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Readability for Android Now Available Through the Amazon Appstore


Readability turns any web page into an easy-to-read page that can be sent to any number of devices. Have a bunch of tabs open, but don’t have time to sit and read them all? Simply send them to your phone through their very own Google Chrome extension and they will be waiting for you in an easy to read format. There is also the ability to view them in their original formatting with the help of Readability’s own web browser-type feature. It’s free in the Amazon Appstore, so go give it a try and let us know what you think. 

Amazon Link 

Cheers Chris!

  • M6droid

    Am I the only one who sees the chair as looking like its unhappy?

  • r0lct

    Between Google history and recent tabs and open tabs I think chrome has it covered for me but I’ll give it a try when it hits the PMS (play market store).

  • haomeng27


  • Geoff

    instapaper does the trick for me. 

    • saimin

      There is no official instapaper app for Android and the unofficial apps all have only basic functionality.

  • saimin

    Can’t easily share pages from other Android apps to Readibility?
    ReadItLater is much more useful to me.

  • wickets

    not nearly as nice as chrome to phone…sorry

  • Michael_NM

    I must have the worst case of ADHD ever. This and read it later will never work for me. If I send something to another device, I’ll lose interest in it before I get to the other device. Wait, what am I talking about…

  • Readability is on the Play Store as well, only its not available is U.S. However, I was able to get the browser download trick to work on my GNex. Play Store URL – 

    • Good lookin

    • r0lct

      Says not available in my country.

      • Yea, you gotta use the browser trick that people were using to download stuff like Google Wallet. Open the link first to the browser, then click on the app through the browser, and it will give you the option to stay in the browser or go to the Play Store, at that time you hit the Play Store and should be able to download it without it telling you that its not available in your county.

        • r0lct

          I tried that and it didn’t work.  Maybe that’s because I used Chrome and not the default browser (if that matters).
          Besides I thought they plugged that hole a couple weeks ago.

          • Its actually still able to be done (at least with the ICS browser on my GNex). Using the stock browser to open the link. Click install, the pop up opens asking you to sign in, click sign in. Once on the sign in page, a selection drops down from the top of the page asking if you want to sign in with your google account. Click the sign in selection, and the options menu will pop back up asking if you want to open with browser, chrome, or play store. At this point is when I picked play store, and it took me to the accept & download / permissions page in the play store.

          • r0lct

            Tried that on both WiFi and cell for both this and wallet using stock browser on my galaxy nexus running aokp and both said restricted. Must be missing something.

          • Hmm, I’m on GummyNex. Not sure why the ROM would make a difference. But I was just able to do it again a few minutes ago to download Scramble With Friends direct from the store also. When I first opened the link through the browser it was signed into my account and it was saying none of my devices were compatible. Had to log out of Google in the browser, then I closed the browser and started over again. When I opened the link again and signed back into the Store in the browser is when it gave me the Play Store option and I was able to download it.

    • saimin

      Amazon probably bribed Readability to be the exclusive distributor for at least the first week. Google Market should get it after that.