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Planning to Upgrade Smartphones in the Next Year? Best Buy Will Give You $50 to Buy Through Them

If you are planning to upgrade smartphones within the next year, Best Buy wants your business now and is willing to give you $50 for it. Even if you can’t upgrade until June, September or even December, you can let them know and a $50 gift card will be held for the day you finally do upgrade. In order to participate, you only have until February 12 to reserve a card, so be sure to jump on it if BBY smartphone deals are you thing.


Cheers Scott!

  • Anonymous

    Screw Best Buy. I won’t ever make that mistake again. Was paying 10 something a month for my wifes Charge and she dunked it in water. After drying it out it still worked just had some small screen glitches. Took it to BB to exchange it… yeah right, I will NOT be using a loaner phone while they send it out for “repair”. I called BB from the store and cancelled the geek squad crap. Two days later I replaced it with an early upgrade with a Nexus from Verizon with Asurion covering me. NEVER AGAIN will I EVER buy a phone from Best Buy.
    I feel like I was suckered when they sold me the Geek Squad black tie crap because they told me when I bought it I could just bring it in and swap it out. NOT. Thanks but no Thanks Best Buy!

  • toddab7

    Anyone have experience with Go Wireless stores? Their insurance flyer says it covers accidental damage/broken screens and water damage. Only $100 deductible which I believe is less than VZW stores.

  • DanSke

    F that. No way will I buy a phone from Best Buy. When I was in the market for my Thunderbolt I had planned to get it at Best Buy, but with further research I realized it would be a bad idea. Best Buy’s warranty doesn’t cover water damage, phones have to be shipped out for repairs (which can take up to weeks according to current customers) and they charge you to rent a cheap courtesy phone.

    All my phones are coming from Verizon where any damage equals a replacement that I get next day, even for water damage.

    Do some research yourself, you’ll find that sometimes the fine print and other peoples experience might sway you to a better decision.

    • Mark Grover

      BestBuy warranty is optional you can still get asurian warranty. BB didn’t cover theft if I remember right but you could throw your phone into a wall and be covered. I thought water damage was included though but I didn’t read fine print.

      • DanSke

        Very true. I always add warranty to my phone, just in case so this it is important that all these ways of damaging your phone is covered. Oddly enough, I was surprised that water damage wasn’t included on the list when I read it too. I forgot the theft too, as that was an added bonus to stick with Verizon’s new warranty. I was shocked at all the horror stories I read about BB and having to send phones out to repair where customers would be without their phone for up to a month so BB can ship it out to Texas (I live in Cali) to fix a broken screen or what have you, where as Verizon would just replace it with next day delivery.

        • toddab7

          I have had a Fascinate, a Dinc replaced through Black tie for mechanical issues. It only took a few days to get them. Though I live in Austin TX. They replaced them through rapid exchange I think. I’m concerned about BB warranties not covering screen breaks.

          • ShadowGTX

            Best Buy covers broken screens… we even cover WATER (For you DanSke READ THE CAPS). No we no longer send our phones to get repaired unless requested by the customer to get junked out. Also if you do send your phone out to repair, and best buy finds it too costly to repair it. They junk out your phone which gives you FULL retail amount of what the phone was worth at the time of purchase. So lets say you got a Free Fascinate… that phone was still worth 599.99 at best buy full retail. Best Buy gives you Store credit for 599.99 PLUS tax on that to do whatever you like with. You can then use that to buy a new phone at full price which usually every 3G phone sits at aroudn that price, or pay a 100 bucks more and get a 4G device. Also since the phone is being purchased at full price you will not be extending your contract. I do hope people like DanSke stay with Verizon insurance… 100 deductible… 2 claims per year… and price is now 8.99 even if you had the old TEC insurance plan. They are changing it for everyone since their Insurance is also non contracted… Good luck with that DanSke…

          • Anonymous

             LIES! Then why didn’t my Best Buy Albuquerque II store just tell me otherwise?? Never again. . . I will never recommend Best buy for phones and will tell everyone I know the same.

          • ShadowGTX

            Cool stroy bro… not my fault your Best Buy store is full of morons. I am the one who handles my Rapid Exchange claims in my store and i just told you the process. Now if you choose to be ignorant and not shop at Best Buy for a mobile phone anymore. Then i wish you well where ever you choose to go. No sweat off my back its not my store. If you were coming to my store you wouldnt have gone through that BS and have them tell you lies

    • Somdshadowgtx

      I work for Best Buy and thats the old process, and whoever told you that we DO NOT cover water damage is a moron… we DO cover water damage, and now for every phone that has Black Tie Protection we do Rapid Exchange. That means turn around time is 3-5 business days with no deductible, covers full damage, unlimited claims, covers water damage, and we even cover power surging. Go check for yourself… and if that store is telling you otherwise talk to a manager since i am a supervisor at a Best buy Mobile in California.

