more months to get an upgrade.  Secondly, who in their right mind is going to go through all that trouble to save $30.  All you’d have to do is call customer service and threaten to leave and I’m sure they would gladly waive the $30 fee.

      • Aside from waiting until 24 months, I don’t think it’s much trouble. It’s pretty easy to port to GV. The real problem is that there is a $35 activation fee. So they get at least $30 from you either way, and you’re better off upgrading.

        I don’t think threatening to leave is going to get you much. Years ago, my wife tried to get a feature phone without the $10/month required limited data plan at that time. She was told by several Verizon reps that not being a smartphone user, they really weren’t competing for her business, and she was welcome to go elsewhere. They would be doing _her_ a favor by letting her do business with them.

        Now that smartphones are so common and Verizon has the biggest LTE network and most reliable 3G network, one smartphone user (who is grandfathered into an unlimited plan) is not going to have enough leverage.

        Instead, expect to see periodic upgrade fee holidays in lieu of sales…

  • darat532

    Here are my issues with the fee:
    Verizon has been one of the slowest carriers in letting the updates come to our Android devices. They load OUR devices with tons of BS CRAPWARE that we can’t get rid of.

    They are the absolute most expensive of the carriers to use.

    As for expert advice online I sure don’t know about that. I had to reorder a battery and cover for my Droid X 4 times because the person on the other end of the line at Verizon was a Moron and didn’t know how to order the item by the part #.

    My 4G LTE coverage in the KC area is very unreliable and I have actually stuck with using my Droid 3 for business because the 3G coverage is more reliable.

    I may seriously tell Verizon to stick the 5 phones I have on contract and my Xoom tablet (which still doesn’t have the 4.0 update on it yet) where the sun doesn’t shine and never use their service again.

    • Noemailhere

      more bandwidth for me.

  • your mama

    Save 1.50 a month for 20 months, when your at 20months you will have 30$ w/o hurting your wallet. ty and quit crying you cheap azzes

  • Travis H

    “honestly just liked your page purely to post about this $30 upgrade charge B******t. I’ve been using your service since i got my first phone some would call me a very loyal customer. As of late there have been some things that are challenging that status of loyalty(locking down my phone[bionic]and changing the new every two program) if something isn’t fixed here and fast you WILL lose my families loyalty for good. ps treat your most loyal customers with care they’ll pay for them selves in the long run!” just posted that on Verizon Wireless’s Facebook page, go like it to see if it will do anything. http://goo.gl/b237q

    • Nitemare15

       They are deleting posts relating to the Upgrade Fee. I’ve already tried to.

      • Travis H

        they havent deleted mine yet…

        • Nitemare15

           Did you post it to facebook.com/verizon or did you post it to one of the stores in your areas local pages?

  • Sp4rxx

    It’s not so much that they’re just doing it – it’s how they market WHY they are doing it.  Most of us (from what I’ve skimmed over the last few hours) don’t even use the services they are claiming we use – if they simply said something to the effect of “we are doing this because others are,” that would make MORE sense …. to blanket it with BS is simply absurd.

    • Nitemare15

       It would make more sense, but it is still horseshit for them to charge a service that only a VERY small number of people use. I work for AT&T Customer Care and ask me how often I waive that Upgrade Fee. Actually, I’ll just tell you. I waive it every time a customer calls in. No one should be charged just to upgrade. I’m already signing onto a two year contract at a ridiculously jacked up price.

  • Awfredricks

    I really don’t curr. I just wanna know if this means that I can get out of my contract fee free.

    • Tim242

      No. Upgrading your device is optional. Nobody is forcing the fee on you. Besides, every other carrier charges the fee…$6 more even.

  • RW-1

    Totally Sad. If they wanted to charge this fee, it could be on a per customer basis. As simple as that.

    There are those out there who may want to watch the VZ agent struggle to find a SD card slot to load one into a GNEX for example …

    VZ: If you are going to charge us for the traingin you provide to so called “”Experts” then those “Experts” better know my phone (in my case) as well or better than I do when I go to it, otherwise that fee WILL be removed from by bill.

    You can’t justify it if I’m not availing myself of said services. This is likely arguable right at the store, or you’ll get to CS on the phone (BTW, in each case where I’ve been told in store that I have to call, the answer is “What, is YOUR phone broken? Get on it!” to have it removed.

  • Tyler Cameron

    The fee would only apply to those who pay for phones AT SUBSIDIZED PRICES. Doesn’t apply to you at all.

