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Limited Edition DROID RAZRs Offered to Verizon Employees?

According to some leaked shots, Verizon may be launching a special edition of the DROID RAZR just for employees. According to an insider at Big Red, the devices will be offered at a discounted price of $99 for a 16GB RAZR and $199 for the RAZR MAXX 32GB model. Along with the red and black look, each device will come with an engraved unique number on the rear side of the device, a free docking station, and an engraved “Limited Edition” logo on the front of the phone.

Launch is rumored to take place in April, so that means we have a couple months time to find an employee who is willing to find us one. Anyone else down with the red and black? This wouldn’t just be good for Verizon employees, but Portland Blazer fans could also find these quite desirable. 

Via: Android and Me

  •  Fingers crossed i can get someone i know to buy me one

  • Michael Lewis

     I wish I had the case from this phone modified so it fit a razor maxx….

  • Anonymous

    Damn, I was going to send this tip in tonight. Guess I got beat to it.

  • Anonymous

    *Goes to look for Verizon employment application form and freshen resumé*

    • Anonymous

      I was thinking the same thing…LOL  

  • Tom

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  • Gtosmq

    Does anyone else find it odd that Verizon employees would be able to purchase the phone for MUCH cheaper than cost???  I can see them either giving them away as prizes OR if these phones really do exist the cost is going to be be much more than the $99 for a 16gb Razr!  Having said that as a VZW employee I would LOVE one of those babies!!!

    • angermeans

      They are real and they are 99 for a 16gb model 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Buying one at this price would be great but by April they might be giving them away for free on a new two year contract. And before some angry goof yells at me keep in mind they do this with every phone as they age.

  • i work for best buy mobile… i wonder if i could grab one

  • Madcow06

    Just so everyone knows commenting “next month razr (insert new long name) maxx” isn’t funny or clever. Maybe it was for the first guy but no the next 200 on every razr article on DL.

    • Anonymous

      Reading all your posts you seem very angry. What is wrong?  If buying this special edition phone makes you happy and feel special that is ok we are not judging you. It is very nice of Verizon to offer such a nice and special design for you. And on top of all the goodness they are even putting a special number on it for you. You should be very happy instead of so grumpy. 

  • Well I’m going to go against the grain here, and say that as a VZW employee, this is pretty cool. It looks sweet, and if I didn’t have a Nexus already, I’d go for the Maxx (hey I still might). You guys need to realize (because I’ve checked the comments already) that this is NOT for the masses, it’s a special release for employees. So to complain about this being another variant is a bit goofy. Kinda wish they would do this sort of thing more often actually.

    • angermeans


    • Jeff F

      We get that this is not for the masses, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is still another variant none the less.

      Make sense, Goofy?

  • Anonymous


    I’m waiting for the Droid Razr Maxx Developer 3D Plutonium Pak Atomic Edition. I hear that one is going to kick ass and chew bubble gum… and I’m all out of gum.

    • Madcow06

       Nice They Live reference.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get it. What is the big deal? A number on the back?  I can take a sharpie and write a number on the back of a phone….

    I think Verizon is trying to make fun of their employees. All they did was take all the rented phones from a while back and made some “special” alterations and called them limited edition… Ha.

    I remember when Gateway computers didn’t make year end numbers we would offer the employees free credit to buy computers and deduct from their checks over the next year. They would eat it up and everyone would buy the most expensive computers and accessories. This tactic is very effective.

    All the Verizon employees will probably eat this up and think they are getting something amazing… 🙂 

    • Madcow06

       That might have been the stupidest comment I’ve ever read. Yeah its the same as a razr with a number written in sharpie, come on. This is nothing like Gateway selling computers to employees then deducting their pay, Verizon is offering a great phone that’s different from everyone’s and is $100 cheaper for each version.

      • Anonymous

        Well then that is just great!  Of course by April when this is offered to their employees it will be end of life and everyone will be buying the Razr for this or less. 

