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Motorola RAZR “Developer Edition” – Everything You Need to Know About Moto’s Bootloader Plans

Last night, we first spotted a post from Motorola’s new community blog – which was quickly removed – that detailed their plans to release a Motorola RAZR Developer Edition. That post is now live again along with a handful of other details that you may have had questions about. Moto’s bootloader thoughts, plans for the future, and more have all been released. This new Euro RAZR is also up for pre-order if you are interested. We have it all for you down below.


This new RAZR “Developer Edition” will be their first product since the Motorola XOOM to include an unlockable bootloader and is headed to Europe in the very near future. A specific date has not been given, but you can pre-order it now for 499€ or roughly $659. Once purchased, you will not have the standard manufacturer’s warranty that you are used to. In fact, according to the Motorola Shop, this phone will come without a warranty whatsoever. If anything goes wrong, you are out $650. The fair price we agree to pay to have Android freedom and amazing hardware? Up to you.

Bootloader FAQ (a good read for everyone)

If you are unsure of what a bootloader is and how Motorola views it, you will want to check out their FAQ that has been posted this morning. Below, you will find some of the major points that everyone should take a glance at, but the section is long enough that you should probably read it in its entirety to see how things will be handled once we have a developer device from Moto here in the U.S.

What is a bootloader?

The bootloader is responsible for performing basic hardware initialization, verifying the integrity of the operating system, and starting the operating system, and it provides a method to update device software. This validation is important to verify that the software loaded on the device will not damage sensitive components (radios, processors, etc.) or violate regulatory or carrier requirements. Google provides a base bootloader as part of the Android operating system, and most device manufacturers optimize this for their specific devices.

What is “rooting”?

This means that the user has gained root or administrative privileges on the device. In general this allows the user to make modifications that would not normally be possible to a consumer or developer. With such privileges comes both risk and additional capability – it is best left to the very technically savvy. It is possible to make changes to the device that will permanently damage it or break it or render it entirely inoperable.

What does it mean to unlock the bootloader?

Unlocking the bootloader is the first step towards allowing the end user to gain root privileges and make modifications to the device. Such modifications could involve changing some of the pre-loaded software, or could even include replacing the entire operating system. Some developers and enthusiasts unlock and root in order to experiment with applications or with custom builds of Android.

Does unlocking the bootloader mean I can use my device with any wireless operator?

No, this does not disable a carrier subsidy lock if one exists. Some subscriptions are tied to a specific wireless operator and the phone cannot be used on another operator’s network. A “locked bootloader” and “carrier subsidy lock” are thus two entirely different topics. Do not unlock the bootloader if you are seeking to disable the carrier subsidy lock.

Will all of my data and applications be there after unlocking?

No. All user data on the internal partition is erased when you unlock the bootloader, so you may need to move data back to your device, set up user accounts, etc. This is like a factory reset, but data or applications on a removable SD card will not be deleted. However, any apps that depend upon user data on the internal partition will not be able to access this data. Encrypted data on a removable SD card will also be inaccessible as the encryption keys are removed when unlocked.

Can I re-lock my device after I have unlocked the bootloader?

Yes, by re-loading an original Motorola software image and re-locking the bootloader. Find the correct image on the MOTODEV Device Software page, download it to a computer, and using the Android SDK, follow the instructions listed on the page to flash and re-lock your device. Re-locking your device does not change the warranty status or legal agreement under which the product was sold.

Will I receive software updates automatically after I have unlocked the bootloader?

Not necessarily; it will depend on what modifications you have done to the software. You can however get the original software released for the device from the MOTODEV Device Software page, download it to a computer, and using the Android SDK, follow the instructions listed on the page to flash or update your device.

The Motorola RAZR™ Developer Edition will launch with which version of the Android OS?

The Motorola RAZR™ Developer Edition available in the EU will launch with Gingerbread.

The rest of Motorola’s bootloader FAQ can be found here.

Software Images

Just like the XOOM, you will find full software images for the RAZR at the MotoDev software site. If you need to re-lock or flash your device back to the way it came out of the box, this is where you will find the tools to do exactly that. Since there is no warranty on the device, these files will really be used to get you back on the update path or to fix your phone should you soft-brick it.

