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Clik Released on Android, Wants to Take Any Screen or Smart TV and Connect It Instantly to Your Smartphone

We see more apps come across our inboxes than we know what to do with. Most are variations of puzzle games for whatever reason, but every once in a while we see one that introduces an idea that we can get behind. Enter Clik. From the makers of Kik Messenger, Clik allows you to turn any screen with a browser (computer, Smart TV, Google TV, etc.) into your own personal video service. What I mean is that by using this app and their website Clikthis.com, you can search through Youtube to find your favorite videos on your phone and then have them played on the big screen in front of you.

The picture up top is the best example I can give. I found the latest “Lin-sanity” video through the Clik app, tapped on it and it then played through my computer in real time. You can pause, adjust volume, and even fast forward. Pretty cool concept.

The overall idea for Clik is probably the most important part though. This app is left pretty basic because the concept of sharing anything you have on your smartphone instantly with a TV is what the Clik teams wants to highlight. They want developers to push this forward into gaming, pictures, movies, TV shows, etc. 


Market Link | Clikthis.com

  • Is it DLNA friendly? Or do you have to have Clik installed on your smart TV?

    DLNA – people really need to her behind it or else we’ll be stuck with proprietary solutions with limited device support.

    Right now, my Rezound does this for free because of its DLNA support…

  • Anonymous

    this has lots of potential with my HTPC!

    Needs to work with tabs too though!

  • Anonymous

    Lin for president

  • will this work with the browser on ps3?

  • Rich

    Well this is all good and dandy however, what about tv’s with NO BROWSER? there are more people with tv’s without browsers than someone with it… pointless… hdmi cable better…

    • Guest

       Indeed… and TV’s with native DLNA s/w for all popular video formats – without a server.

  • love the background. Jeremy Lin!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Cool concept, but since its limited to youtube right now, not very useful. We already have Youtube remote, etc.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Yeah this seems like a pretty nice app. Could see myself using this.

  • Anonymous

    Bah only works on youtube

    I was hoping for a way to get around the google movies root issue.

    • Anonymous

      Give it time, I’m waiting for it too. They’ll crack it

  • rob

    how is this different from youtube remote?

  • Anonymous

    Well..what do ya know…this app actually works! KICK-ASS!

  • As long as this is server based (as in, there is a web site used to support this feature), this is very easy to implement, and I don’t see anyone using a “centralized” service for this over hosting it themselves for their own app (for example, YouTube remote — exactly the same thing).

    However, this is setting us up for Wifi direct, which will be able to do this locally and natively (as in no server necessary).

  • Alex

    Jeremy Lin is just fantastic.

    Lin yo face
    Linfinity and beyond
    and of course- Linsanity

    • It’s a Global LINVASION by Jlin7!!!

    • Don’t forget to play him in NBA Live on your Super Lin-tendo

  • me likey jeremy lin searches

  • VEry interersting:)

  • Anonymous

    WOW… that’s pretty friggin’ sweet! Works very well!

  • Anonymous

    Seems like a good potential AirPlay competitor for Android, since [email protected] going nowhere fast.

  • Corey C Rogers

    Hates on Apple all the time, owns a Mac?! Y U KNO Logical?

    • +1 I mean seriously wtf next thing you know the site will change to tell us how good Apple is over Droids.

      • Hah it’s just a computer. Windows is the most frustrating OS on the planet in my opinion these days. Will give it another shot with Windows 8. My life can be separated by mobile and desktop operating systems. 🙂

        • Alex

          I can’t live with out a right click.

          Windows 7 is just amazing once you get to break it down.

          • Anonymous

            OSX has had right-click for years

          • I right click all over the place with Lion. 😛

            And if it matters, I have 3 other laptops – 2 are Windows 7 and the other is a Chromebook. I spread my love around.

            The performance of this iMac has just out shined the rest. Like I said, will give Windows 8 a shot. 🙂

          • kniceguy

            I wouldn’t even defend it past saying you prefer your Mac Kellex. I mean if you like that better thats your choice to buy it, so what? 

            I love my MacBook Pro and would never want any other laptop other than a MacBook but guess who else has two thumbs and loves his Galaxy Nexus?

            THIS GUY!

          • df2rools

            im leaving and never coming back.

            overpaying for hardware
            crappy software
            steve jobs

            goodbye, not supporting this site anymoar.

          • Anonymous

            No Linux, I’m surprised. Any reasons?

          • Anonymous

            It’s okay to like tech Kellex. How do you feel about the changes in Mountain Lion?

        • Anonymous

          Really? Windows 7 is pretty damn easy to operate…haven’t really had one issue with the OS since I’ve had it installed for the past 2 years on both of my computers. Not to mention, Win 7 is the most reliable one out of all of ’em(even though XP was pretty kickass back in the day)..So….strange…

        • Anonymous

          I’m with you on that one Kellex. Do you have any recommendations for accessing the bootloader and rooting my GNex using my iMac? From what I’ve heard the process seems to be more or less native to PCs? I’m currently stock and locked 🙂

        • Anonymous

          Can’t be serious, Windows has been great lately, I loath OSX and single click mouse?  No overclocking? Blaeh.

        • I am a network admin I have a mix of Linux, Windows and a few Macs myself.  At home though I have only 1 rule.  NO APPLES.

    • I would take OSX over windows anyday, even though my daily OS is Ubuntu.

      Also you do realize that Linux (Base of android) and Unix (base of OSX) are like brothers right? So saying you hate one and completely bashing and wanting to get rid completely the other is not the way to go. Know it before you bash it.

      • Anonymous

        How’d that work out with Cain and Able?  😉

        • Greyhaven7


          • M1ghtysauc3


      • Corey C Rogers

        I’m not really bashing, it was more of a joke really. You know, a joke, that which is not taken too seriously. (hint)

        • I knew it was a joke Y U NO gave that away. I am just saying that it is logical to have one