        This is not a great deal nor is it a special edition just cause it has a stupid number on back and a weird design on back. While my comment may have been stupid, if you are an employee you will be even “stupider” if you think this is a great deal and jump on it.

        But whatever makes you happy dude.

        • Shadowdroid

          Before you make ANOTHER stupid comment. I don’t have a RAZR but I bet you have a Galaxy Nexus. If you think this phone or deal is so stupid… then why stop in, and comment on it? If you really thought it was so dumb then don’t come I here. Yet… your here which probably means you are VERY disappointed in your garbage Nexus. Since it isn’t even a true Nexus as stated by Google. Now if I were you, and wanted/bought a Galaxy Nexus I would just not comment on Motorola phones. So many people made a big deal on the Nexus, and even though they have improved. They still made stupid moves like only internal memory, crappy camera, and same old plastic cheap feel like every other Samsung phone. Hopefully this will spark something in your head that will keep you from making more stupid comments or posts that no one cares about. Don’t bother replying because I wont even acknowledge you from here on out…

          • Anonymous

            Man you are stupid… lol. I don’t think the Razr is stupid I think you are along with putting a number on a Razr and calling it special edition. If you think that is special then I don’t think we need to discuss who the dummy is any longer… 🙂

          • 1234

            bahaha, all it is a phone employees can get, why are u over analyzing the fact that it has a number on it or that its black and red, none of that matters, its just somethinger verizon decided to do for their employee, period!  lol

    • angermeans

      Yeah cause I’m sure a huge company with record profits this year would never want to offer anything to their employees, oh and If they do I’m sure it will just be a refurbished phone or a phone with a number written in Sharpie /sarcasm (in case you didn’t notice)

      • Anonymous

        OK maybe its a brand new phone with a number on back. Gets me all excited!

  • fartbubbler

    I wish my Nexus had a docking station  :/

    • Nklenchik

      It does lol

      • angermeans

        Its supposed to but so far the mythical nexus docking station is like a unicorn. I wish it would come already.

  • Anonymous

    A red Razr is ALL you Trailblazer fans have to look forward too 😛

  • Skygazr

    I had dealings with three Verizon employees and each one mentioned to me that they have a Galaxy Nexus.  Think that has anything to do with the employee deal?

    • Anonymous

      From what I’ve heard about VZW employees getting phones, they have to pay the same prices we do for upgrading.  Like if they buy the RAZR, they will pay 199 just like we do.  Now I would be surprised if they had to wait 20months to switch phones.

  • Staticx57

    The RAZR was an outdated phone when it came out 6 months before this special edition one. Both the Gnex and Rezound have faster procs, more storage, better cameras, better screens, etc. And that is just Verizon…

    • Gorgen

      -Rezound has faster processor

      Lol no

      • Staticx57

        Because Cortex A9 is really that much faster than Scorpion. sigh. Sorry but a 1.2Ghz A9 is slower than a 1.5Ghz Scorpion.

        Then we have the GPU which makes the SGX540 look ancient.

        • Haha…no

          you ever picked up and used a rezound? compared to the Razr it’s like the thing is running donut, not gingerbread. And the Razr’s GPU is overclocked so not really

          • Anonymous

            As a matter of fact I had the rezound for a month before trading it for my nexus. As for OC kernals I can’t find any. But the rezound out scores the nexus even at 512 Mhz .

    • Anonymous

      the Rezound has an inferior processor compared to the RAZR and GNex that’s why its clocked higher. The GNex has the worst camera of the 3. The GNex has doesn’t have expandable storage like the RAZR and Rezound. Screen differences are not that noticeable. Your comment shows how little you really know about these phones.

      • Anonymous

        Actually the razr has the worst camera. It has no dynamic range at all even compared to the gnex. Any lag on the rezound is due to sense not the CPU. Have you looked at either of the rezound or GNex screens? The razor blows compared to both by a large margin.