Software Updates

From what we have read this morning, Motorola has made it sound like they will deliver updates to their unlockable devices. Those plans have not been made public yet, but should be once this first phone has been released.

Bootloader Forum

I’m not so sure this was the brightest idea to come out of Moto in the last couple of years, but yes, they have created a bootloader forum for you all to troll. Actually, try to at least add to the conversations that are going on over there rather than just spouting off “unlock <insert device name> bootloader!” We wouldn’t want to see this get shut down.

More Info

They are calling this site their “instructions page.” News regarding bootloaders going forward will likely be posted at this MotoDev blog.

And that’s that. Has anyone decided to pre-order the new “Developer Edition” RAZR?

Cheers Nathan and Mark!

  • Arthur

    Just want to let you guys know that Milestone 3, RAZR, Atrix 2 come with a unlocked bootloader in Hong Kong

  • MotoSucks!

  • Anonymous

    So in other words, I’m gonnna get a kick in the nuts AND sprayed in the face with Mace? FANTASTIC!

  • Anonymous

    Moto, You use to be the best but now you just suck.  Have used your phones since the Nextel days up until the Droid2. Your software sucks, hardware is the best and you take your customers for fools. Once the Nexus S dropped for ATT I left Verizon (no good phones at time) and went with a real phone. Have not looked back, well took a peak here and there hoping the Droid4 will have an unlock bootloader. That may win be back, hopefully there is a Droid4 DE. So now I am using a Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus GSM when it should have been Motorola phones and could have been supporting an American company.

    And why no warranty? Software can be fixed with the images. Just because the bootloader is unlocked does not mean that the hardware will not break.

    Way to screw up.

  • Anonymous

    Damn I used to love Motorola…my black OG RAZR for AT&T is ashamed of what has become of this company

  • Frontier02

    All I got to say is too little too late, the X was fun but no more Motorola phones for me. Glad I got the nexus and not listened to Motorola’s lies about unlocking boot loaders by end of 2011.

  • I’m not seeing the problem…isn’t this what everyone wanted? You lose the warranty anyway the minute you unlock, sure you can revert back to stock settings but carriers never intended for you to eat that cake.
    Not like this thing will be sold through any carriers anyway…hold up, isn’t it illegal to sell something without like a 15 day warranty of some kind in most parts of the world, including the US? How’s this gonna work?

    • DBK

      We wanted the current phones unlocked, not yet another iteration of an already milked phone that is unlocked. That’s even worse. We would have been better off just keeping the phones locked then to be smacked in the face like this.

      • Who’s this we? Going on the comments no one here who cares about the bootloader being locked actually bought one for it to be unlocked in the first place. I mean if you did buy one then that’s different, but I don’t think that’s the majority.

    • Anonymous

      if the phone is sold unlocked, then that rule doesnt apply, as it was them that unlocked it, they have to honor the warranty…however, if it is sold locked, and you unlock it…that voids the warranty and any liability on their part

      • yeah but aren’t all devices sold locked? and the only variation is the degree to how locked they are or if there’s a program available to unlock them?

        • Anonymous

          only recently…there were several phones(OG droid f.i.) that were sold with unlocked bootloaders…

          • ahhh didn’t realize that, thanks for the clarification

  • Anonymous

    How about an open letter from Kellex that we can all “sign” by commenting, directed at Motorola and their obvious wrong direction?  Something front page of Droid-Life should get *some* attention, no?  Here’s my wishlist for Motorola:

    1) No more than 3 unique models max in a year.  We want to see the devices well supported.

    2) All phones supported with latest Android OS for the full 18 months after debut.  If Google releases a new version of the OS 17 months and 20 days after the debut, it still gets the update!

    3) Follow HTC and provide unlocks to the bootloaders.  Quit blaming the carrier, it is not them and we know it!

    4) Offer the flagship phone with STOCK Android and your best hardware.

    5) Continue your hardware quality and address any software issues promptly.

    I think that’s a rather short 5 point list that would put Motorola back on top.  If I was CEO, I’d be implementing this immediately.