  • Meh,  additional $30 every 2 years or so?  No biggie….

    • Tyler Cameron

      Yeah, but what about upgrading the whole family? 30 x2 = 60. Ok, that’s.. almost reasonable. 4×30 = 120 and beyond its just ridiculous..

      • good point. Possible solution:

        1-Pay for wife 
        2-Make kids pay for their own upgrades (if kids are too young for job, then they are too young for top tier device)

  • Wbwiggy

    Sorry… they just found another way to make money on existing accounts. Apparently they need to do this because they aren’t getting enough new business? So, they go after loyal customers. (Frankly, I don’t care if AT&T and Sprint do this… I am not on THEIR plans.)

  • Ragg

    When is it going to be enough? Everybody’s trying to nickel and dime the consumer for every single penny. Gas price is going up, grocery going up, salaries and hourly rate going down, but Verizon and every other companies that made a profit last year are still bleeding the consumer. There is a revolution coming, and the greedy folks will be the victims this time.

    • Rogershm

      You have the exact right term, “GREED”

  • ksat

    You know – Verizon really marketed themselves into this one!  They should have simply increased the price of the phones to compensate for the additional fee instead of advertising and further trying to justify yet another fee for normal services.  

    Better yet – start charging folks to backup and migrate their data….Seems ridiculous to punish those that never use the services.  

    • Tyler Cameron

      Stores already do that.
      If I buy a phone from store a, and go to store b because their phone prices are cheaper, but they don’t transfer contacts (and I’m too stupid to use Google Account) and end up going back to store a for contact transfer, they’ll most likely charge me $15-$25

    • Tim242

      Their LTE phones are already $100 more than other carriers.

  • Hyper67584

    Verizon needs to understand that to consumers of their service they already feel like they are paying that fee because out of all the providers VZW is the highest in price over all of them!!


    • Tim242

      I pay less on Verizon for my 3 lines, than I did on Sprint. Single lines may be a bit less on Sprint, multiple lines are not. Att mirrors Verizon plan pricing. Their upgrade fee is $6 more.

  • Liderc

    Just post on their facebook page about how stupid it is.  Last time with the $2 fee it was f*cking hilarious to see every post they make completely hounded by people screaming about the fee.  If it’s one thing companies hate, it’s interfering with their social media.  I swear, screwing with a companies facebook page is a great way for customers to get what they want.

    • Tim242

      No, it is not. Stomping around like a spoiled child is stupid. It will not change a thing. They backed out of the $2 fee because of the FCC, not you brats.

      • Nitemare15

         Yes because us “brats” stirred up a shitstorm and got the FCC’s attention. Go die in a ditch.

      • Liderc

        And why do you think the FCC even became aware of the fee?
        Because of the people who made a big deal out of it online….

        Sorry, you’re wrong.

        • Tim242

          Do you really think the FCC acts based on whiny customers? They’d be constantly involved, if that were the case.

          • Liderc

            They act when the media picks up masses complaining about a ridiculous fee.  Look I didn’t say a word about the stupid fee, $2 doesn’t bother me a bit, neither does $30.  But these things do force others to act when they become big enough. 

            You can believe it or not, but I assure you that you don’t know everything, despite what you think. 

      • Matthew Rosidivito

        You’re so angry…

        • Tim242

          I’m not angry haha I don’t mind upgrade fees.

      • Ken_P_619

         I’m sure this is what Verizon has brainwashed you to think.  I have probably been with Verizon longer than you have worked for them…and please don’t tell me that bad press does not cause a company to change their policies.  There are larger companies than Verizon that have tried to implement “misc. fees” and after an uproar, it was removed.

        • Tim242

          So, because I don’t act like a child, I’m brainwashed? Haha. I don’t work for Verizon. No amount of foot stomping stopped Sprint and att from doubling their upgrade fee from $18-$36. It won’t stop Verizon either.

          • Ken_P_619

            I’m not sure what acting like a child has to do with being brainwashed. They are not related, so don’t try to twist words around.  You seeming to believe that nothing will change this fee is what makes you seem brainwashed. To think that there is absolutely no way to make a company understand the concern of a customer which could lead to a change in policy is what makes you seem brainwashed.  And keep in mind that even through Sprint and AT&T implemented these fees, doesn’t mean Verizon needs to go down the same path.  Verizon is the largest company out of all 3 of these networks, so obviously their profit margin is higher than their 2 competitors. Given that they are currently the most successful means that they currently have most of the market share…to put it in simple terms, they make more money, so they can live without charging this fee. Just because the other 2 companies implemented a policy to gain more money, doesn’t mean Verizon has to follow.  They will if they don’t care about their customers and only care about their bottom line, but don’t tell me that there is no way around it.

