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Ready to Ditch Instagram Due to the Recent Acquisition by Facebook?

With the recent news that Facebook is to gobble up Instagram to the tune of 1 billion dollars, many people are heading for the escape pods. There are some privacy concerns and other ideas that make people think that with new owners, Instagram is going straight down the drain and will be consumed by advertisements. So, if you have already made an Instagram account and were looking for a way to delete it, you may have noticed that there is no option to do so in the mobile app. 

To delete your account, just head on over to their webpage here, enter your account info and select the reason you’re leaving. After that, you are completely through with Instagram and will never have to worry about your pictures or personal information being leaked. Do we have anyone here wearing the tinfoil hats that think Instagram shall meet its demise thanks to the purchase by Mr. Zuckerburg?

Cheers Dan!

  • @scottyfromga

    Insta….gram?  I still use Western Union….

  • Smooth918

    Wanna remove your account, go here: 

  • mikesuds

    I like Instagram. It works well, I liked checking out my friends pictures. The app is well designed. Time will tell if facebook fucks it up. I already have Instagram send all my photos to my facebook anyways. I don’t understand all the hate. As someone else said, I do it for the social aspect. It’s neat to see my good friends photos and get feedback on mine. The filters just make the photos look nicer or softer to the eyes. Tons of people going insane for basically nothing, as usual.

  • cb2000a

    Never downloaded it and never will. Actually I am about to give up on Facebook and go to Google+. Every update that Facebook does makes it worse.

  • jdrch

    Actually, I signed up for Instagram *because* FB bought them. Means they’re legit and not just a fad.

  • JulianZHuang

    i use both. no need to ditch. 

  • Sporttster

    Tell ya, if I had a billion friggin dollars, I could think of many better ways to spend it that to buy a FREE Android program. This whole thing confuses me. Why is it such a big deal program? It’s a bunch of filters, people! Just like I cannot figure out the Hunger games nonsense.

  • LiterofCola

    Ditched facebook long ago, never had any interest in Instagram to really give it a chance.

  • Because Instagram is going to Zuck…

  • Brian

    When did this site become InstagramLife? It used to be fun to read, now it’s one big ad for a single app.

  • AndroidVesti

    Let us be honest, Instagram is a total…well you know 🙂


  • wetzilla

    I don’t understand the obsession everyone has with some dumb camera filters. Why do people care about this?

    • Smooth918

      It’s not so much the filters for, its more the instagram community (Celebs-unscripted), I’ve noticed the majority of them don’t even use the filters, but with the Facebook owned, I’m sure a lot of them will continue on with Twitter, to them Facebook is the MySpace of today.

  • I don’t see why so many people are surprised. It was an application that made no revenue and had no web interface. In fact, it depended on 3rd parties using its API for a web presence. In other words, it was tailored for acquisition. The Instagram mission must have been to eventually raise revenue by being bought by a big service and being integrated into that service. This was always the plan; it had to be. Otherwise, how would you monetize it?

    (having said that, if Instagram technologies are incorporated into Facebook to improve their own photo features, then maybe Instagram won’t change all that much)

  • MagnaCartaHG

    First they made me sign up to take a picture. Deal breaker. (I get it, it’s social, but I like to try things out.)

    Then they got bought by Facebook.

    It’s not like Instagram was like YouTube with an offering of something Google didn’t have. Facebook already does picture sharing pretty well and I wasn’t looking for better camera software.

    So I guess I’ll move the icon off my home screen. No ditching necessary…

    Lol at everyone that was like “you just don’t get Instagram… it’s picture sharing but all your friends are there…”. Oh so like Facebook? Just like Facebook. Oh wait it is Facebook…

    • androida

      Thank you! 

  • SHAYES1018

    i just use camera fx or camera 360. F&*% INSTAGRAM!!!

  • Kkinderen

    I have no interest in Facebook, Twitter or any other ‘social’ network with the possible exception of g+ maybe. Do people really have time for all this stuff? I check my RSS and if I want to share I’ve got email. If I want to friend someone – I’ll buy them a drink.

    • Smooth918

      🙂 It kills me when someone WRITES ON A SOCIAL SITE, that they have no time or interest in Social Networking, duh! 

  • Meh, that’s why I tell TiBu to keep the last three backups… if the app goes to crap, I just install a previous “non-facebooked” version … I’ll keep it because sadly a lot of people I know have iPhones and use instagram, it’s pretty cool to check it out instead of loggin in thru facebook or sifting thru twitter.