      • he’s correct, I dumped a cup of coffee on my phone.. not only did they replace my OG droid, but they upgraded me to the DroidX which was the hotness at the time. due to OG Droid being out of stock. Free of charge btw.

        • ShadowGTX

          So true man! my buddy had a HTC Inc but it messed up thanks to Rapid Exchange he was able to get upgraded to a Droid X2. Then on top of that i told him about the repair service to get junked out, and now he is sporting a Droid RAZR and only paided 50 dollar difference for a brand new in box RAZR without upgrading his contract. Dont listen to DanSke and Rickerbilly… they have been fed misinformation and now are ignorant…

      • I really really really hated your old process…actually JUST sent in my broken DX…
        And the they said 3-5 days.  I just laughed, “Ha, ok man.  Sounds good.  Thanks.”  Walked out with a Samsung Stratosphere (the last two times [ya, I know…my DX has had two screens with big black blobs growing in the center and now a broken camera] I got an old flip phone.)  The worst part was…the last time I decided to get a repair…was right when Verizon was putting a stop to unlimited data.  The loaner wasn’t capable of a data package…and when I finally got my DX back Verizon first “couldn’t verify that I was only getting a repair done and I’d have to pick a new data plan.”  I kept calling and finally got a guy who “didn’t have the codes to switch me back to unlimited” but he’d get back to me.  A week later…guy actually called and said he managed to get me back on.  Props to Big Red on that one.  Anyway.  I totally didn’t believe the 3-5 days bullocks.  Normally took 3-5 WEEKS on an ancient flip phone.  (Not exaggerating).  So thanks for the info!

        • ShadowGTX

          Trust me man we all hated it, and its why Best Buy Employees kept complaining and sending emails. Finally they changed it and now its Rapid Exchange and no longer repair service. I do apologize for that happened to your unlimited plan, but i am glad he got you back on! Trust. Repair service sucked so bad and i am so glad we all moved to Rapid Exchange now. We have much happier customers because of that

      • Anonymous

         I call BS. I was told otherwise three days ago my friend. Exchange only with a loaner phone on ALL claims they told me. Albuquerque II store.

        • ShadowGTX

          Say what? So let me get this straight… your calling BS on what i told you… even though i am a supervisor for BBYM, i do all the rapid exchange claims at my store, and no you dont HAVE to get a loaner phone. If you have an old phone (if you have a 3/4g phone we will require you to have an old 3/4g phone to keep your unlimited data JUST like Verizon would) you can use that. Your friend who works for that store must not know the right process. Tell him to go learn the right process and stop feeding misinformation to people

  • FortitudineVincimus

    I see no reason why not to sign up as I meet all criteria and I do not HAVE to use them.. so what’s the loss

  • Anonymous

    This is probably more useful for iPhone people since there are better deals for Android phones out there.

  • J Dub

    Signed up. Really hoping for a BOGO from VZW soon though.

  • Hugapunk

    The Maxx has to be shipped, because Verizon limits what third party vendors can carry, also Verizon controls upgrade dates, they wont allow thrid party vendors to do early upgrades. Best buy will price match almost any online vendor. Got a resound for $159, and my buddy got Galaxy Nexus for $229

    • wow thats great if they price match!

  • seems legit..

  • Anonymous

    This will help offset the $100 premium they place on phones bought out of contract. /sarcasm

  • DJyoSNOW

    Seeing how vzw does not do 1yr upgrades, why would I get a phone from vzw ever agin. Why vzw wont take my money every year is beyond me. (coporate america at its finest) This and 3rd party vendors are looking good!

    • agreed, with other vendors like amazon and now best buy offering these upgrade deals, i might never geta  phone from verizon again.

  • Lmrojas

    Amazon has the best deals

    • Weybie

      For new lines, yes.

      • Lmrojas

        And for upgrades. Droid Razr Maxx was 229 launch day for upgrades. Rezound is currently 159 for up grades.

  • Weybie

    Hmmm, this is better than my $30 NE2 credit. What happens to that credit?

    • Edwin M

      I don’t think it applies. I remember the good ol’ days when it was a $100 credit.

  • Butters619

    Why thank you!

  • 4/26/2012 through BestBuy. altho i can upgrade at Verizon right now. BB must be strict on the 2 year since last upgrade.

  • Wonder if this will apply if buying phones off-contract at full retail.

  • tbaybe

    they dont even carry the Maxx… so irritated

    • Lmrojas

      Buy it off amazon for 229?