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Additional $30 Upgrade Fee Details – When and Who Pays It, Can It Be Refunded, and Why It’s Here

The hot topic of the morning is hands-down Verizon’s new $30 upgrade fee for existing customers. Many of you have questions about it along with some colorful comments, so we thought we would share some additional details about it. Business customers are probably wondering if this affects them, others might want to know when they have to pay the fee, and what about refunds for returned devices? All covered below. 

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  • Kevin

    I will go to another provider to avoid paying this fee (just for the feeling of knowing I have stood up to a greedy organization that made this fee up just so they can pad their own bonuses) I can’t believe they continue to believe we are still the dark. “Continue to provide customers with the level of service and support they have come to expect which includes Wireless Workshops, online educational tools, and consultations with experts who provide advice and guidance on devices that are more sophisticated than ever.” Oh come on, try having a person answer the customer service line and I will believe you.

  • Tboltuser

    How about charging the USERS of the services listed, versus the entire population.  So many of us do not use these services, but we are not going to pay for the masses.  Kinda like Obamacare.

  • Tony Allen

    Time to start buying off contract.. nuff said.

  • No one sees the big picture. give them $30 for BS. they will ask for more.  Eventually, they will remove your discount altogether if you let them.  $100 a month for my phone service is more than my cable service.  Let them have it and it will be bigger than your car payment.

  • Kresot

    It went from a 100 ne2 credit on a 400 dollar phone you got it for 200 and say it was a i phone that was 900 they subsidized 700 or a droid that was 650 they subed 450 with a 175 term fee. now it i a 375 term fee a nexus retails at 650 you pay 330 they sub 220 150 less than the term fee vs before it was triple the term fee. At the very least they should subzidize the 375 term fee in to a phone so a nexus would be say 275. It’s out of control. I gues I will just wait till a phone hit’s 200 before I upgrade and not go bleeding edge anymore I refuse to pay 330 300 was to much so I will fight with my wallet. 

  • Mettec

    I have been off contract for nearly 6 months so as I read this policy am I reading it as I would not have to pay an upgrade fee because I am not upgrading early. The policy states “This upgrade does NOT apply to the following: Upgrades that do not extend the contract.

    Am I reading this correctly?

  • Bill Costa

    Thank you stupid iPhone users….  It’s all their fault you know.

  • Moeyknight

    Just install a “genius bar” in VZ stores and charge the iDiots. They’re the ones that require help.

  • SLAYER6669

    So not only has the cost of high-end phones gone up to $300 “because they are LTE”, now they replace the $30-$50 NE2 credit with a $30 fee effectively doubling up on the extra cost and then try to mask it behind some nonsense about workshops/demos/email setup etc. Awesome!

  • m

    sign the petition and STOP VZW from charging the $30 upgrade fee. I guess i will be keeping the G Nex for the next 12 years.  Majority of the Android users don’t need to take a class or go to a vzw showroom just to see how to use an Android phone.  Maybe the APOL(a**le) users need it so charge them instead.

  • Sporttster

    I don’t know that this is such a big deal. Companies are in this to make money and a $30 fee every, what, 2 yrs or more to upgrade to a phone that is unreal in its capabilities, to me, isn’t a big deal.

    • LOL

       Because we already pay enough in bills higher then most carriers.  We are already customers, most of us know more then the retards who work at VZW and just need them to sell us the phone or deliver it to us and thats it.  This is all lies by them.  They are a greedy company.  They made nearly $30 billion in Q4 2011.  They do not need this.  They are doing fine.  They keep changing and taking away, they are making themselves a much worse company.

  • eckdawg5

    “The Upgrade Fee MUST be disclosed to customers at the time of upgrade.”

    “Oh, so and so never told me about this upgrade fee. I never would have upgraded if I had known this.”***fee waived after 3 calls and 2 hours of being placed on hold***

  • PO’d Verizon Customer

    Nickel and Diming the customers.  Verizon’s CEO, Lowell McAdam, is making $23,100,000 this year, that’s almost $500,000.00 per week, or $12,500.00 per hour.  I’m not an Occupy Wall Street Hippy, but the average people in this world are getting screwed in every aspect of life, the politicians are getting paid, the 1%-10% are pampered and comforted, while the rest of us are stuck with the bill.  FU Lowell

  • Chakabobo18

    Typical corporation move, trying to sqeeze every dime out of us.  In a few months when I’m eligible to upgrade at the subsidized price, this $30 crap will be a thing of the past.

  • Charles Rogers

    The most expensive month of your contract just got more expensive!

  • MG

    “Oh, you’ve been a customer for 2 years already, and would like to extend your contract for another 2 years, thus giving us lots of revenue? Sounds good. That’ll cost you an extra $30

  • Why not just bring back the damn 1 year agreement’s? I would be more than happy to pay the extra cash under a 1 year contract

  • bulls***t for the fee

  • Crackmonkeys4hire

    Let’s look at their financials. They had a big hit in June 04 down to $25.43 they have maintained a solid $37.change with a few dips to the $36.+change range. They have a 2011 Revenue of $110.88 Billion dollars with a Net growth of -5.69% Ok that’s why they are raising the rent. What they could do is trim back internally but given the problems they have had with the unions it makes it tough. I guess as painful as it seems we really can not blame them if they are losing money on a regular basis. Their 5 year trend has been in the red with improvement.

    • MangoBreath

      My initial response to this was that they were just trying to get more money out of us but after looking at the financials I can say yes they are but not out of greed. They are losing money on a continual basis and I no that much of that is due to union overhead and the unwillingness of the unions to budge in rough economomic times.

  • Njsites

    WTF? These pinheads wanted to be paid a fee for credit cards and recognized that was a mistake, they inven all kinds of fake fees anget away with it……..but this might be the end for us.
    Now that Sprint and Tmobile are built out, It might just be time to take my “do re mi” elsewhere. If the time comes that I need instruction….I will go to youtube©. If I need app help….Amazon……..backup…..pish/posh, I’ll do it myself.
    Wow…..I really Don’t needVzw…….:-)

    • Wmsco51

      sprint will give you charges out the wazoo and if your a heavy user more charges buddy of mine got a 600.00 dollar phone bill on his unlimited plan…………i’d think twice before i’d make that move

  • Dmzman

    When my next upgrade is due a year from now, I’m gonna make Verizon an offer they can’t refuse.  Lose the $30 fee, or lose me.  How much you wanna bet they’ll follow through rather than lose a customer of 10 years.

  • ostensibly001

    Whatever. I hate it but tbh an extra $30 is probably not ever going to be a dealbreaker.

  • Here’s an idea (good?): If you already have a limited-data plan, let it run its full term,
    then port your number over to Google Voice (ending your contract with
    Verizon, but keeping your number). Then port it back to Verizon when you
    start a new limited-data plan.

    No upgrade. No upgrade fee. (this probably wouldn’t be possible if/when Google Voice gets integrated into Verizon)

    (does it cost to port your number to GV? I don’t think so)

    • Activation fee is $35

      • Oh, the activation fee, that’s tricky.

        So basically, they’re getting at least $30 over the advertised price of the phone regardless of how you arrive (and $35 even if you’re starting new service with your own phone? Or does activation only apply with a new contract? Does activation apply to month-to-month plans?).

        Really seems like they ought to just be raising the advertised price of the subsidized phones…

        • it’s a $35 fee to activate the device on their network.

        • teh_Jughead

           You also lose unlimited data. Personally I would fight it but $30 is worth keeping unlimited data.

