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Instagram Founders: Android Version is Coming “Really Soon”

The wait for Instagram is coming to an end pretty soon, according to Instagram’s founders. Today at SXSW, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger of Instagram told folks that the Android version of Apple’s App of the Year will be available “really soon.” They even added that the Android version in some ways, is better than the iPhone app. Hopefully, we won’t have too much longer to wait so we can find that out for ourselves. The app is in private beta as we speak, so we should be nearing release right around the corner. Will Instagram be a welcomed addition, or has the wait been way too long to stay excited?

Via: Verge

Cheers Robert!

  • jazzy

    i cant wait my friend is always on the app and i am always jelous why are there haters

  • Dain Laguna

    you know, this is one of the bits of news that makes me happy that i’ll be getting a nexus soon (well, yet ANOTHER reason.)

    you guys can gripe to your hearts content, but the app ISNT about the filters, its about the ability to see some epic photography and share it with tons of people. 

    i fail to see how this is negative? what good do all these other photo apps you guys are talking about if you they cant be shared with anyone? instagram has its appeal and its place.

  • BlueDolphin

    I don’t care what anyone says, I’m excited!

  • Dliuzzo110

    “App off the year”? A camera? Gives some insite to the state of mind of the average iPhone user. A camera? Really?

  • I can’t wait! Love Instagram!! The only thing about iPhone that I miss was Instagram.

  • Buckgrad

    No thanks. Next…

  • Ray

    I think the app is more about the social network feature and not the filters!

    • Dain Laguna

      ding ding ding

  • Jomnmvera467

    Yeah, way over-rated. Pilxr-o-matic anyone? Show the developers who care enough to pump ’em out in a timely manner some love! 

    •  the problem is instagram is what all my friends use.  What good is sharing a picture to no one…

  • Trevor-kai Craig

    So from the comments below, the only thing Instagram does is add filters to your pictures?

    • Dain Laguna

      no, it doesnt just add filters. you CAN add a filter if you choose, but the appeal is that its a large photo sharing website, and you dont have to just share the pics you took with your phone. hell one of the most popular tags on it ‘nofilter’….despite what all the haters here are saying, there really is some amazing pics on the site…you just gotta find em.

      and you guys can complain all you want, but this website is for android nerds, the average android user would probably love to get their hands on this app.

      not everyone cares about the latest UI you have installed on your rooted android phone. some people like the O.S. the way it is and just cool apps. i fail to see how thats difficult to understand.

      • Trevor-kai Craig

        Thanks for the “clearing-up” of everyones’ less-than-accurate description of what sounds like an amazing app. 

  • trevorsalienarms

    Nope. Hipster nonsense. I’m out.

  • joegard

    Hipster for Android (LOL @ the name) is an Instagram clone that does the fun filter & social posting stuff. 

  • Nah…think I will pass on the excitement. 

  • Never heard of it before this news item – just goes to show how ignorant I can be!

  • Scott H

    I guess I don’t get it. I’ve stopped looking at most pictures on FB that are posted via Instagram because they open via a new window instead of a pop-up that you can [esc] out of. (a minor gripe, I know) Why upload via Instagram and post to FB when you can just upload to FB?

  • r0lct

    OK, I can admit I’ll try it to try it.  Then I’ll promptly go back to not using filters for 99% of my pictures.

  • Empee

    If I remember correctly, there used to be an Instagram app for Android. When I had my blackberry, a few of my friends with Androids were tweeting pics using an Instagram app.

  • Like how soon?  Because I’m only going to wait for another half an hour.

  • JulianZHuang

    i cant wait to use it, i even prepared my GN for it. MIUI iphone theme! 

    • Why, just why?  Why would you do that to a Nexus?  Remove that blasphemy now!

      • zUFC

        this ^^^^     times a billion

      • JulianZHuang

        i dont know, just to test it out. the new v4 lock screen are awesome tho. also, MIUI message app are really cool. 

