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Chameleon for Android, the Next Step in the Evolution of Tablet Homescreens

When we come across these projects that haven’t yet made it to the public, we sometimes begin to hold our breath. Other UI concepts have been created that had the Android community pumped up, only to be bought out and never see the light of day. Let us hope that does not happen to this newest concept, Chameleon for Android. From the same folks who designed the BlackBerry Playbooks’s UI, comes a “launcher” or interface that looks to come straight out of the future.  


Chameleon incorporates useful and good looking widgets to allow the user to have everything they want/need, in a well-designed layout. Features such as facial recognition for different account holders is something that will make this launcher a huge success. If your family shares a tablet at home, then each user can have a separate account and layout for how they see fit. Crossing fingers that a manufacturer picks this up and throws it on as their skin.

So the question is when can we throw our money at them. Unfortunately, all we have to go on is someone n XDA saying “coming very soon.” So until then, what do you think? Does it look awesome and something you would want to have on your tablet?

Via: Android Pit, XDA

  • jpburdett

    Hi everyone – just a quick update and some good news to share – Chameleon has become a Kickstarter project – check it out and make a pledge if you like what you see. http://kck.st/Kt62TM


  • Wreckmex

    reminds me a lot of slidr 

  • JT22knight

    Thats different. It looks like the UI you would have in a james bond movie (the newer ones). Thats something you would see multi billion dollar businesses or stock brokers using. 

  • Topsitee

    I don’t see the value, its just tons of stuff most people don’t need. A friend stream widget, email widget, weather widget and messaging widget will do the same thing, if you want all of those on your homescreen. Something like cornerstone is useful, this just looks promotional only

  • NemaCystX

    This is the kind of Interface tablets should have to make use of the giant screen plus widgets if they want. Icon homescreens should be left to smartphones and save the “prettier” UI interfaces for tablets that can really show them off

  • A stark contrast to an iPad, which gives no useful information on it’s home screens.  I like this, but it may be a bit much.  There are a lot of useless/slow animations that do nothing but hog battery and slow down getting to what you wanna get to.  Oh, and I wasn’t complimenting the iPad, that thing is useless.

  • Mwalker267

    one can only hope

  • Inquizitor

    The UI reminds me of SlideScreen. God, I loved that app on my OG Droid! Shame it’s become vaporware.

    For those curious: http://slidescreenhome.com/

    • 100% agree!  I wish someone would bring back something like SlideScreen.  Perhaps these guys will expand to make a smart phone sized version~

  • Yeah, Sentio UI was “coming soon” too.

  • Song from the video is here: 
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y686TlcT1ks (Cunning linguists – Seasons)

  • marcusmaximus04

    Idk, superfluous(and annoyingly long) animations aside, it looks like the stock launcher on someone’s tablet who went widget-crazy. The multiple user accounts feature is great, and honestly something that needs to make it into the next rev of the android OS, but outside that, I’m not really seeing the draw here.

    • StevieWelles

      Indeed, laggy transitions and animations. Animations are the kinds of things that get people all hot and bothered by when viewed on demos, but then get extremely annoying in day-to-day use. But yes, multiple user accounts are needed.

  • WCDave

    This looks hawt.

  • ATBvsBFZ

    Great concept. Can’t wait to actually use it.

  • Treknologist

    This looks fantastic.  Very good use of the tablet screen.  It really takes the desktop on a tablet to the next level.  I hope this becomes available as a Market..err Play App.  

  • AlexKCMO

    Honestly, it looks a bit busy to me.  

  • Now that’s what I’m talking about! The tablet experience should be a full-scale interactive widget based magazine experience like Metro… Not a stagnant desktop with an app drawer that slides up! On a phone it’s fine but on a tablet the entire screen should have a fluid purpose… Microsoft is going about it the right way with Metro at least with tablets… The iOS UI may be perfect for kindergartner’s and older people but its simplicity makes it beyond boring to use! I look at my Samsung Focus with WP7 everyday and I do not regret that phone for a second! It’s beautifully futuristic and far more modern than anything on the Android or Apple side of things…

    • Lacokanostra

      Shut up.

      • WCDave

        What an invaluable response to a fairly valid post by Craig….

        • Bdeanve

          Shut up.

    • kulanapan

      Please keep your shilling out of here. This is one of the last bastions against the MS propaganda campaign.

    • S_T_R

       I tend towards agreeing, but I don’t think Metro goes far enough. Android style interactive widgets (much like what this proposes) are a far better use of screen real estate than the metro tiles, which always seem to not give you quite the information you need.