          • Right — that’s why I was only suggesting that whole process if someone was already on a limited data plan. People with grandfathered unlimited plans are Verizon’s bitch…

  • sprg5

    The problem with Verizon is that when they are hiring, they are more concerned if you have sales experience; not what you know about the phones. The associates at my store get pissed at me when I come in and end up taking over and basically making a sale for them because they have no idea what the difference is between the GNex and the Razr. Start by teaching your sales people about phones not just about making a sale.

    • weaponx

      That’s funny, I do the exact same thing…Most..not all, but a lot of them don’t know a damn thing about the phones they offer. I say what good is sales experience if you don’t even know what it is you are selling. 

  • angermeans

    Yeah cause I’m sure a one time $30 charge for an upgrade when they make over $100 a month on average per phone. This charge is industry wide. I don’t agree with it, but comments like these make me shake my head. 

    • Are you not counting? THATS AN EXTRA 30$ STARTUP! ONTOP of what we already pay a CRAPLOAD for every month! Hkklife is totally correct, this time last year they were PUMPING out phones and now that everyone is wanting to upgrade lets pump another 30$ out of EVERYONE not just the people that need it/want it. This FEE is uncalled for! I know for a Fact that not only Verizon but other Carriers push their Customers out the door after they have purchased their phones and im the one ending up teaching half the people that own these phones what to do with them. “whats long Pressing” “widgets?” “you can talk to your phone?”. Every time I’ve walked into a Verizon store and wasn’t tackled by a Girl Scout because their paycheck is gonna go up, They push me to the best thing ever that has the Highest rating to get more money in their pocket when it’s not the phone I want. 30$ from MILLIONS of Customers is going to make a Difference in their wallets come new phones Season and NOT a one time fee, It’s EVERY TIME you upgrade to a New phone. I SMH at you, Stop attacking people you Angry Troll.

      • Mike15bryan

        Wow my friend its not just about a fees to teach about phones but it a fee to help improve Verizons Network, Vzw continue to provide us with the most reliable service that is available. Vzw has the largest 4g network available and they still are gradually improving their network so they need all the revenue, to provide you with excel service. Think about like this vzw is the Mercedes or Cadillac of the cell phone business, we don’t complain when we have the best. Appreciate because the other companies already have the fees and they have been having them for year.

  • weaponx

    This is nothing more than a flagrant lack of consideration to the loyal consumer. Most if not all peeps here are with Big Red aka “the Empire”  because when the OG Droid came out, it was the greatest android phone available.. (all hail the OG). But now things have changed…other carriers have come on board with Android and are offering some really nice options. What is Verizon really have to offer us? Unlimited data?! It’s days are numbered.  4G? Att, Sprint and Tmobile have it.  Droids?  They are not what that name used to represent….the best of the best.. I say screw the petition.. I say we all pick a day and ditch Verizon..make them feel it where it hurts..Wouldn’t it be awesome if all of us in one day just said, FU, Verizon , just like you are saying to us.     I say..we bring down this RED BITCH

  • lye

    Yeah, I was thinking they probably aren’t getting enough money. I want to make sure their business at least stays vaguely profitable.

  • Amandav_2468

    Do you still have to pay this if you buy your phone else where for example walmart or amazon

  • Rp780

    Guess I’ll be getting a Maxx & stop waiting for the Fighter. Because I’ll be damned if I’m paying $30 additional dollars. 

  • razzles

    Thank god I have the Galaxy Nexus now because at the rate Verizon’s going I’m NEVER going to upgrade my phone ever again.

  • Scottyb112

    yea on release morning for the gnex, I was the first one the sales girl sold the gnex to, and I had to take it from her and set it up myself because she was having trouble. All of us here can do it on our own, don’t use workshops or tutorials.
    So 100,000,000 customers at $30 each, that’s a lot of money for Verizon to show some people how to enter in their Gmail account to get their contacts…

    • Noyfb

      Why Don’t The People Who Need These Services Pay For It When They Request It? Forcing People To Pay For Things They Do Not Need Is Price Gouging!
      Now We Are Basically Paying For The Bloatware They Install In Our Phones.

      • Mikes

        You could use some training on how to use the shift key.

        • Eagle1967

          no.. droid life now charges 15 dollars for use of shift key on their blogs.

  • I love all these people that are bitching, yet they are the ones that signed the contract, that they didn’t read, which allows Verizon to change these things and add fees. Get over yourselves. Just be glad it’s cheaper than the other carriers.


    I hope most people realize that this fee has nothing to do with services, and smartphone programs, but everything to do with how do the cover the iPhone losses.  Verizon took on the iPhone knowing full well AT&T never made a dime from it, and ever since their long standing profitable customers has been getting screwed.  New every two gone, unlimited data gone, now we have to pay them for the privilege of buying their product.  The world will be a better place when Apple is in bankruptcy court. 

    • LOL

       I hate apple with a passion, a company who steals and cant innovate and sues the people it steals from.  I love they are losing their share in cell market.

  • Ahku Droid

    My VZW rep said to call into Customer Service and bitch.  Especially point out that Verizon’s phones are already higher than their competitors by $100-$200.

  • Jlmcc

    how about this, they pay you 200 bucks for selling you a crappy phone ( nexus )

  • Jlmcc

    just dont upgrade untill your contract is over, then if the try and make you pay it,just say ill go elsewhere or discount the phone another 30 bucks,,, trust me that will work

    • LOL

       Nope.  Its only if it affects your current contract.  This is a fee to upgrade, so nope.

  • Stephen

    You know this is soo ridiculous. They lock us in for 2 years AND on top of that they want to charge us to do so. So that 50.00 upgrade credit I would get after 18 months is REALLY 20.00!!! This is a COMPLETE JOKE! They have us all by the “You know whats” and they just keep adding more charges. With the exception of the NFL app I have no need/nor want of the other bloatware they added to my new phone. 

  • Chris Hollenbeck

     Food for thought:

    2011 year
    “During the third quarter, which ended on Sept. 30, Verizon’s profit rose
    to $1.38 billion, or 49 cents a share, up from $659 million, or 23
    cents a share, in the third quarter of last year. Adjusted earnings for
    the quarter, excluding certain items, were 56 cents a share, compared
    with 55 cents a share in the previous quarter. Analysts surveyed by
    Thomson Reuters expected that the company would report 55 cents a share
    for adjusted earnings.”

    • Crackmonkeys4hire

      Look at the whole picture. In 2011 they had income of $110.88 Billion Dollars but total liabilities of over $144 Billion Dollars. So their net growth was -5.69 %. It doesn’t matter what your earnings per share are if those earnings can’t even cover your expenses. I’m not a shill for Verizon. I’m not happy with the fee but now I can understand the reason.

      It’s simple economics if you can’t make a profit you must increase your income. Their income is well below their liabilities. Should they fine somebody to help reduce their expenses? Maybe but the unions contribute anything so they have to find other ways of raising income. And remember some of those earnings per share are liabilities that get paid to share holders in the form of dividends.

  • rals
  • How is this fair if you AREN’T upgrading at a VZW store?

    I have personally gotten my last few phones (including my wife’s) from Best Buy, because of their buyback program, and reward points, etc. I never let Verizon set up stuff on my phones before (and I’m a former employee), but especially now when I or my wife goes into Best Buy, the guys there handle stuff.

    So, shouldn’t VZW have to fork over a portion of this fee to companies like BB, when you get a phone from them? Or, just return a portion of the fee back to me?