    • Anonymous

      the only point you make that isnt already happening are 3 and 4…they may release more than 3 unique models, but the majority of them are well supported for 18 months plus,  as far as 4 goes, whats the point of offering stock android if everyone is going to put a rom on it anyways…do you even know what stock android looks like without going to the store and looking at the which ever phone has stock which ever version of android you want?…and as far as 5 goes, the bionic was a snafu, every single one of their other phones had software issues fixed wtih a month or two of release

  • I’d like to point out that this phone is not targeted at the USA.

    First, prices in the USA and Europe differ. It will go for €500 in Europe. That’s a decent price. Galaxy Nexus is around €600 at Clove, for example.

    Second, in Europe, a lot of people actually pay the full retail price for their phones. And not just in Europe.

    Third. This phone isn’t targeted at firmware developers; Google’s developer phones’ purpose was primarily app development, and unlocked bootloader provides various stages of protection against mistakes, plus fast debugging and such.

    Fourth. If they actually release the bootloader unlocking tool for the original European RAZR (as they promised a while ago), the ROMs made for this development edition of the RAZR will, most probably, work on the original RAZR just as well.

  • Topsitee

    Motorola is ridiculous. They have the greatest android phone of all time unlocked and gathered a huge following. Since then they continue to lose customers by the day. I love/loved their hardware but now I won’t even consider a Motorola device.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly, precisely and without a doubt.  Motorola had the perfect recipe for success with the OG Droid and then just f’d it all up.  When are the clowns going to realize this?  The OG Droid was treated with greatness by Motorola with timely updates, keeping it fresh so it was not outdone by someone else the minute it hit the floor.  All of that care just pushed out the door in favor of 2500 different models and variations with not one dang phone coming close to the perfection they had with the OG Droid. 

      Yes, unarguable that Moto has some of the best hardware around.  Its the direction they went with software that is all wrong.  Imagine if the RAZR MAXX was done up with vanilla Android and an unlocked bootloader.  People getting off contract with an OG Droid would be all over it!!!!!  Instead they went to where they were the most comfortable:  The unlocked Galaxy Nexus.  SANJAY, LISTEN UP!  YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE SPEAKING!  LEARN TO LISTEN!

  • Anonymous

    Kudos to Motorola for catering to the developer crowd. But the bootloader queens still will find something to complain about.

    • Anonymous

      Dumb question, but if they are releasing a developer phone that the bootloader *can* be unlocked on, then why not do it on the existing RAZRs?  Why does it need to be a whole different model?

      • QtDL

        Exactly. That would be a question for Moto. 🙂

    • DBK

      It doesn’t cater to the dev crowd at all. It’s a shot in their face actually. Why make a whole new phone (screwing over people who just bought the current versions) when they could have just unlocked the current versions?

  • Had they done this with the MAXX, it might have been salvageable 

  • Haproot

    YEP, too late.  Sorry Moto, too many unfulfilled promises.  I’ll be keeping my Nexus. KTHNXBAI.

  • RW-1

    You would think that with the size of those Jha Ears that he would HEAR what his consumer base has been TELLING HIM ….

    Too bad, soo sad.

    Posted from my desktop, I didn’t feel like soiling my GNex to write this.

  • Anonymous

    My Nexus still comes with a warranty.  

    You missed your chance Moto.

  • Anonymous

    So the “Dev Edition” RAZR is just a regular RAZR with an option to unlock the bootloader. How long before it’s all dumped in the hands of XDA and EVRY RAZR can be converted into a “Dev Edition”?

  • Anonymous

    hahaha, new roms for the cooks only! WTF moto

  • Rob Haney

    I will bet that carriers won’t subsidize this either. Meaning you most definitely will have to pay MSRP $650. No thanks Moto. Not when I can get a HTC Rezound for $159 at Amazon or Galaxy Nexus for less than half. Both which have unlockable bootloaders and warranties. I hope I’m wrong, but I just have a feeling.

  • Anonymous

    This idea is completely idiotic

  • Mark

    This is the link on their “instructions page” that actually has some info http://developer.motorola.com/products/bootloader/instructions/

  • Sporttster

    This is my last Moto phone. I am so done with them. This crap about ‘we’re gonna unlock’ and then ‘no we aren’t now’ and NOW, ‘we’ll sell you a developer phone, which is the same phone, but UK first’. Yea, I’m done. SO done with them! I’m sooo pissed I feel like selling my RAZR on Ebay and just goin out and buying the Nexus. They’re gonna play games with us?? And then spit in our eyes and sell a “developer” phone and then, only overseas?!? F that!!! DONE!

