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Boid for Android Twitter Application Released, Built With Ice Cream Sandwich Specifically In Mind

While the official Twitter application has become more usable through many updates from the beginning of its existence, there are still plenty of options when it comes to 3rd-party Twitter apps. Recently released to the Android Market as an alpha build, is Boid for Android. It is built and designed purely for devices running 4.0+ and it actually shows. It looks exactly how a system app would if it came stock with Ice Cream Sandwich, which I think was possibly the point.

There is multiple account support, awesome navigation ability throughout the app, and even the option to choose from three different themes for the application. If you have been looking for a new Twitter app to match your ICS running device, then go check out Boid. And don’t forget to follow us @droid_life. 😉

Market Link

  • still not supported

  • will be abusing this app, i am not a huge twitter-er but the UI alone is making me switch forever, reading the comments hearing people negativity need to understand it is in ALPHA not even BETA so I am responding to it for being an ALPHA and so far everything is good! 

  • Obi_Shwan

    The question is, does it have a widget, and is that widget any better looking than the official Twitter app?

    • No but we are adding a widget to a $.99c donation version. (everyone in the team, 4 of us, are under 20 right now).

      Don’t expect big things like a widget to come while we’re still in alpha.

  • BigUps

    Ever since I went to 4.0.3 I’ve used Plume.  The scrollable widget alone is worth the switch.  Fantastic Twitter app.

  • I’ll keep an eye on this but the lack of link support is driving me crazy.

  • doehler

    Anyone else having trouble adding multiple accounts?  I can only add a single account. 

  • jdrch

    Currently the only things I don’t like about the official Twitter app are the lack of username autocomplete for every username you follow and broken contact sycing. Aside from those 2 issues it’s way ahead of this Boid app, which still lacks basic features such as conversation viewing.

    • Ever heard of alpha software?

      • jdrch

        I have, actually: I use Chrome Canary & Firefox Nightly as my daily browsers. But that’s because they don’t lack features present in stable builds. OTOH, Boid lacks a few of Twitter’s features.

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m not discounting your project, my original comment was more of a response to Kellex’s deriding of the official client.

        • We’re adding features pretty much daily – we only have 1 coder at the moment. Features are coming as fast as we can make them 🙂

          • jdrch

            Understood. All the best, man 🙂

  • Sqube

    I’m going to go ahead and pick this up just on the strength of what I’m seeing here. I figure keeping it installed and seeing it updated periodically will remind me to keep checking it out.

    Wishing you nothing but success with this app! Can’t wait for that all black theme.

  • It’s a nice start, mostly functional, but I’ll be sticking to Tweakdeck (no, not Tweetdeck) for now, at least until Boid moves into Beta. =)

  • Guest

    Great start. I understand that it’s in alpha mode but if they can match my preferred twitter app, tweetcaster, then I’m all in. 

  • Lunisfreshego102

    Here’s my list of things missing in order to make me choose this over all other twitter apps and you’re already kicking butt in the UI direction
    Being able to edit profile within app itself
    Being able to click links/hash tags and be taken to appropriate place/app
    Differentiate my tweets from everyone else’s tweets whether it be by placing my pic on right vs left (as it currently is) or color my tweets
    Place user picture next to our user name instead of Boid icon in top left
    Remember position in timeline when you leave the app and it doesn’t auto refresh you to the top
    Being able to view conversations by clicking on tweet and with that options also be able to reply, retweet (old and new style but make it default to old and have them change it in settings if they want to do new), and copy
    Ability to mute users
    Move new tweet button to top right
    Pull to refresh
    Also when you figure out notification allow us to pick intervals on when we would like to be updated
    A lot of these might already be on the table but I just wanted to further iterate theses few missing functions

    As far as pros right now:
    The picture previews are gorgeously displayed (just add lockerz and instagram to the mix) and inclusion of swipe to mentions/trending topics is genius
    Also I’m loving the ICS look because it makes it look native

    For now that’s all I have if I think of anything else I’ll be sure to let you
    Oh and for the dude saying themes dont work you have to exit the app first

    • Added your suggestions to our list of features to discuss, thanks!

      • Lunisfreshego102

        Thanks! One other thing I found that that will need to be included is auto insert for twitter names and hash tags(look to plume for reference of this). I really want to help you guys make this THE BEST twitter app anyone has witnessed. The fact that you’re even mentioning Tweetbot as a template for Boid puts my mind at ease in knowing this will be one of the premier Twitter apps for Android. Just don’t let Twitter buy you out and ruin what will be the best app.

  • BrianWalls

    Just installed and quickly moved around the interface and love it so far, so smooth. 

  • lamenting

    The alpha tag is appropriate here.

