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Motorola DROID 4 Unboxing and Quick Hands-on

The Motorola DROID 4 will launch in Verizon stores tomorrow, February 10, for $199 on new 2-year contract. For keyboard lovers, this is the first phone to sport both 4G LTE and a dual-core processor, making this your best option. With its 1GB of RAM, 4″ screen, 8MP HD camera, edge-lit keyboard, and future global readiness, it’s definitely the most powerful and complete phone with a keyboard we have ever seen from Verizon.

However, there are some concerns about the quality of the screen and whether or not its 1785mAh non-removable battery are enough to make you pass up the RAZR MAXX, Galaxy Nexus or Rezound. After a quick few minutes with the device, the display appears to be the same as what we saw on the DROID X2, DROID 3 and Bionic – three screens you know we are not fans of. And then there is the battery, which isn’t small by any means, but will get you no where near the single-charge use that the MAXX will. Is a DROID 4 MAXX on the horizon? I hope not, as that would be another tank to add to a list that we thought was no longer growing.

Gallery and unboxing below. 



  • GL

    This may be a stupid question, but are there plans on releasing the Droid/Milestone 4 in Australia any time at all? Like many, I’ve been waiting out for a great slide-keyboard phone and this is it.

  • motorola is seriously so stupid with this non removable battery stuff. 

  • Anonymous

    After seeing this video, I want to know the real reason for having a non-replaceable battery is. Is it really for engineering benefits, or is it what I think — a reason to have to replace the phone when the battery dies? If you have to take the back cover off to put the SIM in, why can’t the battery be popped out too? At least the iPhone’s excuse is that they don’t want lousy removable covers/backplates. What’s Moto’s reasoning?

  • Taglogical

    The first Bionic I received, I loved the screen. That said, you could see the Pentile Matrix of the display on black backgrounds, or when the display was asleep, which was kind of annoying.

    My second Bionic came with a clearly revised (different) display.  It’s still LCD Pentile Matrix (I know this because of fine edges and it’s excellent visibility in sunlight), but you can’t see the matrix anymore… Ghosting has been reduced (there is more ghosting on this Razr I’m holding vs my replacement Bionic)

    Also, my former Bionic which I had applied the 893 patch too, would still experience signal drops (despite fixing other issues like apps disappearing from the app drawer)… this replacement Bionic, which came pre-installed with the 893 update, works like a charm; I have not had one signal drop or hand-off issue since I got it. And it has a nicer screen.  I absolutely love the Bionic.

    If this Droid 4 has the same screen that is in my Updated Bionic, then I can safely say that most people will love love love the screen on the Droid 4.

  • ddevito

    Another Droid (branded phone) bites the dust.

    Motorola is unfortunately repeating its past mobile mistakes. It’s 2004 all over again.

    • megastan

      Sure, if you don’t really think about it.

  • I can’t wait to check this phone out in person. Can’t stand the fact that the Nexus has no SD card slot. Downloading files to the phone while listening to music = GOODBYE HEARING. 

  • 1) Moto will probably come out with a MAXX or HD version of this in 2 months (a la RAZR)
    2) where do you get that key?  is it bundled in the box?

  • Dlfarris7507

    does anyone know if there will be an extended battery???

    • lostsync

      Considering the fact that you’ll destroy your phone if you remove the OEM battery, I’m going to bet no.

      • Tessa

        Then why does it ship with a key for opening the back?

        • lostsync

          For accessing the SIM and SD cards.

  • Manuel Olague

    I don’t know why they wouldn’t use super amoled advanced, they could have made the phone thinner or made space for a removable battery

  • Wow, it seems to me that comments should just be disabled for awhile so that some people can go outside and get some fresh air and some sun. When this site first started the comments were good to read, everyone was jointly excited about the world of android and helping each other. Now, out of 100 comments there are usually 5 – 10 that are useful, the rest are just people bashing each other or each other’s phones or preferences. 

  • Travis

    Will Best Buy have this tomorrow or just Verizon stores? Anyone know?

    • Guest

      Was in bb the other day they still dont have the razr or razr max

  • Advantage Held

    So…basically this is what the Droid 3 should’ve been. The bionic should never have been released. Amen.

    • Guest

      That’s not a logical conclusion at all…
      And the Bionic very nearly didn’t happen at all actually.