          • Tim242

            Actually, Verizon has recorded losses over the last few quarters, due to the iPhone. Btw, att is not much smaller than Verizon. 108 million vs 103 million.

          • Ken_P_619

            Verizon recorded a loss in Q4 of 2011 due to some re-evaluation of pension along with the fact that the iphone is sold with negative equity…but what you failed to mention is that Verizon increased their total revenue last year by 11%, with a total of $70.2 Billion in revenue…all done without an upgrade fee.

            The bigger issue here is, if the iphone is really the reason why they are needing to charge this $30 fee…why not just increase the cost of the iphone by $30? Why does one rotten APPLE, spoil the bunch?

          • Tim242

            Unfortunately, Verizon can’t change the price of the iPhone. Rotten APPLE controls that.

          • Ken_P_619

            Right, but Verizon can treat the problem by charging those causing the problem. An extra $30 apple fee for buying apple products, a $30 sign up fee for using their workshops and “other services”…if that truly is the problem, attack the problem. Why do I have to pay $30 if my phone actually makes Verizon money, I don’t use their workshops? There really is no reason for a blanket “upgrade” fee.

          • Brdwalls

            Sprint and ATT dont’ have 100M customers either……they are hanging on for their lives in the cell biz. VZN rules the air.

          • Tim242

            What? at&t has 101 million customers, Verizon has 108 million. Sprint has 55 million.

  • BroRob

    This is all bull man! Making us pay for stuff and then charging us more. Plus, THEY TOOK OUR JOBS! 

    • Wbwiggy

      Hilarious… somebody had to work in a reference to South Park.

    • TomAce7


  • Rick

    Funny I dont use the things the fee is for…sounds like Obamacare for phones

    • Ken_P_619

       Not that I totally agree with Obamacare, but I’m sure you know the difference between a cell phone and people dying right?

      • Rick

        yes if my phone gets sick there wont be a death panel but under Obamacare me being only human and elderly will be told to take a pill for that heart condition requiring a pacemaker…

        • Ken_P_619

          whoa…sounds like you are in the wrong forum buddy.  The Tea Party forum is a totally different website…here we talk about cellphones.

          • KleenDroid

            What’s the difference? I’m sure many here are Republicans since many Democrats don’t get free phones from the government.:) Cheese yes… cellphones no.

        • stupidllama


        • Ken_P_619


          For 2009, “death panel” was named as PolitiFact’s “Lie of the Year”, one of FactCheck’s “whoppers”, and the most outrageous term by the American Dialect Society.

          • KleenDroid

            Death panels were just nonsense. But I do look forward to getting Obamacare repealed. The solution to the soaring healthcare costs is to not provide free care for the uninsured. Its not fair that I pay almost $1000 a month for health insurance and get almost nothing out of it while the uninsured get better care for free.

        • MrWolf

          Is your last name Santorum?

        • ostensibly001

           lol deathpanel.

  • wastry

    Online petitions are a waste of time.


    For those of small minds who point to SOPA/PIPA, VZW $2 fee, etc – the national media picked those up; they were taken away due to national outrage, not a bunch of android nerds whining on the internet

    • The national media picked up on them because of the outcry on Twitter and online petitions. If people hadn’t reacted online, the media wouldn’t have reacted either.

    • Liderc

      The only reason the media picked it up was because so many people were complaining about it online.

    • Tyler Cameron

      during the SOPA/PIPA debacle, I heard NO PEEP whatsoever from the news media on my TV. You know why? Because the people lobbying for it were the same people who owned the news companies. No one knew or cared about SOPA/PIPA until the blackout day, the day people realized what was at stake.

  • Alprazolam

    I think VZW would have been better off to just say we’re charging just because. Their reasoning is so ridiculous that it insutls and infuriates all of us who have half a clue about cell phones. 

  • Ken_P_619

    Wait for it….”angermeans” is going to show up and talk about how this fee is really the consumers fault if you think about it.

  • Rollercoasterguy

    Only Verizon can a phone be advertised as $199, and cost $265. (30$ plus activation fees.)