        • Guest

          No, the Nexus has the worst camera, HDR on a bad camera is like throwing spices at spoiled food. And everyone knows Sense eats away the performance of the S3, but that doesn’t prove that an S3 powered phone would be better then an OMAP powered phone without it and it certainly doesn’t mean the Rezound has a better processor.
          And there really isn’t much a difference between the Razr and Nexus’s screens, the Nexus has more pixels but it’s not as bright. The rezound’s screen however is nothing special, it washes out quickly, colors are dull, it’s not especially sharp etc etc.

          • Staticx57

            If you can find any reference to HDR in my post ill concede every point to you. In fact I am looking at the Anand review of the Razr and the Gnex does take better pics, subjectively of course.

            Go look at any benchmark, nenamark maybe and tell me why the Rezound consistently outbenches both the Gnex and the Razr despite the Razr having a resolution advantage (its lower). 

            Considering the Gnex has a full 1280×720 compared to the Razr’s qHD I would say the Gnex is quite a bit ahead. The difference in brightness isnt a worry to me as even in the sunlight I can see the Gnex. Ill take the resolution over brightness.

            I am guessing you havent used the Rezound since you are the only person to say it isnt sharp. Go read some text on a webpage, it, by far, has the sharpest screen even compared to the Gnex. Do not confuse HTC only adding some XHDPI artwork and then complaining the screen as a whole is bad because they didnt change everything. 

            And then we can get into the Razr having a locked bootloader, where both the Gnex and the Rezound have the Razr by the throat.

          • Guest

            Coulda sworn you did, perhaps I got my wires crossed from reading another post. In any case, sure it’s all subjective. But the Razr’s pictures to my eyes had a better blend of focus, flesh tones, colors, and details.
            Any benchmark? how abotu antutu?
            The Razr also blew it away at CF bench right after that, and it just goes on from there.
            Looks to me like the Razr scored higher in all CPU categories as well as I/O…I’d like to see you spin your way out of that.

            I never said the Rezound’s display wasn’t sharp, I said it wasn’t especially sharp, as in not a gain in perceived resolution over the Nexus, or even the Razr to my eyes from a normal distance. If resolution is all you care about then fine, but there’s more to a screen than that.

            You can talk about  bootloaders all day if you want, and how easy it is to flash this and that to your phone. However, it doesn’t change the fact that the Razr is just simply a better device. And it can’t fix everything, like the fact the Rezound is still a tank, or the fact it’s speakers and call quality are inferior etc etc.

          • Staticx57

            Judging by what people have been able to get out of the Rezound as evidenced here: 

            I am guessing it’s crappy HTC software. I have no problem saying that.

            I am still baffled by you saying that the display isnt as sharp. It has the highest DPI and by far the highest sub pixel DPI. I owned the rezound for a month and it blows away the GNex in the display sharpness and the Razr looks like a pixelated nightmare next to it. As for you saying that there is more to a screen than sharpness, I would love for you to tell me how the Razr has a better display than either. All you can come up with is it is brighter than the Gnex. It is more pixelated than both and has a lower resolution than both.

            Ill take the tank of a Rezound over holding a plate like the Razr which is terribly uncomfortable in ones hands.

          • Anonymous

            Really??? You’re posting scores from rooted, ROM’d, and OC’d Rezounds as a rebuttal to the above video?  That doesn’t make any sense at all.  I have looked at the Rezound and the GNex, and I’m sorry, but I wasn’t impressed with either one.  The HTC phone is a brick compared to the GNex and the RAZR.  The GNex short comings have been well documented on various forums and blogs, including this one.  Yes the camera is worse than the RAZR.  Get over it.  It just is.  You wanna talk about Dynamic Range on a cell phone?  If I need to take picture that really shows Dynamic Range, I’ll use something better than a cell phone camera.  Even watching the above video, I think the RAZR’s screen just looks so much better during all those tests.  Deeper colors, and they just pop out better than the Rezound.  

          • Staticx57

            I am just saying that the SoC in the Rezound is also better than the Razr as evidenced by the fact that it outperforms the Razr when not saddled by sense. 

