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First CM9 Nightly Available for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus and XOOM

Last night, magic happened. The first CyanogenMod 9 nightlies began to go live starting with all of the Nexus devices including the Galaxy Nexus and XOOM on Verizon. If you haven’t been following any of the kangs that have been floating around for a few weeks, then you are in for a treat. This is “official” when it comes to CM9, so feel free to take this Friday and enjoy yourselves. And don’t forget, that you need both the ROM and Google apps files since CM builds never include them. 

Download:  update-cm9-nightly-toro-signed.zip | Google Apps

Instructions (for Galaxy Nexus):

1.  Download both the CM9 nightly and Google Apps packages from above to your phone.
2.  Reboot into recovery (using ROM Manager is the easiest way).
3.  Create a backup of your current phone setup. (backup and restore>backup)
4.  Now, wipe data and cache.
5.  Choose “install zip from sd card” and then “choose zip.”
6.  Find the toro-signed.zip file that you downloaded from above and install it.
7.  When that finishes, choose the Google apps package that you downloaded and install.
8.  When that finishes, reboot and enjoy CM9!

More builds including the first nightly for the XOOM here.

Cheers tpags, Jigga_Z and Justin!

  • Brandon Vazquez

    Any one actually running these nightlies as they come out? I’d like to know about the overall experience up to the most recent nightly. I’ve been searching everywhere for some sort of information on the quality of the builds but I cant seem to find anything. Thanks in advance 

  • I’m patiently waiting for a CM9 or AOKP ROM based on ICS 4.0.4; as that is what’s on my GNex right now. Y u no come out with 4.0.4…!!! 😛

  • I won’t say that CM is necessarily bad, because they do offer good roms for a lot of devices. However, in the few instances that I’ve had the opportunity to install the ROM, it just seemed like it fixed one thing and broke 2 more. They are always in these long beta stages because of fixes and patching they do to fix one hole. I guess they just don’t appeal to me, but hey to each their own. 

  • yay you got my tip…..though probably wasnt the only one to let yall know

  • Tkaselitz

    Do I need to be running a certain stock ROM for this (I am on 4.0.4 right now)? Or can I flash it with whatever? Thanks!

    • Eli Y

      You can move to CM9 from any ROM, but CM9 is based on 4.0.3, not 4.0.4.

  • Will we be seeing a walk through for this?

  • Rakoskjc

    who cares about cm9!  over hyped and took to long to release something.  and no one wants that gay music player either… cm9 = fail  

  • xxdesmus

    First impressions anyone? How’s the build on your Galaxy Nexus?

  • so has anyone gone from tranquilIce to this? what are the differences?

  • is the Xoom rom safe for MZ601 from Hong Kong? 

  • Inquizitor

    I tried it for about 5 minutes before going back to AOKP. Kang’s superior notification toggles and weather integration alone make it far superior, imo.

  • So is this for CDMA only? You might want to make a note of that if it is.

    • Adam Metzner

      says Toro

    • learn2read. says it’s for verizon version…

  • Dshudson

    I’m buying an iphone 5 when they come out.. Android really su k’s lately and this GNex is a complete let down to me. Half the time I have to use my girlfriends iphone 4 to get GPS and the data switch is completely useless. I have tried 4.2 – 4.4 and they all stink. 

    • Well you might want to turn your phone on for it to work. /rolleyes why are iPhone users so stupid?

    • You’re probably doing it wrong.

    • Tim242

      I think you mean iPhone 6. There are 5 iPhones already.

    • yomotherandfather

      bahahahahahahaha you don’t have a girlfriend.

  • sylent101

    Ehh I’m actually satisfied with my stock 4.0.4 I haven’t even flashed a real rom yet, just a stock rooted rom, the android team did something right with ics.

  • I am running AOKP and I ran CM7 on my OG Droid until it retired. I personally like the feel and speed of my AOKP rom. I don’t have any real reason to switch over to CM9 unless users report back even better features, speed, overall UI, etc. Keep up the awesome work though! 