    • Tyler Cameron

      Verizon never charges for activation unless you’re setting up a new line altogether. Which I’m fine with.

      • Rogershm

        Why would you be fine paying an upgrade fee that is “just because they want your money”?

    • Only in California can a phone be advertised as $199, and cost $300. (30$ plus activation fees + sales tax on the full retail price.)

      • Sukkit VZW

        I realized when buying my last phone here in Massachusetts that I now had to pay tax on the full retail price of the phone. The phone was 300 but the full retail was 600. As far as this new upgrade fee is concerned I think that if everyone just walked around thinking they couldn’t do anything to stop it then company’s like Verizon wouldnt think twice about doing it over and over. And to the people who don’t mind paying whatever gets thrown in their face I got some prime real estate for sale. Oh and Verizon how about you spend more money on the network so we don’t have another 20 nation wide outages this year.

    • Tim242

      You are an idiot. Activation fees are for new lines of service, not upgrades. It’s people like you that probably have to have your hand held to set up your phone.

  • Kraziekc123

    vzw charges now which in turn other companies will.. choosing to upgrade is a choice and vzw knows that if you REALLY want a better phone you will pay the fee. stop living in prehistoric land when bubble gum was .05 cents. you dont like the fee dont upgrade and quit asking rep for early upgrades 4 months into your current contract.

    • Ken_P_619

      wow…since when was gum .05 cents?

      And if your reply starts with “your mom”…I will be very disappointed with lack of creativity.

      • Gum was 5 cents about 15 years ago. Not a pack, but a piece. I could walk into a convenient store after my day at middle school and get a piece of gum for 5 cents. And pogs for 5 cents each, but you’re probably not old enough to remember that fad.

        • Ken_P_619

          My reply was actually toward Kraziec123, I posted before you did. haha. And of course I remember pogs, but my slammers were much more than 5 cents!

    • You’re an idiot. The price of phones has gone up, just like the price of that 5 cent piece of bubble gum. (Not .05 cents, btw… either 5 cents, $.05, or .05 dollars) 

      It costs Verizon $0 to upgrade you, in fact, they’re making MORE money, because you’re now locked into another 2 year agreement, plus you’re buying a phone at the same time. THAT’S why they discount phones when you sign a new agreement, because you CAN’T leave for another 2 years. And if you do, you pay an early termination fee. 

      That contract is worth MUCH more than the phone. $80/month x 24months = $1920 over the life of the contract. An that’s with the lowest contract they offer for smart phones, and with no other taxes or fees added on.

      • J RIDD

        .05 cents… haha. dollars vs. cents… silly verizon. 

      • your mama

        Here is an idea how you can overcome the 30$ fee and still be able to pay for your favorite wow sub acct. its a 2 step process.

        1. At the beginning of your brand new 2 year contract start saving **** $1.50 **** a month
        2. When you get to the 20th month(since VZW allows you to upgrade 20months into 24 month contract.) you will have EXACTLY 30$.

        Problem solved. Quit crying and go waist your time on the petition.

        • Ken_P_619

          That’s your soution?  Okay, well how about this…you save $2 a day every day, for 500 years..and you can finally buy a average priced home in San Diego. What a solution huh? That’ll solve the economy!

          This is all about the principle of charging more, not the actual cost.

    • Josh Groff

      I know right. To be fair, Verizon needs to stop being money hungry and lower plan prices for those of us who just want to buy our phone on Swappa and not deal with that “upgrade” bs they feed us.

    • chris125

       Verizon should go back to 1 year contracts. They can charge more and then people get to upgrade every year rather than every 20 months

  • i doubt verizon listens to the cries of its people this time around. the monthly $2 charge was squashed, but this is a little different. you as the consumer may never have to pay it if you never upgrade. so there’s that…but I hate it anyway. 

  • yeh

    Is this in addition to a $25 activation fee, or does it replace it?

    • Tim242

      Activation fee is only charged when.you first set up service with a carrier. It is to activate the line on the account.

      • Ken_P_619

         What Tim is trying to say….it’s in addition.

        • Tim242

          Ummm no. What I’m trying to say is that one has nothing to do with the other.

          • Ken_P_619

             Funny, because the question was is this [$30 fee] in addition or does it replace the activation fee…and your answer was what again?…oh yes, the roundabout way of saying “in addition.”

            And again you are mistaken, they definitely have something to do with each other.  You have to pay for BOTH of them.