    I know this will never happen, but this whole thing just stinks …


    It’s insulting to me the excuse they came up with- If they want to charge us $30 more then they should just say that. We will now be charging you an additional fee of $30. The fact that they insult our intelligence by trying to justify it by saying theyre providing us with a service that deserves this money is a shady and very bold-faced lie. fu big red

  • MKader17

    Add in VoIP and then you eliminate texts and minutes. Just a flat fee for X data and you are done.

  • MKader17

    I really wish you could subscribe to “Verzizon Wireless – The Dumb Data Pipe”. No subsidizing, no Verizon store support, nothing. You buy your own phone, deal with the manufacturer if you have a problem and Verizon provides data as long as you pay for it. Nothing more, nothing less.

    • hkklife

      I would gladly pay $70 or 75/month for that.  Unlimited data, unlimited tethering, leave me TOTALLY on my own. 

  • ATT LTE is starting to look pretty nice

    • wastry

      Enjoy your 12 LTE markets and $36 upgrade fee, dumbass

    • Because thats logical

  • What a crock, what if I order my device online and have it shipped to me then none of this crap applies there are no workshops no person holding my hand and trying to upsell me crap.  Especially since I can change the phone ESN online and activate and never once have to deal with a real person when doing an upgrade.

  • Lgb400

    If they do this I am going to act like the stupidest customer ever and have them show me each feature…like how to take a picture…how to dial the phone…I will back up their lines and just act dumb

  • Mallahet

    So if every carrier has this, then why not buy a phone from a different carrier every 2 years? I realize this won’t work for everyone, but since I have coverage from all 4 major US carriers in my city, I might be thinking of that next time. Way to cement carrier loyalty, Verizon!!1

  • zachjen

    I guess they figured out how to supplement their $2 fee they wanted to charge for paying your bill online after that backfired on them. They always get their money.

  • I don’t need wireless workshops advanced support or help with picking out a device so therefore the fee needs to go away. Start charging for backup assistant and workshops, but leave the rest of use who are intelligent enough to look up how to use the phone from other sources alone.

  • Aardvark99

    New release date for the Droid Fighter: April 23rd.

  • Guest

    Make sure all you people hit whatever social media verizon has with your disgust, facebook tweeter twitter google plus 4 square.  Get on their site and do a online chat, call in, make your complaints heard.  

    • Tim242

      That won’t change a thing. Every other carrier charges the fee…$36 vs $30.

  • SH

    Now I am really Glad I bought my nexus. Hopefully, I won’t be buying a new phone for a long time.

  • verizon + piggy + toilet paper = verizon is a theft stealing from customer’s

  • dylan84

    Oh man this makes me laugh.. So glad I’m no longer dealing with Verizon.

    • Tim242

      You make me laugh. Every other carrier charges the fee…$36 vs $30.

  • “Upgrades that do NOT extend the contract” — so that basically means unsubsidized upgrades are free, right? 

    So what is an “upgrade” fee really? It’s just a $30 addition to the price tag that’s disguised as something else. It’s a reduction of subsidy. This sort of crap should be illegal. If they want to add $30 to the price tag, they should just do that!

  • This is BS, I know how to operate ANY phone you give me!! I don’t need you to switch my contacts or set up my freaking voicemail, why charge ME because there are other idiots in the world? 

    this “fee” should be assigned on a case by case basis….

    A “class” to learn how to use your phone?!?!?!? I should teach that class!!

  • “The Upgrade Fee does NOT apply to the following: upgrades that do not extend the contract.”

    So, every two years could I just end my contract, then get a new two year contract? If I’m going to end up with the same contract anyway, why not?

    • Tim242

      1. Activation fee. 2. Upgrades come before the end of the contract.

    • and you might not end up with the same contract. if you have grandfathered Unlimited data, you can say bye bye to that.

  • Borderbob

    Perfect!  I was grandfathered into the NE2 and am eligible for my 20 month upgrade on APRIL 23!!  I just gave back $30.00 of my $50.00 incentive.   So instead of buying another DROID or some other 4G device, I think I will just buy that iPhone instead.  VZW is losing money on each sale of those, right???

    • Tim242

      That would hurt you much more than it would them.

  • sru571

    This will be changed or removed by the time my upgrade comes along in 2013 thanks to the GNex.  Fees are for those who don’t know how to work the system.

    • bakdroid

      Yep, $100 upgrade and enhancement fee in 2013.

  •  Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by
    those who dared believe that something inside them was superior to

    • bakdroid

      You can take it up with my butt, he is the only one who gives a crap. ~ Peter Griffin

  • J Dub

    I never knew it was so much work for ME to log into my Google account and have all my contacts, emails, and apps sync to the device I just signed in on. 

  • Wait… this is on top of the $35 activation fee?

    • Tim242

      Verizon does not currently have an upgrade fee. This is the upgrade fee.

  • bakdroid

    VZW is like an abusive girlfriend.  They kick your nuts in on a regular basis and try to stab you in your sleep.  But you keep going back because they’re a freak in bed…..

  • Joe Todisco

    Perfect…I was waiting for an excuse for it to be cheaper to switch providers and be a new customer than stick with Big Red.  Bunch of Dumb F&*()’s.

    • Tim242

      You are silly. All carriers have the upgrase fee, and they are all higher than $30.

  • Kyle Fullmer

    For anyone not using Swappa, I highly suggest it.  Trust it way more than CL.

  • MrSteve920

    $30 to have Verizon teach me how to use my phone, back up my contacts and apps, and transfer my media? Well, let’s see… Teaching me how to use my phone; I can say that I probably know more than a few of the sales reps in Verizon’s stores. Back up my contacts and apps; GOOGLE DOES THIS, they have since 2009 for me. And finally transferring media; insert old phone into computer, transfer photos, videos, etc. to deskop, get new phone, plug new phone into computer, transfer files to new phone.

  • Jm56401

    What a crock of sh*t

  • Droidlifejunkie

    Crybabies. Half the monkeys here are viewing and posting on Droid Life on their employer’s dime. Surely you can pay an extra $30 given the amount of time you’ve wasted at work. The other half are unemployed. Get out and look for a job. Gotta go….supervisor is back from his lunch break.

    • bakdroid

      Was going to call you a douche until I read the last sentence.  Well played sir….well played…

  • Jeff Granger

    I sell cell phones for a living, but not for any one carrier, all 4 of them. And honestly the majority of customers are still first time smartphone users and they  BEG YOU to do all of that stuff for them. In fact they just expect it. And in most cases it takes FOREVER to do. Explaining to ppl they have just lost all their contacts or photos cuz they broke their phone is the worst. I applaud verizons restraint from having an upgrade fee for so long since everyone else has all along. Verizon may not be cheap by any stretch but u rly get what u pay 4. They have the best coverage, best phones, and customer service that isn’t outsourced. Compared to every other carriers “cheaper plans” spotty coverage and crappy cust. service.

    • Ok, so if a majority BEG YOU to do it then VZW shouldn’t have a problem charging those people for the service. They’ll still get a ton of money if so many people will want it done, and those of us who don’t need it can do it ourselves and not pay the moneygrabbing fee.

      • hkklife

        Yes, do it like Costco or someone else.  Provide the BEST basic service at the best possible price and by default the customer incurs all of the training/education.  Then if you want more “services” or hand-holding, you pay for it as you wish. 

        Foe example,  If I want to learn another language I can be miserable and teach myself for free from a book or online. Or I can buy some specialized language video or software and make my life a bit easier. Or I could pay more $ and attend a group class at the local community college. Or I could splash out big $ for individualized, one-on-one lessons by a native speaker of that language.