  • Static

    First time rooter/rommer here, I have a Motorola Xoom (Stingray) and I followed the above instructions; however I did have the latest release of CM9 for Stingray already on my Xoom, which I think may have caused the Nightly version to not boot correctly – it won’t start. Should I be setting my Xoom back to stock Honeycomb before flashing this ROM?

  • What is the consensus in the best available rom for the Galaxy Nexus?

  • Seems to be failing on stingray Xoom.

  • Gchild320

    Gummy is way better.

  • J Dub

     I went from my D1 to a used off of Craigslist Fascinate (closest I could get to a Nexus S on VZW) and man it was a great purchase. ICS runs buttery smooth on it. It will definitely get me through until LTE phones aren’t so hoggish. I don’t think most people realize that there aren’t many ROM’s out there that aren’t based of the CM builds.

    • RobMorris

      Roms for what? THeres tons of roms for many phones not based off cm

  • Jim McClain

    still waiting for stock 4.0.4

  • CW927

    It works with Boot Manager – so I can try it out and still come back to a stable rom

  • frankandsimple

    CMs are THE MOST over-rated ROMs out there! There was a time when android had serious bugs out of the box and it was up to the developing community to fix those and add much needed features. But those days are long gone. CM ROMs are not as good as even skinned ROMs these days. They drain battery even though they are not skinned.. GPS is a hit and miss.. and they are god awful ugly. I’ll taken a skinned Sense of the new Motoblur anyday.

    • BroRob

      You must not own a Thunderbolt. CM7 gave me a stable gingerbread ROM way before HTC put the bug infested sense “official” update out there! My CM7 is a solid daily driver.

      • frankandsimple

         funny you should say that.. Because I DID have a thunderbolt for over a year. Are you kidding me? I remember ALL the issues with the unofficial CM7 Rom for the TB.. GPS.. battery draining etc. It took such a loooooooong time for the CM team to put together a somewhat decent CM rom for the TB while the rest of the skinned custom ROms were already kicking ass.

        • Jdenman03

          How can you have had the thunderbolt for over a year when it hasn’t even been out a year yet. Hmmm….

          • frankandsimple

             you are right. It seems like a year. I got it in April 2011 I believe.. got rid it of last month. close.

          • Adam Metzner

            Wait till you try it on a phone that gets official support. Thats like buying a Rolex off the street from a guy. Sure it says Rolex on it but you know damn right its not. CM7 on the DX was rock solid and made that phone keep up with any phone on the market till recently. (side note the TB always sucked on battery, dont blame CM)

        • BroRob

          Over a year? It came out March 17th (11 months ago) I’m simply arguing that my CM ROM didnt drain the battery and  GPS was spot on. It took a while to get there but they still beat the OEM.

          • frankandsimple

             I disagree. I was there in the XDA community. Every other skinned ROM was better than CM for the thunderbolt which was simply plagued with problems.

          • BroRob

            Agree to disagree…

          • Shutupbro

            I can agree to disagree, but when a person comes on here trashing a ROM that wasn’t to his/her tastes (especially a ROM that everyone else seems to love) just isn’t right.  If you didn’t like it, state your opinion…but don’t come on here trolling like it’s your job.

          • Jason

            I think you said it correctly ”
            I remember ALL the issues with the unofficial CM7 Rom for the TB.”  Unofficial..not Official.

          • frankandsimple

             TB is not officially supported on CM’s website. that is the only reason why I used the term official. But it was still a CM rom.

          • you’re a moron…… you don’t like it don’t use it nobody will care.

          • KleenDroid

            You are absolutely correct. 

          • htc1

            Really????  you know what he means. Sorry Frank didn’t give you the exact amount of time he owned it. I owned one also and agree with him 100%. And i thought i owned it for way more than a year..

            it was long enough. lets put it that way.

