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n7player Music Player Creates a Rich Music Experience on Your Android Device

If anyone is looking for a great music application that is feature rich, check out n7player. This player has a really cool multi-touch feature that allows you to zoom in on all of your album covers from just the names and looks darn good while doing it. You have an in-depth equalizer and many more features. Before anyone asks, there is no Google Music support, but you won’t find that in any other3rd-party player. 

To get a good sense of how the app truly works, check out the video down below. Does anyone here use anything besides the official Play Music application?

Play Link

  • BigT

    While I like the look of the player it would be nice if it read the google music cache like doubletwist does. Once it does that, I’d spend the $$

  • N7 as in Mass Effect? haha

  • artsr2002

    This is a great music player.  Been using it for a couple of weeks now.  Nice. 

  • Justin Edwards

    Rammstein! Nice choice

  • Lilkerv90210

    This has excellent potential. I’ll be watching to see where it goes. For now I’m sticking with power amp

  • Mitch

    Been using Winamp for Android since it came out simply for the easy en queue feature. I’m going to check this out though as this seems to have a queue and is much nicer to look at than winamp

  • Wow a lot of hate in the comments, this is a great concept, i’m willing to give it a try at the very least!

  • Inquizitor


  • iamCC

    I just like that they have Ratatat… 😀

  • SD_Scott

    Been using Poweramp for my lossless files…  Still hoping Google will allow a digital out with the next ICS update.

    • Keith Sumner

      That’s not happening, brother, that’s a hardware issue, not OS.

    • Zebra

      Technically the MHL port provides digital audio. If only someone would make an adapter for that now. I suppose if you really wanted it you could go MHL > HDMI > Audio Channel.

  • JMac726

    Check out GoneMAD for some good sound quality

    • SD_Scott

      Not bad but I still think Poweramp is the best for quality…

      • New_Guy

        I agree, but to be a free app (for now) n7 is really good.

  • New_Guy

    Been using this player for about 3weeks now and I absolutely love it. Not only is it super clean, but it has some great sound enhancements. 

  • brando56894

    It’s interesting, just downloaded it. Doesn’t work in landscape though. I’ll keep an eye on it and keep using Power Amp.

  • Michael_NM

    Until a third party player can get to Google Music, I’m out. 🙁

    • And unfortunately that can’t happen until an API is released for it…

    • Nex

      Cloud music sniper, access all your cached music with any music app

  • Should move that sentence regarding no Google Music support to the beginning. Might save a lot of people from reading the entire post.

    • Del

      Should move comments like yours to the end. Might save a lot of people from reading it.

  • Gr8fulone

    That’s LAME! Wait until Beats comes out with a player… then you can listen to Beats on Beats enhanced by Beats on your Beats headphones! Saying Beats that many times is starting to make Beats sound funny…BEATS!!

    • RumbaCembe


      • TROLOLOL

         … YOUR MEAT.

  • Play –> Cloud Music Sniper –> PowerAmp

  • EvanTheGamer

    OH…this new music player looks interesting. Will download it and see how it compares to PowerAMP..

    • New_Guy

      It doesn’t have the swipe gesture like PA, but it has some really nice animations and good sound enhancements; not to mention Pinch-to-Zoom support.

      • EvanTheGamer

        Currently working, but as soon as my shift is over, definitely giving n7player a whirl…sounds awesome though!

        • New_Guy

          i remember when I emailed them for support, they literally got back with me within 5 minutes. The most surprisingly fast support I’ve seen and they updated the app by the next day.

      • cizzlen

        How would you compare the equalizer to PowerAmp’s?

        Also I think this app would be real handy while driving. It’s better to glance and know what I want to listen to rather then keep glancing at my screen while scrolling down trying to find a song to play. 

  • This interface doesn’t do it for me.  I’m a big fan of AudioGalaxy.  Streams all my tunes and looks great on phone and tablet.  The 20 GB limit of Google Music has been the only limitation for me that keeps me from using it full time.  Only downside to AudioGalaxy is needing your computer to be on to stream all the media.

    • Chris

      20 GB limit? How do you figure that? Its a 20,000 track limit.

  • I’ll have to give this a shot. With no removable storage I now rely on Google Music for the most part but it looks fun to play with. 

  • Greg Morgan

    I think Google Music would be more successful if they allowed third parties to be able to stream the music.

  • fvqu

    Tim has pretty decent taste in music.

  • No. Ugly. Fail.

  • Zebra

    I prefer browsing through a nice organized list rather than searching through a mess of artist tags…

    • CORYK333

      Same here…with the amount of time it took me to get my tags/artwork perfect for PowerAMP & the extensive EQ tweaking it allows i wont be switching anytime soon. This is probably a good app, just not for me.