  • awesome phone in general but a disappointment that battery cant be removed

  • phone looks great to me except a disappointment of their is no removeable battery

  • what happened to the cool intro?

  • Jslafarr

    and thats just the beginning of the negativity that this phone will bring upon itself and its childish manufacturer. I am glad my OG droid isnt alive to see this. He would be immensely disappointed. 

  • Jslafarr

    so i have to put the phone down on its screen – put this tool in – then slide the battery off potentially scratching this not so great screen to begin with?

    …too switch out with another huge a** piece of plastic that i have to carry around all day. PLUS that little tool which i know i would lose. LOL

    is this really the droid 4? this has be a concept from apple or something.

    • You don’t have to use the tool at all, apply enough force and the back cover comes off like any other. The screen is gorilla glass, so you have to be seriously effing around to scratch it anyway.
      A good rule of thumb is to not judge things off of one reviewers initial impressions.

  • Skennedy412

    Screw everyone ripping on this phone. I think I detect some qwwerty envy from some people. This is the phone that a lot of people have been waiting for. We have been toyed with release dates and rumors since October, and its finally here. People, chill the hell out. Its f*cking annoying. 

    • Skennedy412


      • napes22

        I’m pretty sure there is an edit function when you post.

  • Guest

    How do you have d4 today?

  •  Probably will replace my OG Milestone (droid). Don’t have much of a choice for a QWERTY slider 🙁

  • Played with all 3, and I definitely can say the RAZR is better than both. I’ve had weeks with each. Nexus feels cheap in the hand, and I’ve had more bugs with FC’s and drops, as well as week signal out of the radio, even with the fix than the RAZR.

    The Rezound, Sense is gawd awful. It’s so intrusive, and THAT’s a buggy skin. So many FC’s and just all around slow speeds on simple processes. Until you play with each as a daily driver, you wont’ know.

    The Blur is less intrusive now than everyone thinks. Old versions were HORRIBLE. My D2G was useless, until I got CM7 on it.

    • Theriem3


    • Anonymous

      Which older version are you talking about? The D2G has a similar version to what the Droid 4/Razr has. It’s just a gimped version because of the lack of processing power. The D2G doesn’t have any of the 3D effects, etc. I think it was really slow on that phone as well. Sense really just depends on the device and version. I’ve got Sense 2.1 (I switch back and forth every now and then) on my; Droid Incredible 2, and it’s not too slow. Sometimes it can hang up for a second. It’s still not nearly has bad as my Droid X and Motorola’s Gingerbread version of Motoblur.

  • The fact that they stopped making different Red Eye logos is super lame.

  • Android One Eight Hundred

    ill. I’ll just wait and see if they’ll announce a better physical qwerty android phone at Barcelona this month. Even though the chances for that are pretty slim since everyone’s trying to copy the iPhone these days.

  • Mjswenson

    so glad it took forever to come out.  if it came out in december, i might have picked it up instead of nexus.  really wanted hard keyboard after OG droid.  But, now i love the nexus soft keyboard.

  • Jim McClain

    the keyboard and that metal frame feels like a brick in your pocket,so heavy , hated my OD because of that, well that and I never used the keyboard

  • Dolphfins2000

    For the last 4 weeks i couldn’t wait for this phone to come out. Keyboard was a must since the whole touch screen just isnt me. After watching this unboxing vid, first thing to piss me off was that stupid key & cover. Its just pointless all because they couldn’t put it on the slide. The unlock button looks like junk just like on the droid 3, I love the new unlock button on the Razr. Why are we still using that crappy screen from 2 years ago? 

  • csd577

    Will you weirdo people shut up already about a screen, what are you plan on doing watching a bluray on there? bottom line is its the first 4g, keyboarded, dual cored 1gig phone out there
    my god you weirdos with the screen are annoying, so the razr has a little more contrast with the amoled wow, who the hell maxes out the brightness/contrast on their phone anyway?
    people need to get a life

    • DroidQuestionMan

      Man I’m with you 100% on that one. Screen this, no un-locked boot-loader that, nexus this.. What happen to the days when people on this site would just be happy to hear that they were buying an Android phone over and IPhone. Now it seems like android users are starting to get just as bad.

      • DroidQuestionMan


        • Anonymous

          Edit button.