    • GotSka81

      Best phones?  Try again…

    • Counsel Dew

      It is called customer service. Look it up. 🙂

  • Timineri77

    It is in times like these that I really wish smaller companies like US Cellular were Nationwide LTE.  🙁

    • EMAW_29

      Then they’d be like the other national carriers…

    • dk81

      Totally agree.  I used to work for US Cellular and they actually want to empower their employees with the ability to make a decision that’s good for the customer.  Love their belief plans where you earn points to use in the future and only have to do 1 two year contract EVER.  The thinking is once you see how good we are to you then you won’t want to leave and we respect your loyalty.  It was quite a breath of fresh air.  Sadly I do not live in their service area and they don’t offer the top phones, but for respecting the customer they can’t be beat. 

  • Lame.  Nothing like charging me for them having to do their job.  And here I thought paying $90 a month per phone covered those costs.

  • fffffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Steve S

    Its a bunch of BS. I have been with verizon for 7 years and love their service. It used to be better cutomer service (new every two – used to give you $100 credit towards a new device), shoter contact agreements than two years.  The signal service is still good, but is T-mobile more customer service friendly? No one ever uses their services as they are claiming, because their services are garbage. Who has ever used Verizon for tutorial for a device?

    • Higher_Ground

      Seriously, I remember getting $100 credits back when just about everyone took the free (or rather $100) option come time to upgrade.  The difference between a brand new flip phone and a 6 month old (or 1 yr old) flip phone was inconsequential.

      Now, they offer a $30 discount soon to be offset with a $30 fee.  The Gnex is still, what, $300 almost 6 months later?

      I think I’ll be sticking with my DX for a bit longer.  The 1-2-3 punch is too much – the Galaxy Nexus is still full price, there aren’t any good phones on the horizon, and now I’ll have to pay to upgrade.

  • John Lane

    So they are going to backup my apps that all redownload when I log into a new phone. Transfer all my music that is stored on my Google play music account. Save all those precious pictures that automatically upload to Google + the moment I take them and videos which do the same. Thank you Verizon I would have no idea how to survive when upgrading if it wasn’t for all the wonderful services you provide.

  • Mario Lo

    This truly is onePOS of a situation.

  • enigmaco

    The workshops are not needed, and the stupid apps they add on the phones are not needed.  I thought they were making good money with the bloatware that they add to the computers?  What a freakin joke.  I even went into a store and asked a rep about this, he said he heard the same thing.  Loyalty means nothing anymore.

  • Were not going to take it

    Once again Big Red is at it again. Come on people, put up a fight and lets not stand for this Sh*t anymore. If we make enough noise they will back down just like before.

    • Tim242

      The only reason they backed down before, was because the FCC got after them for an unfair charge. This is a charge that every other carrier charges, plus it is less. Raise all the hell you want…it will not change a thing.

  • Kevdroid

    I’ve been off contract with them for 2 years now. Buy and sell my Androids on EBay bitchesssssss

  • Yo man! We heard you like verizon so you have to pay to pay for a phone and pay more when you do it early and pay to pay your bill and pay a fee if your late to pay your bill…….this is rediculous and I work for Verizon! Outrage! Makes me want to go to sprint!

    • Drexelshafter

       I got diamonds, I got chains, I got diamonds, I got chains, I got diamonds, I got chains!

  • Harbo99

    Just got off the phone with someone from Executive Office.  She tried to explain to me that it was to to cover the cost of providing workshops, etc.  When I asked why they don’t charge just the customers who use those, she said they have no way to track that.  She then tried to convince me the fee is like paying for health insurance.  You may never need to use those services, but you pay for them just in case.

    • Jake

      Lols. Because getting some advice about how to do something with your phone would be just as much of a cost burden as a trip to the hospital.

      • Kyle Fullmer

        And you can get emergency medical treatment with a google search.  What a pathetic grab by Verizon.

    • tport

      Well soon enough the Supreme Court will come out saying that an individual mandate requiring you to buy health insurance is unconstitutional so I don’t know what she is talking about.

    • wastry

      Except I have the choice not to buy health insurance, and there’s a good chance the US Supreme Court is gonna rule the gov’t can’t force me.  

      Her example fails – I demand nude pics of her as recompense for her stupidity.

  • vzwbrent

    at&t and sprint both charge $36 upgrade fee

    • TheDude

       And their services are cheaper in price. Now this makes Verizon even more expensive than before.

    • Jonny

      not to mention two wrongs…don’t require a third 🙂

  • Rustypixel

    Verizon proves more and more that they, indeed, are the devil.

  • Christopher Riner

    all i saw out of all of that tiny print was “OnePOS”

    thats exactly what this fee is.  One POS.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    “Additional services we provide are backing up your contacts, email and voicemail setup, demos, as well as ensuring any apps, music, pictures, and videos remain accessible from your new handset…”

    1. I have a Droid.. Google backs up my contacts – WTF you talking about?
    2. I have a Droid.. Google handles my email backups – WTF you talking about?
    3. Voicemail… I have Google Voice – WTF you talking about?
    4. Setups, demos… it’s 2012 I can do it all on my own – WTF you talking about?
    5. apps, music, pictures, and videos remain accessible from your new handset – so wait, your going to charge me extra for the stuff your suppose to provide like it is an added bonus? And BTW, I have apps and Google, they back all this up for me with no need for you – WTF you talking about?

    So WTF am I paying for again?

    • BEST. post. on the site.
      But it should be:
      I have a droid…… – I don’t care
      I have a droid…… – I don’t care
      Voicemail….. – I don’t care
      I make you do less work… – I don’t care
      I raise your fracking paycheck by buying this phone from you… – I don’t care

      • John

        He really should’ve said “I have an Android device… etc”

    • EC8CH

      Normally I find you a bit overly sensitive and quick to anger.

      But on this issue, go nuts, I’m with you.

    • Kyle Fullmer

      I would find it much less offensive if they just came out and said “We want a little more money, so now there is a 30 dollar fee when you upgrade.”  So much less insulting than, “oh brah you are paying for the workshops”

      • 94lt1

        Why not make the people who actually attend their stupid workshops pay for them??? As for the backing up of my contacts and the like…. you guys have that covered.

    • You’re paying for their stupidity!!!

  • Danofiveo

    What if the upgrade it’s done online? They don’t mention that.

  • Hanswee

    They have to do this or $2 fees to fight inflation and iPhone subsidies killing their margins. In my opinion they should just rape iPhone users given Droid users are more profitable as it is.

  • richardsonadm

    For $30 then unlock the bootloader!? But will not pay $330 for a phone. I have DX and have have been up for an upgrade for awhile now too.

  • Some fat cat needs a new house. Lets bilk our customers for more money its the American way

  • lol… I’m not trying to be a troll in the least, but stuff like this is precisely the reason I dropped VZW on my phone a year ago and will drop them entirely when my tablet contract is over.  #NickelAndDiming  I even had a VZW rep try to convince me that I’m not on any contract for my tablet, but rather on a “pay as you go” plan.  Until I called the national number, I was about to sell my tablet!  Lame!

  • Sp4rxx

    I hope they get slammed by the FTC again like they did last time when they tried this money-grubbing stuff.

  • Rl

    Do we get charged this when we switch to a phone that we already have or if we activate a phone bought online used?

    • Josh Groff

       Only for contract upgrades, I switch out phones constantly.