  • Darren Tabor


    actually, I really don’t care…

  • Crackmonkeys4hire

    Fortunately I never found a need for Instagram so with the Facebook purchase I uninstalled it. Don’t need Zuckerberg using it as a method to get into my phone and publish my entire contact list or post every picture I take. Given FaceBooks past behavior I would not consider beyond the realm of possibilty.

  • Liderc

    I have my tin foil hat on so it’s ok to be logged into facebook…

  • IC

    Most of you probably delete it because you have no friends to follow or that follow you…not because it’s a “hipster app” or “stupid” or “it was acquired by Facebook”.

    • androida

      I think people uninstall it because they wanted to see what all the fuss was about and realized it’s a pointless app. 

      • Smooth918

        Especially since Pixlr-O-Matic is 100 times better.

  • No. Unless they change it and remove all of its features.

    • Sp4rxx

      The most damage that can be done is the kind you don’t know about – there is no guarantee that your pics will stay yours now that the Mr. Z has acquired the service

  • Ive already given it up for Streamzoo. Much nicer app and has more features.

    • Smooth918

      Gonna check that one out, have you tried Mobli, it’s pretty cool…

  • Inheat801

    Everyone should delete instagram just have a laugh at Zuckerburg’s billion dollar DOH!

  • JayM

    Many, if not most, users use Instagram for the social aspect of it. The filters are NOT the main reason people (like myself) use it. Most people realize that there are 9252334275 other apps that are better for photo editing and effects. 

    At the end of the day you get what you want out the app. There’s no sense in instantly deleting it after FB acquired it. Wait until you start to see something you don’t like.

    • Labam88

      Completely agree.

      • Smooth918


  • Ahku Droid

    I prefer Paper Camera for picture and video A-ha moments.  They did it in their music video before hipsters were even born.

  • Jlmcc

    everywhere you try to make a comment on anything they want your facebook id,got tired of it all so I just made up a fake email and fake facebook id,now I get to comment on USAtoday and others without them knowing who it is

    • Notreallyme

      I didn’t know anyone used their real info online. Weird.

  • After that, you are completely through with Instagram and will never have to worry about your pictures or personal information being leaked.

    You keep telling yourself that ;]

  • poeddroiduser

    Whats Instagram?

    • bakdroid

      Some app that little kids enjoy messing up their photos with.

      • Sp4rxx

         Dude, I think he was being funny…..

        • androida

          they were both being funny. sheesh. just laugh.

  • I hate that most of the commenters think it is now the cool thing to hate on Instagram.  Bunch of sheep.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Exactly. Guess I am one of the few that still enjoy Instagram, even after hearing that horrible news…plus I’m not as paranoid as I thought I was, at least not as paranoid as some of these people here at Droid-Life.

    • ggpike

      I have no problem with Instagram. Tons of people I know use it, some use filters, some don’t. Not everyone tries to make their pictures look like they’re from the 70’s. It’s a nice way to communicate through pictures instead of words (Referring to the social aspect of it within the Instagram app). I don’t really care if it’s considered cool or not cool, just whether or not I enjoy it. As far as Facebook acquiring it, I’ll wait until there’s actually some news on what, if anything, will change. If it’s better integrated into Facebook, that’s fine with me. 

    • marcusmaximus04

      I’ve never really seen the point to instagram. Seems to me that Android already has all its functionality built in.

  • Tatsuo

    already uninstalled.  I loved the article over at The Verge and comments from Ziegler haha

  • I used instagram for about 5 minutes then realized it was a stupid hipster apple thing anyways and they can have it.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Don’t care…won’t ditch Instagram, at least not yet.

    Oh…and I thought I WAS paranoid. You people make me laugh.

    • My thoughts exactly. Instagram kicks ass. 

    • Asuriyan

      How do you know whether I’m wearing a tinfoil hat… if I don’t post pictures of myself online?!

    • MangoBreath

      Just wait until that next update of Instagram pushes out and you find your the contents of your phone on Facebook and then Facebook trying to friend your phone contacts with anyone they find that lived in the same town. Or when all of your pictures have been uploaded to Facebook and put on display for everyone to see.

      •  When have they ever tried this? If they were going to, they would do it through the Facebook app, not spend $1 billion on Instagram to do it.

        • EvanTheGamer

          Exactlamondo! That’s what I say in regards to that.

      • EvanTheGamer

        Even then I wouldn’t give a rats ass in bunny hell.

        • TC Infantino

          Bunnies go to hell?  Ok, now I am sad.

          • EvanTheGamer

            Oh yeah…and that hell is the worse kind…demon bunny’s use the tails of n00b bunny’s to roast marshmallows…talk about tail biting pain!

  • Diablo81588

    Stop with the Instagram posts already! It’s not THAT great of an app to warrant daily posts!! Sheesh…

    • EvanTheGamer

      It’s actually a pretty great app.