      • Phil

        Mostly just the Nexus users are bad with a few users of other phones.

    • We are not weird. We are just pointing out that moto screens usually suck!

      • Pete

        man i am ok with screen as long as my phone lasts enough to watch it! tried to make my nexus work but failed and had to return it! now i m waitin for a moto phone with NFC.

    • Linder

       They’re not weird. They’re losers.

    • Say what you want… Even someone who doesn’t care about screens will notice how bad this one looks. it’s different than the screens on the x2, d3 and bionic. the refresh rate is awful and ghosting is visible in every part of the UI. holding and using the phone, i feel like i’m using a three year old phone just because of the screen. the bionic’s was a pleasure to use compared to it, let alone the razr. screen matters when it’s this bad.

      • Tessa

        Apparently everybody noticed except for the half dozen professional reviewers I’ve read today, none of whom talked about how uniquely awful the screen was.

      • Droidrocks

        Ghosting? Seriously? The screen is fine, and way more accurate color than the Razor screen. You guys need to get a life.

        • To each their own.. I found it hideous, but I’m genuinely glad you like it. 

  • Anonymous

    I have a Bionic, and the screen blows. That alone would make me never consider buying this. Unless the MAXX version has a 720p screen..

    • Anonymous

      Sorry, I will take sunlight readability and better battery life over higher resolution any day.  The OG that everyone loved, you could barely see the screen in the sunlight.  But most of the nerds on here never see the light of day so I guess that doesn’t matter to them.

      • Anonymous

        I’m with you. I would gladly take screen readability în all lighting conditions over minimal improvement in resolution any day.

      • Anonymous

        I’m with you. I would gladly take screen readability în all lighting conditions over minimal improvement in resolution any day.

      • Anonymous

        You spend that much time in direct sunlight using your phone? I had the OG for over 2 years and had no complaints. The screen looked way better in fact, though perhaps not in sunlight.

        • LegalAmerican

          Does it seriously blow your mind that someone might be outside for a large portion of the day?  Sunlight travels through vehicle windows so for someone who travels, it would be useful.  Also construction workers.  Why is it that people try to minimize the value of outdoor visibility?  When I had an old Moto flip phone, I would get so annoyed while on campus that I couldn’t read my phone and I had to shield it from the sun.  So owning the Bionic is amazing for me.

          • Anonymous

            I do find it quite surprising, although perhaps not mind blowing. I am glad it works out well for you and what you necessitate it for. I would just prefer higher resolution for my own needs.

  • Anonymous

    Galaxy nexus was like “HEY CHECK OUT MY NOTIFICATION LIGHT!”

  • M1ghtysauc3

    I’ve never heard Kellex so disinterested in an unboxing before lol.

  • Anonymous

    the droid 4 with super amoled screen and larger battery coming in march lol.

  • Anonymous

    For a slider it looks real nice…. Colored icons look great…

  • Anonymous

    Gotta give it a comparison to the OG to see how far it has come 🙂

    • PyroHoltz

      I don’t understand how Kellex could compare the size of the D4 to other nonslider phones…I understand this was just a quick look but, come on, put up the OG or the latest slider.

  • Anonymous

    Moto would truly be king of phones if they just did what they did with the OG Droid; ship with Vanilla Android and with an unlocked bootloader.  I know most customers don’t care about bootloaders, but it would help a lot with PR in the tech and dev community.  It’s easily fixable and such a shame as I believe they have the best hardware (in terms of form factor and quality) on the market.

    • lostsync

      I would have passed on the nexus for this if I’d had any faith that the bootloader would be unlockable. I turn my nexus sideways out of habit every time I need to type more than a sentence before realizing that I don’t actually have a keyboard anymore.

      In that way, I really miss my OG. I really liked that phone a lot. I still use it sometimes to do ssh quickies from the couch without going after my laptop. I would have really liked to have been able to upgrade to the D4 without missing out on the freedom that the OG afforded me wrt software.

      • Tessa

        What freedom, exactly? There’s never anything I’ve needed to do on my phone that I couldn’t do with a locked bootloader and the stock ROM.

        I don’t mean that you don’t have a good reason — I’m sure you do. But what actually is it?