  • babadush

    It’s funny to me they only make one phone with an unlocked bootloader. Didn’t they say back on July all phones would be unlocked by November?

  • Anonymous

    Nothing has really changed with this announcement. Motorola still has phones that no hard-core enthusiasts will buy. Most due to the locked bootloaders and now one due to a lack of warranty. What also hasn’t changed is the obvious fact that Motorola doesn’t have a clue. They seem to have no coherent strategy since the Bionic. One thing they do that seemed to make sense was that they were clearly marketing to the average consumer. The gimmicky Razrs are a perfect example. Fine, go for it, but NOW?!? I just don’t understand.

  • crash_davis

    If the ability to have an unlocked bootloader is such a liability, then all the Nexus phones should be losing money from all those people bricking their phones and returning them under warranty for new ones, right?  Who in the hell is running Motorola?  Their arrogance is driving away customers by the truckloads.  I loved Moto phones until the last 6 months.  They are a complete joke.  I hope to hell that they do not get the next Nexus phone build.  If they carry this philosophy to Nexus phones, I’m going to hate them more than Apple.

  • Ben

    No one talking about this line?

     “What does it mean to unlock the bootloader?Unlocking the bootloader is the first step towards allowing the end user to gain root privileges and make modifications to the device.”Unless I’ve missed something, {fastboot oem unlock} is not a prerequisite for rooting, just the most straightforward path.

  • Anonymous

    $650 and NO WARRANTY ON HARDWARE AT ALL? Motorola has lost their collective minds! My mother in law had to get 3 replacements for her Droid x, each with a different HARDWARE RELATED ISSUE, stock firmware and maybe only 40 apps…I don’t know why they think this is a good idea and an adequate answer for the community’s frustration toward their bootloader policy. If Samsung and HTC can unlock their billiards, why can’t Motorola? Talking about “carrier and regulatory responsibilities”? What? Motorola is a lost cause…

    • Azndan4

      They’re just using it as a way to make more money from Motorola fanboys 😉

    • Anonymous

      If there are “carrier and regulatory responsibilities” how is it that the HTC Rezound and the Galaxy Nexus both have unlockable bootloaders?  Motorola, we’re not as stupid as your arrogant minds think we are.  Done. With. You. Forever.

  • Anonymous

    While it would be nice to have an unlocked boot loader handy, I’m actually happy with my Droid RAZR the way it is now. I am itching for ICS to arrive on it soon though… 

  • And only if it had a decent screen comon moto go all in or getfo

  • Gemmabba

    i love all motorola products…but after seeing this, im not feeling the same again. This is some shady move from you Moto. I cant believe you forcing us to buy another of your product to have our bootloader unlocked….*facepalm

  • Edwin M

    Dear Motorola,

    Just do the right thing and give your customers what they want without screwing them harder than Benny got screwed in Total Recall. Thanks



  • Barnaby

    Introducing the Razr Tazr, its pretty much a Razr MAXX but it has two prongs on the bottom that can be used in a self defense situation to taze someone. And with the 3300mah battery of the MAXX you can taze a whole gang. 

    Tune in next week for another Razr variation!

  • Anonymous

    I wish they had more versions of the RAZR for me to buy…

  • Since we all know that it’s going to be the same damn phone – just unlockable, means that Moto has truly screwed the pooch.  They could have raised revenues and rewarded loyal customers by providing method to unlock BIONIC, RAZR and others; especially the older phones since they are hardly getting marketed anymore.  The RAZR is nice, but it’s my LAST Moto device.  I’ve already been f***ed twice between the XOOM and the RAZR.  As Scotty used to say..”fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me”.

  • How many versions of the RAZR are you going to release?  Why not just be like HTC and push out updates to unlock the boot loader of the CURRENT PHONES.  It’s like Motorola is trying to be Apple and make people buy their “newest” version.

