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Own a Motorola Device? Google Play Store Update Probably Just Broke Your Market Links

As the Google Play store rolls out to handsets across the world, those of you with Motorola devices are noticing one thing in particular – it breaks your app drawer market link. Yep, it’s annoying and it won’t be fixed until Moto releases another OTA update. The Blur skin installed on your phone is looking for the old market application, but since it has been renamed, removed, or replaced (however you want to look at it), it won’t ever find it. I’m sure that crafty rooted users can find a way to manipulate Blur code to look for the Play Store, but the majority of you are simply ___ out of luck.

So when your market updates today – unless you did already – and you see this notification leading you to believe that your Android Market is gone for good…actually it is gone for good. Instead, try not to freak out and simply turn a couple of extra pages until you find “Play Store.” Yep, that’s what Google is calling the market these days.

*Note – Since Moto has about 15 different versions of Blur in the wild, this may not affect all of their phones. It’s definitely causing problems on the RAZR and MAXX though.

  • lyonc

    there’s a fix for this,go to ‘manage applications’uninstall ‘google play store’market button in the apps menu should be working now but will be directed to old marketplaceclick on market button again, will be asked to install google play againinstall it, and the market button should be working again

    • barkway

      There is no choice there of “uninstall”

  • tbhausen


    My Market updated to Play Store at version 3.4.7 (I never saw a 3.4.6–it went stright from 3.4.4 to 3.4.7) and the Motorola app drawer icon works fine. Also, the old Market app icon is gone. So it looks like Google and Motorola are cleaning this up. I’ll bet everyone gets upgraded from 3.4.6 to 3.4.7 and the problem is solved without an OTA OS update

  • google play sucks

    Very angry here. This it the way I have been getting to the market since I got this phone. So glad rebranding was more important than functionality. Maybe most of you don’t use this shortcut but if someone changed how you used your phone everyday without telling you, maybe you’d be pissed too. I had to search for like 10 mins before I found this page, thinking my phone was broke. Unprofessional google

  • Udispyn

    I have ADW Launcher and it works fine with the play store.

  • It’s a problem on the Droid Bionic also.

  • Ownedbydroid

    Also not working on ATRIX 2.3.4.

    Market of course is gone from the drawer and now play is there instead, which is no problem, however, it was nice when in an app and wishing to multi-task it was handy to press and hold the home button and when the app drawer opened just hit the bag

  • Ownedbydroid

    Also not working on ATRIX 2.3.4.

    Market of course is gone from the drawer and now play is there instead, which is no problem, however, it was nice when in an app and wishing to multi-task it was handy to press and hold the home button and when the app drawer opened just hit the bag at the top of the screen and market would spring up.

    Not too clever when ATRIX (UK) is going to get ICS inQ4 2012 at the earliest and with no planned update revision of Gingerbread either before that.

    Thing is I quite like the Blur skin but it has turned out to be a burden. ATRIX UK did not get GB till December 2011 some 6+ months after US. The delays to updates are presumed due be to Blur and webtop.

    Looking like the last interferred skinned Android for me EVER. My next Android will be one that runs stock Android like the Nexus or another builder that either is stock / quick to update or just running a visual skin and not deeply implanted skin that is integral to the OS.

    MotoFail. The ATRIX a great idea and a great phone but without the support of a DECENT & committed company to back it up.

    Motorola, a once great company now behind companies that looked up to them.

    Rant over

  • Eazy E Dlf

    People relax its called the play store now just scroll down a few rows n it will be there

  • jroc74

    Yea…its a lil more to this than…”it breaks on Motorola phones”

    In the middle of me trying to update it I didnt have a connection. I
    went to turn on Wifi. When I came back, my Market link was broke and I
    had Play Store on my phone.

    Which is wild cuz I never got Wifi fully established. Unless the updated
    went extremely fast once wifi was fully on. I’m thinking something is
    going wrong in the middle of updating and losing a connection. Might be
    an issue with other phones too.

    EDIT: WOW ….a simple reboot fixed it for me. That or this: I tried to
    uninstall Play Store, got an error about not uninstalled, rebooted my
    phone, clicked the Market link in the app drawer, got prompted again for
    the update..

    NOW my Market link works fine. So there may be a way around thr broken market link that doesnt require selling an arm or a leg…

  • Mike

    Seems to have broken the downloading of skins from Beautiful Widgets as well

  • droidian1441

    It’s broke on my D3 :/

  • Shaun.Ober

    My OG Droid is working fine, It updated this morning along with play music. love both new Icons.

  • Santiemanuel
  • Gameboybrave

    I have a razr, stock, no other launcher and it installed the play store to mine, removed my market shortcut but I was able to add the play store widget.

  • Unique

    No problems with Razr here.   It’s removed the Market Icon from app drawer and it added Play Store to the app drawer and it works fine.  I did put the new icon in place of the old one of the docker

  • ZombieSteveJobs

    So THIS is why we deodex and deblur…

  • DesiD92

    I got the updates, but my Market still works fine

  • N8shon

    Just spoke with Verizon tech support to let them know about this, and they’re response was exactly what I expected. They said Motorola will have to push a software update to correct the problem. No surprise there. 

  • Works fine on my Droid X – oh, maybe because I have the Liberty ROM and no Blur…….