        • lostsync

          Near the end of it’s life, the Droid was a pretty slow phone. Having a custom ROM and kernel on there allowed me to overclock it to about 2x it’s stock clock speed, and that really helped things a lot. I was also able to have 3G tethering enabled if I needed it in a pinch, and I did a few times, especially while planning my wedding. Further, instead of being stuck on 2.2, I ran 2.3 via CM7, and I hear people have gotten 4.0 booting on it, but haven’t looked at that project personally. CM7 offered a lot of interesting tweaks and settings that I really enjoyed and would not have experienced without being able to install the ROM on my phone.

          Beyond that, it’s just a matter of principle for me. Even if I didn’t need to mod my phone’s software in any way, I should be able to if a time comes when I decide that I want to. The device is only going to be tied to Verizon for two years anyway…and after that, I’m still stuck with the stock software, even if I want to do something fun and wacky with it? No thank you, especially when there’s this huge and vibrant community dedicated to doing cool things with handset software. These things are tiny computers and I should be able to format & reinstall with any software that will boot on it, especially when it’s a WiFi only device and no longer receiving cellular service.

          Just my $0.02.

    • Ex-Motorolan

      Everyone who complains about Moto not shipping unlocked phones should stop pointing their fingers at Motorola… point them instead at Big Red… they insist on them being locked so they can force their bloatware on the masses…..

      • Anonymous

        I would believe that if the Galaxy Nexus, Rezound and other phones on Verizon didn’t have unlockable bootloaders. Also, all other phones from Moto on other carriers have locked/encrypted bootloaders too, so don’t spread that nonsense.

  • Was that a screen redraw I saw right out of the gates?  Bahaha!!  So glad I’m on the Nexus train!!!

    • Anonymous

      You know you’re right I thought I saw a re-draw. But it has a Gig of ram now? Maybe cause it was the initial start up.

  • Connora87

    I had the opportunity to mess around a little with one yesterday… really not impressed at all. Same old moto crap.

  • Jim McClain

    this phone is a waste of time, to many negatives

  • Anonymous

    lol “and then we get to…BLUR”

  • Paul

     Does it come with an SD card or do I have to buy one? 

    • Anonymous

      Watch the vid =p.  No SD card included and it has 8GBs of internal storage.

      • Guest

        actually the d4 has 16 gb of internal storage

        • Anonymous

          You are all wrong, it only has 8 GBs of internal storage.  Check the vid on the news post at 9:32 mark.

          • 8GB is for the OS storage, and updating so you never lose available space for the latest OS updates from google. This is normal on most new Android phones.

          • Anonymous

            Stop spreading false information. The phone has 16GB total of internal flash memory. The 8GB of internal storage that you see is partitioned like an internal SD card. The rest is split between system files and app storage space.  If you had a new Moto phone you would know that.

          • Anonymous

            I already knew that.  What it has and what is usable is totally different.  I’m not going to tell someone that this has 16GBs when only 8 GB is usable.  Also, there’s no reason why they should take 8 GBs for the OS when most phones only take 3-4 GBs for it.

          • Anonymous

            That also includes app storage, not just dedicated to system files.

      • Same as the RAZR, 16G’s of internal and expansion available of adding a 32GB. I just kept my old 16GB card from my OG droid, and I’m more than happy with the space.

        • Adam Metzner

          In the video he goes to settings and it only is reporting 8GB internal. Someone lied to you.

          • Bluebanzai

            8GB of the internal is reserved like all the other latest droids.

          • Adam Metzner

            But if the average user only can use the 8 then… It only has 8

          • 8GB is the operating system files. It’s 16GB, and 8GB is available. It’s similar on new devices from other manufacturers.

          • Adam Metzner

            Right. I understand what you are saying. There is a whole 16gb in the phone. But the average user (not rooted) only can use 8 for storage. So when they say it has 8gb internal storage that’s exactly what it has. 8gb!  They arn’t going to sell it and tell people hey this phone has 16gb of memory BUT… you can only use 8gb. 

          • Anonymous

            No one tells how much is actually usable. Even Apple doesn’t with the iPhone because iOS has to go somewhere too.

      • Guest
  • Skennedy412

    Cool. Thanks for the vid

  • Mike

     Can you do battery life testing on this? Screen on time and all that. Thanks.

    • You won’t get the true numbers until the battery has been charged a few times. Couples days at least.