  • Bub

    The app will be more than welcomed… What ppl no longer care about is Temple Run releasing on the 27th

  • EdubE24

    Great now phones with sh*tty cameras can use it. This makes it better how?

  • Walter

    Can’t wait! Uh what’s this app do again?

  • I can’t wait to Instagram my penis!

    • RobG

      that comment was typed like a boss

    • Tim242

      Instagram it to me first.

  • Moeyknight

    Instagram is annoying.  Filters are fun but way overused by iHards.

    • Booboolala2000


  • tjpeco

    can someone explain to me WTF instagram actually is?

    So far nobody has been able to explain why its soooo special.

    • Social photo sharing.  Show where you’ve been, what you’ve seen, or what you’re doing, and people can comment on or like your shots.  And of course, you can share to just about every service known to man.  It’s actually handy if you want to get a photo on Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter at the same time, for example.

      • tjpeco

        So why do I need this app when my GN already shares photos directly to those sites already (none of which I use)?

  • 0pusX

    Slowly but surely iPhones and Androids will all be the same. No real advantage to either one other than you choose the manufacturer of your choice.

    • The 3rd party apps may be the same, but the OS and 1st party core apps will probably always be different.

  • ostensibly

    are people really excited for this or is this a lot of sarcasm?

  • dylan84

    I use Pixlr-o-Matic and its perfectly fine for me. I’ll probably check out Instagram just to see what the fuss is about.

  • EvanTheGamer

    They even added that the Android version in some ways, is better than the iPhone app.

    THAT I can really dig, OH YEAH!! Suck it iLame users!

    • Meanwhile, iPhone users have had it for two years.  Not really smart to brag about maybe having better features if you’re late to the party.

      • EvanTheGamer

        True that, but also, some can be said about Angry Birds. Was released on iOS first, but when it became available on Android, sure, nothing new about it, but those of us that doesn’t have or will ever have an iPhone, was able to fully experience the game, because we’ve never actually played the game before, hence a new experience, regardless of what platform the game/app was on first. Same goes for Instagram. If it’s better than the iPhone version..who cares if it’s been on iPhone for two years..what matters is that we’re going to be getting a better version on Android, and most of us have yet to even touch the app.

        Lastly…not bragging about it in the slightest. Just excited that we’re finally getting Instagram on Android soon…and like I said above, if it’s better than iPhone version, I’m all for it.

  • Better than iOS in some ways & It’s really fast!! Enough said…

  • dkbetts

    The picture filter I use does not make me cool.  My mustache does.

    • CORYK333

      Comment of the day

  • jimbob

    Hipsters everywhere are rejoicing.

    • Moeyknight

      No they aren’t.  They are crying because now everyone will have it and not just iPhone users.  

  • jeesung
    • Hmm

      Shouldn’t this be not 🙂

      • jeesung

        try typing and see what happens . . . or maybe it happened with your post too?

  • Joe

    I won’t use Instagram because when I hear the name I instantly equate it to iPhone & their walled garden. Pixlr has been an Android supported app for awhile and is just as good.

  • John


  • N8shon

    About time

  • richlizard24

    Who really cares?  It’s not that great of an app anyway and it’s just another way for people to make perfectly fine pictures look like trash with 20 different filters.  

    • John

      This exactly. People overuse the app way too much

      • progrocker

        Yep, I’m constantly seeing pictures on twitter of peoples breakfast, clothes, etc. with instagram filters. Really? REALLY? You needed to apply a filter to pancakes? IF you are using it for every picture, then you clearly don’t care about image quality or camera quality. 

        • John

          A lot of times, it actually prevents me from seeing what they’re taking a picture of! Drives me nuts.

          • progrocker

            If you’re talking about twitter and have something like AdBlock Plus installed you may have to allow ads/images on twitter to see them properly. Ran into that problem myself.