  • N8shon

    Uninstalled the update to “Google Play Store” and now I am back to just “Market” I do still have the new Play Music, Videos, and Music apps, but Play Store is now MIA. Oh well, at least upper right hand corner app drawer market link is working again. No worries, I don’t care what it’s called as long as it works! (Razr Maxx)

    • jroc74

      Damn…if I woulda read this first… I wouldnt have made my big ass post…lol

      This is EXACTLY what I did to fix the Market link issue. This isnt as big a deal as its being made out to be. Someone called Verizon about this? lol. They might wanna look to this post for the fix.

      • N8shon

        Yeah it’s not a huge deal at all. I definitely emailed VZW, Motorola, and Google about it when I saw it though. The sooner, and the more they all hear about it, the quicker we should get an update to fix it (hopefully–looking at you Moto). 

  • Rahul_dido

    U r rooted.. lauch titanium backup.. search for Google play n integrate update into rom.. shortcut problem will be fixed.

  • No issues to report on my Bionic. All is smooth.

  • cristian donose

    Happened to me with Launcher 7 on my Galaxy S but fixed right away.

  • LiterofCola

    Let the Moto hate begin….(like it ever ended)

  • Ericbeck

    This actually happened on my nexus as well. I had to delete the original link and i am now using the giogle play link instead.

  • My Motorola Droid Razr, Motorola Razr (UK Version), Motorola Razr (Singapore / Asia Version) doesn’t have problem. I just open Android Market and then otomaticly update Android Market to be Google Play. Also my friend have Motorola Droid 2 doesn’t have problem.

  • STiK

    No issues here on my Blurred out Maxx. Icon is retarded though.

  • djspy006

    I got the Play Store update and the Market app/icon was removed and i now have the play store app/icon. I have a Droid RAZR. No problems on my end.

  • Klostehroff

    I have a bionic. Manually updated it to the play store last night, it removed my regular market app and in the app drawer was the Play app. No problems here.

    • Klostehroff

      After the update people need to make sure they are looking for Play Store, that is your new market app. I’ve talked with a few people who didn’t know.

    • scijohn

      Mine auto updated without a problem. I was wondering why it rebooted last night at 10:30PM. The little market icon works fine. Play Books and Play Music also work fine.

  • Zell

    Have droid 4 and only have google play no more market…works fine…

  • Chris

    No problem on my Droid X…..even with the current update…..I still have the “Market” icon but all is updated and good

    • Matthew DeCillis

       Same here.  It’s fine for me, Market link is removed and it added Play Store to the app drawer and it works fine.

  • I jumped into the Blur Train briefly with the DROID3.  Biggest Android related mistake ever!  Me and my Gnex are a happy couple now!  Once you go Nexus, you never go back!

  • Jmcotto78

    I have a Razr and no problem here.

  • @EMAW_29

    I cleared the market data through application management last night and got updates for books, music, and market…working just fine.

  • no issues on wifi xoom (US)

  • Doesn’t affect my Razr maxx. I’ve got the old 2.3.8 market installed and have blocked all folders and update files. Don’t like the new market. New name or not.

  • Tim_Horton

    So who can tell me why it don’t work on my stock Nexus either?  

    • snowblind64

      You don’t have a Nexus.

  • Also, folks, I work for a Sprint Call center…I have been seeing the Market not updating properly due to various reasons.  This causes not only the “Play” not to show, but breaks Market.  To fix, go to your Manage Applications, then “All” tab.  from there, find Market…or Google Play…and “Uninstall Updates”.  This will return you to the default market that came preinstalled.  From there it should fix itself and then try the update again.

    • N8shon

      I’m about to try this on my Maxx to see if it corrects the problem.

  • Gunther

    Works fine on ADW Launcher EX…but on that Blur crap, yeah, link is broken worst than Blur generally is.

  • Larry Mao

    I have a Droid X, and already updated to the new Play Store. It breaks our most recent Blur update market links. Luckily I don’t use that ish anyway, and so long as you use a third party launcher, you probably won’t even notice that it isn’t working. 

  • Works just fine on my Droid Razr (Black). I manually installed the Play Store though.

  • My Droid X doesn’t have Play yet. Just FYI.

  • MAXXimumBlur

    … I’m confused. I’m running stock Blur on my RAZR MAXX and nothing is wrong with my Google Play Marketplace. Maybe it’s a bug for some people but not everyone, but everything on my phone is running fine and I can access Play from the shortcut in the App drawer (even the one in the upper-right corner) no problem 😛

    • huskerhog

      I just hit the accept button for Google play on my RAZR MAXx and the app is running fine.  The icon still says Market and launches as expected.  Is the icon supposed to say Google Play or continue to say Market?

  • Jeffrey Kaplan

    It effects Go Launcher too, but after you get the “not found” error, you can tell GL to hide the icon.  No big deal.

  • ErasedInOneDay

    The Launcher Market link… Did anyone try rebooting after the upgrade from “Market” to “Play?” I don’t have that newer BLUR launcher with the Market button, so I can’t try myself…

  • Tacown

    It actually fixed mine on my rezound!

  • Asuriyan

    The search button has crashed the app drawer on the stock Blur launcher since the D3 was launched. It still happens on my D4. I don’t see the market link issue ever being fixed.

  • fartbubbler

    if you have a Moto devivce, I’d be more burdened by the locked bootloader than a drawer link to the Market…

  • Sam

    The Market link is working fine on the Droid 4, both in the stock launcher and Go Launcher

  • Jack_flash

    O si en Motorola Atrix fuego 2.3.6 tan error