  • Lmao

    Can we all just please boycott Motorola until they get the message that A) we don’t like BLUR b) don’t like their excuses for not updating their software to the most recent versions B) supporting their phones for more than 3 months C) are tired of their locked bootloaders   D) tired of their hate for the developer community?

    The only way they’ll listen is if we make them hurt in the wallet.

    I can’t wait till Google takes over and fires most of the execs there who seemingly don’t know what they are doing.

    • Anonymous

      And that awful screen … Ough my.. seriously after they had two previous disastrous releases, where everyone said the screen was the biggest reason that they did not buy it. HELLO Moto are you listening ? Well obviously not.

      • Anonymous

        I’m just blown away that they would continue to use that awful screen.  They must get a discount for buying those things in bulk.

  • Dave Diamond

    Waiting for the D4maxx

    • Waiting for the D4Maxx developer deluxe edition in tortoise.

  • James

     How’s outdoor visibility? The screen is supposedly better in sunlight vs. the one on the Razr.

    • Anonymous

      If it is the same as the Bionic then yes it will be better in sunlight then the Razr.

    • Tim

       Yes, Kellex, please test outdoor visibility on this. My coworker’s Bionic is easier to read in sunlight compared to other people’s Razr and GNex. Thanks.

    • DroidRocks

      I’ve compared the Droid 4 to the OG Droid and Razor displays under bright light and the Razors lose contrast as soon as you get them under the light. The Droid 4 was a little punchier than the Razor only under those conditions, and is very close to the OG Droid, but slightly more vivid colors. Outside in direct sunlight, the Droid 4 was significantly more readable than the OG Droid, both in light and in shadow.

  • Anonymous

    I was once told, “If you don’t like it, don’t come back.” Think I’m done with Moto. Yeah, they have great hardware but once you done Blur you’re done with Blur.

    • have you experienced Blur on any of the recent models?? Bionic, RAZR or RAZR Maxx?? I had a Droid 2 Global and the thing was blurred all over, which made it useless without a root and de-bluring. The RAZR I’m currently using has little to no blur on it at all. I actually haven’t frozen any apps on it, get little to no FC’s and the thing purrs like a tiger getting a chin rub.

      I guarantee, if you haven’t seen Blur lately, you haven’t seen Blur.

      • PyroHoltz

        I have the D3 and it was blurry as F**K until I changed the launcher to ADW and removed a bunch of bloat.  I don’t believe the RAZRs have changed things much from the D3.

        I don’t plan to go w/ another Moto phone until they unlock the boot loaders. My wife on the other hand likes her D3 fine, I guess ignorance is bliss?

        • They’ve changed a BUNCH since the D3. The D3 to the RAZR is like night and day.

      • Raven

         Please explain.  I still use and love my stock rooted Droid 2 Global.  It is far from “useless”.  I have not “deblurred” anything.  What “Blur” things don’t you like and how did you get rid of them?  (I know how to freeze apps with titanium, but the only thing that I have ever frozen is the stock task killer that came on it.)  I actually use and like some of Moto’s extra widgets.

      • Anonymous

        The “Blur” problem has been gone since the release of the Droid X and Droid 2, but the new problem is with Motorola’s disgusting ROM bugs. Random rebooting and freezing, data connection loss until toggling airplane mode or rebooting, etc.

  • Andrew

    i wonder if RAZR root will work for this

    • Probably. It’s the same basics on the OS, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it does.

  • Anonymous


    Please show us what it looks like with the back cover off.  I want to confirm that the battery is not removable (as the instruction manual says).  I just don’t know why they would let you remove the back cover with that key thingy, but not give you access to the battery.  I’m considering getting this for my wife that still has her OG Droid (she prefers having a physical keyboard).


    Edit: Nevermind, just saw the video, =p.

    •  There is a back cover for the SIM card.

  • Anonymous

    The phone is garbich, whoever gets it, or buys it is stupid. Same old MOTO slow, glitch probably wont get 4.0 upgrade. 

    VZW always tries to sale the DROID brand bc they make more profit, im personally over it, will wait to upgrade until probably iphone 5, its said but the lagging is driving me crazy on the Droid X2

    • Anonymous

      thanks for that cool story bro

    • Anonymous

      Go troll else where

      • Lmao

         He may be trolling, but he is right about Motorola’s lack of quality software or support. Their hardware is solid, but their software has driven many people to the iPhone. Somehow, Motorola manages to take Android, which is a great OS, and ruin it for everyone by adding all their crap which just slows down what should be fast phones like the DX2…never mind my DX. Jesus Google, please take over and fire everyone at Motorola!