  • Josh F

    Very few will buy this phone. Looks like the Galaxy Nexus will remain king among enthusiasts. And so it should be.

  • Austin

    Moto we see that your trying but its not enough

  • webby

    OK, all those feelin’ the love for their Nexus, a developer phone WITH a full warranty, please raise your hands

     … *raises hand high*

  • God my disgust for moto has grown into an uncontrollable puffed marshmallow monster!  The maxx batt was so tempting but now I will just wait for sammy or htc to come out something similar and buy from them.  GOODBYE MOTO!

    • It’s “Puft”, but I agree with you (never get your Ghostbusters references wrong!) and that’s why I will never buy a Motorola product again.

      I do have battery envy where the Maxx is concerned. But it’s just not worth it to own a Moto product knowing that they won’t support it and that they’ll make it obsolete in a few months, if that.

    • TC Infantino

      What did you do Ray?
      I couldn’t help it, I thought of the most harmless thing I could think of.
      What…What is it.  What did you think of Ray?
      It’s….The Staypuffed Marshmallow Man.
      Mother Pussbucket…nobody steps on a church in my town!

  • Already have a developer edition phone. It’s called the Galaxy Nexus.

    • angermeans

      Thank god, right?

      • Andrew

        thank Samsung

    • And at least you still have a hardware warranty on the GN. 
      As mentioned here http://www.stuff-review.com/2012-01/motorola-razr-developer-edition-unloackable-bootloader/Moto is just trying to get rid of the RAZR after they released the MAXX nobody is going for the original RAZR any more.

      • Alan Wiggs

        Oh man I just realized that – they’re just going to be churning through their whole backstock of RAZRs, pulling off the bootloaders & warranties and selling them as “dev editions.” Sales go up, and they don’t have to pay anything for repairs. It’s diabolical genius…

  • Anonymous

    Completely unacceptable. Even if the phone has an issue not related to rooting or the bootloader you are out of luck. This is not going to entice anyone to get the phone. Actually Motorola continues to distance itself further and further from its customer base.

    Screw you Motorola

    • Anonymous

      Exactly what I was thinking. I’m not going to buy a developer phone only to have the charging port fail and be out of luck.

    • Raven

      And then, they are going to cite poor sales as evidence that hardly anyone was interested in unlocked bootloaders.  It couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that it comes with no warranty and is already obsoleted by the MAXX.

  • Wow, Moto.  This is simply atrocious.

  • Dolphfins2000

    Its not even the Razr Maxx, its just the Razr, BIG kick in the BALLS Moto.

  • Anonymous

    its funny they make us wait 12+ months to hear about this again, and they slap us in the face with no warranty and $650

    why would i ever pick a moto phone over htc/samsung?

    • Dan

      why would i ever pick a moto/htc phone over samsung?


      • Anonymous

        at least htc gets it.  you can’t really say anything bad about how they’ve handled the bootloader situation.

        • Dan

          While true, I owned a Thunderbolt.  It was quite the turn-off to htc for me.

          • Anonymous


          • Anonymous

            I wouldn’t let that deter you forever. While I think the Galaxy line is the best, the Samsung Charge was a pretty crappy LTE phone as well. Things change quickly

      • Wade Wilson

        Samsung is a joke as far as quality control goes, at least from what I’ve noticed in a month with my Nexus.

        • Justin Ellis

          I hope you arent suggesting that Motorola’s is much better. I had 2 OG Droids go bad on me with two separate hardware issues.  

          • DBK

            Then you are in the minority. I’ve owned most of the Moto phones (minus the Xs) and after all this time (and abuse) they are still going strong and look like they were just taken out of the box. You’re experience is the exception, not the rule.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if this device will be any help whatsoever to devs who want to unlock the retail Razrs. Would it become possible to flash this “official” Motorola firmware onto a locked device?

    • Anonymous

      i’m sure they’ll go out of their way to make sure that’s not possible.  otherwise, why have a different phone?

      • Anonymous

        Retail razr’s have a piece burnt off the chip to make it so they are never unlockable. Efuse.

        • Anonymous

          huh?  no sh*t, really?  i’ve heard of efuse (like in the droid X days) but i thought that was all blown over and they weren’t doing anything to the hardware?

          that’s completely deplorable if true.