          • John

            ? Oh no…I meant that the filter they add to the image is so useless that it makes me not able to see what the image is exactly (i.e. too dark, distorted, etc)

          • progrocker

            Oh! Yeah, I’ve seen that problem too. But you can’t hate it because it’s so “artsy” and “Unique”. 

          • Dain Laguna

            if something is artsy,unique, or can have the word ‘hipster’ applied anywhere in anyway to it…doesnt that automatically get it hated?

      • Jdstell

        Agree 100%. Besides there are other apps, already on Android, that do exactly what Instagram does.

    • Mack

      I’m actually looking forward to it just because I’ve never bothered to use an app like Instagram before.  

      • John

        Well what are you waiting for? There are 20 other apps that do the exact same thing in the Market(& they’re even better)

        • Jukboxhero

           ^ this comment right here, ive literally got 3 or 4 of them on my GNEX as we speak…

    • Bodhiballer

      Functionality-wise, I agree with you 100%.  But here’s where it matters… it is symbolic of Android catching up in the App war.  

      Android apps have been steadily closing the perceived quality gap to their iOS counterparts (at least for phones, tablets are another story), and Instagram was one of the last remaining significant holdouts.  When it arrives, Fandroids will be able to solidly declare that there is no longer any app advantage for iPhone — Android is now just as good.

  • I’m gonna say the earliest we see it is April… Hopefully.

  • Darlingplyb

    Thats BS, very soon, when?? Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger PLEASE Hurry up, is taking forever, i cant keep waiting anymore……   HURRY UPP………

  • Finally.

  • Michael_NM

    Of course the Android version will be better. We’re not limited to two devices…

    • richlizard24

       I love pissing matches over garbage apps.

      • Jon

        Oh please. I’m sure there are other reasons for the delay. There are far more complicated apps that have been ported to Android years ago from iOS. 

        I’m sure your hypothesis is simply incorrect. Especially with a company that wouldn’t have limited resources to port to Android. 

        • richlizard24

           Who really cares?  It’s not like this is even news.  It’s Instagram and these iOS/Android flame wars are pointless, especially over something as menial as Instagram.

          • MarcusLerman

             I agree, iOS blows.

    • Manny

      too bad that those two devices sell more than your 1500

      • EraserXIV

        Not disagreeing with you, but why are you on this website?

        • Softkitty

          Just like most homophobes, they are secretly gay, for android

      • Tim242

        You walk in the Verizon store. You have 2 iPhones to choose from. You have 10-12 Android phones to choose from. Android sales are split between many high-end devices. Put iOS on more devices, the same thing with happen. But, you are wrong. Android has 53% market share, iOS just 29%. So, those two phones are not outselling Androids “1500.”

        • Manny

          Actually it’s one phone and one tablet. And according to Verizon and ATT they each sold more iphones than any other phone in their lineup. Android has 53 % of the market share or what ever it is but Motorola alone released 5  phones since march of last year with one not very diffrent from the other.And as far as a table with android on them…The word Sucks comes to mind according to sales.

          • Tim242

            They are selling two iPhones….the 4, and the 4S. Again, of course those will sell more….that’s 2 VS 12. Simple math, my friend. As far as tablets…they mostly sell to corporations. A tablet has no use case for most consumers. I have a phone with a 4.7″ screen. Why would I want to carry around another device that has the same functionality as my phone?

      • actually they don’t

    • Booboolala2000

      Not sure about that. All of the ios ports are pretty buggy. I doubt this was built from scratch for android. These developers are just lazy and don’t take android seriously

  • Samvccarroll

    Been waiting forever since I ditched the iPhone for Instagram to come out.

  • Android1997

    >Adobe Photoshop
    >Upload to Facebook

    • EvanTheGamer

      Takes effort…and nope. 🙂

      • Booboolala2000

        Paper Camera is a two button push to share with facebook, google+, twitter…etc

    • JulianZHuang

      i dont want to spend 15mins on a pc just to upload 1 photo. 

      • Tim242

        It’s an app as well. I prefer PicSay Pro.