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CyanogenMod Team Chooses New “rAndy” Mascot – Do You Like It?

new cyanogenmod logo

Sometimes when a major brand decides to change their logo, there are mixed feelings toward the selected choice. I think this example is no different. The CyanogenMod team as a whole, decided that they would be choosing a new mascot to represent their group and asked artists and users to submit ideas.

Well, they have officially made their choice and have given it a name that they say is still in beta testing. rAndy will be the new Cyan Mascot. We think it’s pretty neat and look forward to seeing the final unveiling of it. All submissions can be seen here. Tell us if you think they made the right choice.

Via: Google+

  • Nixx Ses

    I want someone to brand using the little alien on the gmails spam button. Anyone know what he’s called?

  • Chris

    Your doing it wrong, retarded idea. 

  • Otto

    Honestly, I love it. The old one made me feel like I was using an OS built by a fifteen year old. I welcome this change.

  • First think I thought of, I-Robot. 
    I like it, better than the skater guy.

  • Master O’Disaster

    Sorry. Looks pretty silly to me. Seems like a child of an alien instead of an “Android”.

    Certainly doesn’t seem up to the level of the products they create.

    With so many other great Android logos out there, I am pretty disappointed with this one.

  • frankandsimple

    not surprising. Developers who are great at programming suck donkey balls when it comes to aesthetics and designing. 

  • NemaCystX

    Seriously doesn’t feel at all like Android, reminds me more of Playmobil figures

    • In the note attached to the designer’s (I really don’t want to call him a designer because it’s obvious that he really isn’t one) he said that is where he got his inspiration from for this scribbling. From the Playmobil figures. He described the Playmobil figures as “super cute”. Kind of makes you question what the whole approach to the logo in the first place was. I want to make a super-cute-doll-like logo for this? That doesn’t make sense to me.His other inspiration mentioned was the Limbo game.To me it looks more like E.T. or an alien than an Android or robot.

  • Amenemhat1

    And here I thought the CM team was busy cranking out the first stable G-Nex mod, it turns out they are spending more time on Photoshop than Python…. smh

  • HATE IT.  Looks more like ET.  There were a lot of better submissions from what I saw but whatever it’s not my project and I will continue to try it but now I have a new reason to theme it and tear that logo out.

  • Not bad. I could get used to it

  • mustbepbs

    Eugh. Who made that decision? Looks terrible.

  • Kelly

    not a fan, I like the old one better

  • @ScottyfromGA

    i personally like logos better than mascots, what are we, a sports team?  I liked sub# 3 personally.

  • Taylor Levesque

    As I skateboarder I feel as If i will be losing a fellow ally

  • Bert336

    Why don’t they do a contest to have some of the Android Community talented graphic designers and have them make a few, and have Cyanogenmod get back to the Coding 😛 

  • Bert336

    back to the drawing board!

  • Kinda cool, defly cooler than the old logo

  • Romma1

    Nice tuning forks for hands!

  • Theboomishere

    Little Big Planet anyone? Comparing to the other entries, this one seems the best.

    • Josh Groff

      LBP rocks 🙂

  • Rich

    Agreed, this isn’t the best one out of the pictures they have… there were two others that looked way better IMO…

  • Litso

    I dig it. Very clean, very iconic and recognizable. I think its also a better shade of cyan over all, easier on the eyes and more inviting.

  • Underfundedmandate

    Looks like Masturbating Bear with
    wrenches for his nutz. No likey.

  • awesome nice choice!!

  • bjn714

    Go for being different. I respect it and I am sure he will represent them well. Now to see him in a boot animation…

  • I looked through all of the other options and i personally think they could have went with some of the others. But I really do like the personality of this one. at first i didn’t but it grew on me fast.

  • Not exactly amazing, but you know I kinda like it. I could get used to it. 

  • OMG, It’s the Greendale Human Being mascot in blue!! Creepy as hell.


  • I like the ‘O’ being incorporated into the mascot but I think this looks more like an alien than anything else. I’m not such a fan of it.

  • Strange_creation3000

    I think it’s rad…. I can’t wait to rock that… Damn I want a tshjrt

  • OhAaron

    WHAT!  This doesn’t look anything like Andy! :/ No, No, No.

  • duke69111

    I think there were much better options they could of picked.