          • As I understand it, 4n1m1L is correct.  Efuses and ePROM one-time-write memory values are key features of the OMAP SoC platform.  This memory stores values that tell the update package and FastBoot image whether the phone is a retail or engineering (and now developer) device, and the update or image will continue writing or fail based on those parameters.  This method will most likely be used to prevent the unlocked image from flashing properly on retail devices. Alternatively, a different update/flash routine will be triggered based on the returned value of the security status check.
            One thing you have to admire about Moto, they certainly know how to use all the features of whatever they put into their devices, for better or worse.

          • Anonymous

            so it’s kind of a moot thing for anyone to ask for the current phones to be unlocked?  that’s F’d up.

  • Something tells me that verizon will not sell this phone/

    • MrWolf


      This is the critical question in the US, isn’t it?

    • Xfloggingkylex

      Something tells me you couldn’t be more wrong.  A full priced phone with no obligation to fix it when it breaks?  Where is the downside?

      • They won’t get people to buy it. Cellphone users from the USA are used to subsidised phones.

        What’s the point for Motorola to manufacture the CDMA version, and for VZW to sell it? There won’t be enough units sold to cover the difference in the manufacturing process.

        GSM RAZRs can be sold worldwide. CDMA RAZRs?.. The market is very limited, and too used to subsidies.

    • They might allow it on their network, but wont support or subsidize it.

      • A GSM phone on a CDMA network?

        Sounds less likely than you think.

        See my response above.

  • Kris Brandt

    Well, at least this gives me some glimmer of hope that Motorola hasn’t completely ignored the enthusiast market that propelled Galaxy Nexus sales.  Maybe it will hint at a future where we might see unlockable versions of their top-tier phones.  Although, I don’t expect their business model to work.  Do what Samsung & HTC does, and they might actually get somewhere.  I’ve heard countless times that most enthusiasts want to see unlockable, rootable, Motorola hardware.

    • Anonymous

      all this did was show how out of touch they are

  • Jeff Simpson

    Too little too late, Motorola. To be an awesome device, you need two things: First to BE an awesome device (good specs, unlocked), Second, you need community.

    To get community, you need a lot of people to buy the device. You already released the non-developer version of that device, so everyone that actually still wanted to buy a Motorola product bought the normal version. Developers know that there’s no point putting a lot of work into developing for a dead platform.

    Now Motorola will use the abysmal sales figures of that phone to justify why they don’t offer unlockable bootloaders in their normal phones. Motofail.

    • Anonymous

      I think Moto thinks that a “developer” phone is a handset that only an actual Android developer will buy. You know, a guy who “experiments” (in his basement lab) with his personal phone trying out nifty OS modifications. Just by himself. He doesn’t share any of his work, it’s just a hobby.

  • Next month:  Announcing the Motorola RAZR Developer Edition MAXX!  Now with a warranty!

    • Anonymous

      don’t forget the color variants to follow

      • Anonymous

        Don’t forget the Developer MAXX Version

        • Dont Forget the MAXX 2 coming this summer!

          • Anonymous

            and then the Developer MAXX 2² with the 720 screen

    • Xfloggingkylex

      Followed by the white version.

    • Anonymous

      Why would they bundle the MAXX and warranty editions in the same device?  That sounds like 2 separate product releases to me!

  • Dolphfins2000

    In fact, according to the Motorola Shop, this phone will come without a
    warranty whatsoever. If anything goes wrong, you are out $650. The fair
    price we agree to pay to have Android freedom and amazing hardware? Up
    to you.

    LMAO, Sounds like they are gonna ship out a bunch of cheap ass phones just so you drop 660, then the thing will break, while they got there money once again….Way to keep screwing your customers around Moto. Hello HTC & Samsung, My Moto days are over.

  • Michael Forte

    Motorola is not going about this the right way at all. Instead of offering a software solution to unlock bootloaders, they expect you to spend $650 on a brand new phone, thus screwing over all the customers that bought the Bionic, RAZR, and RAZR MAXX. Until there’s a serious change in Motorola’s business policies, I’m not going back to them (no matter how much I like their superior radios and solid hardware)

    • Anonymous

      they’re a bunch of f*cktards.  they don’t seem to have a clue how much and how often they’re screwing their own customers over.