  • zizzybaloobah

    I would gladly pay $30 to upgrade to a new device, as long as I’m able to remove any apps and software that I don’t want. 

    • Kyle Fullmer

      Remove them? That’s what you’re paying 30 dollars for silly.

    • blowmevzw

      I would gladly pay $30 to upgrade to a new device, as long as I could upgrade when ever I fricking want. not when they tell me it’s ok to upgrade. F VZW

  • Siff

    Damn and I didn’t even get a reach around……

  • Azcobss

    Another way to screw the customers

  • Organized Extortion

    And what if I get my upgrade via phone, like my wife just did?  She got the Razr Maxx and I did everything.. which was just move the sdcard and reconnect her Google account.  Took a whole 3 minutes to do that.

  • ddevito

    TWITTERBOMB in 3…..2…….1…….

  • dcyamaha

    This is nothing but greed.  Verizon is taking losses because of the iphone (look it up).  HOWEVER, they taking in RECORD REVENUE.  This is nothing but verizon trying to make more Profit due to the iphone losses they’re taking.

    thanks, apple. 

  • ddevito

    VZW: you’re nothing but a big dumb data pipe. I will wait for and cherish the moment AT&T takes my business.

    Greedy f’ing pigs.

    • Reggie

      AT&T charges $36 to upgrade a phone.

      • Good for them. And shame on their customers if there wasn’t an outcry when said fee was implemented. 

      • ddevito

        AT&T is also (on average) $30 cheaper a month. And when I had them I usually bought an unlocked phone – so I would never see such a fee.

        • You must not be on a current plan, because the packages line up pretty well. I have no idea where you’re finding a $30 difference.

          • ddevito

            VZW cheapest family plan starts at $70.

            AT&T’s starts at $50 – taxes and fees makes up the difference.

            VZW is expensive.

  • It’s still crap. This is just another fee. Please give us money for the privilege of staying with us for another 2 years.

  • bla bla bla, we all will pay it if we want the newest phone bad enough.

    • Christopher Riner

      agreed.  The bottom line is that we (especially people that come to sites like this and truly want the most possible out of our device) are going to continue to want the latest and greatest thing.  Hell, I love my nexus but that sgs3 is looking preeeeeeetty sweet.  If we want to stay with verizon and keep up with the best tech out there, then we are simply going to have to grab our ankles and take this one. 

      I hate to say it, but I don’t think we’re gonna be able to bitch our way out of this one like we did with the $2 fee for paying online.  The crazy thing is, they probably would’ve brought in a lot more cheese off of that one, and customers would probably prefer that charge as it is much smaller and broken down over increments. 

      • wastry

        Not to mention that the online fee was a hell of a lot easier to avoid; if you had an internet connection and half a brain, you could get around it easily.  Now we all gotta choke on this new $30 fee to make up for a $2 that only stupid people would’ve ended up paying

      • duke69111

        By my calculations, the $2.00 fee would be $48.00 over a two year contract.  This new fee is $30.00 one time. 

        I do understand what you mean by smaller and overtime though. 

  • nahbro25

    Nice, since they could not get me to pay for their stupid apps
    (VZnavigator… haha) and services that Google already provides for free. They
    are going to force me to pay for things that Google already provides.

  • wtfman

    email, contact, call your verizon CS. I am doing so right now by writing a letter of frustration and concern over this fee. Just like the proposed $2 fee for online billing that VZW tried to introduce in the past, they pulled it because of customer concern. Voice your opinion!

  • Blueethernov13

    Its getting to the point where you might as well buy the phone, Full Price, off-contract……really.

    • I already do typically.

    • ozo012

      I bought a Mint used Rezound off of Ebay for $250 2 weeks ago (ironically the same price it was going for ON CONTRACT) in the store, took it into the store and had them put the 4G LTE SIM card in and activate it.  I have no problem recommending others to do the same.

  • Mike Tyson

    What if I wanna punch Verizon in the face? Who would I have to contact to accomplish this?

    • You should just bite their ears

  • ok thats fine, then let us upgrade when we want to… no more waiting for 2 years

    • PABNJ

      Actually when you read the the PDF, the upgrade fee, and early upgrade fee is now the same.  You have always has the right to upgrade after a year, and pay the early upgrade fee which is what I did in November when I soaked my phone.  I only had my D2 for a year an a week.

      •  The Annual update was taken away last year, from what I have been reading, they don’t do it anymore.

        • wastry

          True; the subsidized annual update was taken away, as well as the “New every 2” (free phone every 2 yrs)

    • angermeans

      You can. It’s called paying full price for a phone. Then you are on a month to month plan and any phone verizon carries has this option available. The only reason we have 2 year agreements is that we expect a “Free phone” when we sign a contract. Like I said the only reason there are 2 year contracts is because the expense of the phone is subsidized so one can get a discount on the phone. Wireless companies take a loss (supposedly and I’m not to sure quite how much then again they don’t set the price of the phones the OEMs do) and plan to make that up over 2 years. When you cancel you pay the ETF which is just the amount of the phone. That is why it goes down $10 per month. Whining about it gets you no where. You have an option and that option is to pay fulll price for the phone. Verizon allows you to change your phone, plan, and features anytime you want and there is no renewal of contract or fee to do so. So go on “upgrade” when you want, but if you want that discount on a phone then plan on signing a contract.

      • Charmpeddler

        If the 2 year contract is to offset the subsidized phone, then the opposite should also be in effect. If you purchase the hardware on your own, the monthly cost of service should be lowered. why keep it at the higher price when there is no hardware discount to make up for? 

        • wastry

          Their network, their rules.  Simple as that.

          The new fee is BS, and a dumb move on VZW’s part – they could’ve kept the fee off and beat their competitors over the head via advertisements for excessive fees

        • nick177th

          Excellent point

      • Actually, whining about the $2 online payment fee a while ago was pretty successful.

      • urineidiot

        must be nice working for verizon huh? you shill

      • Ahku Droid

        You get a subsidized price on a phone because they make it up charging you $75-$170 a month for 24 months.  The cost of you using their services and getting a phone at a lower priced is significantly less than that or they wouldn’t be in business.  Getting a better phone than you typically could afford improves your experience on their network furthering company perception by the consumer which adds great value.  This is a fee to “pay” for superfluous services already in place from third parties gratis.  This is just unethical business practices trying to pinch more money out of the less informed.

      • cantstandsuckups

        Wow suck any harder and you might get a free phone out of it, prob not though.

  • “Additional services we provide are backing up your contacts, email and voicemail setup, demos, as well as ensuring any apps, music, pictures, and videos remain accessible from your new handset…”

    Ok, well charge the people who require said services, not those of us who do all that ourselves (and most likely more effeciently).

    •  I’m just waiting for the petition on change.org with this exact premise. Thanks!

      • fauxshizzl

        Your wish is my command. (No I didn’t actually start it though.)


        • wastry

          Nobody listens to online petitions; they’re too easy to fake signaturs and/or create multiple accts.  It’s just more feel-good crap that didn’t cost you anything to sign and doesn’t do anything anyway

          • I guess you don’t remember that $2 online payment fee that they were going to implement….. until everyone bitched about it…

          • Iny

             Or the Bank of America $5 debt card fee…

          • Guest

            or that Pink Slime crap…

          • How about SOPA and PIPA?

          • PDubya

            What does Pipi Longstocking have to do with this???