            Not that either the Gnex or the Razr have great cameras, but the Gnex tends to take more livelier pictures and the Razr tends to take mostly white pictures even when lots of color should be included. Not to mention the lights and shadows are closer on the Razr than the Gnex. Lets be honest, if you arent carrying your (D)SLR around then you will have one of these, ill take the Rezound first by far then the Gnex.

            I can see the pentile on my Gnex, when I played with the Razr in the store it looked atrocious for a 2011 phone. When I had the rezound the screen exhibited a sharpness I have not seen since. Yes the Razr is AMOLED so it will have a higher contrast ratio than the LCD in the Rezound, but if the screen is what you are concerned about then the Gnex is what you want.

            Any way you cut it both the GNex and the Rezound have overall better packages than the Razr.

          • Anonymous

            So you think it’s a fair comparison with a Rezound that has been rooted, debloated, and in most of those posts OC’d, against a completely stock RAZR full of VZW bloat? Get real. That’s like comparing a cheetah against a common house cat in a race.
            The video showed 2 completely stock phones, and the RAZR won in all of them.
            I disagree ghat the other phones are packaged better than the RAZR. All 3 have have their strengths and faults. I prefer the RAZR MAXX to those phones. I did test all 3. The RAZR MAXX was the best in my book. I’m very happy with it. If you’re happy with the GNex, good 4 you. I’m done talking about this, we’ll never see eye to eye.

          • angermeans

            Just because it is widely thought that the nexus camera is bad doesn’t mean that it necessarily is. It is just as good as any other mobile phone on the market (I have the razr and nexus) and they are equally as bad as one another but the nexus has an almost instant shutter and has the panarama and camera during video so I would argue (and use) the nexus more for pics than the razr

      • Madcow06

         I agree with everything you said except for the screen differences not being that noticeable. It is very noticeable, the razr screen on its own is good but compared to the gnex or rezound it’s garbage.

      • angermeans

        I have both and yes the screen differences are completely noticeable. the razor screen is horrible. Plus I’ll take non replaceable memory if it is going to come with 32 gb of storage. The camera is not that bad and with the almost instant shutter and panarama feat it is worth the trade off. your comment shows that obviously you’ve never used the galaxy nexus. I have both and there is a giant difference in esp the screen

  • Shocker… Moto rebranded the RAZR again to release in a few months!

  • Anonymous

    As if the other Razr’s weren’t hideous enough already.

    Limited edition etched on the front bezel rofl.

  • So, let me get this straight.

    Droid Razr 16g
    Droid Razr 32g

    Droid Razr White
    Droid Razr Purple

    (each in 16 and 32g versions?)

    Droid Razr Maxx (16g, 32g, white, and purple as well as regular black?)

    Droid Razr Limited Edition

    Droid Razr Developer Edition


    • Jay

      So to you if it ships with an SD card it’s a different phone? And if it ships in a different color it’s a different phone. And apparently a phone that isn’t even available to you is relevant, even though again it’s just another color?

      I think THE F*CK IS WRONG WITH YOU? Is a better question, do you just complain about everything? Don’t answer that, I’m sure you do.

      • Keithsmnr

        No I never complain like this, I’m just overwhelmed with the amount of razrs available. I like motorola and I’m usually the one defending them from all the trolls, so no I do not.

        • Jay

          What is there to be overwhelmed about? There are two versions and only the normal Razr is available with a choice of colors and with or without an SD card. The Razr Maxx is avilable in only one configuration. Oh and btw the 32gb version isn’t even available in purple.
          The Limited Edition isn’t even available to customers so it’s irrelevant to you, the developer edition is vaporware, so again irrelevant.
          Said it before and I’ll say it again an SD card and a color do not make a phone different!

  • ddevito

    It’s got the only sports team’s colors worth talking about.

    The NJ Devils.

    • Jeff Tycz

      The team that ruined hockey

      • ddevito

        The team that played defense so well they had to change the rules.

