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PayPal Looking to Battle Square With “Here” Mobile Payment System

PayPal is looking to be the biggest online payment system out there but one area they were beat to the punch was mobile payments. Square was very successful with their card-reader dongle but PayPal has come back swinging with their new service which is dubbed “Here.”

Instead of the square card reader that Square is known for, PayPal is offering a triangle to distinguish their new program. They are also offering a 2.7% flat rate for merchants who use this service to combat the 2.75% that Square offers. PayPal also has the name recognition and the support that comes with being around for so long. The application only is available for iOS right now but PayPal suggests getting ready because the Android version will be here before you know it. We are hearing April for a release schedule. If you are looking to make use of this service head to the sign-up page here.

Via: BusinessWire

  • Tripod4

    Is that a Sabre Pyramid?

    • David Heindel

      ROFL.  That is EXACTLY what I thought when I saw the picture.  🙂

  • Tony Perez

    Intuit / Quicken’s GoPayment is better. I wouldnt be caught dead using PayPal, Ive cancelled all my accounts because they cause me too much grief.

  • Sam

    It looks like half a Viagra.

  • Jr Le

    Square deposits right to your accout. PayPal keeps your money in there system & will even hold payments as little as $2 for 20 days because its “suspicious”. F*ck PayPal.

  • Fakeaccount

    so does intuit not exist?

    i use intuit, and its 2.7%

  • Kuboo99

    Not on topic, but how would an iphone user press the wake/lock button with that thing in place?

  • I won’t even use paypal for… well anything. If you want me to donate or pay for something you better as hell of something else for me to pay through or i just won’t pay. There is no way i would put my business in the hands of paypal and there psychotic company. I have heard enough horror stories, and doing business with them myself, to know to stay far far away.

    • Mack

      Same. I have had enough of a headache with paypal that I cancelled my account. If I ever needed a service like this I would definitely go with Square. Can’t remember the name right now but I wouldn’t trust the company verizon is backing for this kind of service either. 

      • The company Verizon is backing is Intuit.

      • I currently use square and i absolutely love it. It has been fast and hassle free. Yeah i wouldn’t trust intuit either ( the ones Verizon is backing) they just seem … scumy i guess.

    • What’s so bad about it?  The only negative I’ve heard is that PayPal doesn’t want any “adult” transactions and if you’re “caught” they hold your money.  So, yeah, that’s bad… but if you’re just sending money to a friend or paying a bill, what can happen?

      • You’d be surprised. They’ll jump at every opportunity to put a hold on your money. It seems like every time I use it to receive money, something goes wrong.

  • jdrch

    I’d trust Paypal over Square any day

  • KleenDroid

    I will never even use Palpal to accept payments on Ebay anymore since they hold your money. The first time i sold a piece of equipment for almost a couple thousand and found i wouldnt get the money till the customer received it [email protected] released my money i said no way. I simply cancelled the sale and accepted the payment through my business. Ebay lost my business and Paypal lost my business. 

    Screw Paypal… I have a real merchant account with a wireless credit card machine and its so nice dealing with a reputable company.

    • Josh Groff

       PayPal lost your business because of eBay’s heavy restrictions? Seems legit…

      • KleenDroid

        No, Paypal used to deposit my money in my account right away and then changed their policy to make you wait a long time. I will not wait several weeks for my money. Of course Paypal is owned by Ebay so they are one and the same. 

        • Josh Groff

           If you sell on eBay and don’t have a high rating and other requirements, you won’t get funds immediately, that is a hold enforced by eBay through PayPal.

          • KleenDroid

            I have a perfect rating…. and yes eBay is involved since they own PayPal…?

          • Josh Groff

             I mean the hold is only enforced (as far as I know) only when you sell an item on eBay and don’t meet the full criteria which is like sold at least 25 items, 5 star rating, etc…

          • KleenDroid

            I understand what you are saying and I have sold almost a couple hundred items and have a 100% perfect rating. There would be no reason to hold ANY money of mine for any other reason than them screwing me over. I will never use their service to collect money from anyone ever again. Of course that’s easy for me to say since I can take credit cards through my business. But my point is that their move to do this is not to protect customers, it is only to make more money by holding OUR money for long periods of time.

  • Skyskioc

    Love it. I use square now and seeing PayPal get into the game is awesome. Just signed up and can’t wait for my reader.

    • Josh Groff

       Same. 🙂

  • Betweentheivory

    F&%$ paypal. they started holding everybody’s money under the guise of “protecting the buyer” but really they’ree just putting the money into an interest bearing account to make more profit. i got an email a couple weeks ago saying they would no longer be holding my payments. haven’t had any transactions since then and got another email today saying they would be holding my payments again. unfortunately paypal is a huge monopoly and there’s not really any decent alternatives.

    • Sagis

      same here, found out the hard way, will avoid paypal for future business. be carefull.

    • Josh Groff

       L2 sell on swappa/amazon, the fund holding is through eBay…

      • KleenDroid

        Paypal is owned by Ebay. The service is no longer useful. I didn’t mind paying the fees foe the convenience but since they now hold your money for long periods of time they are no longer useful. 

        • Josh Groff

           They hold the funds when you sell through eBay… If you sell through a site with more lax protection, then the money goes in instantly. Please learn to read. Thanks.

          • KleenDroid

            Ebay owns Paypal.  Please learn not to be a dick.

          • Josh Groff

            EBay imposing a hold on PayPal funds when you sell there makes sense (it covers their rear,) but if you sell through an alternate site, your funds usually appear instantly. That’s the point I’m trying to drive home.

          • KleenDroid

            Ok, thank you… I’m sure some of us are just frustrated because we enjoyed the combination of Ebay and Paypal till Ebay messed it up.

          • Josh Groff

             That’s why I’m switching all my phone sales to Swappa. Unfortunately, I have not found a suitable alternative for other tech gadgets and what not.

  • Snodrtrider

    Sorry Pay Pal… your out of line restrictions on you user accounts on E-bay make you a non-contender in my mobile credit card acceptance considerations. Even if your rates were better than Square I would not use your services.

    • Josh Groff

       That’s eBay’s restrictions, try selling an android phone on Swappa, you get the cash as soon as it’s paid. Don’t blame PayPal for eBay’s restrictions

      • Snodrtrider

        E-Bay = Pay Pal one and the same… Why would Paypal send me payment delay notices if it was an E-bay issue?

        • Josh Groff

          It’s PayPal holding the funds due to eBay’s restrictions (if you have a low seller rating/sold less than 25 items, etc.) However, being as I just sold a device on Swappa Wednesday and got the funds immediately, kind of derails it being PayPal’s fault. There is a 3-day transfer to bank account, but that’s just like any other transfer.

  • Samvelavich

    is this one only accepting paypal orders? or any debit/credit card?

  • Slapi

    The updated version of PayPal works great. Can’t wait till Android gets it too!

  • RobG

    Not sure if square was the first to beat them either… https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.intuit.intuitgopayment.

  • perfect!