          • Tim242

            Are you on crack? The activation fee was paid when you first set up service. It will never be paid again. This is an upgrade fee. It is paid when you upgrade, just like on every other carrier. So no, you don’t pay both when you upgrade.

          • Ken_P_619

            Take a step back and listen to what is being said. Nobody here has ever said that you pay both at the time of upgrade. What is being said is that you are paying for BOTH fees. You pay it first to activate a line…then you pay the next when you upgrade to your new phone 2 years later. It doesn’t matter if you call it an activation fee, upgrade fee, whatever you want to call it fee…the point is you have to pay for both.

          • Tim242

            No, you misunderstood. The OP said that it was his understanding that he’d have to pay both at the time of upgrade. He even gave a total.

          • Ken_P_619

            ???  Please make sure to read the original post of this string of replies.

            The original posts reads:

            Is this in addition to a $25 activation fee, or does it replace it?


    •  It’s $35 not $25. It was $35 for me opening a new line a few weeks ago!

  • moelsen8

    meh, whatever.  i’d rather have them tack on a fee here, where all the other carriers do it, than invent ridiculous other ones like that $2 “convenience” fee for paying online.

    not that i’m happy about it either.  but let em get the fee and get it over with so they feel like they’ve met their customer-raping quota for the year.

    •  Just keep rolling over for big red…

      • moelsen8

        i didn’t say i wasn’t signing the petitions 🙂

      • Tim242

        Every other carrier does it…

        • MKader17

          Every other carrier is taking their sweet time rolling out a real LTE network, should Verizon do that as well?

          • Tim242

            You make no sense. I hope you aren’t that stupid. What you described is a bad mark on other carriers, not Verizon.

        • I’d be bitching if I was on another carrier too. And would refuse to pay it if I saw it on my bill.

        • Ken_P_619

           If other carriers were to jump of a bridge, would you do it too?

          • Tim242

            I hope you are more intelligent than you appear, by using a phrase that 5 year old children use.

          • MKader17

            I hope you are more intelligent than you appear, considering you also originally used a phrase that pre-teens use.

          • Tim242

            I did? What was it?

          • Ken_P_619

            Seriously? You don’t even recognize what you did? You said “Every other carrier does it…”  – – which prompted me to say “If other carriers were to jump of a bridge, would you do it too?”  Get it now?

          • Tim242

            I said that, meaning that because every other carrier does it, the FCC won’t step in. I don’t like upgrade fees, but they have every right to charge them.

          • Ken_P_619

            Charging fees isn’t a “right”, it’s business. And if Verizon was appreciative to the millions of customers they profit off everyday…then they can consider not charging this fee. BUT because they are such a large company, they won’t consider it unless we make our voices heard. And that my friend, is free speech.

          • Tim242

            Just don’t expect it to work.

          • Ken_P_619

            Actually, my phrase is what adults tell their kids when their spoiled kids say “but my friend does it, why can’t i?!”

            I hope you get the nuance here.

  • Kisuk3

    Bills go up, service stays the same.

  • Joshua Dudash

    Pretty sure I paid $30 at the upgrade of my d1 to gnex on launch day.
    I was pissed then and im pissed now. 

    • your mama

      im pretty sure your full of crap. Early upgrade fees at that time was 20$

      • ^^ you’re an idiot ^^

        I’m very sure my 12 year old son has a better understanding of when to use “you’re” in a sentence.

  • Ahku Droid

    My VZW rep said to call into Customer Service and bitch.  Especially point out that Verizon’s phones are already higher than their competitors by $100-$200.  After that the Better Business Bureau and the FCC since they are using their monopolistic control to offset fees for services already available for free.
    Spread the word.

    • Tim242

      Are you kidding me? Every other carrier charges this fee. How is Verizon using monopolistic control?

      • Liderc

        You have to remember that other companies charge a much lower fee for their wireless service contracts and the phones are literally 100-200 cheaper on contract.  

        I think he’s pointing out that because Verizon has the best coverage in most areas, we’re forced to pay their prices because other company’s coverage is terrible in our areas. They know that we have to stick with them if we want good coverage, despite already paying 40-50% higher prices on both services and devices.

        • LAVINIA

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        • Tim242

          Verizon’s plans mirror those of att. I pay less for my three lines on Verizon, than I did on Sprint. Multiple lines on Sprint rack up a hefty bill. Their family plans are high, plus you pay $10 extra for each line with a smartphone.