  • does it come with the maxx battery? 

    either way…no smart consumer would buy this.

    spending the time on custom roms seems like a waste of time if only “unlocked” users can use them…and that percentage will be quite small for the Droid Razr. 

  • I’ll say this about Motorola: They have a very, very, very, VERY BIG set of balls.

    No warranty at all? WOW.

    • I wiped my eyes twice after seeing that. NONE. $650 and if the screen just poops out on you or the volume rocker stops working, that’s just too bad I guess.

      • So do we chalk this up to fear or stupidity? Not sure I want my hardware manufacturer showing signs of either!

      • Are there really people willing to take on this device knowing full well that if any of the things you listed were to happen, they have to throw the phone away and buy a new one?  If you really want an unlockable bootloader, why not just go with something like the Galaxy Nexus or Nexus S? The warranty will still apply if your screen dies out of nowhere.

      • Tony Allen

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it fairly well illegal to sell a piece of electronic hardware, phone or otherwise, without at least a 1 year manufacturer warranty or something?

        • babadush

          You would think so although this is the same country who passed a law saying the military can indefinitely detain US citizens. So I wouldn’t hold your breath.

    • Anonymous

      i understand no warranty, but what about phone insurance? 

    • Anonymous

      I’m wondering if this phone’s ROM can be SBF’d/Fastbooted/etc. to the OG RAZR, or something. If so, BOOM! Subsidised pricing and warranty with an unlocked bootloader. Probably wishful thinking, though, I know.

      • Anonymous

        It is probably the same as the other unlocked Razr that was found. It was unlocked but it still didn’t change the fact that you could not break the bootloader on the locked phones.

        However, here is to wishful thinking as well. I may be a gNex owner but I want freedom for all devices.

    • Anonymous

      Stupidity is very easily, but should not be, mistaken for confidence.

    • Mark

      Makes me wonder if this entire thing is a purposeful bid by Moto to prove no one is really interested in unlockable bootloaders after this doesn’t sell. Twisted logic.

  • Lmrojas

    Dear Motorolla,
    Too late.
    Love, your ex loyal customers.

    • * It’s “Motorola”.

      • Guest123

        i think it’s moto”troll”a

         moto”troll”a =  FAIL!!!

      • Scknoll123

        The other L is for all the lies they tell us

      • actually, its motorolololololololola. you are close though. 

    • Anonymous

      And instead of Motorola trying to woo us back they throw rocks at us.

      I can’t wait for Google to gain control of this mess and fire the lot. Actually at the speed in which Motorola is kicking it’s customers I would seriously reconsider if I was Google. By the time Google gets in the place will be a pile of ash.

    • Kellex should run a 4 part poll asking about our perceptions of each of the big Android phone manufacturers (Samsung, HTC, Motorola & LG).  It would be interesting to see how favorably or unfavorably folks view each company.

      • What about Sony? Or did you mean “the big Android phone manufacturers mostly known in the USA”?

    • Tesseract 3

      Why the hell are you complaining? Isn’t this what we have been asking moto for for ages? 

      • Anonymous

        Uhh..not even close. We’ve been asking Moto to unlock bootloaders on CURRENT phones. Not release a NEW phone with an unlocked bootloader. It’s not even a new phone! It’s the same damn phone, but without a warranty and a jacked up price. This is the complete opposite of what we’ve been asking Moto.

        They seriously learned NOTHING from the original RAZR. Nothing. It’s like they didn’t even take notes. Or, they took notes, and some employee wiped his ass with them. How can they possibly think this will gain consumers? Releasing variation after variation of the same phone? This makes my head spin.

      • Anonymous

        no, this is a horrible idea on their part.  it does nothing for the people who own their locked phones and have time left on their contracts.  they’re on a roll with screwing their customers these last few months. going forward, it’s at best a half-baked idea, adding in yet another variation to future phones, as if we needed more motorola phones.

      • not at all.

  • Joe

    This is just plain stupid.  Buy a $650 phone with no warranty?  No thanks.

  • Anonymous

    hey moto:  suck it