  • jjrudey

    Deleted my account last night. Had a good few day run.

  • just

    i don’t understand what everyone’s logic is. If you’re really that upset with the acquisition of instagram by facebook then like everyone else has been saying, uninstall it. No one is forcing you to use it.

  • BA_Carroll

    Honestly I installed Instagram but still have not even taken a picture with it. So it’s like I never really installed it…. right?

  • rocketdaddy

    Add instagram to the long list of supposedly winderful apps i have uninstalled or not installed because they want facebook to own my soul.

  • Stephen Morrison


  • jcastle482

    I installed it to see what all the fuss was about, still haven’t found a reason for it. So no, it wont matter to me.

  • I hate the new social reader on facebook. People dont need to know I read bout Snokies weight loss. Same way my facebook friends dont need to know I liked some half naked picture on instagram. Stupid facebook

  • Azndan4

    Enough with the instagram posts. No one cares.

    • jjrudey

      The app has over 5 Million installs. A lot of people actually do care.

      • Angryunibrow

         Maybe they should show how many “Uninstalls” have been made after the initial “Install” Now that’s a stat I would love to see on ALL apps 🙂

        • DJyoSNOW

           Ditto I tried and then uninstalled.  WTF is up with the crop box…I guess I did not find out how to upload full pictures WTF

          • its so you can make it hip and square like a polaroid….

  • Asuriyan

    If I say yes, will you stop posting about Instagram on a daily basis?


    • Thanassi


      • JUANA

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    • LiterofCola

      + 1 billion

  • If you’re genuinely upset that Facebook owns Instagram, you waive all rights to make fun of those iPhone users who quit the moment Android was an option.

    See how it develops first, don’t hate it when it’s still working just as it did a few days ago.

    • WAldenIV

      Yes, and don’t install any future updates if you are worried about ads.

    • Lord Badger

      ^^ this. It’s the same sort of snobbery that gets us so mad.

  • lol this is hilarious… instagram was the best thing ever last week.. this week it won’t stop calling… hahaha

  • Instagram is way too mainstream now *Hipster Glasses*

  • sc0rch3d

    the best way to ditch instagram is to never have installed it at all

    • Darthseph23


    • Treknologist

       My thought, exactly.  LOL

    • Inquizitor

      ‘Tis better to have tried and deleted than to never have installed at all.

  • edaddy

    Already ditched. Now if only I could delete my Facebook account I’d been doing well. Stupid friends.

  • I uninstalled Instagram before uninstalling Instagram was cool…

    •  Yeah well I never installed Instagram before you could uninstall it before it was cool…

      • FortitudineVincimus

        Yeah well I said F*** you Instagram before saing F*** Instagram was cool… oh, and F**** Facebeotch also

        • Mack

          This Guy. +1

          I downloaded it but never got around to signing up, now thanks to facebook that will most likely never happen. I despise facebook. 

    • Notreallyme

      I just installed and uninstalled it; now I feel like I belong.

  • Sprunka

    I tried Instagram. Overhyped if you ask me. I don’t care about the Facebook buy out, I prefer Pixlr-o-Matic anyway. More options!!!

    • My thoughts exactly.

    • Yermom318

      I love pixlr-o-matic. I didn’t get the whole instagram thing.

      • MarkZuckerberg

        So you guys love pixlr-o-matic, going to buy this app too now, I will not quit until I have all your personal information and pictures, muah ha haha

  • Kun Amero

    Apple wants to sue

  • You better watch what you say Droid Life 

    Facebook © 2012 

  • nightscout13

    Facebook will sell geotag information from Instagram to third party 

    • Doubt it, there’d be an uproar if they did that.

      • I bet it happens on day one.  They will use geotagged ads in your feed.  You can bet your ass they are going to sell anything they can.  Facebook is not a social media company it is more of an advertising company than Google is at this point.  I don’t need to know every time someone looks at an article on facebook and then if the title sounds interesting and I try ot read I have to allow and app access to my data?  You know why it wants my data?  So they can try to sell me more crap that is pointless. I use facebook for 2 things, the few and far between messages and to get a phone number if i if they have it listed and it is not someone i contact often enough to warrant getting to be a contact in my phone.

        • Lord Badger

          And hence why I never geotag my pics 😀

      • nightscout13

        Facebook already sells all users information to partners, why wouldn’t they sell geo-tag’s?

    •  Why? Facebook already records geo tags from posts, they don’t need Instagram’s

      • nightscout13

        because they will also have PICTURES of your daily routine, besides the geotag.

  • Angryunibrow

    Already uninstalled…