          • M’kay

            Gurrrl, please. Verizon is trying to get more money out of their customers at any turn they can. Just like the short lived 2 dollar online payment fee they attempted. We already pay more for a phone on their network than Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile by 50-100 dollars. These so called, “extra services” they provide aren’t anymore extra than what anybody else is offering. If anything, it’s a nuisance itself. It’s just more of an opportunity for Verizon to keep tabs on you, bog down your phone and control you even more.

          • Tim242

            But to be fair, att and sprint used the same excuses to double their upgrade fees from $18-$36. It’s stupid, but they all do it.

          • Ahku Droid

            It by far does not make it right or ethical.  We don’t have to accept it.  If you are content, feel free to pay mine when the time comes.

          • Brdwalls

            I will not upgrade and I have two lines to do so with right now. I will not pay $79.99 for the Lucid and $30 to “upgrade” plus a $30 to activate a “free” phone for my son (Cosmo 2)

          • mldbags

            Order it online.  They give you a $30 “online” credit, so the phone is only $49.99 plus the upgrade fee of $30 and they didn’t charge me a activation fee.  Just order it about an hour ago.

          • Ahku Droid

            And to be fair, I would respect your opinion more if you were this amicable on Engadget against me, Tim242, like you were in this response.  
            Express yourself with value rather than emo trolling.

          • LiterofCola

            I lol’d

          • Max

            The net looks for more passionate writers such as you are! http://www.effectivepapers.com/custom-speech.php

      • Ahku Droid

        To copy my response to you on Engadget.  
        They are claiming it is to offset prices for services already available (backing up contacts, calendars, apps) from Google and Apple for the likes of Backup Assistant without the choice to opt out.  By forcing you to pay for a service already rendered elsewhere without choice is a monopoly over pricing.  By not just leaving it as a defined as an “upgrade fee”, when they officially added the other descriptors, legally it can be challenged.

        • Tim242

          No, it cannot. Att used the same reasoning to double their upgrade fee from $18-$36, back in November

      • Bhulse121

        If other carriers instituted this fee, and their customers didn’t pitch a bitch, it made it a no brainer for Verizon to follow suit, My feelings is that they should cherish the technical crowd that likes to be on the top of the new innovations that come out in smart phones. Free is of bloat ware after all we didn’t request these apps

        • Ahku Droid

          If $30 unlocked the phone and was bloatware free, I’d pay it.

    • RW-1

      And you did tell him to call the number for you right at the store right?    🙂 

    • Ahku Droid

      I just talked to VZW and got a lot of bottled “We are the best. 
      We appreciate you since you have been with us since ’95. 
      AT&T are shady throttlers for heavy users like you, you will only be with us if you are attached to a busy 3G cell tower. 
      We’re cheaper than the upgrade fee on AT&T.  (even though we are much pricier)
      You can always hear us now. 
      I understand, but backing up your pictures with Backup Assistant+ will be amazing.
      Of course, VZ Navigator is necessary.
      Why aren’t you using our battery sucking VZW Location Agent (that still runs) instead of Google’s?
      Using VideoSurf to identify the episode of Big Bang Theory is much easier than hitting *info* on your cable box remote.”

      You guys need to call in too.  I was the first to complain to this rep.  *611

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    • FreeEverTwo

       Hey… forgive me.  I’m really late on this, but just realized there isn’t a free every 2 anymore.
      When did they sneak this in.  I recently logged into my account and I’m now seeing a $30 credit instead of a free every 2!

      • Ahku Droid

        You have one last “new every 2” prior to the reported time unless enough complaints are raised and VZW gets the clue.  If you are ready, either get a Nexus or a MAXX.  The question you need to ask is MOD freedom or lasting 1.5 days with more signal strength on 4G.  I chose the RAZR MAXX (Blur sucks, but for now its added value of power, signal, and MotoCast actually gives it the edge).

    • smellyfeet

       what a whiner. go to att or tmobile-oh wait!  they’ve charged this fee for years!  ‘tard.

    • Ec515

      What is yelling at a customer service rep going to do? They don’t create the fees.

  • Probably won’t work, this fee is here to stay.

    • It already worked once before, when they wanted to charge for not paying bills online. Or, paying bills online… whichever it was

  • Greg Morgan

    which one, so many options? how about all 3?! lol

  • Dan

    I just want 4.0.5

  • mustbepbs