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Verizon Launches 4G LTE in Two New Markets, Expands in Another

Over the last couple of days, Verizon announced two new 4G LTE markets that it had activated along with another that saw an expansion. The 2 new locations are Altus, OK and Columbus, MS – they expanded coverage in Waltham, MA. These markets have been given the green light prior to March 15, which is another of Big Red’s targeted dates for LTE rollout into new areas.

I’m not sure that AT&T will ever catch up to this type of growth. They are certainly trying though.

Cheers CG!

  • Cdaniel32547

    And….. It’s back!  Hopefully for good!   About midnight, I was running some speed tests on my computer, via my hotspot on my Rooted and Rom’d Thunderbolt, and things were normal 3G download speeds, and all of a sudden, DL went from 1.75 to about 15….  Checked the phone, and sure enough, Niceville Florida has been lit up….  Let’s hope it’s not just testing and that this is the official, like the store rep said, when he told me that we’d see it in the panhandle by the end of the month!!!!  

  • LTB

    Getting solid 4g this morning in Dothan.


    Columbus, MS, really VZW. A population of approx.  23818 +/- . Jackson, MS. A population of 139,698. Now how many of those people are really have 4G LTE devices. I don’t think a 60 y/o farmer will be checking his Facebook while on his John Deer Tractor. 

  • rob black

    Unbelievable! I am in Altus, Ok…and didn’t expect to see that 4g lte on my phone for at least many months..if ever!! About a month ago, they started laying cable on both sides of the east west highway coming in to town…and over to the cell towers. Now I guess I will pony up for the mobile hot spot to go with my unlimited data plan. Way to go Verizon!!

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I work in Waltham! . . .Thanks Verizon! You’re the best-est

  • Booboolala2000

    And now its back on in Fort Walton Beach Florida. Now, where’s my update that gives me more bars with the same signal. Lol. Go go GNex.

  • Danielcee3

    Expand in Bakersfield/lamont

  • Sp4rxx

    The official map still lies!!!  I think someone got over-zealous with the red paint bucket in MSPAINT…. NE Ohio is STILL not completely covered w/ 4G like it says it is.

    • Dj

      Sorry to break it to you but the red is 3G the the green spots is where 4G was at that time and the stars were where 4G was coming at that time

  • evilkokonut

    how is it that in socal san bernadino area I still don’t have 4g… ugh

  • Jeffrey Kaplan

    C’Mon, Verizon… light up the NH Seacoast already!

  • Joseph Wynant

    finally! the town housing verizon’s innovative technology headquarters gets 4G…


    they should upgrade their rural 3g communities to 4g…  would love 4g but i have to drive like what… 5 miles out to the next town which is right next to us to get it from a repeater… not even close to orlando or miami… in a small rich town, lolz.


      And that’s why you,”Lolz”. Sorry could help myself from posting the truth.

  • steve30x

    I sure caught LTE 4G for the first time in East Texas (Tyler) for like three seconds then it goes away.. it has never done that until yesterday…?

  • Alliebridges

    Gaffney (Home of Champions) Sc pls,

    • Peeler

      dont think we will ever see it in gaffney

  • Would be nice to see some expansion in Buffalo.  Nothing says “incomplete” like LTE at one end of the house and Ev-Do at the other.

    • Erik

      Isn’t Buffalo’s issue due to the proximity of the border and Canadian 700mhz spectrum not being cleared out and verizon causing interferance issues

      • That was taken care of before they launched LTE here.  Otherwise we wouldn’t have LTE at all.  It’s just that the coverage is really spotty.

    • Pete Spulecki

      Agreed…I live in the burbs and live 2 miles away from where 4G coverage currently ends. I also see major speed fluctuations day to day when I’m at work downtown. They need to get the major suburbs covered and add more in the existing coverage areas.

  • GalaxynexusMAN

    AT&T can’t catch up, their network is already inferior. Plus Big Red has more customers, so more $$$ to expand with.

  • Havoc70

    Expansion in San Bernardino CA, pleeeeease Big Red =)

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    • Booboolala2000

      San G here. I thought the IE would have more coverage by now.

      • Noyfb

        I live half a mile from the cell tower, and there are 2 verizon stores less than 2 miles from me, and my 4g is 2 bars @ 12mbps in st.louis county. My wifi is as fast as my 4g, even though i rarely use it since I have unlimited data.

  • toughguy

    It will be a great day when the LTE in existing markets is expanded so the phone can be utilized just as much on 3G as 4G.

  • tanknspank

    Hopefully they will expand or at least boost the network strength around Raleigh, NC. I’m slowly watching my connection suffer.

    • Liderc

      Odd Raleigh doesn’t have great coverage?  I’m in Wilmington and have great 4G coverage.  I would have thought Raleigh would be covered before us. 

      • tanknspank

        The coverage is alright anywhere outside the city, I just feel like it could use a boost as It’s not as good as it used to be. Though that’s to be expected with Verizon being the biggest in this area as far as I can tell.

  • Italia1918

    who gives a crap the 4g sucks anyway..  kills the battery too fast

    • Looollool

      wow! you are obviously jealous and an apple user

    • feztheforeigner


    •  Actually, my Nexus gets good battery life on 4G as long as it’s not switching between 3G/4G

      • Liderc

        Mine too, as long as I’m in a 4G area and not switching back and forth my battery life is great on 4G.

      • Booboolala2000

        Sixteen stock ICS hours in Houston when there. Great coverage makes the difference.

  • bakdroid

    Come on PA, gets with da program!! LTE or bust!

    • Krismith724

      4g is great here in Sixburgh……..

  • So what days this month will be 4G be disconnected?

    • Blah

      u must be an ATT customer

      • mjmedstarved

        Maybe he IS a Verizon customer, like me, who always seems to have 4G dropouts.

        Have you not heard of them!?!!

  • fgonzo98

    4G LTE in little ol’ Rutland VT since last Sunday…BEFORE Burlington VT nice…

    • Patrick

      I had 4G in South Burlington for 12 hours or so on Tuesday, but its now off. Dry run for March 15?!?! (See link in article). Keeping my fingers crossed.

      • guest

        yep same in essex junction


    Having 4g LTE since day one in Houston has been fantastic. 

  • We have had 4G in Greenville, North Carolina since last week… they launched it February 29th on Leap Day!

  • I check these posts every time looking for Missoula, MT.  It’s gotta happen soon!

    • Go Griz!!!

      • Missoula is on. Not sure if its official yet, but I’ve had it since 6am… looking at 12Mbps dl and 5Mbps up at 2 bars… 🙂 go GNex… can’t wait for my Nex7

    • 2001400ex

      Lol I live in Spokane and go to Missoula often. If the transition to 3g was in indicator, good luck. See ya in mid 2013. I wish it would be sooner for Montana, but I doubt it. Which sucks too cause since the iPhone came to Verizon, 3g has gotten really slow, even in Montana where I used to hit 1 mbps all the time.

      • I get like 2-3Mbps on my Thunderbolt 🙂

        • Cdaniel32547

          I usually pull about 1.7 on the down, last night I managed to pull about 2.5 on the down, and both are on 3G network, in fort Walton beach Florida…. I know they are in the testing phase with LTE, and I have noticed that its been back to 3G for the last week…. But I was told by a corporate store rep that Fort Walton will see it by the end on the month, as they are doubling up on how many new and expanding networks this year…. They keep up that pace, they won’t have to worry about covering the existing 3G market by the end on 2013, it’ll be done halfway through…. Go VZW!!!! Oh, and I’m running on a Thunderbolt, rooted and rom’d up with CM7…