        • KleenDroid

          You are correct about the Cyanogenmod for the Thunderbolt. His example is not very good. The leaked Gingerbread roms for the Thunderbolt were much better along with the roms the developers made. I would try out Cyanogenmod wanting it to be my daily driver but could not last very long at all. This is not Cyanogenmods fault because the Thunderbolt was not a supported device. But everyone has their own opinion as to what is good or not… as long as BroRob is happy that’s all that matters. This comment only relates to Cyanogenmod for the Thunderbolt and I have not yet tried it for the Nexus. 

        • X2caleb2X

          CM for the thunderbolt was the reason why I was hooked using their roms, yes it had its problems, but it was the best rom out there IMHO

          • babadush

            I’m right there with you. On the thunderbolt cm7 was the fastest rom available. AOKP is good on the galaxy Nexus but CM9 slaughters it in overall responsiveness.

      • KleenDroid

        I am happy you enjoyed it for the Bolt but either you didn’t try all the other Gingerbread roms or you have a fuzzy memory.

    • geedee82

      Watchu crazy!?!

      • frankandsimple

         whatchu butt hurt??

    • cizzlen

      Oh no =O You better put your CM flame suit on!

    • somebody never used a cm9 official device before…. noob.

    • Goblueboy

      CM is one of the few roms that actually does developing… the rest are just kanging the work they did to use for their rom. 

    • Sectioneight404

      How is CyanogenMod overated when most ROMS are based off of it?  Even MIUI kangs features & functions from it.

  • Every other rom is far ahead of this. I flashed it this morning and all the features in my current ROM were replaced with “placeholders” so I quickly restored my nandroid

  • ddevito

    I’ll wait for a stable release and it based on 4.0.4.

    4.0.4 is just too damn fast, stable and smooooooooth

    • MKader17

      Which version you using. I tried the Deodexed version on XDA and had enough battery life problems that I went ahead and gave up.

      • ddevito

        IMM30B stock, but I thought this was odexed. I do notice battery life to be a bit worse though. Hard to tell, I’ll take more tests.

        • MKader17

          Sorry, I meant Odexed. That is the one I was using but I was seeing a 40% drop in battery life. With 4.0.2 based Revolution 2.1.3 I can make it through the day easy. With IMM30B I wasn’t making it through the day.

  • Firelight

    Ok … so I downloaded it.  But I can pull myself off of TranQuil Ice 7.0r.  I tried and just can’t give it up.

  • I used to be so excited for CM roms (used to be something I looked for before buying a phone) but with AOKP I am so happy don’t even know if I will even flash this for curiosity. No offense to anyone involved with it just personal preference

    • r0lct

      I’m with you there.  Until people report better performance or features I’m staying with AOKP.  Even with all that annoying unicorn crap. 😛

      • what is aokp?

      • PC_Tool


      • Philip A. Kaiser

        I will be guniea pig for ya. Coming off AOKP gonna run CM9 for a day and see what’s what.

      • KMLN

        I was getting ready to flash CM but goign to  AOKP 25 having everythign set up I can’t see why to jump AOKP with IMO Kernal works wonders for me specially with extended battery and being mainly on wifi throughout the day I can see acouple days of good use.  the pink unicorn gave me a good laugh on the first AOKP install

    • yeahsure

      I wouldn’t blame you. I flashed it last night and as the title dictates, it’s only a nightly. CM isn’t done yet.

    • Would you guys recommend AOKP over Tranquilice?

    • I tried a kanged AOKP port for the RAZR and didn’t care for it, but I’ll agree that I’m not excited for CM for the Xoom, as Pete’s bugless ICS builds have run flawlessly for me.

  • Rocketjrb

    Does it have AVRCP 1.3?  Thats all that my nexus is missing.

    • Pookie2

       What is AVRCP?

  • sc0rch3d

    should i go to the CM kernel or keep using Franco’s?

