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Asurion Open Enrollment for 2012 has Started, This is the Time to Add Phone Insurance if You Didn’t Initially

Each year, Asurion – the provider of phone insurance coverage through Verizon – runs an open enrollment period to give those that declined coverage of their phone at the point of sale, the opportunity to add it on.  You qualify if you have coverage through Verizon and a working phone that has been activated within the last 2 years. The enrollment period runs from March 1 through April 30. 

You have 3 options should you choose to add on coverage during this open enrollment period:

  1. Total Equipment Coverage:  At $6.99 per moth for phones and $10.99 per month for tablets, TEC is the most comprehensive plan that protects against loss, theft, damage (including water damage), and mechanical and electrical defects after the warranty as expired. You also get access to their Mobile Recovery app that allows you to remotely lock, track and wipe your device should you lose it or have it stolen.
  2. Wireless Phone Protection: At $5.18 per month for phones and $9 per month for tablets, this covers damage to your phone, but from what I can tell, does not give you access to their Mobile Recovery app.
  3. Extended Warranty:  At $1.99 per month, this extends the factory warranty on your device for as long as you continue to pay the $1.99 fee.

If you wish to sign up for coverage, you can visit the VZW Protection Plan site.

Cheers CG!

  • adrian

    If i lose my droid x what will asurion send me as a replacement?

    • ugh

      a freaking droid 3 or 4

      i love my x 🙁

  • Or you could try ToughCell. ToughCell is an affiliate of Global Warranty Guarantee (GWG), which is actually a BBB accredited company (with an A+ rating). Asurion is not BBB accredited and has a history of giving people stolen phones. In fact, many report having to pay two deductibles after they receive a refurbished phone that already qualifies for a second replacement.

    ToughCell plans are $48/year and have a $75 deductible (compared to the $99 deductible from Asurion).

    You have 90 days from the purchase of your phone to get a ToughCell warranty.

  • Mike

    Asurion is a joke. Protect Cell is where it’s at.  $129 payment up front for Android devices, no monthly costs, $80 deductible, remote lock/wipe feature, plus DEVICE BUYBACK at up to 50% of the RETAIL value if you take care of your phone and never have to use the plan. You save money in the long run, better coverage, and device buyback. Nuff said.

  • ShockerFred

    I believe insurance is a bit of a sucker bet. I admit that it may make sense for the first 3-4 months with a top end phone for those who can’t afford to replace it out of pocket. However, after that it only becomes a increasingly worse investment. Your track record for breaking phones should also be central to your decision. Instead of sending Asurion $7 per month, knowing that I will have to pay a $50 or $100 deductible if I file a claim, I keep $100 or $200 in reserve  in case I were to break/lose/have my phone stolen.  I guess you would call it self-insuring. If I were to break my phone right now, I could buy a replacement droidx for about $100 on ebay. I would not have to file a claim and take the refurbished replacement that Asurion wants to give me. I’m free to buy a replacement, or even use the opportunity to upgrade. I could raid one of my family members’ upgrades and get a top-end phone for $199 or whatever the going on-contract price is. 

    In summary:
    -self insure (unless you break phones often)
    -buy used on ebay
    -raid family members’ upgrades

    • scijohn

      You sir, do not have teenage children.
      I have replaced 7 phones through Asurian in the last 5 years. They have always delivered the replacements promptly & with good documentation.
      Only once did I get a phone that was clearly a refurb. It was an LG Chocolate with a slide out keyboard. The keyboard had two “V’s” and no “C” key. The left “V” worked as a “C” when typing so it worked. My daughter thought it was funny and liked to show it to her friends.

  • pubasnacks77

    Just signed up for TEC, got my GNEX at launch and have been paranoid about losing/breaking the phone ever since for peace of mind really. And I will probably cancel in a year so when my upgrade discount is in view.

  • prometheus1010

    Consumer advocacy groups all seem to agree that insurance is not a good deal for the consumer.  Asurion is a highly profitable company, which probably means they are ripping off their customers.

    The majority of defects are covered by the warranty the phone already comes with.  Everyone here seems to assume that they are going to break their phone %100 of the time early in it’s life.  If that is the case, then get it.

    • Tim242

      I used to be anti phone insurance. However, with a $99 deductible on Verizon, it’s not that bad. I am not one to drop my phones. Even the few times I have, I had no damage. After dropping my Nexus in the toilet, and feeling that helpless feeling, I added insurance. Luckily, I got the phone dried out and working. But, it’s not a bad deal on Verizon. Att , not so much. Their smartphone deductible is $199. Not sure why Verizon’s is only $99, but it is well worth it.

  • longlong22
  • whatmeworry

    Asurion makes sense on a new phone, at the beginning of its life cycle. When replacing the phone off contract costs you 400-600 dollars, the $99.00 does not seem bad.  If you still have the device when it goes off cycle, or is replaced by another device and becomes “cheap” you should cancel. 

    its like most insurance… it would be better to take the money and invest it somewhere and pay if/when you have a problem, but most people do not do that so its protection against our lack of planning 😛

  • Spamtrap03

    My son was on this and after filing two claims they just dropped us. The second phone had a bad screen and they wouldn’t take it back. Crappy customer service. Just save your money and hopefully by the time you need insurance you can by the same phone for less than you pay these people.

    • Dlongb13

      You only get 2 claims a year FYI.

      • Desert102

        Nope, my sister has gone through 4 phones through asurion, has the droid 2 global btw.

    • Tim242

      Manufacturing defects are covered by warranty, for one year. Asurion is for faults of the customer. They limit you two claims per year, because of fraud. A lot of people ould take advantage of it otherwise.

  • Desert102

    Just got my gnex stolen (didnt have insurance, i know i am an idiot) and had to buy a bionic off a friend.  I called up on the 1st (when open enrollment started) and put it on the bionic just in case something happens to it.

