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Seidio Offering 3800mAh Extended Battery for Galaxy Nexus, Now with NFC Capabilities

Did you happen to purchase one of Seidio’s humongous 3800mAh extended batteries for your Galaxy Nexus? If you did, then you may have noticed that your Near Field Communication (NFC) abilities had been cut short. But now, Seidio has re-released the same battery, only with NFC power inside. For just $20, previous buyers of the first version of the tank battery can have the new version with NFC. Unfortunately, if you didn’t buy the old one, this new one is going to run you a steep $75.

Thank you for your interest in our newest release: Innocell 3800mAh Extended Life Battery with NFC. If you have purchased our battery without NFC (near field communication) prior to February 29, 2012, you are eligible to purchase a new battery at a discounted rate.

1) For only $20 plus shipping and handling, we will send out another battery that has NFC built-into it. (This battery dimension has not changed and you can continue using your current battery door). Feel free to keep your current battery and use it as a spare. You will not need to return your original battery to us!

So, is $75 worth a few days of your phone not dying?

Via: Seidio

Cheers BaldyPal!

  • BugSmasher

    I got a new phone yesterday and it was down to the Maxx or the Nexus. I always root and play around with the phone and seriously considered the Nexus but it just can’t compare to the Maxx. After having the Thunderbolt last and constantly tweaking and having to slow the processor down, experiment with kernels, and have a dark screen all the time just to make it 6-8 and sometimes 10 hours. No thanks. That phone is way too much money to have not considered a longer lasting battery made out of the newest materials available. It wouldn’t have changed the phone much to have put a large flat battery in there for the long haul. DISAPPOINTING. 

    If you’re reading this, save yourself the trouble and just get the Maxx or wait a week to a month and get the Razr HD. Life will be that much better.

  • Donaldrke

    Just got this battery on Friday, was expensive, but if it last then it is worth it. I started this morning at 9am and at 11pm it said connect my charger, 14 hours, not tied to a charger.  worth it? I think so.

    • Donaldrke

       and really for the size, I had the otter case and with the case gone the size is about the same as when I had the otter case on. and for a case phone is naked and slides into the standard holster without the part around the phone. Weight not a issue. 

  • Matt Ponkey


  • ddevito

    Looks like it’s giving birth to mini gnex.

  • AznGwiz

    I bought the Anker external batter charger instead so I charge my phone multiple times.


  • Guest

    That looks completely retarded.  (no offense intended to mentally challenged people)

  • Rawheat

    A once sexy stripper who got pregnant and now has a big ass…

  • Phil Austin

    i purchased another extended battery so i wouldn’t have to deal with that monstrosity.  that’s like turning your phone into the hunchback of notre dame.  and no one wants that.

  • Jim McClain

    you know if he wore a condom your phone would not get knocked up

  • Ryan


  • I have no clue where the guy blabbing about his infinite battery went (with no screen on time) but i wanted everyone to see this. I go to WVU so I live on 1x and connect to WiFi all day everyday, but the standard battery is by no means “bad”.

    • thebruce44

      Is there a couch burning app?

  • Lakerzz

    Seems like a nice price, but I’ll just stick with my second battery that I keep in my wallet. I don’t even realize that it’s even there until it’s needed.

  • Alex

    You can fit a second galaxy nexus in there

  • Harryeballs1234

    Kind of like putting on a penis extension trying to match up to the MAXX…..

  • That is ginormous, I still want one. (when I get my nexus that is)

  • Siguy

    Did anyone actually buy this?

  • Well, I’ll contribute to the conversation since I actually own one of these.  I won’t get into the whole reasoning of why I have one of these.  Obviously I have a completely different mindset about why and how I use my phone than many of you.  What I want to comment on is how amazing this deal is.  I was willing to put up $75 dollars to get the extra battery life and take on the bulge (which I don’t mind at all) and removal of NFC (I don’t have a particularly large amount of opportunities to use it around here).  As soon as I saw that I could get an additional duplicate of my battery WITH NFC for only $20 and get to keep the one I already had, I jumped all over it.  I called the number and the guy who took my order was extremely polite and knowledgeable.  I have to say I am really quite impressed with Seidio as a company right now.  But that’s all I have to say for now, gotta run.  My Nexus is dilating and I think its water just broke.

    • islandak

      I have the non-NFC version, and placed my order for this one. For you folks who can plug in often, or live in a 3g-only area, the standard (or regular extended) battery might be great. If you’re in a 4g area and the normal-looking batteries work for you, even better. I need my phone to work all day without a recharge, and the standard size batteries don’t last. I would rather not carry an spare. And I don’t like the idea of having bare contacts floating around in my pocket.

      An in all fairness, once you have it on the phone it’s really not that ugly, IMO. The tapered top looks a lot better than the huge bump I had on my Thunderbolt. It’s also handles nicely. For me, it’s not uncomfortable at all.

      It IS expensive, but I need the juice and if I considered the cost over two years, it’s really not that bad.

  • fanboy1974

    Any discount on the old battery?  And I need the case as well. 

  • NoisyKricket


  • Nick Bay

    Im easily getting 20 hours of battery life on my galaxy nexus using Peter Alfonso’s bugless beast and lean kernal maybe you guys should try it =)

    • Quasimodo

      No thanks.  I’m sticking with the leaked 4.0.4 for its fixed music streaming and I don’t like kernel throttling either.

  • Quasimodo

    I bought one of those Seidio hunchback batteries.  How do I get the discount.   I clicked on that link and all I saw was the ridiculous $75 listprice.

  • ericl5112

    I don’t understand why they don’t at least try and have it flow back into the rest of the body.  I’d pay for it if it did.

  • Towelie420

    Looks like this phone is about to give birth

  • Bionic

    my god thats fugly