          • Jaaaaaa

             You’re an idiot

          • Except the petitions had nothing to do with that it was the mass outcry everywhere else.  Tweet the living crap out of them, its probably more efective

          • wastry

            Don’t kid yourself – that was on national TV, they had call-ins, reporters asking questions, etc.  It wasn’t a stupid online petition, it was the national spotlight that did it – same for BoA, SOPA/PIPA, and lean beef add-ins.

            Online petitions are about as effective as going into your backyard, shaking your fist, and saying how much you hate paying your electric bill.  No one cares.

            And at any rate, every other carrier had these fees long before VZW; if anything, VZW is the last hold out for not tacking them on.

          • Which makes it ok?  The fees are absurd.  They could have easily just reduced the $30 fee from your discount and we all would have been fine with it, but verizon gets to zing you AND still advertise the cheaper price.  Its also a surcharge because its horseshit.  All their “surcharges” are horseshit.

          • Guest

            Actually you can’t just add it to any phone.  Apple contractually obligates their devices to be sold at a certain price.  

          •  They probably just raised everything by $2 and offered a $2 discount for non-online payments to make everyone shut up.

    • YES YES YES. The idiots at the store never do it right. Everyone always comes back to me and says “none of my contacts came over… can you fix it????”

    • Harbo99

      I was told by someone in VZW executive office that they have no way to track who actually uses these services and therfore have to charge everyone.

      • GotSka81

        Even if this is true, not my problem.  Shortcomings of your (VZW’s) system is not a good enough reason to charge me more money than necessary.

      • Jake Storms

        Tell that VZW executive to start making any and all such services part of an extended service option and charge the rest of us less in general.  What he will find it people will opt out of the extended services and educate themselves.  They would rather just employ huge staffs of people that have to deal with extremely small quantities of wildly inept drones all day long.  I would rather the services weren’t offered and the drones had to figure the crap out themselves.

        • im2stupid

           I cant I’m to stupid

        • totally get where you’re coming from with this…and I in no way agree with the upgrade fee, but if these services weren’t offered, or were offered for a specific fee, smartphone adoption rates would decrease. That would be way more of a detriment to their business.

      • Yeah, asking someone to sign in with their account phone number would not help at all.

        • Scottyb112

          So literally now a new high end smartphone will cost us at least $350 after this $30 fee and taxes.. its bull

          • snowblind64

            At least you don’t live in California where they charge taxes on the full retail price of the phone. Makes me want to move to Oregon where they don’t have sales tax.

          • Spadestar66

            Yeah,but then youll be in Oregon.    :

          • you will be in oregon and you will have to pay for the county, state and federal tax. Your wages will be lower and again, its oregon…..

        • Also its a crap excuse to begin with. According to the above memo, they will charge a customers BILL the $30 even if they purchased the phone from an indirect store (independent retailer). If the fee were for phone set-up, information transfer, and future support/device tutorials why wouldn’t the fee be charged by the retailer who’s doing all that. Granted, not all of them do, but there are some good ones out there (or at least good intentioned).

          • They are greedy and anti-competitive. They want to get rid of 3rd party retailers so they can make more money.

      • Counsel Dew

        Let me see… right! A phone number! Nah…

      • Home Phone

        that is a load of bull. with computers anymore, there is always a trail. they just dont wanna look at it. hell my android comes with that stupid backup assistant and it runs automatically, which annoys me. as it is their stores rip people off enough.

      • nick177th

        What they COULD do is just hand me my phone. I need absolutely no help in setting my phone up. Hell, if you are already an android user, the phone dam near sets itself up. 

    • Jake Storms

      My feelings exactly on all things related to carrier pricing.  Offer pricing for the needy and pricing for the self doers!  It’s is ridiculous what it costs to get access to cellular networks yet just how low their profit margins are in the end.  And I have looked closely at this and decided it’s mostly due to large quantities of staff dedicated to servicing and supporting the needy with most only being slightly more adept at doing what the needy need help with than the needy themselves.  It infinitely annoying to have to pay so much for all this useless staff in my monthly bill.

    • Home Phone

      since most people with androids keep all their stuff linked to their google, it doesnt require anything for them to upgrade other than charging a new phone and dialing the programing number. so basically verizon is gonna rip off all the people with the expensive phones to pay for services they give to cheap phones. thats nice. just one more way a company can rip people off and get away with it. hell i wonder how many people get charged the universal servcice fee that is supposed to be waived if they have a landline. verizon never tells people about that.

    • Backing up contacts -> No, thanks. Android takes care of it.
      Backing up email -> No thanks. Gmail takes care of it.
      Voicemail setup -> No thanks. Google Voice takes care of it.
      Demos -> No thanks. I know what I am getting.
      Apps remains accessible -> No thanks. I have Google Play Store.
      Music remains accessible -> No thanks. I have Google Play Music.
      Pictures remains accessible -> No thanks. I have Google Photos.
      Videos remains accessible -> No thanks. I can copy the video over myself.

      So, what the heck am I paying for?

      • Jturnley

        The occasional idiot who takes 4 hours of an associates time to do the things on that list. It all averages out.

        • I think (but I’ve never observed it) that those upgrade tasks are relatively simple with all of Verizon’s bloatware and custom tools.

          All the $30 is is a reduction of the subsidy on the phones. It’s not payment for any upgrade service; it’s just a way to raise phone prices to a point that Verizon feels is more appropriate to the market (without advertising that new price).

          • PixelDestiny

            Alright, I’ll pay your stupid fee IF you meet me in the middle and let me upgrade early. Take away early upgrades and 1 year cotracts, and then expect me to pay an extra $30 per upgrade. Now that’s getting a little greedy…

          • Chakabobo18

            I’ll pay $30 per upgrade if they bring 1 year upgrades back.

          • harryharry

            Yeah, I was hoping that was what this fee is.  Paying $330 to be stuck with the same phone for 2 years is absolutely ridiculous.

      • Not to mention that when you get the phone at the discounted price, you HAVE to pay the TAX ON THE FULL RETAIL PRICE OF THE PHONE. Yeah. So that sweet $600 phone you got for $200? You have to pay $60 (using California 10% tax because they gouge that way) instead of $20. And then there are some of those charges that seem ridiculous when you get the bill…… I love my Droid phone(s), but come on now. This is about to make me change

        • Adam Martin

          You don’t have to pay sales tax if you order your smartphone through third party authorized resellers online. Just sayin. Check it out for yourself… adamcmartin.acndirect.com

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    • nick177th


  • jcuvs

    I’ve never seen a company suggest off-setting a new fee by “trading in your existing equipment”. If they have to justify the cost in that way, then it’s clearly shady cash-grabbing.

    • hkklife

      Yes, especially when you can easily get 2x or more for selling your same device on E-Bay or CL instead of the pittance they offer as a trade-in. What a joke VZW has become.

      They only have 3 things still going for them:
      -A great LTE & CDMA network
      -A handful of “Droid” branded phones that are looking more dated by the day and the hopeful promise of a future Droid offering from Moto that is a smash success
      -Grabdfathered unlimited plans that you KNOW will start to disappear in the near future.

      • ozo012

        The Motorola Droid branded phones are pieces of sh!t.  Clever marketing and stupid customers, nothing else.  The Rezound is superior in every way to the Razr and look what little Ad attention it has been given.  Motorola is in bed with Verizon otherwise they would have died a long time ago (other than the OG Droid name one phone Moto has released that isn’t locked down/bugged or not lived up to the hype).  I can’t tell who had more bastard children Motorola (Droid X 2, Droid 3, Bionic, Razr– when you release the Razr Maxx a month later) or Robert Baratheon (Game of Thrones reference).

