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Have You Given Siine Keyboard a Chance?

Within the last couple of weeks, Siine Keyboard has popped up enough times from readers (or PR people acting as readers), that we felt inclined to at least discuss it. You see, we were turned onto this keyboard replacement what seems like months ago, but found it chintzy enough at that time that we simply brushed it aside. I don’t know if the Siine team has improved the app immensely over the last couple of weeks or if readers are just randomly stumbling onto it after finding themselves bored with Swype and Swiftkey, but people can’t seem to quit talking about it. 

What is Siine Keyboard?

It can function like any other keyboard, but it stands out because you can customize it to say all sorts of every day phrases or  greetings or slang words with the touch of a couple of buttons. You can even download special sets of words so that you sound Australian or like Sherlock Holmes or with a hip hop flare. And from what we know, everything can be tweaked to your liking. That brief description certainly does not do it justice. I’d recommend that you watch the video below to get a clearer picture of it all.


Play Link.

So tell me, are you or have you used Siine keyboard? Still using it? Should I switch to it? Sell me on it.

  • napes22

    Finally, a keyboard with presets for my most used phrase, “Yo, wazzup son?  What it be?”

  • I think Siine is a pretty good keyboard. It takes some getting used to, like anything new. I checked it out for my keyboards page, where you can find many other Android keyboards. http://grantbarker.com/android_keyboards.html

    • brando56894

      Cool site you’ve got there Grant!

    • Slytiger3882

      Have you tried FlexT9? I prefer that one because it has swype but also regular typing on it. I prefer the word suggestions in that, coming up just above the keyboard rather than in the middle of the screen.

  • jdrch

    Sounds good for texting, but not much else. Nice to see a new paradigm in 3rd party keyboards though

  • I tried it for about 3 days and I went back to the Samsung keyboard on my Note.  Everything seemed to take longer than usual and I would have to forget everything I know about regular keyboards to use it.  All the clock and phrases features are not intuitive at all and take too long to get to, I guess they would work if you were driving but that is illegal here in CA…

  • brando56894

    Nope, I’m sticking with Swiftkey X. I love the idea of swype but it sucks in landscape mode. I wish someone could make a keyboard with the predictions of Swiftkey and the ability to turn “swyping” on and off like SlideIt has. I’d gladly drop five or ten bucks for that!

  • MrEnglish

    Like it. Going to use it for a week and see how it performs in business and social. Maybe good, maybe not. Looks cool as a concept though.

  • drparty

    No, I usually don’t troll but… this keyboard is a terrible idea. Unless you have very few responses and tend to say nearly the same thing to everybody this keyboard is useless. Its also a great way to force you to say stupid things you otherwise wouldn’t.

    To me it looks a little more like a phrase book than a keyboard. And we don’t use phrase books as a substitute for keyboards.

  • Buckoman

    Although I REALLY like the keyboard and its features, it deteriorates and slows down very quickly. I’ll stick with the stock ICS keyboard for now – At least it doesn’t slow down.

    HTC Rezound, btw, so it’s not a phone limitation.

  • cizzlen

    I lol’d at “so you can say yo. wazzup son. what it be?” 

    • Jayb

      Lol me too that was hilarious. It’s the Malibu’s most wanted set.

      • Noyfb

        Funny how he says you can use it while driving, then has to press 7 different functions to say can’t talk now, i’m busy, i’ll talk to you in a bit.
        I just use google voice, push 1 button and say what i have to say and push send.

    • flosserelli

      I’m waiting for the pimp set so I can text “Bitch Betta Have My Money” while on the go.

  • AlexGhossein

    i need to be able to remap some of the keys and make the keyboard taller. my phone is 4.3″ but more narrow then other 4.3’s. After only using it for 20 minutes over the course of one hour, my right thumb started to hurt. It’s a great keyboard with awesome graphics and functionalities, but i did some meassuring and super math skills and found out your keyboard only takes up 41% of my screen. i wish it would be at 50% or 55%  

  • Lane252

    @kellex:disqus i was wondering when u were gonna posted on this keyboard – its ok looks awesome but has a lot a of work to do before its a Swype contender 

  • Stephen Parker

    Eh….I don’t really dig it. It kind of just annoyed me. I guess I’m spoiled by SwiftKey X. XD

  • CompCrash

    I can type any of those phrases faster then he we typing them, but might be cool for others.