    – no push notifications
    – themes don’t work
    – can’t get back to the initial screen to add another account, and even if you could,  you’d have to clear the browser to re-authorize under a different account
    – edit pencil icon on account section does nothing
    – needs a guided walkthrough on first open to add account. You have to click around to find out what to do (it was easy enough for me, but I can see Twitter noobs thinking “wtf do I do?”)
    – having to hold down on a tweet instead of tapping for actions is annoying
    – no pull down to refresh
    – mulitple oauth errors as initial data was coming in

    Has potential, but unless DL posts about it again, I’ll probably forget about it.

    (on a Galaxy Nexus LTE with AOKP build 26)

    • No push notifications has been addressed below. In short: Twitter has no API for it, so we physically can’t do it.
      Themes don’t work: we haven’t had any other reports of this, so unless you send us a logcat to the send feedback option, we can’t do anything about it.
      Initial account thing: It’s a bug and it’s fixed.
      Edit pencil – Alpha software.
      We have a tutorial but we’re adding it in when it’s out of alpha or in beta.
      We’re adding in a tweet viewer in the next update.
      Pull to refresh: addressed in a comment below; we’re looking at pull-to-refresh and other options for refreshing. If we added it in, we’d be the only Twitter app currently on the Market that has it other than the normal one, so yeah, we’re on par with the other apps.

      If you have any feedback send it to the send feedback options in the overflow button on the action bar. Thanks.

      We’re aiming for this to the best Twitter app on the Market (we think our main competitor is the upcoming Carbon For Android).

      • AdamPS

        Tweetcaster has pull-to-refresh capabilities, just fyi.

        • Fair enough, forgot about Tweetcaster (I personally hate Android apps with Tweet in the name (so not Tweetbot)). 

          • I had an issue with the theme not updating after I switched to a different one, but closing the app and re-opening fixed it. (Galaxy Nexus, Android 4.0.4)

          • Fixed in the latest version.

          • you going to add notifications

          • BigUps

            Plume has pull to refresh as well.

          • Does it? Hmm, didn’t when I tried it. Fair enough, we’ll match Plume and Tweetcaster then!

    • BrianWalls

      Themes work, but app needed to be killed and restarted for me.

      • Yeah, we’re adding in ‘You need to restart the app for this to take effect’ dialog for themes.

  • bigric70

    This is an awesome app!  Thank you for allowing us to be part of the Alpha.

  • iamCC

    I really like the “pull down to refresh” from the Twitter/Facebook apps. You should think about adding this instead of the refresh button (or an option to have either). 

    I really like the app overall so far though…

    • We’ve had some people say that they’d love pull-to-refresh and some say they wouldn’t, because it copies iOS and doesn’t fit into the Android Design guidelines. We’re looking at other options for refreshing, so stay tuned!

  • Great start and look for being alpha. Very much looking forward to what comes of this app. Hoping this will become the twitter client I’ve been waiting for on Android.

  • Take a look at the comment we’ve posted down below in response to a query about tablets. I’ll see if we can add in tablet support (but the app will look slightly funny because there isn’t a tablet specific layout yet) on the Market!

  • Oh, and more theme stuff is coming, including an all black theme for AMOLED screens. We want this to the Tweetbot of Android, but make it really customisable and fun to use at the same time.

    • nsnsmj

      I just downloaded the app. Really great start. I love that it’s built with ICS in mind. I left a review on the app page with some suggestions as well. One of which you just addressed in the comment I’m replying to.

  • Doesn’t work on my TFP running ICS 4.0.3

  • Remember guys, this is still alpha – we still have a lot of features to add, including a tablet layout and a tweet viewer to view the conversation and tweet details.

    • BrianWalls

      Admittedly i’m skimming through this thing right now, but when i try to launch a link that has been posted by a tweet, nothing happens. I’ve tried tapping, long-press, nothing seems to launch the link. I’m sure i’m missing something simple.

      • Doesn’t have support yet – it’ll be in the next update.

        • BrianWalls

          awesome, looking forward to it! still totally diggin the smoothness on my gnex.

  • Chris

     Does anyone know if there is a way to install the People app (contacts) from ICS on a phone with Gingerbread?


    That’s great but I’m guessing there aren’t push notifications. All the 3rd party twitter clients have to poll twitter every so often to determine if you have been mentioned or Direct Messaged. I assume twitter doesn’t have a public API for push notifications which sucks.

    • Nope, Twitter doesn’t have a
      C2DM (Cloud to Device Messaging) so we can’t do push notifications. We think we’ve found a way around this (or at least a better way than most Twitter apps do notifications) and we’re adding it in soon!

  • Binglut9

    I know this is alpha but there are still lots of things incomplete one being my tweets do not show up on full meaning most of my timeline is missing

    • We know about it and it’s fixed or being fixed.

      • Binglut9

        Thanks dude great app

      • Youngthinka1421

        If you could some how emoji this app would be king

  • Not compatible with my Acer A200 tablet running ICS.

    • It hasn’t got a tablet specific layout yet, so we’ve made it incompatible for tablets. We’re adding a tablet layout soon, so watch out for it!

  • EC8CH

    Hello Holo 🙂