        • Butters619

          I’d rather have blur than Sense any day.  Blur is no where near as intrusive as it once was.

        • Anonymous

          I disagree with both of you.  I had the DX once it was updated to GB, it ran so much better.  I updated to the Droid RAZR and it received an update within 2 weeks of my purchase.  Returned it for the MAXX and again the latest software update is great.  Didn’t think they could actually improve battery life but they did.  Smooth.  Yes, all this bloatware is total BS, but we’ve come to expect it with these OEMs.  There’s no way I’m going to give up openness and solid build quality to buy an i*hone.  Apple does make a fine product, but there really is really no way to “make it your own” like you can with Android. 

    • Anonymous

      Your spelling is “garbich”.

      • Anonymous

        I heard you dude, what do you want a cookie with the fact that you read something i spelled wrong.Get a life, im just saying the truth google need to put out more stable products. 

        • Adam Metzner

          Google didn’t put this phone out. Its a Moto phone. Just because Google owns Motorola mobile doesn’t mean that they had anything to do with this.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Michigan fan.. enough said. Go Buckeyes…

      • Anonymous

        Yea michigan fan correct, didnt we beat ure ass this year, ohhh At least here in Michigan we run a clean program not the bs that Trasell pulled the new coach “Tim Tebow’s” coach “Meyer” is already breaking rules with recruits,,,,see ya next year

        • lmao @ “garbitch”

        • Anonymous

          I’ll admit we got whipped this past year.. and should have. Really didn’t think Braxton as a true freshman quarterback had a chance. I can see how your proud of that win, i mean once in almost ten years ain’t to bad.. LMAO..

        • Jim McClain

          no rules were broken, 

    • Anonymous

      I havent said anything that’s not true, 2 years with 5 different droid phones and they always push garbage , just saying the truth from my side

      • Azndan4

        Motorola sucks on the software front and they’ve been behind in hardware lately as well. Don’t know why motor fan boys keep defending the company.

    • Playing with a RAZR right now, and the thing is fantastic. No glitches, no problems, no FC’s, and blur is now totally in the background. The X2 WAS laggy as hell, because that was when Moto was pushing massive amounts of Blur on the phones. If you haven’t played with a Bionic, RAZR or RAZR Maxx, then you have no idea how this phone is going to operate, because my RAZR flies!! It’s way better than both the Rezound & the Galaxy Nexus. I’ve been on both, and they can’t compare, and that’s with stock blur running on my RAZR.

      • Anonymous

        Sorry, the Razr is not even close to being “way better” than both the Rezound or the Nexus. They’re all similar in speed and features.

      • Anonymous

        Don’t even bother. The fanbois here are getting to be as blind as Apple fanbois.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t think there’s a difference when it comes to the amount of Blur. The Droid X2 has a similar version. I think it’s the upgraded RAM and processor. The X2 had a dual core CPU, but it wasn’t as fast. The hardware of Motorola’s devices finally caught up to the hardware requirements of Motoblur. Now that the hardware is powerful enough, the OS isn’t as laggy.

    • LegalAmerican

      So you are calling people stupid if they buy a phone that you don’t like?  Nice………

  • Vern

    will that thing ever get 4.0? Blur looks like balls

    • I’m positive it will, but not anytime soon.

    • Anonymous

      4.0 will still look like Blur on any Moto phone, sad really.

      • Anonymous

         Especially if Big Red has a hand in it.

    • LionStone

      You’re looking at it wrong…try looking at the points before and after the blur 🙂

  • SoCalDan

    Wow, another Motorola phone. How many more this month? 2 or 3…variants of course. 

  • Nexussss

    Blur is disgusting. Sense is old and slow. Touchwiz is not interesting. I love the hardware though

  • Destroythanet

    Some advice for Moto: How bout some edge to edge screens.

  • John

    nvm. you figured it out 😉

  • Javier

    push and pull at the same time

  • John


  • Xfloggingkylex

    A Droid 4 Maxx would explain the 200 dollar price point for the original.