      Really, I don’t see anything here that couldn’t be done with a comprehensive widget pack. Which is good, because it means we don’t have redesign the wheel to get it working. Widgets can be much more than settings toggles or ripoffs of the HTC Sense clock.

    • “It’s beautifully futuristic and far more modern than anything on the Android or Apple side of things…”

      Haven’t use ICS have you?

    • MicroNix

      Gee, who had widgets first, WP7 or Android?  

      “Beautifully futuristic”…does that mean having size 28 font at the top of your pages that only partially shows with parts of it off on another page?  Yeah, that’s pretty hot and futuristic…. maybe Mattel will be next to design a WP 7 phone…

  • Please do NOT let a manufacturer snag them.  This is something that should either be available to ALL Android users via the Play Store, or GOOGLE needs to snatch up and bake directly into Android.

    Any single manufacturer picking it up would cause it to “never see the light of day” for the vast majority of Android users in the world.  That’s exactly what we DON’T want…

  • Bodhiballer

    Awesome!  I love the profiles, the tablet in my house is a shared couch device so having different dashboards for each user would really be nice.  

    • Richard Torres

      I agree a must have feature.

    • ostensibly

      Same here, I’d love seperate profiles.

  • jstew182

    I would love to see this on my Xoom

    • WCDave

      Absolutely – I’ll be on this the moment I can!

  • This looks way cooler than the TSF Shelf, and it helps that the promotional music is SO MUCH BETTER than in the TSF video. CunninLynguists!

    • WCDave

      LOL. ew.

  • Mordecaidrake


  • BiGE9

    I could see this company getting bought out by one of the OEMs. That stuff looks legit!

  • digitalicecream

    On the OG transformer to boot!

  • naterecording

    It’s kind of like ICS meets Metro.  Very cool!  
    Seeing this only aggravates me more about the iPad’s uninspired icon grid.

    • I think that Apple would stay away from this because it is too busy and would scare off the casual user that they cater to.

      • naterecording

        That’s a good point.

  • zepfloyd

    Why does Face Unlock always fail in demos?? Haha

    • marcusmaximus04

      I think it’s because face unlock requires front-lighting so the camera can actually see you. Unfortunately, when you’re doing demos if you have front lighting it’s going to wash out the display on the device.

    • StevieWelles

      It didn’t fail. The first try is simply getting an initial picture of the face to establish an account. The second try was actually unlocking.

      • zepfloyd

        I stand corrected. Good call, should have watched more carefully.

  • roosterk506

    before i even read the whole post i was looking for the link at the bottom of the article for the market link or apk. download, then realized its not available anyways would love to have this on my tablet!!!!

  • Hmm, it reminds me of Windows 8.


  • David Thomas

    that is WAY cool

  • MKader17

    I love how it actually fills up your screen.

    However, I like most of it because of the home screen and I feel that most of that could be done with carefully redesigned widgets.

  • Obvious Sarcasm

    Looks amazing. Sadly, they’re marketing this for OEMs to have their own signature experience.
    I guarantee the OEMs are going to take this and place a totally different “signature” on it.
    It looks too promising to leave it to the hands of OEMs.

    Google! Buy these guys out!!!

    • hkklife

      I would love to see HTC buy these guys and use it to bring Sense out of the stone age. Highly unlikely to happen, of course, but this is something that Android overall needs greatly.

  • sc0rch3d

    don’t let HTC get a hold of this….it wouldn’t make Sense

    • ZING!

    • WCDave

      David Caruso would be proud.

    • shdowman

       BA DUM CHINK!

    • ArmanUV


  • Smooth918

    Yup, Looks good,

  • tjpeco

    why does it say 3:23PM on one part of the screen and 9:26 elsewhere?

    brain implosion incoming in 3….2…

    • Slother

      The world is set up in different time zones. I have a second clock on my phone that state’s the time in Hawaii where my friend lives, Its 4-5 hours difference depending on daylights savings 

  • Michael_NM

    Looks cool, but I home the OEMs leave it alone and it finds its way to the market, ehm Play Store.

    • If that happens, it will be $30 like the Shell 3D app 😛 

      • Jeres88

        For an app like that, I would probably pay it.

      • r0lct

        For me an app I’ll use daily and is part of the primary way I interact with my device affecting not just looks but also productivity is worth the right price, even if it is $10 – $30.  It’s not like it’s a game or other “just for fun” app which I can’t see spending more than $5 for (and usually not more than $1.50)

      • ericl5112

        Unlike TSF Shell and SPB 3D Shell in my opinion, this has the potential to bring that kind of value to the table.