  • i tried it for a few days and it slowed my message speed to a crawl.  while very unique and innovative, one would have to spend lots of time using it to be proficient.  i just don;t have that time to devote.  i try to switch back to siine every now and then to get some more practice in, but not using it exclusively hurts my speed.  i can’t always quickly remember which phrase is under which topic, and i’m always hunting and deleting.  still, props to the devs for coming up with this brilliant keyboard and slew of addons.

  • Jordan

    Go Keyboard is WAY better!

  • GSAI

    I liked the time feature and other intuitive blocks, but the actual keyboard itself was pretty bad and the look and feel weren’t on par with ICS. The true essence of the concept and the actual keyboard are not for me, but it’s a pretty great idea.

    • ArmanUV

      true that

  • thesaber2000

    Might have to try this as a 2nd keyboard to SwiftKey x

  • Havoc70

    Never heard of it, will have to give it a shot and see how it works

  • Excellentnuke

    I’d give it a try, but it doesn’t even work on my Rezound. It never comes up when I select a text field with this as the default keyboard.

  • I like the stock keyboard a lot. I have Swype installed but not using it. My one problem with stock is how often I hit ‘b’ instead of ‘space’. As soon as I figure out what I am doing to cause that it will be great. The problem with this keyboard is that I would have to remember what each icon means to type a word. It would take me longer to remember what to press when to get the letters that I can type at a reasonable wpm. It’s like learning a code to talk plain text to a friend. I don’t get it.

    • Unexpected62

      I HIT “B” and “N” ALL THE TIME TOO.

      • wickets

         thats what makes ics stock so good…..for the most part it auto corrects on the m,n,b,v,c mistakes

    • Fat Fingers

       I wish they would have programmed when on messaging you have to hold the home key so that you don’t accidentally press it when going for the space. To avoid that I do short stroke that space bar and end up hitting an above letter. I usually hit B or V.

  • Clay S.

    i tried it, moving around the delete, enter keys and a few others had me so off that i had to uninstall. i love the fresh new take on it, but there are some things taht you just cant mess with.

  • Kuboo99

    Looks kind of cool, but for my purposes the stock ICS keyboard is perfect (the blind type thing really helps)

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    • Loki

      I just use google voice, push the microphone, say what I have to say, send. I use voice %80 of the time.

      • Same. When I don’t use voice I swype it. This stupid app uses presets. Maybe that works for automatons but not for me.

        I’m not a damn robot!

  • richard melcher

    tried it for a few minutes. ill stick with Swiftkey X

  • Uhh….so is this the English equivalent of typing Chinese/Japanese characters? Seems really tedious considering you have to search for each individual word. I don’t see this competing with the stock keyboard, let alone Swype.

    • That seems exactly what it is! Good call. I was struggling with a comparison.

  • Smooth918

    I did, but it was just to Busy, left it alone in about half hour.

  • baniels

    Relocate the backspace button to where it belongs and I’ll try it again. 

  • i used a little known keyboard called ShapeWriter even after nuance enveloped it and basically discontinued it, but on my galaxy nexus the dpi is all messed up and swype is actually up to par now i love it for the most part

    • Athensjohn

      Isn’t Nuance the company behind FlexT9 – that is my personal keyboard of choice.

    • Droidzilla

      I never liked ShapeWriter next to Swype; just seemed slow and clunky, and less apt to know what I’m typing.

    • Qqq

      I loved Sharpe Writer but switched to Swype because Shape Writer lacked a speech to text key.

  • Jay

     I’ve had it for a week or so. It’s a bit less responsive I find than the multi-touch keyboard on my Bionic, which is both good and bad at times. It’s definitely the most feature packed keyboard I’ve ever used though. I’ll have to use it a bit more before I give a final opinion on it.

  • Hm. Looks interesting. I’m always looking for a keyboard to mess around with. Used Swype on my OGD and seem to be sticking with stock on my Galaxy Nexus. Wasn’t a fan of Swiftkey X.