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Deal of the Day: 3500mAh Mobile Power Block For $13

Today only, Yugster has a sweet deal on a mobile power brick that should be able to charge your devices with no problem while you’re out doing your thing in the world. The 3500mAh brick will only run you $13 plus a few for shipping. It’s a pretty good deal if you find yourself running out of juice near the middle of the day.

Via: Yugster

  • mechgamer

    I ordered one of these and got it today. Charged it for 7 hours and it wasn’t even able to come close to charging my phone. I used the included charger, and the “led” came on for a few minutes, and it seemed like my battery was going down slightly less than usual. So I’m going to charge this thing until it gets hot (which will hopefully mean it actually charges my Galaxy Nexus) and I’ll report later. You can grab these on chinese websites for around $15.
    (not sure if that site is legit, I just googled it…)

  • I have one of these (around $15 @ Walmart) and it works just as well, for those of you that don’t want to wait for shipping:  


    How long will this thing hold a charge in case I don’t need it right away. Basically, could i keep it in my toolbox at work for a week and expect the same charging results?

    Thanks for any input, all.

  • Harryeballs1234

    I just find it easier to carry 3300mh in my phone. Taking it to the MAXX baby!

  • Tom

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  • Anonymous

    And what does this have to do about my Nexus?

  • Raven

    For a little more, I would highly recommend the 5000mAh ReVIVE TwinPort that I have at $25:

  • David Parrella

    I love you for posting this! I’ve been looking for something for my tablet/phone/GoPro, this should do perfectly!!!

  • I have the extended battery for my Galaxy Nexus and I just keep my regular battery in my wallet for just in case moments when I run out of juice on my extended battery.

  • Anonymous

    This thing has about double the mAh and the same charging speed of $40 brand name versions of this product. I’d say go for it, look at amazon.com, this is a good deal.

  • Zebra

    Might as well tell it how it actually is and update the title to say $17. 

  • Gideontged

    YUGSAVE5/25 coupon code for $5 off $25 or more purchase. 

  • I saw this yesterday on the members only link and ordered one.  Thought it would be good to have for travel, etc.  Anxious to see how it works.  Figured it was worth a shot at that price.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t be anxious. 

  • Not willing to waste 17 bucks on something that i don’t feel will work.  Thanks for the tip though.

    • Alex

      i feel the same thing.  it is at a great price and it has a high capacity but i dont have any idea how well it works.  i do see a 30 day warranty it comes with though.

    • It’s just a battery inside a black plastic case. There’s not much to go wrong.

  • Anonymous

    at 500mA input it’s going to take forever to charge this thing, and 800mA out is going to be slow going for something like the Nexus, especially with the screen on. Sweet deal though.

    • Wouldn’t it be 2-2.5 hours for a full charge on most current phones? Sounds about the same as a wall charger if yes.

      • Anonymous

        I didn’t do the math honestly, but most wall chargers are 1000 to 1500mA, or more commonly seen as 1A 1.5A. My car charger is less than 1A and it occasionally drains more than charges. YMMV

        • Ah ok. I have a crappy little charger at work that keeps me going when I stream music. I just checked it and it’s 650mA. 

          I think it would be an OK supplement but not a quick charger at all.

          • Anonymous

            Totally agree. 

            The 800 out is tolerable, it’s the 500 in that breaks it for me, I’m not waiting 7 hours to charge it.

          • totally agree with you on that.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t see the big deal given the obvious use case for this- you charge it overnight every couple of days, stick it in your bag and then plug the phone in when it’s needed.  

            It’s not like you’re not going to be running it down during the day and then needing to recharge it.    

  • Alex

    who makes this?

    • EC8CH

      Chinese slave labor? 

    • Anonymous

      Foxconn employees on break.

      • EC8CH

        no such thing exists

        • Anonymous

          I think that’s the joke

      • Anonymous

        Good one!!  Even when their not working they are working.  LOL!  I bet they sleep in 2 hour shifts.  

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm… it’s like a Droid Razor Maxx without the Droid or Razor.

    • My thoughts exactly. 

    • And also a hell of a lot cheaper…lol

      I’m ordering this for my Galaxy Nexus.


      Nevermind, did a quick search on Google and with the 800mA output it wouldn’t be powerful enough to charge my phone, only to keep it going while tethered. Someone bought this for their Thunderbolt and had this problem.

      • davetheAndroid

        Thank you for your edit, just saved some aggravation! 

      • Anonymous

        Wouldn’t it still charge the phone though if you had it off while it was charging

      • If you look down below at the discussion between me and @zepfloyd:disqus we were talking about the same thing. I have a charger at work with 650mA and the one that comes stock with the nexus is only 1A. Will work fine for charging, but recharging the backup will take a long time. Maybe 6+ hours.

      • Ogdroid

        Just a little fyi most Samsung and HTC chargers charge at 1A and most Motorola Chargers charge at 850mA. So if you have a Motorola charger then this portable charger won’t charge your phone that much slower.

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