  • Does the radio version matter going to CM9?

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      99% of the time, radios and roms are completely seperate from each other. I manually flashed the. 01 radios and never use anything but, if that helps.

    • Radios and bootloaders are independent of ROMs, so go ahead with whichever radio you currently have.

    • looks like my radios went back to stock with the CM9 ROM.

  • Jason

    Just flashed it….works great but quadrant speeds are way down….1876 maxed out…n bare boned yet….I flashed back to gummy…still hitting 3000 plus …..I’m sure in time çm9 will be competitive though

    • PC_Tool

      Yes, yes…but does it bacon when you press the narwhal button?

    •  Ouch.  I just scored over 3900 in quadrant with AOKP b25 and franco 18.4 clocked at 1.5ghz.

  • Fredflinstone

    It’s funny that the Droid Razr, even with its locked boot loader, received CM9 before the Galaxy Nexus, a developer phone.

    • Josh Nichols

      The Galaxy Nexus has had CM9 since December. 

    • Brian Walker

      You sure about that? If you’re just talking about a CM9 Kang, I’ve had it on my nexus for weeks.

    • Michael Forte

      Those are CM9 kangs, and not official CM9.

    • SH

      The Razr doesn’t have official CM9 yet….

    • r0lct

      Your troll face must be even funnier.

    • PC_Tool

      That CM9 you have?  Yeah…it’s not official.

      That would be the difference.   We’ve *all* had unofficial CM9 kangs for quite a while now.

    • ddevito

      it’s even funnier that the Razr’s bootloader will never be unlocked.

    • It’s funny how you don’t understand the difference between official and unofficial.  As others have said, we’ve had unofficial builds for quite some time.  Try again troll.

  • I want a Nexus 🙁

    Help me.

    • Ortizchief

       i can sale you mine root and unlocked 

      • picaso86

         Why are you selling it? are you getting the MAXX?

      • How much, friend? Is it VZW model 4g/LTE?

    • ddevito

      What’s the matter? Finally came around eh? 

      Check Craigslist, tons of folks selling them

      • Yep Devito, Motorola has really been pissing me off, lately. I DO like my Bionic, I just don’t like how Motorola handles their business.

        • ddevito

          I hear ya, it’s how I felt a few months ago. Good luck.

        • EC8CH

          If you do drop the bionic for the g-nex, you won’t be alone.  Many of the loudest critics of the G-Nex hype here on DL were Bionic owners.  Since then many of gotten a G-Nex, and from what they post most all seem to be happy with their decision.

          • moelsen8

             well said.

          • Adam Brandt

            YES…I got rid of my Bionic the day the Nexus came out and GOOD RIDDANCE.  That was THE WORST POS I ever owned.  I should have kept my Droid X.  Anyway, the Nexus is GREAT, you will NOT regret it.  It is the best phone I have owned so far, and coming from the Bionic, it was like EVERYTHING I hated about that phone suddenly was everything I LOVED about the Nexus

        • moelsen8

          i hate motorola’s bs too, so i had to put my money where my mouth was until they change their policies and stop screwing their customers repeatedly.  i was in your exact same situation 2 months ago but ultimately had to get a nexus, otherwise i knew i’d spend the next year or two wishing i had.  i really do miss my bionic sometimes (i really am a fan of moto’s hardware), especially the speaker & call quality, but this is an incredible phone that i couldn’t miss out on.  bionic’s been a sinking ship, since shortly after it launched, unfortunately.  pull the trigger, and do it soon while you can still get the most for your bionic.

          • What I’m hoping, is that SOMEONE here, or anyone for that matter, has a line with Verizon that is eligible for an upgrade, that can purchase the Nexus for me at upgrade price and sell me the phone for that price. That would be awesome.

          • Conazo

            Just keep in mind that once that phone is transferred to a different account, it automatically voids or looses the warranty on that device. just a heads up since it happened to me when i purchased my Gnexus with my brothers line that had an upgrade.