        F-ck Motorola and F-ck Verizon.

        • pappy53

          Rezound superior? I have a Bionic that I will put up against the Rezound in any way, except screen, and even the screen isn’t bad. Moto has best call quality, build quality, signal strength, speed, speakerphone, etc.

  • turdbogls

    it would be nice if we could opt out of their “services” and waive that fee.

    also, paying $300 for a phone, and THEN minimum $70/month for 2 years is rediculous.  i am really starting to think of hopping off the verizon bandwagon….they are not alone in the LTE department, and anywere i would be is completely covered by sprint and AT&T.

    • angermeans

      This is the whole mentality that has gotten us where we are today in the wireless industry here in the US. People complain about paying for a device that costs money to make. OEMs are going to keep charging top dollar for their products especially when phones now a days are costing them 150-300 to make. The only reason we have 2 yr contracts is that people expect a free phone when signing a contract. People are too cheap to pay the 500-600 dollars for a phone at full price so instead companies like Verizon offer a subsidy (which by the way is no way mandatory) to lower the price of the phone as they see they will make that money up over the 2 years you have the phone. Education goes a long way. A smartphone at Verizon is discounted depending on the phone a couple hundred dollars and if you cancel early you don’t send back the phone you pay an ETF to make up that subsidy. Verizon allows you to change you phone, plan and features at anytime without penalty or having to sign a new 2 yr contract. It’s time to stop whining. You knew the deal when you signed and every carrier on the market has been charging fees like this for years. The price you pay monthly is what you will pay anywhere and no other wireless provider has anywhere near the LTE coverage Verizon does. Sprint (which you referenced) doesn’t even have LTE yet and AT&T (which has more fees than any company) only has 12 markets the last time I checked and has mentioned they will be releasing more at a slower pace as they feel HSPA+ is good enough. You pay what you pay and complaining doesn’t get you anywhere. You want to pay full price for a phone then you avoid all of these things all together.

      • Loyalty…NOT!

        Your a d i c k!

      • wastry

        *slow clap* Well said, I totally agree

      • Ken_P_619

         It’s funny that your reply to all of these posts are ” complaining doesn’t get you anywhere”…so I’m assuming your resolution to everything is to keep quiet and continue to get trampled on.  Backlash from your consumers is always at the forefront of any business…it may not change anything right away, but it will affect current or even future policy.  You say that we (the consumer) knew the contract when we signed it, yet I can easily reverse that and say that Verizon also knew the contract when I signed it, yet they are the ones changing the rules, implementing new fees, removing features like the “new every 2”, the list goes on. Let’s dissect this even further…you said that “people are too cheap to pay the $500-$600 dollars for a phone”, first of all you and I know that the new phones are more like $750+ especially when you include things like “upgrade fees” and environmental fees, tax, activation fees, etc…but even more so you say that Verizon doesn’t have to subsidize these costs, again you are mistaken. They most definitely do if they want to stay competitive and actually sell phones…just like any business they have competitors and if they didn’t keep these phones at a certain price point, they would not have any customers. Please don’t tell me you are foolish enough to believe that they subsidize these phones to keep their customers happy…oh no, that is rich!, you actually thought that….wow. 

      • marcusmaximus04

        Except that with their new ETF, the amount you pay back is commonly significantly larger than the subsidy. Which they explain away by claiming there’s all kinds of services that they have to provide in addition, like setting up the phone for people. Which is what they’re supposedly ALSO charging this $30 for.

        So, basically, we’re paying several times over for services that Google is already providing for free by default, that require exactly 0 effort on the part of the customer.

      • ProZomby

        The Subsidy really is actually kind of required. When you go off-contract, you’re still paying the same price, which means you’re still making the subsidy payments on a phone that you didn’t subsidize, and therefor, aren’t making up the loss from buying the phone out-right. I’ll pay full price for a phone if they knock $25/mo off when I’m off contract.

      • Max0442

        I mentioned this in another article, but I’ll try & make it shorter than my last post. I talked about this with a Verizon rep awhile back (buying full retail) and was told that they even lose money when selling the phone to us a full retail price. I mentioned that the Thunderbolt (that I was considering at the time) was shown as being $380 for Best Buy’s cost on a leaked store screenshot. He informed me that BBY must’ve got a better deal than they did. Verizon contracted HTC to make the phone for them, and one of their indirect resellers got a better deal than they did? That’s the kind of crack expertise they now want us to pay extra for? He went onto say that no matter how we buy the phone from them, that its a total loss, that the monthly charges could not be discounted because that’s the actual cost to provide the service & the cost of the phone is not recovered within the contract. By his reasoning how could they ever make the record profits that they have made the past couple years? Since they’re just scraping by on service charges and the equipment is a total loss. I countered with how can StraightTalk which uses Verizon’s network can charge $45 a month? He didn’t know anything about that.
        I would agree with you on buying full contract if they gave you a discount on the monthly fees, but if I’m going to take on the equipment fees and still pay the same for service, that’d be stupid. For another $250-300, the only benefits are no $30 upgrade fee, no ETF, and the ability to upgrade at anytime. But it would cost me the same if I paid the ETF while under contract and get the upgrade subsidized. It would cost roughly the same money. So until these carriers can give us a discount on the monthly charges for assuming the cost of the phone, there isn’t any benefit buying full retail.

  • sc0rch3d

    corporate greed at its finest….just enough of a hike to get us pissed but not enough of a hike that we can’t afford it or will leave vzw.

  • josh

    What happens if you upgrade through something like amazon wireless?

    • PrjctArchAngel

      amazon would be considered an indirect so you would still be charged the fee.

  • cheezer88

    doesn’t Google already do what they talked about in the second paragraph? i Don’t need a sales rep to do that for me

  • So.. basically you’d have to tack on $30 to the cost of a new phone.. Retarded..

    •  Yeah, it’s hard to really see a difference between this and simply tacking on $30 to the cost of a new (subsidized) phone.  Other than keeping the headline price down while ticking people off with fees.

      • Christopher Riner

        I know, right?  As if its not bad enough that they do stuff like charge $300 for a phone (like the razr- or even the charge, what an outrage) and then come out with a better phone just like it a couple months later, taking the price of the first phone down $100 bucks.  Hell, they already have the most phones priced at the highest ($300) upgrade fee.  Other carriers have a lot more options for $199 and below.  

    • It’s not enough for them to have the most expensive phones. THEY NEED MORE!

      • EC8CH


    • LMAO @ the lame robo-responses!…..

    • up2bKrzy

       They can try selling it all they want. As far as I’m concerned I’ll be looking elsewhere very soon. Half there sales reps don’t even understand the devices they are selling. There help is for garbage 9 out of 10 times & the BS services they are claiming take them no more then 2 mins to do to start with. So to charge existing customers another $30 to get a new phone they THEY push and want us to upgrade to is HOGWASH.

