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Onskreen’s Cornerstone Software To Be Integrated Into CyanogenMod 9?

A post from the official CyanogenMod Google+ page shows that the team may be baking Onskreen’s Cornerstone right into the operating system. Cornerstone brings a true multi-tasking feel to the Android OS and looks fantastic while doing its job. With the software you can have multiple applications running at the same time alongside each other on one screen. It’s exactly what we as Android users need. 

The team states that this is early work and will take some time before they feel 100% confident on releasing it to the public. If you want to learn more about Cornerstone, you can do so right here on their site.

Here is a video of Cornerstone running on Ice Cream Sandwich:


Via: Google+

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been running OnSkreen and love it. Running on a XOOM (thanks to Team EOS for fantastic ROM support). If you’ve rooted and can load custom ROMs etc etc, and you don’t want this, just remove it. Bloat is something that is loaded that serves no real purpose to the majority of people IMHO

  • Leonardo Benveniste

    I love the idea, but that horrible gray bar with gradient is making me sick…it’s awful!! it should be a simple, almost invisible arrow on de side, not a full height bar

  • is the cornerstone app only for tablets? or can i be ported to phones to. i couldn’t quite understand what he said in the video. looks cool tho. +1

  • Rootzwiki.com has an interesting post on this with a comment from a google framework engineer. Check it out.

  • Dliuzzo110

    This is great. This could be one of the best and most used apps ever!

  • Anonymous

    This is exactly what I have been looking for. This should have been a part of tablets a long time ago.

  • Why can’t we be friends guys and leave the personal attacks at home? After all we are all on the same team.

  • Anonymous

    This looks awesome. However, they can get rid of the ugly panel on the home screen and use the recent tasks button instead. Or maybe they’re already planning that and I missed something.

  • Turbo9000

    No need.  Even on a tablet, its too small to be useful.

  • Needs a better UI. Also need to be able to split between two apps. But other than that, this is great!

  • Anonymous

    Is it usable yet ?

  • I’d actually use this.  I’d even think of getting rid of my iPad and getting an android tablet to run this.  That way I can run Quadrant in 3 separate windows! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    This is tablet only so no reason to get too worked up since most aren’t rocking a tablet anyway.

    • It’s open source, so it can be put on a phone as well.

      • Anonymous

        I think it’s tablet by design, or the screen size is the real limitation.  Even with my larger Gnex screen I can’t imagine splitting it 3 ways and still having any of the areas being useful.

  • Dmillerzx

    Looks exactly like Glimpse for webOS

  • BLOATWARE if Motorola threw this on the Xoom, but since its Cyanmodgen, its all good right?

    • Michael Forte

      There’s a difference. This is actually useful unlike a lot of the crap Motorola preloads along with Verizon. Zumocast (now Motocast) was a preloaded app that was actually useful.

      • True, but it wouldnt stop people from being ridiculous if it was like Samsung or Moto putting it on a device. Its cool, im excited to try it on my Prime. 

        • S Bosworth

          Luis it is all part of the hypocrisy that is the Android user. “I want stock android with an unlocked bootloader” Why? ” So that I can root an install a custom ROM which looks nothing like stock android, while I OC/UV it.” 95% of the people that bitch about “stock android” don’t have “stock android” on their devices. 

          • Anonymous

            same thing can said about any fanboys… android, apple, blackberry(not really sure if those exists) or otherwise…

          • Jarred Sutherland

            Fanboys from any party are the pure, unadulterated morons of the earth. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Who gets to decide what’s useful and what’s bloat?  I think bloat is really not a problem as long as its removable.

        I can’t wait until the first Moto ICS rom has the ICS built-in app freeze option disabled or they leave it in and freezing a Blur app bootloops the phone.  The shame either way is going to be humorous.

        • Anonymous

          The reason people are upset about bloat is because you CAN’T remove it unless you’re rooted. Nobody would care that it came on the phone if you could get rid of it. I thought that was common knowledge.

          • Anonymous

            Actually any software installed regardless of being removable is considered bloat by most.  Otherwise there wouldn’t be so much conversation about removable and non-removable bloat.  This is common knowledge.

          • Anonymous

            I..you..can you read?

            I never even argued the existence of bloat. I simply stated that people wouldn’t be as upset with it if it could be removed without root. People are only upset with it because you can’t get rid of it without rooting.

            I think you need a few lessons in reading comprehension.  

          • Anonymous

            I’ll stop you here because you obviously are the one failing to read.

            “The reason people are upset about bloat is because you CAN’T remove it unless you’re rooted.”
            That statement insinuates that all bloat is not removable without root.  That’s not true.  There are removable pre-installed apps, which is what bloat is, from third parties but on phones.
            My comment: “I think bloat is really not a problem as long as its removable.”
            Had you read and comprehended (to use your word) my statement you would see we’re in agreement that all bloat should be removable without root.

