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Casio G’z0ne Commando Receives Push-to-Talk in Update

Talk about a day of Verizon updates, right? First we received word from a number of readers that both RAZRs and the XOOM LTE were seeing new builds. Then we noticed that the XYBOARD tablets were also scheduled to receive their first updates within the next couple of days. And now another reader awoke to a nice Casio G’z0ne Commando update that gives him push-to-talk abilities.

He said that the update only bumped him to Android 2.3.3, but you can tell that Verizon slipped in enough bug fixes to make this pretty significant. And the fact that they added push-to-talk after the phone has been on the market for so long is actually very cool. Who knew you could add such a service so far down the road. Why they didn’t release the phone with push-to-talk from the beginning is beyond me – seems like it would have been another selling point.

The update is 35.9MB in size.

More info.

Cheers Wade!

  • Scott Hopkins

    my girlfriend has dropped this phone so many times HARD!, people would gasp as they watched it bounce along the floor, any other phone would have SHATTERED!  this thing can take a beating !!!

  • Chauncy

    Thursday Droid Life poll: Who actually bought the Casio Commando?

    • Anonymous

      Alternate poll: Is the name of this phone pronounced Gee Zone, or Geez One?

      • “Geez, another One of these crappy phones that barely get supported or software updates”

    • Mlarson6

      I have 3 close friends that own and love it.  Lol all work in construction.


    • Matthew Rosidivito

      This actually made me laugh. Don’t know how true it is, but it’s still funny.

  • Anonymous

    I need a phone with a push-to-silence feature. Too often, I’m around people who don’t know when to close their cake holes.

  • Jdstell

    Had push to talk for a couple weeks on some older G’Zone phones for my project managers and superintendents. The only thing more annoying than a ringer going on in a quiet business meeting is someone suddenly yelling “YO WHERE YOU AT?” from a push-to-talk phone..

  • John

    Have to have a business account for PTT? Bummer

    • LionStone

      Been using Voxer…its actually pretty cool. It works across platforms

      • John

        Yep. It’s kinda crazy the growth they’ve experienced lately. I, along with a ton of my friends, have started utilizing the hell out of it.