      At the money we pay them monthly for service, and for upgrading phones this new $30 is a COMPLETE and udder scam on us consumers as they have all these costs already covered and have for yrs. Typical corp America just trying to rape us more on a daily basis

      • angermeans

        Have fun at another provider as I know for a fact that both AT&T and Sprint charge the same upgrade fee to existing customers. If you have a problem with the reps and their supposed “lack of knowledge” then don’t rely on them. You have all the knowledge you need on the net and if you run into the rare problem that needs fixed they are one phone call away and will help you. I don’t see why so many bank on the help of a customer service rep. Just look it up yourself. Manage your own line, device, and service. I don’t rely on anyone unless I need them and I can care less if a rep knows what they are doing because I rarely need their help. Not to mention you are implying that every rep at Verizon has no idea of what they are doing which conflicts with companies like JD Power that keeps on giving Verizon top awards for customer service quarter to quarter. The whole complaining of reps at Verizon does no good and is old. There is no reason that one shouldn’t spend a little time educating them selves of their phones and plans that they pay so much money for. I guerentee you can find the answer much quicker on the net in much less time than picking up the phone to speak with a rep that you obviously feel is under your knowledge in the subject. I promise if you are having an issue then a dozen or so others have had the same problem and there are endless amounts of forums out there that have worked through it. That is the beauty of this day in age and if a person is too lazy to search that out and then want to complain about the help of another is pointless don’t you think?

        • Jonathonflores6958

          Dude shut up.

        • The point is that we shouldn’t have to look it up on the internet if they really lived up to their awards. Your post was pointless.  I go into the Verizon store and all they want to do is sell not help the customer, that is offensive to us as the consumer. Their awards are pointless if they do not live up to the hype.  You’re such a douche.. Most reps have no idea what they are doing, if they did why would my friends and family come to me right after receiving their phone from the Verizon rep? They aren’t doing their jobs and giving the customer all the services they need. These classes and workshops do nothing if their employees have no idea what they’re doing and talking about.

          • angermeans

            Im a douche? Your the one that goes into a store that is ran by commission and expect service? I agree when you have an issue you are paying a lot of money and deserve to have that issue resolved, but there is a place for that. Call customer care man that is what they are there for. If you have such a problem with the reps in the store why do you keep going back? I promise not all reps are that way and to say that they are because of an experience(s) you received in a store (that is set there to sell people devices not tech support). The better question is why are friends and family coming to you when you obviously rely so much on the support of the Verizon Wireless store? 

            I do agree with one thing though if a rep is going to take the time to sell a device to a customer then they should take the time to help the customer with that friend is not the way to run a business. There are a lot of people that are not given the right customer service, but at the end of the day if your going to make a purchase that effects your wallet and two years of your life then there is absolutely no reason in God’s green earth to not spend a half an hour researching that purchase. Especially when that purchase costs you more than $300 with that two year commitment. If you choose not to research than it is not a Verizon reps fault for you making a decision. 

            By the way last time I checked (and Ive been here on Droid Life for years) the comment section is there to make comments not name calling. 

        • Loyalty…NOT!

          who to f are you?  If you can’t support the bs and then BUTT out!

        • Arthur Uscg

          Think of it this way. You pay to have a plumber come and fix your sink. Yet he has no clue on what a pipe wrench is and you are forced to fix the plumbing your self. Yet are still charged for the plumber. Is that fair way to conduct business?
          Unfortunately the Carriers have a monopoly on the wireless system and consumers have very little choices. DOJ needs to come in and break them up just like Mama Bell was broken up.

        • CoCo

          You just proved his point. If im just going to get better and more accurate info on the “net” then why do i have to pay and extra $30? 

          • angermeans

            And you didnt prove mine. You can avoid all that and the contracts all together. Pay full price for the phone. What I am saying is if your going to be big enough to sign a contract then do yourself a favor and read what you are signing. The only reason contracts exist is because we are not used to paying full price for a phone. We all want to whine about it and then once we get it we want to whine about its performance. Once that is done we will whine about the contract we signed and want out of it for the slightest little things that had nothing to do with the contract we signed in the first place. Not to mention the whole time we want to complain about the reps we talk to when we dont want to spend the time to look for a resolution ourselves. I understand that most here probably dont call customer care as we probably know a lot about it in the first place so maybe I’m barking up the wrong tree. I am not standing up for Verizon or this change but all this complaining about a charge that every OEM in the American industry has been charging for years is crazy and gets us no where. I just made a simple comment to a post I found ridiculous. 

          • Splicer78

            Because we all hv a spare 6 bennies laying around

        • I know for a fact that ATT will waive this fee. My sister has done it many times. I am sure that VZW will eventually.

    • Yep, then I’ll go buy the phone of my choice, off contract, and say to hell with them.

      •  You still get a discounted phone.  $299 + $30 upgrade is still less than buying the phone outright from almost anywhere (unless used).

      • angermeans

        Amen been doing that for years and it is he best way to go. Complaining about this does nothing for anyone.

        • CoCo

          Like kellen said, We got them to stop the $2 monthly fee…
          oh and that whole $5 charge with Bank of America…
          What makes you think the community can get them to stop this?

          • Because this is the the industry standard, if Sprint and ATT are already doing it. Not some bogus $2 fee for what many companies actually give you a discount for (paying bills online).

      • wastry

        Soooo . . . you’re gonna buy the phone for anywhere from $600 – $900 off contract, when you could buy it on-contract for $300, just so you can avoid a $30 fee, which is about the price of a dinner at a restaurant. And you’re still gonna be paying the same in monthly charges as if you were on a 2-yr anyway.

        This is the reason you’re in IT and not in charge of other peoples money

        • Counsel Dew

          The mobthly fee for a subsidized phone should be higher than one you bought outright…

          • sirmeili

            Should be, but they aren’t. T-Mobile used to do this, but as far as I know even they stopped doing it. Your only choice is a pay as you go phone which you have to really research to see if your phone will work on those plans.

    • radiohead14

      they didn’t cover for when I will argue to them that their “services” like backup assistant are already being offered by Google for free and in a better way

      • Hmm, yes they did. The last objection of “What if I do those things myself” pretty much covers that.

        • EC8CH

          Translated rep response:

          Yeah well, tough $h!t, you pay anyway.  Now sell your old phone to us for a price well below what you could get on ebay.

        • radiohead14

          keywords there are “improve” and “provide” services which VZW does not, as  Google does those

    • Phillip Norris

       they have Jetpacks now?

      • florious80

        i think that’s the mobile hotspot device. Or else they are really buying Jetpacks for their employees using this new $30 fee…….

    • RadicalPie

      Looks like I’m buying phones at full cost from now on.

      • J. Gilbertson

        So you would rather pay a few hundred dollars more per new phone than say $30 more per new phone when you use an upgrade? Sorry, devil’s advocate here. I don’t like the upgrade fee either but your statement doesn’t make sense.

      • Confused

        $30 more vs $200 more…. do explain?

      • DJyoSNOW

        I thought about this also…though 3Rd party vendors are looking good also. I would think the money is not going directly to VZW and there is bound to a better deal.

    • master94

       Just printed this out, and went to my local Verizon store. Asked all the questions and got the exact same answers word for word. Its kind of scary. This isn’t even in effect yet but they tried to charge me.

    • All I got from that was Verizon sells Jetpacks… I can fly?

    • Chris

       Did anyone else see jetpacks in that……wheres my jetpack

    • AE35

      What is with this company? 

      “we can help you transfer contacts and email””let me show you some of the cool features of your new phone””can I get your email so we can pester you and never send an upgrade offer”

      are you for real?


    Sounds like I should be okay with my corporate discount. I’ve always been able to get any fees (including activation) refunded because of it. 

    • AE35

      Really? Keep us updated about your situation.

  • I see a reference to early upgrade…I thought early upgrade was dead?

    • tbaybe

      the $50 discount of new every two is dead

      • That too. HI TBAYBE!

        • tbaybe

          HI TABE!!!!!!!!!!! Y U FOLLOW ME???

    • The annual upgrade is dead, you can still early upgrade.

  • Booooooooooooooo!!