          • Adam Brandt

            I dunno if anyone is that nice…maybe if you offer them a few extra bux

          • moelsen8

            good luck man.  you gotta get this phone.

          • D.C.

            And it would be awesome if you paid their $350 ETF or $240 to keep the line active during their 2 year contract…just AWESOME!

        • I loved my OG. That was the best phone Moto ever released. The Bionic….TRASH. The RAZR….TRASH. The Nexus…..SECOND COMING OF JESUS!!!!

  • Eclipsegst4mee

    do rented videos work on these without doing a work around

  • Where is the actual URL for this?  I don’t see it anywhere on Cyanogen mod’s site.

  • John

    IIRC, did I read that this doesn’t have a working camera atm? I know it’s 1st build for toro & it’s expected but just wondering…

    • Camera working here.

      • John

        Oh. Thx…guess I was reading about wrong device or something.

  • Droidzilla

    And lo, Verizon saw the ICS and thought it was not good. They did battle with it and thought it defeated, but from the ashes CM9 rose to free the people from Big Red’s tyranny.

    But for serious, does this add anything over the ROMs already out there?

    • justincase_2008

      I was just thinking the same thing. Im running Team EOS ICS on my 4g xoom now and it runs great. Trying to find what the pros and cons will be.

      • T Hall

        +1 and I love Team EOS ICS, so I doubt I will venture over to CM9.

  • Rick

    A list of features would be nice.

    • jjrudey

      It’s the same as all the kangs available. Nothing new added.

      • So, I wonder what is the appeal then?

        • Sdg7

          The fact that its made by the Cyanogen Mod team, and not another developer that kang’d their stuff. That isn’t bad- they are prolly very similar, but CM just has the name to back it up.

          • Sounds like it. I really wanted to try CM9, but now I just feel like updating my build of AOKP.

    • Omg4omg

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  • Chris W

    Gotta say that it is still very bare bones, AOKP still has way more features. Here’s hoping they start putting all the awesome stuff CM is known for in!

  • htowngtr

    Been running P3’s TBH rom’s and they are fantastic, but always willing to give new stuff a try.

  • I never used nightlys before… how often do you reflash updates then? Every couple of days? Or just when you feel like it?

    Excited to see CM9 coming out though!

    • Every night they come out.  

      •  yes I know that means they come out nightly ha… I’m just saying for like how often do people themselves flash them.. like do you flash an update every single night?

        I just think it would be intense to constantly keep ref-flashing.

    • htowngtr

      Hint: “nightly”.

      • EC8CH

        so what are you saying?

    • I just flash a new nightly if I notice a bug and it’s been fixed, or they say there are performance or stability improvements. Otherwise, if its working well, once a week at the most. Nothing worse than flashing a broken nightly.

    • Travisjshepherd

      nightlys update every night or couple of nights, you don’t need to wipe when coming from nightly to nightly. But you do need to wipe when coming from a nightly, to let’s say an RC or stable release.

    • It depends.  You can flash to each nightly build if you want but you risk going to a build that isn’t as stable as what you currently have.  You need to keep an eye on the nightly change log to see if added features/bug fixes/stability is worth flashing the nightly.  Some nightly builds are easy to flash as they don’t require you to wipe your data (think factory reset), while other builds may require you to wipe your data and basically re-download all your apps and reconfigure your phone.  There are some apps out there that will make the wipe data process easier to come back from – like Titanium Backup.

      I’m on AOKP and generally flash every build until the dev releases a build that he suggests a data wipe, then I wait until I have an extra hour or two, to re config my phone the way I wanted it and flash whatever most recent build has been released.

    • r0lct

      They come out nightly, but there aren’t improvements every night necessarily.  So you’re better off reading the change log before flashing to see if there is any potential benefit.  Otherwise you may wind up with a less stable build for no reason.