          • Anonymous

            What I meant in my first reply was that, when you said:
             “Who gets to decide what’s useful and what’s bloat?  I think bloat is really not a problem as long as its removable.”

            the reason bloat IS a problem, is because the VAST majority of it is NON-REMOVABLE. Therefore, until ALL bloat can be properly removed without root permissions, it is, indeed, a problem.

            When you say “I think bloat is really not a problem as long as its removable.” when the fact is, it ISN’T removable, therefore making your comment totally unnecessary.

            That’s like me saying “I think pollution is really not a problem as long as there is none.” when the fact of the matter is, IT IS a problem because it’s STILL HERE. SMH man, SMH.

      • Yeah, and SmartActions replaced an app I paid $10 for, Locale. And MotoPrint is pretty handy as well. Just printed out a coworker’s boarding pass today without having to dig out my laptop.

    • EC8CH

      If you don’t like all the features on CM there are plenty of other customer ROM’s that are more stripped down with fewer features. CM has always been one of the most features packed ROMs.

      • I was just pointing out an interesting dichotomy. People hate skinned Android yet install a skinned version such as CM. I understand its different since they update timely fashion ( well its been like 3 months since the source was released for 4.0). But it not vanilla none the less.

        • This.  +100 sir.

          • Sucker

            That. -100 ha.

        • Sorry, Luis. It appears you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.   People who know how to flash  a custom ROM such as Cyanogenmod know what they’re getting into.  You however, do not.

          • How do I do not know? Im just pointing out that its not a real vanilla version of Android. Its skinned (no where as near as a manufacture skin) that a fact, im not saying that Im not going to try it. 

          • Anonymous

            I don’t think you understand the concept of Vanilla Android. Roms bring us features that we flashers find useful. Not to mention they can be disabled at the users wish. 

            In fact a Rom is not a skinned version of Android at all. It’s an optimized version of the stock OS. For example notification power control mods, navigation bar mods etc. Or the lag that killed my Stock Nexus before I Rom’d it.

            Skinned is when you have Bloatware that you cannot get rid of because they are baked into Vanilla Android by the manufacturer. I understand where you’re coming from but it doesn’t work the way you think.

          • Duh

            you don’t know what a skin is but thanks for wasting everyone’s time with your post

          • Josh Groff

            Skinning is when they tweak the UI.

        • Trolljas

          CM is packed with features wanted by the masses. Samsung or Moto skins have crap required by a small team of marketing “gurus” and “the highest bidder”

          • People could say the same thing about bloat like Motocast, S note, Polaris Office, Beats By Dre, My Verzion. Im not hating, just pointing out a fact. 

        • Yes, well, CM is a ROM you must actively chose to flash, or not.  Bloatware is built into the OEM ROM, and theoretically you don’t get any say in what ROM is on that hardware when you buy it.  This is why rooting and unlocked bootloaders are a hot button.  They let you rebuff bad OEMware for custom ROMs.  It is about freedom of choice.  The OEMs do everything they can to prevent that most of the time.

        • Anonymous

          This isn’t a skin. It’s an included application. (If you watched the video you realize that you can close and open it just like an app). Just like some ROM’s come with special tools, etc… This one is designed to be built it. You’d have a better argument calling the theme on CM7/9 a skin, but I’m sure you wouldn’t get that far there either.

    • Josh Groff

      You’re already rooted at that point, delete it with titanium backup? Could just stop being a noob about it, kthnxbai.

    • Cary

      Bloatware is defined as things on a device that the users either don’t like or very rarely use. Can also be defined by things the user cannot disable.

      I don’t think Cornerstone fits any of those classifications

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    • Anonymous

      As long as there is a setting to disable it entirely, I don’t care. Unless on a tablet, I don’t see myself using this (but it is very cool).

  • Lito31

    So it’s webos glimpse.isn’t glimpse going to be released soon on android

  • This combined with this http://www.droid-life.com/2012/02/10/video-use-your-galaxy-nexus-as-a-desktop-computer/ has awesomeness written all over it. I just got a little excited.

    • Agreed

    • Heyyyyy, great idea! The CM team was talking about implementing this on tablets, but I would love to have the option to use it on my G-Nex for the very reason you stated above.

    • Marcelo Burrieza

      And if you change the DPI on the nexus (something you can do with CM9), you can “magically” change the phone UI to a tablet UI (Any DPI number below 213 changes the phone to tablet UI). Then you have a real desktop and not huge icons like the video.

      • That’s what I was thinking too. Pretty cool.

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