  • Unexpected62

    Asurion is a joke…. the entire system is a joke…. paying $99 after a few months of $6 a month could end up being $150 + which is what a phone would go for on eBay… and that would probably be in better shape than the refurb crap they send. Embarrssed for DL that this is even posted on the site. Everyone should run from Asurion.


    • Incorrect, sure a really old phone might be $150, but while a phone is still in it’s market cycle, it will sell on ebay for close to, if not it’s full retail price. Example? The Bionic sells on ebay for around $400. Which is a hell of a lot more than $199.

      Go troll somewhere else.

      • mustbepbs

        Exactly. When buying my wife’s DX2 (which came out in May 2011) in DECEMBER of 2011, we still paid $230 on eBay for it. This guy is sofa king retarded.

    • fallsgable

       boy are you out of touch….No refurb…they sent a Brand New G-Nex, still in box and covered in MFR plastic….all NEW original OEM equipment sent….so, for a NEW phone like the G-Nex, the replacement cost is MORE than using the insurance….plus, you can cancel the insurance whenever you want…..if you feel like the value of the insurance doesn’t pay, because you can get the phone cheaper on Ebay, than their $99 replacement (with a NEW phone) then cancel at that point….but to get a new one overnighted for $99….the value was there for me this past week!!

      • Jonathan V Ly

        No, you fail.

        Best Buy offers 9.99 for accidental damage included, no replacement fee

        • Josh515

          I’ve heard too many bad experiences with Best Buy, I avoided it.

          • Cuff Him Banano

            Best Buy once put the store in lockdown because I refused to buy an extended warranty on a computer.

        • Tim242

          Best Buy does not cover lost/stolen phones.

        • veRdiKt

          Best buy is so much better. $10/month is the Best way I can spend 10 bucks knowing its covering something

      • Chimera

        Except when the G-Nex is “randomly out of stock” and they try to give you a POS skinned phone that is an “upgrade” trying to claim its the same thing. (This happened to my OG Droid, they wanted to give me a Droid 2… no thanks) 

      • Christopher Bauman

        nope it’s a refurb. or at least they will NOT tell you or guaruntee you it’s a new unopened box. I was told it always is a Refurb “like new” replacement.

    • Enfpruiz21

      Can’t facepalm enough at this

    • Liderc

      A used GNex will cost you 450+, so it’s definitely worth it.

      • Noyfb

        But you co-pay $100 too if it is broken the told may when I asked if i had to ask for new insurance for my Gnex from og droid or if it carries over. They said once I had insurance it just carries over to every new phone, you don’t have to ask for it again.
        Also I pay 7.99 a month for TEC, and it’s listed 6.99 a month, wtf?

  • lacokanostra

    Stupid how you have to pay $99 to use the extended warranty. Worthless.

    • Enfpruiz21

      Not useless when a replacement phone costs 600 to 700 dollars without insurance. Good luck with that

    • fallsgable

       Go BUY a new G-Nex when you break yours….let me know about your cost….

      • My upgrade isnt til July, which means i would have to pay full price for a Gnex. My Droid X’s camera button and multi touch dont work and Asurion wants to charge me $99 to replace it on a waaranty claim. After ive paid hundereds of dollars on multiple lines. How does that make sense?

        • fallsgable

           first of all, like I said, you can STOP the Asurion insurance at ANY time, and NOT pay the monthly premium (there is no time limit commitment)…what that means is that, when you feel like the cost of replacement using the Asurion deductable is NOT worth it any more, you CAN and SHOULD stop the Asurion policy (that is a great feature).  I cannot tell you that $99 for a DX is a great deal becasue you CAN probably get one on Ebay (if you trust what you are getting).  As for the G-Nex, it’s still a GREAT value for $99 next day service replacement with Brand New equipment!

          As for the hundreds of dollars on multiple lines….I assume you are speaking about your actual service with Verizon….the 2 things are independent of one another!  Your monthly car payment will NOT cover your replacement costs will it??? that’s why you have Auto insurance!

          • I have 5 lines, which previously all had Asurion. at 6.99 for the past 4 years adds up $2,684. And yes, I removed it from all my lines once I realized that the extended warranty was worthless.

    • taxman

      I looked at some of the fine print. The deductible is only paid on stolen/lost/damaged. I don’t believe it’s paid on defects.

    • Tim242

      Insurance is not warranty. Warranty covers manufacturer defects. Insurance covers anything that is your fault.

  • 😮 Droid Razr 2 >.< Interesting….

  • taxman

    I tried to file a claim with my DX that was covered by Asurion
    (headphone jack stopped working after a short drop onto a snow parking lot) . Claim was denied, never bothered to call customer service, since I was upgrading in a month and it didn’t make much sense to dish out $99 for a refurbished DX. 

    Tempted to get this on my new gnex, but very skeptical of Asurion.

    • Tim242

      They cover anything. You must have exhausted your claim limit.

  • Tim_Horton

    TEC gets you mobile recovery, the others do not. 

  • Type in droid bionic.. look one under… DROID BIONIC 2 !?!?!?!!?!?!??!

    • Michael_NM

      A phone that needs no sequel.

    • Jason Purp

       Oh god. Here we go.

    • Jonbo298

       Let the rumors fly! Get the scoop DL!

    • veRdiKt

      In our cellebrite the razr is still labeled as the bionic 2 HD

  • fallsgable

    Just used the Insurance…got my new phone next day overnight….well worth the $99, for a brand new G-Nex…
    (Dropped on the kitchen tile floor and shattered screen)

    • MaXKiLLz

      Add your phone to your home owners insurance policy as a “rider”, or get SquareTrade. Asurion is utter garbage.