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Tablet Optimized Call of Duty: Elite Application On The Way, Will It Make Up For Horrible Phone Launch?

We here at DL are big fans of our Call of Duty. The launch of the Elite application for Android a few months ago was just disappointing to say the least but to Activision’s credit they worked to fix most of the problems quickly. News today has it that Activision is now working on a tablet optimized version of the application for us Android users. With the amount of information that Elite gathers in each game a tablet application could be pretty crazy. Let’s just hope that it works well when it launches this time.

Via: Android Central

  • Guest12

    Battlefield FTW

    • Balls

       PC battlefield, console is watered down alot

      • Noyfb

        Battlefield FTW, they have vehicles, and buildings that collapse, and larger maps. Too many noobs on call of duty using wallhacks and aim assist.


      Battle is for kids that can’t earn kill streaks, sry.

      • Do you mean Prone Camping Newbs that use Kill Streak Computer Controlled Helicopters “Kill Streaks”? Yeah, I’d rather work as a TEAM! BF3 FTW!

        • SKAVENG3R

          No, that’s not what I mean. I mean people who can kill 9,10, 12 people in a row. You have almost admitted that you could only get a 6 or 12 kill streak by talking about unmanned choppers. Like I said, people who can not earn kill streaks play “that” game. 🙂

        • SKAVENG3R

          Maybe when people care about your game you too can get a app to hate on :p

  • LOL. Call of Duty.

  • RadicalPie

    DL crew gonna share some gamer tags? I’m interested in how good you guys are .




      I see you didn’t post yours. #js

      • RadicalPie


        • SKAVENG3R

          I like how you keep your name the same, lol

          • RadicalPie

            Why not hehe


      Every day I starting with a 1.328 k/d get it up to a 1.335 then the rum and Cokes set in an I drop back to a 1.335…smh

      • SKAVENG3R

        Edit: back to a 1.328..smh

        • RadicalPie

          I think overall I have a 1.2 which is partially cause most the time I am dicking around with a riot shield or playing .” Who can do better with the worst guns in the game” with my friends. But with my main gun mk14 I have a solid 1.6 kd.

  • Jason Purp

    CoD = stupid teens (mostly) = iPhones (mostly)

    This app will be (mostly) useless to most of us.

    • i detest that comment 


      Yes a lot of trending play.but let’s be real, teens are better comp. Can you debate that? I want the comp not some lackluster let’s play as a team. If I want to pay as a team I’ll get with my clan. Btw the clan it’s; US>U

      anybody wanna being there clan to war let me know.

      It’s all fun but we will win 😀

      • SKAVENG3R

        Sry for typos. I’m sure you get the jist.


    I check my COD app sometimes. It’s more for screen shots to post on our clan page. That’s about it.

  • They really cut corners for the Android app, once it released and i dl and saw how they ported basically the iOS app cause it had the same iOS theme, i quickly uninstalled  the app. They won’t get my money for Elite and i even play MW3 cause that is whack, took away my favorite gun (AUG H BAR) SMH

  • Michael_NM

    I question the “need” for COD on a mobile device. I too love the game, but I can’t forsee playing it on a tablet.

    • hkklife

      This is not a COD game. It’s just a “service” app used to track your in-game stats etc from COD MW3.  Personally, I’d like to see Madfinger or some developer with a good track record of mobile FPS take a crack at this license (or Medal of Honor etc).  

      On that note, can we PLEASE get a high-quality BT gamepad that charges over microUSB that is optimized for tablets and is made by a quality manufacturer such as Logitech?  Tegra3 is here and I fully intend to skip the PS Vita and make my next tablet my main mobile gaming device!