        ’95 team the best defensive team in sports history

  • ddevito

    Looks bad ass.

  • Peter Kelly

    When do they release the Silver and Black edition?

    Go Spurs!

  • Anonymous

    If this isn’t released until April, doesn’t it make this the Droid RAZR 2. This is Motorola after all.

  • Anonymous

    I just got 2 RAZR MAXXs for 199.99 total on the BOGO with my last New Every Two discount.

  • Tim Swann

    Those are the prices the phones should be offered at to all consumers!

    • Anonymous

      Don’t worry. By April, that will be the price.

  • Fan

    So much for Moto’s promise to release fewer phones…

    • Guest

      what part of “just for employees” don’t you understand?

    • angermeans

      How is a special edition for employees a release of any kind ?

  • Rdlplm

    Blazers?? You mean Miami Heat…

  • tjmonkey15

    That looks pretty cool.

  • Anonymous

    I actually like this, however, when and if I get a RAZR MAXX, I’ll perfectly happy with the black. I kinda like that they made the chrome logo bar on the front black on the MAXX. 

  • “an engraved “Limited Edition” logo on the front of the phone” I just threw up, that looks hideous. bad enough the Verizon logo is there

  • Anonymous

    I like the colors.

  • Joshua

    $99 is about whats it worth, POS LTE VZW

    • First

      oh ok, because getting 20mbps on cellular data makes the network a pos

      • Joshua

        No but getting it to work more than 50% of the time does.

    • PC_Tool


      Good one.  That was funny.  You should try “stand-up”. 

      Oh, wait…I mean..”standing up”…ya know, off the couch in your mom’s basement?

      • Joshua

        Yeah I live in CA not PWT Midwest, we don’t have basements here Wal-Mart boy.

  • Michael Forte

    I think this looks pretty nice actually. Better than the white and purple RAZRs.

  • JSIN

    St. Louis cardinals fan here i want one!!!!


    • EC8CH

      it’s the Verizon Limited Edition…. it’s extra locked.

  • RAZR’s are about to hit the fan on eBay lol.

  • Worm

    ENOUGH w/ all these Razr’s!

    • EC8CH

      Droid RAZR Mach 3 Turbo

      • PC_Tool

        3 wasn’t enough…and 4 was just one more, so we took it even further.  We brought it ALL THE WAY TO 5, BABY!

    • Gorgen

      My gosh people, it’s just a different colored version of the same phone, stop overreacting for Pete’s sake.

  • Kuboo99

     That red and black back almost makes up for the locked bootloader 😛

    • John


      • EC8CH

        Of course. If you like, we can give it all up now

        • Toddman214

          Ah…I see what you did there with the Coming to America thing….:-)

    • angermeans

      That would be funny if the limited edition had an unecrypted bootloader I can almost see the pitchforks being raised now lol

  • EC8CH

    there ya go…

    cram some moar text between the screen and the buttons!

    • LionStone

      I know right! I’m not buying anything with crap hovering right over the home keys!

  • Hmmmm.. who do I know that is a Portland Trailblazers fan…. I feel like I know one….

  • Green_Ogre

    That actually looks kinda sick with the back.

  • Illinipoke98

    Of course, after they lay me off they start giving things away 😛

    • Jeff F

      Maybe they let you go for inability to read….$99 & $199. And if that price is considered “giving them away” to you, then you really didn’t need the job.

      • The comment said giving “things” away, which was probably in reference to the “free docking station” mentioned in the initial article.  But assuming they were being facetious about the cost of the phone by claiming it was being “given away,” I guess they could be more accurate by stating: “Of course, after they lay me off they start giving $100 discounts on the RAZR phones :-P” 

        But why be so anal about it?

  • Dude

    Limited Edition just means the phone will be EOL in 6 months instead of 12.

    • Rezound

      Looks like a Rezound (red & black) copy to me…

    • Guest

      Uhh genius, that’s exactly what LIMITED  in LIMITED EDITION is supposed to mean. They’re gonna stop making them before the rest of the model line.